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1. Living without electricity isn’t as hard as you’d think

  1. Will You Survive the Next Power Grid Outage?
  2. 2. No TV means you have time to relax
  3. DHS Says Americans Need to Start Prepping for up to six months without electricity!

This can prove to be costly, but if you have the budget and want to invest, off grid solar powered systems are the easiest and most reliable route to go. Wind turbines are also a popular choice, and together with solar PV create a strong, reliable renewable energy system for your home. Solar and wind work well together in summer and winter, as where sun is lacking in the winter, the wind turbine will continue to generate power for your home. Hydropower is a great alternative if your property has a river, lake or creek on the land. Batteries are at the heart of any off grid renewable energy source.

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  6. Living off the grid.

Those who opt for an off the grid lifestyle and generate their own renewable energy, will commonly install battery power banks to store the surplus energy produced. With battery storage prices falling and a new invention from Tesla released the Powerwall , it has never been a better time to install them into your renewable energy system.

For those already living off the grid, they rely heavily on wood burning stoves and fire places for warmth, as well as cooking. They are a great source of heat for your home and it is easy to share the heat around rooms. Other alternative heating methods include solar thermal and bio mass, which are all capable of supplying enough heat for a home. We take electricity for granted, with it being an ever present force in our everyday lives and we use it without even thinking twice. But with threats of natural disasters looming and super volcano eruptions nearing closer, is it time we gave it some thought?

Managing your own electricity can be very rewarding, as you are not dependent on any electrical grid system, especially if such disasters strike and knocks the grid out. Those living off the grid are living proof it is possible that you can live without electricity, it just takes a few adjustments. If you enjoyed reading this, take a look at our guide to LED lighting and find out how the eco-friendly switch could help save money on your energy bills! Share this resource:. Image credit: Nasa. Added to the already mentioned deaths, would be people on life support.

Plus innumerable cases of road rage from people attempting to escape the turmoil in the large cities. The one thing that will probably kill more people, in the long term, will be our beloved nuclear plants. No electricity to run the water pumps, and they simply overheat. Pleasant thought. All of the above is moot. An EMP that shut down the electrical grid across the nation would result in a nuclear exchange the likes of the which would never be seen again. The death toll would be catastrophic, and it would be caused mainly by people not knowing what to do. Food is a bigger problem than water… Majority of people are dependent on grocery stores more so restaurants now a days cause insane amount of people do not even have basic cooking skills.

This is where knowing what is safe to eat, how to trap, how to grow, etc is essential. Ever watch survivor man? Harsh winters, if you were lucky enough to have a head start before frost kicks in, your lucky enough to be able to dig so that you can use the natural warmth of the earth to protect you — if not your left with building an igloo like structure. Medicine, this one is very tricky… I would just reiterate what was said, stock up! That does not mean bandaids and alcohol… I mean get your hands on penicillin, and other antibiotics. More the better!

Security… is a huge concern. Problem here is many people will be too stubborn to leave cities and towns. My solution there which as I indicated been preparing for years, get as deep as you can into the woods! For those that want to learn trapping, etc there is an awesome Android app that covers many aspects of survival. I grew up on a lage farm 40 mil from a town so we did not get to town much. Meat included. We got out water from a spring that we piped in to the house. I know live in the foot hills of the Boston mountains in arkansas.

And I do grow some of my food mainly just a garden. And hunt some. I spent the past 8 years studying wild plants and how to use them for medical reasons and for food. And as a nurse of 27 years I have a bit more understanding of meds. I backpack a lot and in spring and summer I kayak and fish.

Yea I am divorced lol. There is something here that people simply refuse to factor in, and that is the fact that most water will be a death sentence to drink after shft, but people who are insane with thirst will drink it anyway. Contaminated water kills, always has, always will. PS make no mistake, suicides will take a heavy toll also.

Normally we can go days without drinking water before irreversible kidney damage occurs. The average person can go days without food, before starvation occurs. I meant more like 72 hours. I guess I could have been more specific, but I thought it was obvious what I meant since everyone knows you can go at least a day without drinking water. You did a good job on the article and anyone who would think you meant 3 or 4 hours is probably already suffering from dehydration. Hours means hours, days mean days, weeks mean weeks; this was a bad choice. If a doctor told you that had only months to live how would you feel if later he explained that it was 72 months?

And your 30 to 40 days is BS also. Stop eating for just 3 days and see how effective you are. The author is spot on. Food production and other supplies on the mainland are unaffected, so the Puerto Ricans will get resupplied fairly quickly. Puerto Rico also will have outside influences providing them with food, clean water and medical supplies.

Things like heating sources to cook food and law and order also. With in three months there would be so much death just from unsanitary living conditions. Depending on when what time of the year an EMP attack happens can also play a significant role. Unless you have wood already cut and aged for a year you will not be able to get proper heat from wet wood. No comparison to Puerto Rico — thousands of rescue personnel working full time with a modern infrastructure and industry backing them up.

Ifthe grid goes down all that disappears and neighbors are murdering each other over a jar of Skippy. I agree with your assessment of the problems that will hit if the grid goes down. Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, floss, benadryl, Nyquil, aspirin, rubbing alcohol and peroxide with all sorts of cotton balls, and bandaids of various sizes. Not sure how anyone would sock up on prescriptions… Hope that helps with a start. Crackers go stale quickly and bleach loses its strength after a while. It takes longer but peanut butter gets to tasting old too.

Whatever water you store would not only be for drinking but for flushing a toilet, washing, or maybe even putting out a fire.


Will You Survive the Next Power Grid Outage?

Date them with a marker so that you know what ones are the freshest for drinking. Be sure to rotate your stock and replenish products when you can as finances allow. Study basic survival training and teach your children to survive on their own as if you got separated or perished to give them a fighting chance. They may not want to do it, and it may not be easy because you may not have the skills yourself… but if you love them, you will do this.

2. No TV means you have time to relax

I believe that is something we all pray for. That we never have to use and rely on allof the skills that we acquire to survive. Pray for Peace, but Prepare for War! What about the ones that need medication to live and the hospitals and nursing homes or even the sick at home ….

Survival after hurricane Irma. No electric power for seven days.

I know this may be scary for u amd for myself and others but at this time we just gotta have faith in God he will take care of his children he said he aould never leave us just trust and have faith. The nuclear reactors will be O. We need to worry about each other. Society will begin to collapse within hours as stated. If people band together we can not only maximize our output of food, water, and security but, we can have scavenging parties and have little communities.

With these communities the average damage, losses, and problems will be limited. Everyone was freaking out about not being able to flush their toilets, cook, or shower. I clandestinely drove my truck down to the community pool later that evening and filled up some 5-gal buckets with water for flushing our toilets. Nobody else seemed to think of it, and nobody seemed prepared for more than a couple of days that one guy with the hamburger meat was the most clueless.

My wife was finally happy to have a husband who is prepared, and it was a sobering reminder on a smaller scale of just how quickly people around you will become unhinged. When it really does happen…. Most people will not be very friendly, and fairly quickly, once a feeling of desperation overtakes them.

Stay vigilant. Stop the flow of electricity. You shut down the plants. It will not only shut down the nucular powerplants but they will meltdown. If it stops running and they have no way to cool the rods it will melt down. One of my first preps for emp or grid down preps were iosat tablets. I would like to add…everyone needs to read Lights Out by Ted Koppel. One of the greatest issues for the nuclear plant is the amount of spent fuel stored on site that requires cooling via electrically driven water pumps. If the pumps stop, the water will evaporate in short order, once gone the heat generated will melt the ceramic and release radioactive contaminants into the atmosphere.

In addition, most plants being grandfathered in regarding updated regs have horrific amounts of spent fuel stored on-site in pools requiring active pumps. Essentialy we still have no good place to send this spent fuel so it just piles up on-site. I suggest stocking up on cheap potassium iodide tablets and a Geiger counter if you live down wind of any nuke plant as should a disaster hit, the tablets are life savers and they will likely be hard to obtain.

As I told a friend, I have no reason to expect my house to catch fire but I still pay per year in fire insurance and have smoke alarms in every room….. With aging nuke plants and too many with motives to do our nation harm, reasonable preparedness measures are prudent to ensure food, water and shelter. Hi Guys, What is the best way to flush the toilet in the event of this happening. That is a grave concern for me. Just take a couple gallons of water in a bucket and pour it into the toilet bowl.

It will flush everything down. Pour water directly into the bowl. Try it today so you will know. Now for the bad news. With the power out, the sewage system also is out. In just minutes, the pipes will be full, with no way to empty them. Lower apartments may flood with water backing up through their toilets and shower drains. Fill the toilet tank with water, flush as usual. The tank will not refill, so the process will continue, as needed.

It takes about 2 gallons of water to fill tank. This is when you want to move to the south. We sht in the woods while we hunt and wipe with leaves. Living in the woods would feel natural. Having studied Emergency and Disaster Management in a graduate program, with all of my instructors being PhD level and decades of real government experience, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you are on your own, for a significant amount of time, if the grid goes down.

And if the grid is down due to an EMP or CME, be prepared for a modern live action rendition of the apocalypse movie genre -no exaggeration. The resin for this is the vast loss of both infrastructure and reliable information. Have a plan. Be prepared. This grid threat is a distraction to get people to not see what really going on. This is just a propaganda for Democrats to be distracted.

Not really worried about it, when it come and happens life will go on as it did during the BS Y2K Crap. Fear not young Jedi, be strong and knowledge will bring you into the light. The audio book version is on you tube read by bill himself.