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If you are a collector and constantly owning and selling new firearms, you will be affected because you are coming in contact with a large variety of weapons. It really all depends on who you are and what you do with firearms. People don't seem to understand that most modern guns are very much in danger of being banned.


Kodak Black's Canada Shows in Jeopardy After Border Arrest

These "assault" weapons that people talk about are actually just regular semi-automatics with cosmetic changes. The people who want to outlaw these guns have no clue about the wide range of effects that some of the laws would have.


Most handguns and many guns that are used for small game or by smaller people would be banned. Not everybody can use granddaddy's twelve gauge, and those kinds of guns aren't always that great for self-defense, many types of hunting, or sports shooting. Everyone is entitled to own a gun unless their actions in life prevent them. Everybody else should not have to pay because people can't act responsibly.

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  3. Gun background check deal in jeopardy in Senate!

Not to mention the police aren't exactly fast in this day and age so a gun at home is a great idea for protection. Having a gun in the house, and having a sub machine gun in the house are two totally different things. People are still allowed to get guns, and have them, but people getting and misusing large guns is why people are questioning gun laws in the first place, there just looking to put tougher restrictions on gun laws so less people get slaughtered.

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People that think they are in Jeopardy are generally misinformed by their favorite biased media. If you're not going to get educated on your constitutional rights to own a gun, you deserve to be scared of losing them. Reality check Unless you're mentally ill, a felon, etc.

I believe it is ludicrous that some citizens actually believe that their gun rights are in jeopardy.

No matter which party is in control, citizens will always have the right to bear arms because the constitution will never be overturned. If you are not a convicted abuser or felon, your rights will always remain in tact. If you are then you have no right to own a gun based on your history. To protect victims it is necessary to mandate waiting periods. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of people who say this is jeopardizing their gun rights as well.

To those people I ask, how would you feel if your mother was victim of violence and her perpetrator purchased a gun and killed her and your siblings because a thorough background check could not be performed thanks to no waiting policy in place? That waiting policy saves lives. Similar to Holzhauer, they play a different game — one that offers them a better chance to win.