Manual Genealogy and history of representative citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Digital versions at Internet Archive and Google Books. Includes boundary changes map. Army, Index and images. Indian Wars, dates vary U. Naturalization Records Indexes for Massachusetts, - U. Petitions and Records of Naturalizations of the U. Allen County Public Library Ft. Navigation menu Personal tools English.

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Genealogy and history of representative citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

This page was last edited on 8 April , at In this lecture Dr. It is a tale of decline but also determination. Dabrowski will also consider the important repercussions the partitions had for the Polish nation. About the speaker Patrice M. She has taught at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and recently finished a three-year stint at the University of Vienna.

In addition to having held a number of grants and postdoctoral fellowships, she has also won awards for several scholarly articles. Free - bring a friend. Refreshments served after the presentation. Stay to mix and chat. Imperial edicts made deeply felt impact on daily lives of Poles and Jews there. Using detailed archival maps, we pause by nineteenth-century houses, reconstructing who once lived there. Andrew Zalewski , a former professor of medicine at Jefferson University, Philadelphia, is a board member of Gesher Galicia and past editor of the Galitzianer.

He is a frequent speaker at meetings of genealogical societies and cultural institutions worldwide. His research on Galicia has focused on the legal status of Jews, population surveys, and Jewish physicians. For those who have spent decades researching a family tree, gathering stories and pictures, but keep delaying the production of a book, now is a good time to explore the next steps.

Learn how your digital documents can come together to produce a book that is affordable and simple to distribute within your family, ready to be discovered years from now by your family's next "story keeper. Samples will be on display. Diane MacLean Boumeno t specializes in southern New England genealogy research, including work on her own ancestors, who were among the original settlers of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She publishes her genealogy adventures on her website, One Rhode Island Family. Diane speaks locally and also on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

She holds a B. Diane is also a graduate of ProGen Free - bring a friend! Light refreshments served. About the Speaker Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz is a professional genealogist, writer, and speaker with 20 years of experience in researching her family's origins in Poland, Germany, the U. She volunteers as an administrator and regular contributor to the Facebook groups, "Polish Genealogy," and "Genealogy Translations.

Szczepankiewicz currently resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, with her husband and children. Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz. Over time, these immigrants helped friends and relatives join them, had families, built churches, opened clubs and societies, and became a vital part of the larger community. This talk examines the growth of several of of the Polish communities in this region.

The places of origin and paths of immigration will be explored through records and case studies. The interconnected nature of these communities will be discussed and demonstrated through looking at records, newspaper clippings, DNA matching, and social media connections. She is a member of the Florida and Massachusetts Bar Associations. Kathy has over 15 years of human resources management, training, compliance, and employment law experience.

In her private life, Kathy serves as the Vice President of the Polish Genealogical Society of Massachusetts and is the editor of it newsletter. Although they grew up under the same political conditions in the land of their birth and left France years before the revolution, their lives developed in two vastly different directions once they came to the Americas. We will find out how and why, as well as the hardships the French faced when they became British citizens in Canada, and then ventured south to settle in New England.

Over the years, she has worked as a teacher, medical technologist, manager, financial analyst, potter, business owner and manager, and now published author. She currently lives in Greenfield, MA. She also shares the story of her travels to France in and when she and her husband, Armand Proulx, went off in search of their ancestral villages.

The story of the Rzewski family is unique in the travails that were required to reunite this Polish family in their new home. We will present a talk, highlighting documents including census, ship manifests, letters, passports and newspaper articles to show how history interrupted their migration to our area. Many times patriarchs came first to earn enough to bring their families here. In this case Stanislaus was conscripted into the Russian army on his return trip, and children were left on their own in war-torn Europe.

The efforts by his wife to find him, injured and deep in Russian territory, and to reunite with her children took 13 years. Luckily, documents were preserved by a descendant and more have been recently extracted from public records. Simple lives impacted by history. The stories of our immigrant past remind us of the struggles and successes of our ancestors, and the differences and similarities among many ethnic groups. Chicopee's Polish immigrants played a significant role in life in the region at the turn of the twentieth century.

This project details a World War I timeline, in this, the th anniversary of the U.

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The relationships between nations are often forgotten when we are focused only on our own participation. By telling the story of one family, the people who lived the history become more real to us. When I first heard the story, it seemed like the script for an action movie. The documentary trail bears out the tales told to grandchildren. It begins with a simple question: Why do we invest so much of our energy into the citation of sources? Followed by the intriguing answer: Because all sources are not created equal. As a citation guide, Evidence Explained is built on this simple question and answer.

According to the author, there are no historical resources we can trust at face value.

PGSMA Events - Polish Genealogical Society of Massachusetts

Records simply offer evidence, and their assertions may or may not be true. To decide what actually happened, we must understand those records. To analyze that evidence and judge what to believe, we also need particular facts about those records. Elizabeth Shown Mills. Genealogical Pub Co Every devoted genealogist is concerned with citations in their analysis for their genealogy.

Accurate citations are necessary so that the evidence can be judged and if necessary allows for the research to be repeated. The author makes it easy to help genealogists particularly the non-expert to make sense out of citations and to improve their genealogy search. Genealogical Publishing Company , Seventh Edition, These recollections of Ohio County, Kentucky, replete with genealogical data on early families, feature special sections devoted to the War of , early land titles, biographies of Ohio Countians, and 2, Ohio County marriage records before Harrison D.

John P. Leila S Francy. Closson Press PA A. Two hundred years of ministry and mission. Text by Ruth Hoover Seitz. Photography by Blair Seitz. Excellent illustrations. Good condition; library ID markings. Compiled by Joseph Lee Boyle. Transcription of ads for runaway servants taken from 24 colonial newspapers from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and New York.

The ads provide information on more than 2, persons, giving name, age, sex, height, place of origin, occupation, speech, clothing, physical imperfections, and more. Never circulated. By Lois Wike. Published by Forest Press, Inc.

Thomas Loring

Softcover, typed and handwritten. Fair condition. Library markings on covers. Reprint of first publication of an article which appeared in Vol. XVI, No. Jonesborough Civic Trust, Publication No. Pages The record begins when emigrant Robert Stockton paid taxes for land in in Chester County, southeastern Pennsylvania. It ends with the birth of his great-great-great-great-grandson, Frank Stockton, in , in Warren County, northwestern Pennsylvania. New hardcover book in excellent condition.

Like new; never circulated. Published in Warner and Company Author. New; never used. Compiler: Marlene Garrett Bransom. Other towns across the state of Pennsylvania such as Altoona, Harrisburg and Williamsport are also represented as well as Buffalo and Flushing, New York. Many of the deaths that appear in this book are much more detailed describing when and where the deceased was born when they came to a certain area, how long they lived there, whether or not they were a slave, the plantation they came from, and who enslaved them.

Many of these early settlers were remarkable citizens who established the first churches, schools, and social clubs. They were professional and nonprofessional, skilled and unskilled. They were of all classes and represented a variety of religious affiliations. The beginning of the book contains a listing of all the deaths that are featured in the book and concludes with an every-name index at the end of the book. Book Two in this series is a unique compilation of deaths that encompasses over one hundred small towns and cities across the United States from January 13, , to December 27, Many of these small towns share common roots with the Pittsburgh community and detail how individuals are linked to one another.

The deaths allow us to construct the African American community in these small towns and cities and the role their citizens played in helping to build and live in it. This book also contains an alphabetical listing of all the deaths featured in the book as well as an every name index at the end of the book.

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Tombstone inscription readings and burial records from local newspapers, death register and family histories, with additional genealogical data. The Chesapeake region, which includes Delaware, received the highest number of servants, followed by Pennsylvania.

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  • Although by the start of the 18th century the importation of black slaves increased dramatically in the Chesapeake and southern colonies, white bound labor—both voluntary indentures and convict laborers—remained significant until the American Revolution. On the other hand, in the decade before the American Revolution, an estimated percent of the Delaware Colony's population was enslaved.

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    The U. By David Dobson. Dobson has fresh things to say about the controversial Scottish role in the slave trade, emigration to the Americas and the intriguing role of the east of Scotland in colonial commerce, a sector previously assumed to be the exclusive monopoly of Glasgow and the Clyde ports. A thoroughly researched study based mainly on original sources. In the series: Perspectives: Scottish Studies of the long Eighteenth Century Series Editor: Andrew Hook The long eighteenth century in Scotland is increasingly recognized as a period of outstanding cultural achievement.

    In these years both the Scottish Enlightenment and Scottish Romanticism made lasting contributions to Western intellectual and cultural life.

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    This series is designed to further our understanding of this crucial era in a range of ways: by reprinting less familiar but important works by writers in the period itself; by producing new editions of key out-of-print books by modern scholars; and by publishing new research and criticism by contemporary scholars. Ryan, Ph. Description: The first book to make these records accessible to the family and local history researcher.