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L angford , J ohn W. L orne eds. M itchell , R obert C. M olitor , B runo : Wirtschaftsethik. S chmalensee , R ichard and W illig , R obert eds. S esselmeier , W erner und B lauermel , G regor : Arbeitsmarkttheorien. S heffrin , S teven , M. Theory, Policy and Evidence. W illiamson , O liver E.


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Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Volume 44 , Issue 1 February Pages Related Information. Cattle prices adjust in the milk - cattle relationship, beef meat prices adjust in the cattle - beef meat relation and in the milk - beef meat relation. The results of the asymmetric analysis are not as expected. The coefficients of both adjustments positive and negative are not significantly different.

Price transmission between international FOB prices and domestic intermediary's and producer's prices is evaluated. Cointegration methods are applied to determine if price transmission exists and, when it exists, how strong it is. Then, error correction models are used to estimate the speed of adjustment to deviations from the long-run relationship between the domestic and international markets.

It also seems stronger between the international and intermediaries' markets than between the international and the producer's markets.

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Finally, evidence shows better transmission in the rice than in the maize markets. The markets under investigation are maize, rice and soybean. The type of rice considered is paddy rice, that is, rice that has only been cut from the plant, with the husk, i. As for maize, the type used is yellow maize for both producer and intermediary prices. Using the methodology proposed by Engle and Granger cointegration are tested. Finally, the distance influence is analyzed using the lineal relation of the geographic distance and: first the elasticity of cointegration, and second the net adjustment.

Finished research. Non-linear Time Series Models in Price Transmission Analysis Rico Ihle, This dissertation deals with the analysis of commodity trade in the time domain, in particular with the integration and transmission of price signals between economic markets either interacting in space or along a processing chain.

Cointegration methods are the well-established tools for research in this field of applied economics. Their key feature is the assumption of constant parameters.


This research focuses on a more general form of such models characterized by non-constant parameters which are allowed to switch according to the regimes of the data generating process. On the one hand, the dissertation deals with the analysis of properties of such non-linear time series models and, on the other hand, with the empirical analysis of price transmission processes in transition and developing countries. The adoption of trade liberalization policy especially by developing countries was linked to the quest for effective domestic agricultural policies and need for efficient resource allocation towards poverty alleviation.

After two decades of globalization however, trade liberalization seems to have practically exacerbated rather than alleviate poverty. Smallholder agricultural producers of developing countries seem to be the worst affected. This study seeks to examine the current state of agricultural trade tomato import liberalization in Ghana, the relation between trade liberalization, farm household income and poverty in the Ghanaian context, as well as the consequent household-level implications of trade liberalization for production, food security, and rural development in Ghana.

Consequently an increase producer income, farm household food security and a reduction in poverty is expected. This may give exporters the potential to exert market power over the much more numerous Israeli citrus growers.

In this study we analyze vertical price transmission between Israeli citrus exporters to Israeli growers investigate whether exporters exploit their market power. The focus is on Israeli exports of grapefruits to France. Analysis of price transmission and asymmetric adjustments using Bayesian methods Henry de- Graft Acquah, Within the econometric models of asymmetric price transmission, different specifications which detect asymmetry at different rates have been developed.

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This leads to issues of model comparison and model selection, measuring the relative merits of alternative specifications and using the appropriate criteria to choose the most reliable method or model specification which best fits or explains a given set of data. The Bayesian theory which provides a flexible and conceptually simple framework for comparing competing models is introduced and developed for the price transmission models.

Making China Great Again: Xi Jinping Bids Farewell to the Reform Era

On the basis of Marginal likelihood and Information Criteria, alternative methods of testing for asymmetry are evaluated when the true asymmetric data generating process is known. Using a Monte Carlo simulation of model selection, the performance of a range of Bayesian algorithms to clearly identify the true asymmetric data generating process is examined and the effects of the amount of noise in the model and the sample size on model selection are also simulated.

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  5. Insights from these two major lines of market integration analysis raise important market policy, measurement and theoretical questions, but they have not been combined effectively so far. While the time series characteristics of markets inter-relationships carry important policy and methodological implications, they impose analytical complexities when other crucial elements of market integration concept such as arbitrage and spatial equilibrium conditions are to be directly reflected.

    Agricultural reconstruction projects in Kosovo: Exploring theory and practice of the German Armed Forces' civil military cooperation Bernhard Voget, Germany's Armed Forces are seemingly everywhere from Afghanistan to Congo. Inasmuch as missions abroad increasingly call for other than purely soldierly skills, the German military is also tasked with development activities in crisis regions in so-called complex emergencies. In carrying out the tasks set by the German government, the Bundeswehr inter alia enters the field of civil-military cooperation CIMIC.

    Today, CIMIC is seen as a military instrument, which incorporates humanitarian aid, reconstruction of infrastructure and structural development to enhance force protection. From an economic perspective, our research project aims at analysing the German concept of CIMIC and the performance of individual agricultural reconstruction projects in support of the military mission.

    In this regard, we also try to review the possibilities and limitations of traditional cost-benefit analysis. Our results will contribute to the research community's broader discussion of nation-building in the aftermath of conflict in order to help to understand how to improve force-protection requirements and conduct state-of-the-art post-conflict reconstruction simultaneously. Doha-Runde simuliert haben.

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    Als zentrales Ergebnis zeigt sich, dass die erhebliche Varianz innerhalb des gewonnen Meta-Datensatzes durch vergleichsweise wenige, ermittelbare Variablen — z. Es sollen vorhandene energiepolitische Instrumente aber auch die Probleme der energetischen Nutzung von Biomasse und speziell Biodiesel herausgestellt und analysiert werden. Kargbo, Micro-finance is currently one of the leading issues in the development debate, and has generated high expectations from a wide range of interest groups and stakeholders including donors, governments, investors, development practitioners and researchers.

    Research in micro-finance focuses on documenting lessons and best practices to facilitate the development of sustainable micro-finance products and processes. However, a dominant proportion of the cases studied are from one continent, Asia.

    Kanonisierung der „Xi-Jinping-Ideen“

    Micro-finance programmes have been implemented at various times in Sierra Leone with funding from the World Bank, FAO and other donors, but there is hardly anything to show as positive impact of these programmes. Drawing on the New Institutional Economics, this study aims to identify institutional constraints and incentives for the effective use of micro-finance to help consolidate peace and enhance post-war reconstruction and development.

    Efficient marketing chains are an important part of sustainable agricultural growth. Farm-gate prices are strongly affected by the development of the marketing chains. A QP model of regional agricultural trade in Ukraine is being used to analyse trade of agricultural commodities at the regional level.

    The model can be used to analyse the impact of reducing marketing costs on Ukrainian export, import and internal trade, intra-Ukrainian agricultural commodity movements, farm prices and trade margins. Moreover, the effects of the regional bans which have been a common feature of agricultural markets in Ukraine in recent years can be modeled as well.