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Once built, the Campfire lasts 2 minutes and 15 seconds unless more fuel is added. Additional fuel increases fire duration linearly up to a maximum of 4.


The different stages can be observed by the growing flames and by examining the fire. Adding too much fuel to a Campfire can cause nearby Trees , Grass , Saplings , or any other flammable objects to catch fire , which can start large forest fires in a Forest biome. This danger can be averted by building away from other flammable objects or opting for the Fire Pit. During Winter , Campfires provide enough warmth to keep a character alive without any additional clothing, provided that the character stays nearby and keeps adding fuel.

It drops no Ashes when it burns out, but destroying it will. Once built, the Fire Pit lasts 3 minutes unless more fuel is added.

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The different stages can be observed through the size of the flames and left-click feedback. Fire Pits also show up as an icon on the Map. If the character sleeps the night, the fire will be out when they awake the next day.

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For fuel values, please see Fuel Values. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Chests have a chance of spawning in almost all the areas within the map.

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Keep your ears and eyes out for the distinct humming sound and golden glow to find one. Vending Machines are spread throughout the map.

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They don't always spawn so try to plot out multiple locations you can visit during the map for them. Campfires can either be picked up as an item or as usable static environmental items found on the island. Lightning up any of the two will count towards the challenge. Snobby Shores can have both a vending machine and campfire.

There's also chests around the houses for you to find and complete the challenge. Lonely Lodge has multiple campfired and chests within its vicinity. It has a chance of spawning a vending machine on the main cabin as well. Lucky Landing can definitely give you a lucky break for this challenge. It can spawn vending machines, campfires, and chests! C Epic Games, Inc.

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