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After having a nice time at the party, Buffy and Parker discuss Parker's decision to take History and he speaks about making choices. Buffy finds herself enraptured with Parker's deep thoughts, and afterwards decides to make her own choice and sleeps with him. The next morning, Buffy wakes up to an empty bed, and as she's searching for her clothes, Parker arrives with coffee.

He says that he'll call her. Anya tells Xander that she's over him, and when he says he's okay with that, she storms out in anger. Spike wakes up to Harmony drawing on his back with lipstick and then leaves to get back to work, but not before sending some stinging insults her way. Buffy finds Willow and Giles in her dorm room; they tell her that an ancient text was found that places the Gem of Amara in Sunnydale. After they get rid of Giles, Buffy tells Willow about her night with Parker. She then waits for Parker to call her all day, but he never does. Below ground, as Spike starts breaking into the crypt, Harmony balks when she's told she can't go back outside and complains.

As a result, Spike puts her in her place with some harsh verbal abuse. When he finally breaks into the crypt, Harmony tags along. An irritated Spike tells her to take anything else she wants, and looks for the Gem of Amara. Seeing an elaborate pendant, he assumes that to be the gem and puts it on but feels nothing. When he tries to pick up a cross it burns him as it normally would. Harmony prattles on, and Spike finally loses all his patience and stakes her with a jagged piece of wood… however instead of turning to dust, nothing happens to Harmony and the wound instantly heals itself.

Spike realizes the ring Harmony picked up randomly is the Gem of Amara and tries to force it off her. Upset, Harmony just gives him it and Spike, knowing that the ring will render him invincible to all vampire weaknesses, including daylight, decides to go outside. At Giles' place, while they search for answers, Xander finds a TV and turns it on.

They watch the news and see that there was a sinkhole caused by the erosion of dirt beneath it. They come to the conclusion that it was Spike's underground digging that caused it. Giles sends Xander to find Buffy while the others will head to the sinkhole. As Xander looks for Buffy, he runs into Anya who tries to talk to him about the previous evening and her feelings, but he's distracted and blows her off. Buffy tracks down Parker, but she finds him putting the same moves he used on her on another girl.

She asks him if everything is okay, and Parker, completely casual, tells her it is. She asks if he wants to do something, but Parker refuses citing earlier plans and attempts to rush off. Buffy asks if she did something wrong, but Parker assures her she didn't and he had a lot of fun. Buffy realizes that, while their night together meant a lot to her, for him it was nothing more than casual sex. He reminds her that it was her that put the moves on him, and claims that he thought they were on the same level. He then quickly leaves, telling Buffy that he'll call her when he clearly has no intention of doing so.

As Buffy reels, she turns around when she hears a familiar voice and Spike hits her. There are a couple of character cameos in this one which was fun to see after reading book one. I do think you have to read this series in order, though, because there are spoilers for Maddie and Lobo's story in this book. This book had all the elements that I enjoyed in the first book so I'm not too sure why it didn't click as much as the first one did.

I can't quite pinpoint it, but there was something that made me not love this book as much as I could have. It may be because the romance, a major part of this book, didn't jive with me. I felt like it was a little bit forced. Obviously, the stranger who saves them at the bar is super attractive and there's bound to be a connection but I just felt like I didn't want a romance. I'm not necessarily blaming the book for that, I think it's just where I am right now with the books I've been reading. I thought X was hot and cold, understandable but still annoying, and Gabby seemed to be doing just fine on her own.

The pacing in this book was good, it was a quick read. I think some parts dragged a bit, and I felt like van Diepen couldn't decide whether to stick with the high school drama or the gang drama. There's a mix, but the transitions between the two felt jarring like one second Gabby was out with her friends and the next she dropped everything to run to X and help him.

I felt like that aspect could have been re-worked a bit. There were a couple times when I couldn't believe how reckless Gabby was. For the most part, I didn't mind her character but every once in a while she would do something rash and I was left wondering if she even thought it through. I knew right away at the major conflict towards the end that something didn't feel right but she was too set on helping out to stop and make a plan. Overall, I wanted to enjoy this book so much more than I did. I still have hopes for the series and am planning on picking up book three soon.

Jun 12, Ruthsic rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , contemporary. When Gabby Perez is almost drugged at a night club, she takes matters into her own hands. Teaming up with a mysterious stranger known as X, she scours the seedy underworld of Miami, determined to take down a ring of pimps who are drugging and kidnapping innocent girls. Then Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him.

Light of When Gabby Perez is almost drugged at a night club, she takes matters into her own hands. Light of Day exists in the same universe as On the Edge, and continues with X as the new leader of the Destinos. Gabby had a close call with the date rape drug, and her savior X inspires her to spread the word and keep other girls out of trouble. But when one of her old friends gets kidnapped, she seeks out his help and teams up with him to find her.

Both being attractive it's set in Miami, yo! She thinks him to be an undercover cop, and he thinks he can't be the boyfriend she wants. Needless to say, there is a lot of sexual tension and hot kisses, but no progress on the relationship front. He is closed off from love because he doesn't think he is capable and she is not sure she can take what she gets with him. The storyline is eerily similar to On the Edge, which makes for a considerably less exciting read. High School drama? Main love interest is the stoic, dangerous-looking bad boy but heart of gold head of Destinos?

Main character is in a media Maddie as a journalist and Gabby as a RJ position? Thankfully, Maddie and Gabby are distinct from each other. Maddie was street smart, while Gabby is mostly naive, which is not really that bad of a thing, but distracts from the plot. Plus, the high school drama didn't really fit with the sex trafficking ring, because the drug drama could have merited it's own storyline, but was brushed aside as a side plot. X's motivations were also different - while Lobo was in it for revenge, X is in it for saving the day. /chislo-doma-v-numerologii.html


So, the struggle in the relationship was about how they can survive in such a dangerous life. But as I said before, the plotlines being similar didn't make this installment as fun to read as the last. Perhaps if X and Lobo were not so similar as characters? Hopefully, any next book would have a little more different type of male lead? Because, aside from that, this book was pretty good. Received a free galley from HarperTeen via Edelweiss; this does not influence my opinions or review.

Aug 24, Richa rated it liked it Shelves: arc , for-review , own-physical-copy. Originally posted on City of Books Light of Day is a companion novel to On the Edge, as both books are set in the same world and feature similar premises. But this can be read as a standalone, even if you haven't read On the Edge. I've read both, and I think I enjoyed this one a little more. Gabby is introduced to the seedy side of the city when she takes it upon herself to find her missing friend, who has apparently become part of a prostitution ring - according to the mysterious guy Gabby meets Originally posted on City of Books Light of Day is a companion novel to On the Edge, as both books are set in the same world and feature similar premises.

Gabby is introduced to the seedy side of the city when she takes it upon herself to find her missing friend, who has apparently become part of a prostitution ring - according to the mysterious guy Gabby meets one night at a club. He introduces himself as X, and agrees to help Gabby find Bree. But as Gabby goes deeper into things she has no idea about, she realizes how much danger she's in.

And that X isn't exactly who she thought he was. Gabby struck me as quite naive, similar to the female protagonist of On the Edge. She has a good sense of morals, though, and a lot of courage. Gabby and X work well together, and though we don't get to know much about X, I really liked what we saw. He's not an undercover cop like Gabby assumed he was, and that was pretty obvious from the beginning. X is part of the connection between the two books, and towards the end we even get cameos from the protagonists of On the Edge, which was awesome.

I definitely could have done without the high school drama, though. It took away most of the seriousness of the issue of the plot, which is the sex trafficking of girls in Miami. There was pettiness and bitchiness and other random high school issues. I liked Gabby's high school friend group and the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Club I think that's what it's called , but that setting would have worked better in a lighter-themed novel.

There were a couple of surprises and twists that were unexpected, so I was glad about that. But like I said in my review for On the Edge, I wish there was more on the trafficking premise and what the Destinos gang is doing to help. Too much of the novel's focus was on Gabby's high school and her romance with X. On the whole, though, I liked reading Light of Day and I hope the author writes more books set in this world. Jul 22, Reviewsbypaige rated it it was amazing. Before I even started this novel, I knew it was going to be good. Allison Van Diepen is by far one of my favourite authors, and she never fails to amaze me with the stories she writes!

Each urban novel she creates contains the perfect balance of mystery, drama, suspense and romance. I really love the fact that Light of Day has such a realistic story line and characters. Allison Van Diepen not only creates a great story, but she also informs her readers on issues that happen in the real world whe Before I even started this novel, I knew it was going to be good. Allison Van Diepen not only creates a great story, but she also informs her readers on issues that happen in the real world when she writes about these realistic situations such as young women being targeted and drugged in bars and then being sold into the sex trafficking business.

I feel like I know a bit more about the sex trade business after having read Light of Day and On the Edge. As for the characters, I really loved each and every one of them. Each character felt very unique, from Gabby Perez the hopeful radio personality, X the guy with a good heart and an important cause, right to the zombie apocalypse survival group, who Gabby becomes friends with after a bad breakup with the most popular boy in school.

Having such a wide range of relatable characters in a novel definitely makes it that much more fun to read, and Allison Van Diepen did a spectacular job at making sure every reader would be able to relate to at least one character and what they are currently going through. This novel had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time I read it, whether it was because of the suspense of trying to catch Milo or the fact that Gabby and X are absolutely perfect for each other, but there always seems to be something or someone trying to get between them.

I definitely give Light of Day 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is an Allison Van Diepen fan, and to those who enjoy a good love story mixed with action and suspense. Feb 20, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , ya-lit , novel-length-reads , mystery , action-suspense. One Saturday night, Gabby Perez goes clubbing with her friend Maria and their drinks are drugged. But before Gabby takes her first sip, she is warned by a mysterious and handsome stranger.

Her friend Maria, however, is not so lucky. Thankfully, Gabby manages to get Maria out of the club and away from the pimp who was planning on kidnapping both girls before the evening was over and forcing them into prostitution. The next morning, Maria has no memory of what transpired. After that night, Gabby wa One Saturday night, Gabby Perez goes clubbing with her friend Maria and their drinks are drugged.

After that night, Gabby wants to find the mysterious stranger who saved her and her friend to thank him, but she also wonders what other girls haven't been so lucky. She uses her platform of her radio show to discuss these difficult topics, which brings the mysterious stranger, X, right to her. As their attraction grows, X enlightens Gabby to a dangerous side of Miami she never knew about, but when a friend of Gabby's goes missing and X agrees to help find her, Gabby can't help but wonder who X really is.

It's young adult because the protagonist is still in high school and lives with her parents, but it definitely has that edgier, guilty pleasure new adult feel as well because Gabby has proven her independence, maturity, and ambition by having her own radio show. While a literary masterpiece it is not, Light of Day is some page-turning brain candy. It's a book you pick up when you don't want to think and just want to be entertained.

And you know what? That's perfectly OK. We need books like that too. Read my entire review on my blog. Heart-pounding, page-turning urban romance! Gabby uses the airwaves to raise awareness of a growing problem in her community - girls being drugged, kidnapped, and trapped into prostitution. When one of Gabby's close friends disappears, she takes matters into her own hands, Heart-pounding, page-turning urban romance!

When one of Gabby's close friends disappears, she takes matters into her own hands, regardless of the danger. With help from a mysterious and tempting man just known as X, Gabby tracks down the secrets of the prostitution ring and does everything in her power to save her friend while falling head over heels for X. The authentic writing style and Gabby's solid voice are huge strengths of this novel. The author knows her characters very well, and that is reflected in the strong writing. The setting is realistic and also very authentic, and the problems facing Gabby's community feel very contemporary and timely.

Verdict: If you're looking for a highly recommended page-turning, heart-pounding urban romance then look no further! May 26, Tina rated it really liked it. I am a huge fan of this author's work, basically having read every book she has ever written. While I did not know this before reading it, this book follows up the first book in this series albeit very minimally - which was a nice touch. Gabby is a wonderful main character. At first, I thought she was headed into the "usual" bitchy rebelling against my parents, but this was not the case.

She was smart, goal oriented and a fun character. She wants a career in radio, she wants a shot at her passi I am a huge fan of this author's work, basically having read every book she has ever written. She wants a career in radio, she wants a shot at her passion. She has friends, who, in the end turn out not to be that friendly, but she also does not let things get her down - loved her. In the process, she meets X who will help her grow, but at the same time come with his own baggage. The storyline was both horrific and unfortunately, all too realistic in today's world - which is something this author covers extremely well.

The book is well crafted and the storyline moves at a quick pace yay! The one comment I have is that I felt as though Van Dipien caved into the "tied into a pretty bow" too much. Her earlier work WAS edgier and not quite as cute as this story. This book was an odd mixture of topical issues faced smack on while at the same time being a little too "perfect".

It made me feel a little unfulfilled at the end. Jun 23, Sandra rated it it was ok Shelves: romance. When I saw this book my first thought was "what a cheesy cover". But since it was in the new book shelf I picked it up to see what it was about and it didn't sound too bad. A friend who disappears and probably was kidnapped to be forced into prostitution. What I expected was some type of exciting thriller which explores the dark side of Miami.

What I got instead was a cheesy romance which just fits the picture perfectly. I When I saw this book my first thought was "what a cheesy cover". I had the impression the author made a list of things which might look "cool" to teenagers like own radio show, cool artistic aunt, falling in love with a gang member who is good guy and an artist, zombie club etc..

I can picture the whole book as a Walt Disney movie. The only parts I liked was the radio show. I got to admit I'm not the age target for young adult books but I still enjoy reading them. And so many are wonderful written, have a deep story with complex characters and many of them feel more like "crossover books" anyways which can be read by anybody despite the age. Tate Read it you'll love! See all 5 questions about The Dark Light of Day…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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The Cold Light of Day

I've published a special limited edition anniversary paperback to celebrate! I'd never slept better. View all 20 comments. It was beautiful, but broken and intense. The writing was fluid, the plot was unpredictable and I loved how it ended. Abby Ford has only had one person in her life who she loves, who means anything to her, her Nan. Abby had a terrible and traumatic childhood. On the night of her high school graduation, her Nan is tragically taken.

Abby is left completely alone. No job. No place to live. No means to support herself. There she meets Jake Dunn. He has too many secrets. Jake has to come home to take care of some business. While at his fathers garage, he sees her. The night I met Abby Ford, my life changed forever. There is something about Jake Dunn. Abby feels safe around Jake. And that is very rare for her. Jake feels the need to protect Abby, to take care of her.

He genuinely wants to help her. What Abby fails to realize is Jake wants all of her. The good, the bad, the broken. Jake's not perfect. He has some major secrets and skeletons of his own that he is equally afraid of Abby finding out. He's terrified that she will want nothing to do with him when he tells her.

Abby and Jake are both broken in their own ways. Together, they work. I loved the two of them together, their friendship that grew into a relationship. When Jake finds out about Abby's past, he is kind, loving, understanding. Abby takes Jake's job very well. Better than he ever expected. They are both a mess, but together they work. We were just us, broken and bruised, fucked-up and messy, and together we were everything we never thought we could be. Jake and Abby grow closer. For the first time in her life, Abby is able to open up to someone, to be with someone physically, emotionally, in all ways.

She feels connected to Jake. She can share things with him she has never told a soul, she can be physically intimate for the first time ever. Just as they are getting somewhere in their relationship, Jake has to leave town for a while for a job. It will break your heart. Abby is the most brave, strong and resilient heroine. Fresh wounds mixed with old scars. A portrait of my life in pain.

So much more happens in this story. Jake and Abby suffer more tragedy than any two people should ever have to bear. It makes you wonder how much destruction and devastation one person can bear. The Dark Light of Day hit all the right buttons for me. A darker storyline, broken characters, a damaged man, tough not annoying heroine, heartbreaking and sad, but heart warming at times This one will evoke some strong emotions in you. The Dark Light of Day is about so much more than finding love and healing.

Jake and Abby were able to find beauty in all the ugly. A fantastic debut novel I would recommend! View all comments. Too bad that this is what I think: Insta-love makes me vomit. Pregnancy annoys me unless the couple is already married or if the author really convinces me.

Inserting unnecessary time gaps just adds fuel to the fire. Illogical sequence of events makes my intellect shrivel. IMO, this story has all the above and then some. I struggled with the entire book but here are the main points that made me ask myself: Are these characters fucking stupid? Insta-love: I really loved the prologue and how it set up both Abby and Jake's painful pasts so I could see how broken these two characters are. The dude was getting a blowjob from some skank three days ago and he loves Abby in just days?!?! Jake and his profession. If you're a killer, you don't just start spilling your secrets presto.

Abby and her touch dislike. Because of tragic circumstances in her past, Abby avoids any kind of physical contact. But again, in just a matter of days, she's hugging and kissing and almost having sex with Jake. Oh yes, Amy, really. What an asshole Jake is: there is nothing redeemable about him. Let me set it up for you: Abby loathes and is terrified of Owen an ex-friend when he tried to get in her pants. She opens up about her past and tells ALL her secrets to Jake.

She trusts Jake, and loves him. Jake knows all this. Good riddance. Oh and did I mention she gets pregnant????? Just at the part where I thought I was going to jump off a cliff from how annoying these characters are, the author does something that completely made me go bonkers. Let's fast forward to 4 years later! The 4 years later story. So after 4 years, Jake decides to barge into her life again and wants to take control but is spitting mad when Abby tells him the kid Georgia isn't his but actually Owen's as a result of the rape.

Who the father actually is.

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Turns out it's Jake's because you know, the story just has to be perfect. Wouldn't want Owen to blemish anything would we? I mean she just assumed it was Owen's because of the eyes? Like what the everliving fuck. I liked the ending but the epilogue ended on a weird note. Thanks Christine for helping me get through this and listening to me rant at 3 AM! View all 52 comments. Broken and bruised. Fucked up and messy. And together we were everything we never thought we could be. It is so intense!! The story of Abbey and Jake is different and captivating!!

This book explores a darker side of humanity I couldn't put it down!! Abby is 17 year old.. Barely surviving her painful past, and now losing her Nan, the first person to actually care for her.. But he has his own problem too.. Some of us more than others. In Jake, Abby finally found someone who will protect her. For the first time in her life, the person who is supposed to love her doesn't want to hurt and abuse her I loved Jake and Abby's relationship. I loved seeing Jake pushing her over and over to open up, and how he refuses to let her push him away.

I loved that how he got close to Abby was by revealing things about himself. The way they got to know each other was beautiful. Abby was so broken and even though she was closed off you could still see that she was strong and didn't take shit from anybody. I loved Jake so much!! He is a badass killer who rides a bike but he loves Abby so much that he would literally do anything for her I absolutely loved this book because it was so different from anything else I have read.

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I never thought I would fall in love with these characters, but they captured my heart!! View all 95 comments. Abby might only be seventeen years old but she's been through whole lot more than people twice her age. When her Nana dies, she's left alone in the world, homeless, she ends up sleeping in a junkyard. This is when she meets Jake, he's blonde has blue eyes, but he has an inherent darkness surrounding. Abby feels safe around him, and that gut feeling is proven right when he saves her from a situation she swore she would never get back into again.

Then there's Jake, with his good looks and questionable occupation. He quickly realises that he want Abby for himself. But having had an almost as bad break as Abby, he does not feel worthy. But that isn't enough to try and stop him from being part of her life. He becomes her protector, and slowly Abby begins to open up to him. All she has to do, is give the go ahead and he won't think twice about it. They're love isn't a conventional one, but they both begin to heal because of it.

But unfortunately not everyone wants to see them find happiness. Because of this they're love is tested in the most harsh and heartbreaking way. Can they're love persevere, will Jake prove himself worthy of Abby's love, and will Abby finally be able to take down the walls she's been using as shield all her life. The only person to break through was her Nana, and now she's gone from her life. My Thoughts This was me while reading this book: Maybe I'm just a wimp, but dear God the stuff that happened to this girl was too much for my heart to bare!

This story is a about pain, suffering and loss, but then the characters also learnt to forgive and let go of the past and live in the now. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it although I was a sobbing mess. ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review! View all 68 comments. It just quietly drew me in and didn't let go. I love books that can take me by surprise and this was one of them!

It was totally unpredictable! Dark, gritty, a touch sexy, very brutal and unforgiving at times, but also beautiful and heartwarming I'm not kidding. This book knocks you to the ground and then kicks you when you're down. Over and over again. This was not a fairy tale. This was not a fluffy romance. Broken soul to broken soul. First, a little about the book It's been years since Jake went back to the small town he came from. When his last remaining family turned against him, he left and didn't look back and went on to become a professional hitman for hire But to be fair about it, I also expected nothing from the godless world that ripped me apart at every turn.

I expected nothing, until the night I met a certain redhead with attitude.


Why had I ever though I deserved more? Their meeting was not a conventional one ohhh no! It was an intense, emotional roller coaster.

Tommy Stinson - Light Of Day (Album Version)

As a result of their respective nightmares, both Abby and Jake had built up such high walls guarding their hearts that it wasn't easy for them to get to know each other. Because there are some dangerous people out there. But you've never said if you were one of them or not. Over and over again, she'd learned the hard, brutal way not to trust anyone so it was very hard for her to let Jake in He made her feel safe. And for the first time in her life, she found someone who made her feel worthy of love. I want to hold you. I want to make it all okay for you. I want to fucking touch you because you're the most beautiful person I've seen, and I can't imagine never being able to hold your hand or kiss you.

He was His secrets were dark and gritty just like the book but also heart breaking, tragic and downright chilling in places. But he had this badass protective side to him that just made me trust him without question. And Abby did too. I think she could sense that this guy would move mountains to keep her safe. The very worst of the worst of the worst. The people she'd been subject to were just sick and she'd been left scarred both inside and out, never able to escape the nightmares of her past. When she opened her eyes, she could see them; when she closed her eyes, she could remember them.

Literal hell. But she was one tough girl. Despite being utterly screwed over by life again and again and again, she was so resilient and never let anyone push her down for good. Now, the first half of the book was good and I couldn't put it down. But HOLY.

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  • The second half just had my heart in my throat!!! It was one shocker after another.

    see the light of day

    Just when I thought it couldn't get worse - BAM!!!! Guys, this book is not for the faint of heart. This might sound weird but the second half kind of had a similar vibe to The Sweet Gum Tree which is one of my most favorite books, so this is a big compliment mixed in with shades of Dexter yup, for real and almost a smidge of Kristen Ashley-like badass too I'm trying to explain it here without spoilers which is not easy.

    And this is just describing the vibe alone, 'cuz the plot itself was really unlike any other I've read. Ok now the ending. First thing you should know is that it is a HEA. No cliffhanger, no loose ends, no tragic ending, and no lead-in to a sequel. The story is done, finished, complete and wrapped up. But it's just He wasn't a danger to society or anything but the epilogue was borderline creepy Um, lets just say that I am reeeeeeally glad he was a good guy 'cuz the world would be a scary as fuck place with him in it as a bad guy. But I can say that I absolutely fell for him. I loved him and I loved his role in Abby's life.

    This really was a fantastic read!! I love books that push the envelope and step outside the box. I love the unpredictability of not knowing where the book will turn next. This book took me on a crazy, emotional, gritty ride and I loved the whole thing. I couldn't put it down and didn't want to stop reading. I'd highly recommend adding it to your reading lists : Rating: 4. View all 61 comments. The Dark Light of Day stand-alone.

    Jake Dunn has just returned to town. He left when tragedy struck his family in his late teen years. He is now 22 years old and has come home to organize the family business. Jake and Abby strike up a friendship of sorts and so their journey begins Six words to describe Jake: Lost, broken, focused, smart, caring and lonely. Much befalls Jake and Abby so have a box of tissue handy. I already sympathized with them from the beginning and so at times it felt it was just too much adversity…. Excellent storytelling! Compelling and endearing characters!

    A journey of endurance and rising above the odds! Would I re-read this book: Probably not. Would I read future books by this author: Yes. ARC provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review. View all 58 comments. If I were honest with myself, I'd have to say that I was in love with the devil, too. The Dark Light of Day is one of those books that will draw you in and hold you captive until you've read every last word on every last page.

    I was hook from the first chapter. Personally, I could NOT put it down to save my life. This book right here is what made me fall in love with T. Frazier , to begin with. From her writing to her world building and to her broken characters. Plus the plot was unpredictable. This is not your typical love story. It's dark, twisted, brutal as hell, devastating, intense, raw and heart-shattering, with deeply broken characters but it's also absolutely freaking beautiful. Abby's past is darker than you'll want to imagine and the shit she goes through will make you sick, piss you off and make you want to murder someone.

    Let's just say Let me tell you, Abby is one Resilient chick and I fell in love with her character. I was so entranced by Abby and Jakes story even though it gutted me to my very core. I loved watching there love story unfold and seeing two broken people find themselves in each other. The Dark Light of Day is one of those books I could happily read over and over again and know with certainty that I'll love it even more than the last! If you're looking for something tragically beautiful then this is for you and I highly recommend if you haven't yet read this do so ASAP!

    You won't be disappointed and if you are This will keep you at-the-edge-of-your-seat!! After all, we all have darkness within us. View all 6 comments. Taking her life into her own hands, she decides to dodges the system just for a few more weeks until her 18th birthday. However when she is run out of her home by the case worker, she ends up with a gun pointed at her head when she is caught sleeping in her deceased grandma's truck.

    Abby takes Jake by surprise, and in him she finds a kindred spirit. It isn't easy but Jake wants needs to take care of Abby, wanting to scare away the demons that haunt her within. Abby has her demons to fight and what she quickly realizes is that Jake has his own too, only his may be darker. Together, we were just us. Battered and broken. Dark and difficult. Impulsive and scared. Can they help each other find the light within each other, when they can't see it within themselves? Can they trust in what they have or will it be the reason they run and hide The Dark Light of Day was simply amazing, heartbreakingly difficult to read at times, making me mad at the injustice and hurt that Abby had to live through.

    You'd think that she paid the ultimate price during her childhood, you'd think that was enough, but No Abby is a survivor, resilient, she is so damn strong she focuses on what is important and tries to move on. Jake is a man whose world just got turned upside down, Abby makes him question every choice he has ever made. My heart broke so many times, and I even jumped on the bandwagon of willing bodily harm on the story's evil-asshole. I can not tell you how much this standalone book sucked me in, I've had it for a while waiting patiently for me on my kindle and I immediately apologized for making it wait.

    Totally recommended for those who can handle the dark, but can find the light within the story. View all 46 comments. Do you like sweet romances? Perfectly normal and non-damaged MC? Well too fucking bad! Because you're not going to get that here. Not even close. So prepare yourself for a story that's dark, gritty, brutal, devastating, gut-wrenching, keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat-wanting-to-see-what-happens-next. Can't say you weren't warned. Want me to describe my feelings th 5 Dark and Utterly Captivating Stars Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

    Want me to describe my feelings through this books in one gif? If there was one phrase that was running through my mind the entire time I was reading it, it was 'Holy shit! Brilliantly written, utterly captivating, the story of Abby and Jake stole my heart, broke me, gutted me, and kept me completely unable to put the book down until I finished. I was sucked in from the very first chapter. How a person can survive the horrors that this poor girl goes through and still come out with the strength that she does is beyond me.

    Life has not been kind to Abby. Not in the least. But with everything that she goes through, she maintains this persevering core. I fell in love with her character. You would think someone like her would be shy, awkward, but every time life knocked her down, she came up swinging. She didn't take shit from anyone, but the vulnerable, damaged, and scared little girl that she hides behind her her carefully constructed walls broke my heart.

    He was just everything you love in a broken hero. Jake is a man that has some very dark demons. He's not the white knight that rides into the night to save Abby, but he does in his own dark way.