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  1. Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 2034
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Also, how often does one use e and pi in number theory? Completely separate from the above, it's probably worth noting that i is also a constant, and as such has the same misconception as. Is it worth mentioning Euler's identity in the explanation?


Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 2034

As a non-mathematician, the presence of e, pi, and i together in one equation looks "Euler's identity-ish" while clearly not being it. Honestly, seeing e, pi, and i isn't that farfetched, since quite a few applications of number theory to coordinate systems in the computer-ey sense take familiar XY coordinates, make them polar, and call them to complex numbers, with a bunch of operations done by multiplying by e to some complex power or other.

And wherever waves go, pi goes Coming from nothing more than a high-school background, this whole system can be rather jarring, and difficult to understand. I'm just glad I understand enough bits and pieces of number theory to laugh at Randall's joke. The methyl group can dissolve in water, and this is presumably happening in water, so this equation can work, just not the one provided by Randell.

Reacting longer alkanes with bases is a way to make soaps, but the methyl group would be too reactive to be used this way. Nutster talk , 17 August UTC OH without any charge is the hydroxil radical, a highly reactive moleculte, that in fact abstracts H hydrogen atom, not a proton from hydrocarbons.

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This is one step of combustion processes. The methyl radical generated combines itself quickly with oxygen. The hydroxide anion you propose OH - do not react with hydrocarbons. Ianrbibtitlht talk , 17 August UTC. I changed a "p" to a Greek "rho". Redbelly98 talk , 18 August UTC.

The is the partial derivative of a function. I think the transcript is missing a left superscript 0 before the turned xi.

Pippa Wedding Dress

False alarm. It's just that Randall writes the xi with a funny tail. The same tail is on the non-turned xi earlier. If explainxkcd.

Can be combined with

I assumed from the beginning that the joke was about the equations being wrong, but the description of the joke is making my head hurt. In the description paragraph, the last sentence starting "The principle of least action says allows It looks like there is already a section for this above, "Deep physics equations", or am I missing something?

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  • Could this be a reference to Feynman's jab at hiding complexity underneath symbol definitions to achieve 'simplicity'? Is this vandalism, an attempt at a joke, or what? This explanation clearly still needs quite a bit of work!

    What the Eclipse Will Look Like Near the Maximum Point

    The second one I see the word Knee, so I'm thinking it's either something about taking an arrow to a knee, or perhaps about the Knights of Ki who regain their power by saying "Ni! As someone unfamiliar with scientific equations, I took the joke to be that Scientific Equations Are Complicated, until you get to the "truly deep" part, in which case they're pretty simple.

    As much as I appreciate the description of the equations, is anyone gonna explain whether my take on the joke is plausible? Or what it is if I'm wrong? I can't figure out the whole thing but SU U 2 sure looks like it reads "sue you too". Although you could write HeAt Helium-Astatine , I could find no element symbols to form EAT on the right-hand side of the reaction, so it appears to be an invalid expression anyway.

    Why does the notice still say lacks a complete explanation when here's no incomplete template?

    Customization Forms

    Lysdexia talk , 5 January UTC. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation , search. Explanation [ edit ] This comic gives a set of mock equations. All kinematics equations Most kinematics equations tend to make heavy use of constants, addition, powers, and multiplication. All number theory equations Randall jokes about how number theory often involves the use of summations. All fluid dynamics equations Fluid dynamics equations often involve copious integrals, especially those over closed contours as done here, which are often the main telling factors of those equations to an outsider.

    All quantum mechanics equations Quantum mechanics often involves some of the foreign-looking symbols listed, including bra-ket notation , the tensor product , and the Greek letter Psi for a quantum state. All chemistry equations Chemistry equations use formulas of chemical compounds to describe a chemical reaction. All quantum gravity equations Quantum gravity uses mathematical groups denoted by uppercase letters, as shown. All cosmology equations Cosmology is the science of the development and ultimate fate of the universe. Transcript [ edit ] [Nine equations are listed, three in the top row and two in each of the next three rows.

    A bit of dimensional analysis would have helped.

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    • But the last one "Truly deep Physics Equations" are summed up with just 3 characters and 2 basic operators. The challenge then is working in explanations for the correct equations as well as arguing over which examples should be used. But I don't think that letter exists even. March 30, April 11, April 21, March 29, Saros February 25, Saros January 24, Saros December 25, Saros November 23, Saros October 23, Saros September 22, Saros August 22, Saros July 22, Saros June 21, Saros May 20, Saros April 20, Saros March 20, Saros February 16, Saros January 16, Saros December 17, Saros November 15, Saros October 14, Saros September 14, Saros June 1, January 6, October 25, August 12, January 5, Technology related podcast episodes that cover trends in What humans will evolve into Life in podcast S1:E1.

      Solar eclipse of March 20, - Wikipedia

      Business News for Business related predictions due to make an impact in include: Automation is the new outsourcing. Related business articles for View all. Culture Forecasts for Culture related predictions due to make an impact in include: The last job creating industries: Future of Work P4 Real vs. Related culture articles for View all. Culture related podcast episodes that cover trends in Science Forecasts for Science related predictions due to make an impact in include: Public transit goes bust while planes, trains go driverless: Future of Transportation P3 Peak cheap oil triggers renewable era: Future of Energy P2 China, rise of a new global hegemon: Geopolitics of Climate Change.