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  1. Professor S Braun - Durham University
  2. 1 Introduction
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  4. The Concept of Innere Führung: Dimensions of Its Ethics
  5. Work-life balance and health care benefits - Essential forms of modern life-cycle benefits

Great internship opportunity.

Professor S Braun - Durham University

Great brand, great products, excellent focus on the customer both at corporate headquarters and at dealerships. I learned about how focused they are on tailoring customer experience down to the smallest detail. Was this review helpful? Cool place to work at.

Great Place to work. Very ethical and exciting place to work for. Development program was absolutely stellar and provided an opportunity for me to learn new things about the company and the European based management style. Fantastic Company.

1 Introduction

I would attend meetings, consult with upper management and continuously communicate with international markets. The management expected outstanding and timely results. My co-workers were helpful and friendly.

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The language barrier between German and English was the hardest part. I enjoyed being apart of an atmosphere that cares about the product and works hard.

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Support the Manufacturing Management by ensuring effective management of employees, materials, quality and other resources. A challenging place to work for graduates - perfect start into working world!

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Working at BMW was tough many times which helped me gain valuable work experience in an international company. Nonetheless I enjoyed working here very much as I finally could apply my knowledge gained at university and proof myself. Working in a fast-paced work environment, I moreover could make use of my organisational and time management skills and further develop them.

What I especially loved about this job was the perfect mixture of individual and team work. Since I got along fine with all of my colleagues, I was always looking forward to go to work.

The Concept of Innere Führung: Dimensions of Its Ethics

The hardest part of the job was probably working under time pressure several times when there were meetings ahead, presentations to finish, etc. The most enjoyable days for me were those when I met people from different countries and cultures and got the chance to talk to and work with them.

Fortunately, I had international conversations every day and could participate in video conferences which made the internship really diversified. A typical day at work moreover included research tasks, working on presentations, delaing with market requests and scheduling meetings for my co-workers.

A car lovers dream internship. In the department I worked for, a typical day would be to take a car out on the test track and push it to the limits. The location of the respective event will be announced in the seminar invitation. Click on the download button for detailed information on the content of the individual sessions.

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Wie geht es weiter? PDF, KB. Between Assimilation and a Dialogue of Cultures: Find the creative potential behind the pitfalls of diversity!

Work-life balance and health care benefits - Essential forms of modern life-cycle benefits

Performing well! Zwei Karrieren — eine Familie. Subjects The topics of the coaching sessions are not predetermined and can be individually chosen by the participants. Possible coaching topics are, for example: Define and achieve career goals Preparation for appointments Preparation for a leading position in science and research Dealing with hierarchical structures in universities Cooperation in international teams—challenges and opportunities Finding creative solutions Dealing with difficult professional situations Work-life-balance: compatibility of family and career Self- Presentation at conferences, meetings and in everyday university life Who can participate?

A certificate of participation will be issued. The seminars and individual coaching sessions are usually held in German.

Finding Work-Life Balance! Productivity tips for working moms!