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Emily Jane Brontë

Add a comment. The answer by Lexxie is very good. The one thing I would suggest with this poem as with all poetry, novels, plays literature is, always read what is meant by the title first. The title should reflect the rest.

They tie us and make us a drudge of all these things. They are the master we are the servant whereas we were as Karl Marx says 'born free but everywhere man is in chains'. The riches etc chain us to the material world but as we grow older we realise things and emotions are of the material world but it is the spiritual world we will return to and from whence we came. The spirit or 'soul' within us is 'chainless' we bind ourselves when we come here with the trivia of the material world.

I am not a Marxist but he did have a point Look up the word 'stoic' and see what you can get from it regarding this poem. Incidently, I don't think it's the best of poems, but just my opinion. Good luck and be careful what you wish for when you are young, you may get it when you are old!

What kind of poem is 'Riches I Hold In Light Esteem'

Bronte Meaning. I'm 14, I'm an artist, and I am also very very secretive about my work, not so much the drawings as the writing. Writers reveal much of themselves in their work, while not all of it has the staring-you-in-the-face obvious connections, this could be about something seemingly to you irrelevant, because you were not the one thinking about it. They start thinking that my words are literal, most of them aren't.

The old stoic

About her finding out that you looked in her folder, I know I would be VERY angry with my parents, but in time, honestly, I'd forget about it. Teenagers have notoriously short attention spans.

More by Emily Brontë

I wish you luck. I hope, I seriously doubt I did, but I hope I helped. Oh, those Bronte sisters. They loved a good dick joke.

Other works by Emily Brontë...

Existing questions. Related Questions Do you think there is a meaning behind her poem? Printing texts or translations without the name of the author or translator is also illegal.

The Old Stoic by Emily Brontë Poetry's project

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