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So by its nature, a tiny house is small. While a tiny house built on a foundation can be any dimensions you want, the popular tiny houses on wheels face certain limitations. The interior width of the home will generally be under 8 feet, and wheelchairs need 32 to 36 inches to get around comfortably without crashing into walls. That leaves only about 2 feet in turnaround spaces to place anything else — a lot of space taken out of a tiny house.

To solve this problem, we can look to the RV industry. They have faced the same limitations, and came up with an innovative solution — the slide out. They are often used in living room or bedroom areas, but can expand the kitchen or just about any room. In the past, most slide outs had a step up of a few inches, but now level slides with just a small threshold are common. However, level slide outs present a challenge for insulating the floor, which is more necessary for a tiny house than a camper used for vacation or in warm climates.

my home has wheels please move me Manual

That said, slide outs with a step can still be used in an accessible tiny house to move pieces of furniture that would normally take up a lot of aisle space, such as the sofa, bed, or part of the kitchen. Another challenge of tiny house living for wheelchairs is getting in and out.

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Most tiny houses sit quite high off the ground. A wheelchair lift could potentially be used, but it presents certain risks, including the possibility of becoming trapped inside or outside the house if the lift breaks down. So instead, many builders have created a lengthy switchback ramp to allow for access. One potential solution is to utilize an ice fishing trailer base.

The Ultimate Tiny House on Wheels

These trailers work similarly to kneeling buses in minivans; they lower to the ground with a touch of a button. This would allow for a much shorter ramp, one that could be folded up against the door for transport or placed inside the house. People with all kinds of mobility disabilities have very individual needs. Tiny houses are ideal for such situations, as they are custom designed for each person who buys one.

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Most tiny house builders are willing to listen to their clients and think outside the box. Since everything is being built from scratch, it can be exactly the way a person needs it, but at a cost far less than a full-size custom home. The NextDoor DropHome is built on a hydraulic ice fishing trailer, so it lowers to the ground and only needs a small ramp to be wheelchair accessible.

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  8. There are a couple of companies that make accessible pickup trucks, but they are extremely expensive. But finding an accessible 1 ton van, which would be required for the largest tiny houses, could be a challenge. Therefore, it might be necessary to hire someone to move your tiny house, which could get expensive if you move often.

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    If you want to road trip with your home, use it only part-time or plan to stay in warm climates, an RV or a travel trailer may be most convenient. If you want something for full-time living that can last the rest of your life, but still offer the flexibility to move once or twice a year or every few years , a tiny house on wheels may be the better choice. One of the biggest challenges facing people who want to live in tiny houses right now is zoning.

    Many communities have minimum square footage requirements or limitations on outbuildings. Many neighborhoods will allow you to park a trailer in your yard or driveway, but not actually live in it. Therefore, many tiny house dwellers choose to live in RV parks, rural areas, or in a secluded backyard where they are unlikely to be noticed living in their tiny houses.

    Things are starting to change, however, and some of those changes specifically benefit people with disabilities by allowing accessory dwelling units granny flats for people who need support and care from family. Check the zoning for your area before deciding which type of small living option to pursue, as these rules may permit or favor certain types of dwellings over others.

    Whether we choose to live in a tiny house or not, people with disabilities can help advocate for affordable accessible housing by supporting tiny house projects, friendly zoning codes, and variance requests in our communities.

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    Tiny houses offer tremendous potential for people with a variety of disabilities to own a home and increase their independence. Here are a few I found, with my quick thoughts on each:. Zyl Vardos: Abel Zyl is one of my favorite tiny house builders because of the beauty and artistry of his structures. His wheelchair accessible tiny house, available to rent at Caravan, a tiny house hotel in Portland, Oregon, does not compromise on style. It seems to offer some accessibility, with a roll-in shower and rails around the toilet.

    However, it appears to not have adequate space to park a wheelchair next to the toilet, which would be a major problem for me and many other people with disabilities. Still, overall I give the house interior high marks. Since this tiny house stays in the same place, it would be much more attractive with a deck and wooden ramp out front. Most COWs locations offer customers several services including: a DIY option where customers load and unload the container themselves; a hybrid option where customers can opt for labor assistance for heavier items; and a full service option where customers can opt to have the company load and unload all belongings.

    Each container also features embedded metal skids, which provide six inches of clearance off the ground to ensure that your valuable furniture and items remain dry at all times. Each PODS shipping container offers ramp-free loading, and is equipped with tie-downs, steel locking latches, and a lock and key. This covering protects the box and its contents from rain, extreme temperatures and humidity. These moving containers are capable of handling studio apartment or small, one-bedroom apartment moves. Those who need extra help can opt for the full-service option where United and Mayflower services will send expert packers to help you on moving day.

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