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Margarete Steiff designed her first soft-filled fabric toy animal, an elephant made of felt, and began the family business. Margarete's nephew Richard Steiff studied art in Stuttgart and brought a heightened sense of realism to Steiff designs. In , Steiff created the 55PB, a mohair plush bear that is the basis for the modern Teddy Bear we know today. In , Clifford Berryman, a well-know cartoonist for the Washington Post, made popular a caricature little bear with American president Theodore Roosevelt: thus, the "Teddy" bear was born.


Mike German Shepherd 083488

Children and adults have made the Teddy bear an iconic toy, universally loved and adored. Over the years, Steiff's focus on delighting children with realistic soft animals brought them fame around the world. Their innovations in airbrushing, choice materials and manufacturing have created toys that are prized everywhere. Steiff continues to create Teddy bears and other animal friends at their factory in the small town of Giengen, Germany.

After years, Steiff continues to lead the world in the finest Teddy bear designs and manufacturing.

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Their commitment to quality and excellence has brought joy to generations around the world. Since our doors first opened in , The Toy Shoppe has been your premier Steiff store! The very first box of merchandise that we opened for our shoppe in was filled with Steiff Teddy bears and it was exhilarating! We established The Toy Shoppe way back then to bring fine dolls and Teddy bears to our collectors.

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With their long tradition and commitment to excellence, Steiff bears are a natural fit for our shoppe. In the early s, Richard Steiff created the modern Teddy bear as we know and love him today. Steiff's continued innovation and commitment to quality has touched generations of children around the world. Our selection is unmatched. We have worked closely with Steiff both in North America and in Germany to design exclusive editions for our collectors that are compelling to Steiff collectors and Teddy bear lovers alike.

BBC News | WALES | Mike German resists calls to 'resign'

We travelled to Giengen, Germany to search for inspiration deep within Steiff's archives, their treasure trove of past editions that reaches into their rich history. Maximilian began our Steiff Teddy bear family over a decade ago and since then we've created a wide array of Steiff editions exclusively for our collectors. From Traveller to Little Bear to GrandPapa to Chub-ling to Polar Cub to little Jocko, each one has brought a unique character of Steiff design often introducing innovative techniques or materials in their production.

Collectors have adored our Toy Shoppe exclusives by Steiff! Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Just call us toll free 1 and we will be glad to help you discover that perfect addition to your Teddy bear collection or that perfect Steiff gift for a child, a baby or even yourself!

You'll be the first to hear about new doll editions that will capture your heart, fun and adorable teddy bears, and special offers and savings that are only at The Toy Shoppe. Just enter your email address below to join and we'll start sending you surprises soon!. About The Toy Shoppe. Our Latest Catalogs Online. Directions To Our Shoppe. Your Full Name. Your Email.

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How can we help you? Sign me up for Toy Shoppe eNewsletters! Recently Viewed. Click here. Oz Matilda Bears R. Originals R.

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Welcome to The Toy Shoppe. Home page About our shoppe People are talking Bringing you the finest dolls from around the world since Fine dolls, friendly service and easy, interest-free AMC payment plans. MP calls for stamp duty refunds. Human tissue firm offers apology. Tom accepts award in mother's memory.

Links to more Wales stories are at the foot of the page. News Front Page. Middle East. South Asia. N Ireland. Talking Point. Country Profiles. I'll try to explain, tho I'll grant that this requires knowledge of at least German Let's start with the English version.

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Here's a fascimile of the pages click to embiggen :. Return to Blog. Write a Comment. Preview Comment. Here's a fascimile of the pages click to embiggen : Here we learn that the bear is named Winnie, and that this is a girl's name, which is short for Winifred, tho this is not explained in the English edition. I did not know this as a child, so there was no contradiction to me. But Christopher Robin explains that a boy bear can have a girl's name by noting that the bear's name is Winnie- ther -Pooh: I guess? In English this kind of doesn't really make sense.