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She was the daughter of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia c.

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Lucrezia reportedly spoke and wrote several languages, among them Italian, French, Latin, and Greek. Lucrezia Borgia was married for the first time before entering her teenage years. Four years later, Lucrezia's marriage became less politically advantageous, and Pope Alexander VI sought to have it annulled under the pretense of the relationship never having been consummated. While annulment negotiations were ongoing between the Borgias and the Sforzas, Lucrezia rested in a nearby convent. She had clearly consummated a relationship with some individual, however, because when annulment was officially granted on December 27, , Lucrezia was six months pregnant.

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  4. The child's paternity was never established, and Rome's gossips later wondered whether he was the product of incest, or whether Lucrezia was truly his mother. Two papal decrees were issued on the matter, the first stating that Giovanni was the illegitimate son of Cesare and the next stating that he was the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander. In July , Lucrezia married Alfonso of Aragon, the year-old Duke of Bisceglie and son of the late king of Naples, and they had a child together.

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    Lucrezia Borgia painted by Bartolomeo Veneto in 1515

    On July 15, , Alfonso was stabbed several times, but he survived. Lucrezia's new husband was initially hesitant because of the Borgia reputation. The couple soon moved out of Rome to Ferrara, escaping the endless scheming of her father and brother, and the pair had several children many of whom died young.

    Elusiveness of a Sin Tags: borgias , cesare borgia , fanfiction , lucrezia borgia , season 3. Notes: A mix for Cesare and Lucrezia sexual tension and subsequent sexy-times this season.

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    Tags: cesare borgia , fanmix , lucrezia borgia. Current Location: Borgia-Landia. Current Mood: happy. Heavy Cross; a Mix for Acquiescence and Angst. It spans from Lucrezia's wedding night to Ceare's departure for France. Hopefully you guys like it! I was looking through this site called 8tracks which is basically an online jukebox of sorts where users can create their own mixed tape of songs.

    Someone did one for our favorite OTP! I hope it's ok to post it here. Given Cesare's elevated status, his chosen women no doubt were more enticing, but the sickness they gave him and suffered themselves was to prove vicious. First a chancre appeared on his penis, then crippling pains throughout his body and a rash of itching, weeping pustules covering his face and torso. Fortunately for him and for history, his personal doctor, Gaspar Torella, was a medical scholar with a keen interest in this startling new disease and used his patient under the pseudonym of "Niccolo the young" to record symptoms and attempted cures.

    Over the next few years, Torella and others charted the unstoppable rise of a disease that had grown men screaming in agony as their flesh was eaten away, in some cases down to the bone. I still remember the moment, sitting in the British Library, when I came across details of Torella's treatise in a book of essays on syphilis.

    "Secrets d'histoire" Lucrèce Borgia, une femme au Vatican (TV Episode ) - IMDb

    There is nothing more thrilling in writing historical fiction than when research opens a window on to a whole new landscape, and the story of how this sexual plague swept through Europe during the s was one of the turning points in Blood and Beauty , the novel I was writing on the rise and fall of the Borgia dynasty. By the time that Cesare felt that first itch, the French disease, as it was then known, had already spread deep into Europe. That same year, Edinburgh town council issued an edict closing brothels, while at the Italian university of Ferrara scholars convened an emergency debate to try to work out what had hit them.

    By then the method of the contagion was pretty obvious. The theories surrounding the disease were are as dramatic as the symptoms: an astrological conjunction of the planets, the boils of Job, a punishment of a wrathful God disgusted by fornication or, as some suggested even then, an entirely new plague brought from the new world by the soldiers of Columbus and fermented in the loins of Neapolitan prostitutes.

    Whatever the cause, the horror and the agony were indisputable. It got its name in the mid 16th century from a poem by a Renaissance scholar: its eponymous hero Syphilus, a shepherd, enrages the Sun God and is infected as punishment. Outside poetry, prostitution bears the brunt of the blame, though the real culprit was testosterone. Men infected prostitutes who then passed it on to the next client who gave it back to a new woman in a deadly spiral. Erring husbands gave it to wives who sometimes passed it on to children, though they might also get it from suckling infected wet-nurses.

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    Amid all this horror there were elements of poetic justice. In a manifestly corrupt church, the give-away "purple flowers" as the repeated attacks were euphemistically known that decorated the faces of priests, cardinals, even a pope, were indisputable evidence that celibacy was unenforceable.

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    Though there has been dispute in recent years over preth-century European bones found with what resemble syphilitic symptoms, medical science is largely agreed that it was indeed a new disease brought back with the men who accompanied Columbus on his voyage to the Americas. In terms of germ warfare, it was a fitting weapon to match the devastation that measles and smallpox inflicted travelling the other way.

    It was not until that the cause of all this suffering was finally identified under the microscope — Treponema pallidum, a spirochete bacterium that enters the bloodstream and, if left untreated, attacks the nervous system, the heart, internal organs and the brain; and it was not until the s and the arrival of penicillin that there was an effective cure.

    Much of the extraordinary detail we now have about syphilis is a result of the Aids crisis.

    Lucrèce Borgia - Au coeur de l'histoire