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  1. Eyeball Licking Trend – It’s Real, and Really Not Good for Your Eyes
  2. Lick My eye Joke!

Eyeball Licking Trend – It’s Real, and Really Not Good for Your Eyes

The difference in bacteria between the eye and mouth is why it is no longer recommended to lick contact lenses before they are inserted into one's eye. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Guardian. Retrieved 14 June Sexual fetishism.

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  3. Japanese 'eyeball licking' trend could spread disease.

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Lick My eye Joke!

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GRAPHIC: Chinese barber uses KNIFE to clean eyes in Chengdu

Risks include pink eye conjunctivitis , styes, corneal scratches which trap bacteria and can eventually lead to blindness, even eye chlamydia and herpes. Fortunately, the reporting on this trend may be a bit overblown. There seem to be more internet articles about the phenomenon than verified incidences.

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  • Most articles refer to information originally published by a Japanese website Navar Matome. Biologically, this sensitivity helps us detect and remove tiny particles in our eye.

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    For people with the desire and willpower to fight the instinct to jerk away from eye-intrusion, the sensation could be intense. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.