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This event brought together all actors working to protect children in armed conflict, i. The participants underlined the importance of a universal adoption of the Paris Principles and Paris Commitments and were pleased to see that three States, Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Tunisia, had endorsed these texts at the end of this conference. Contents Watch the video of the conference Ten years later, continuing the international mobilisation The goals of the conference Read the co-chairs outcome statement. Book Description Casterman, Condition: Neuf. Seller Inventory Book Description Casterman, France, Condition: New.

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Seller Inventory zk Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Casterman Sep , Condition: Neu. At first, France refused to recognize it as a war because they know what the others countries and especially the UN would think about this colonial war. In France instaured emergency situation in Algeria which gave more right of the police, but the situation got worse in with the battle of Alger because the soldiers got all the rights to get information like torture.

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The firth Republic succeeded to the Fourth Republic in October 4th, in It reinforced the power of the president this change was encouraged by Charles de Gaulles and established the direct universal suffrage for the president. The Algerian War was one of the causes since it created crisis that the Fourth Republic couldn't handle anymore. This country has been centralised during the XII century so the power is concentrated in the capital, Paris.

The country is divided in regions, which are divided in departments. Regions mainland France only :. These are like the others regions but can benefit of special laws. The love story started when they were colonizing many countries, this resulted in them marrying and having a child, Canada. However, they broke up later, when Canada was young and the UK has to raise his son alone.

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Despite that, France seems to have a strong relationship with the United Kingdom because of what they gone through together alliance during the first and the second World Wars. The love feeling evolved in a sort of strange affection. There was a sort of romantic tension until France married Germany.

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And now We're even married! It becomes unhealthy when it is about Nazi Germany because of the occupation. But after this their willpower to not fight each other again made them become friends and even more. England and France have always hated each other and won't miss an occasion to make fun of each other.

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France nicknames England "Rosbeef" referred by the colour of his army and the joke that there is no sun in England so when English people try to tan they get a sunburn instead. While England calls France "Froggies" referred to the fact he likes to eat frog's legs. But even with these difficulties and their past the Hundred Year War's they still like each other.

Their friendship date back from the 13th century, mainly because of the fact they both hated England, with the Auld Alliance: if one country was attacked by England, the other had to help him. Apart from that, they helped each others during numerous battles. France love Scotlands' whisky and landscapes. France is fascinated by Japan thanks to the manga and anime which were massively imported in the '80s and '90s and still very popular.

This fascination is on both side, Japan keeps a very romantic and sophisticated image of France. France is still at ease with the manji, which has a good meaning in Japan but reminds dark times to most of the countries of Europe.

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France and Belgium love making fun of each other, there is a debate between them about how to say 70,80 and 90 French is one the official language of Belgium, not the only one. But despite this, they still like each other.

The United-States was a precious help during the first and second World Wars, with the Allies he freed France from the German occupation. So the two countries have good relations. France is also his aunt and godmother, which explains their close relationship. Canada is France's son, and she loves him very dearly. The two of them have a lot of mother-son outings, all the while speaking French of course, but the language developed in different ways for them which sometimes brought confusion and misunderstanding, but they also found each other's accent very funny.

France is somewhat over-protective of Canada since she deeply regrets how she abandoned him, even if it was a long time ago France gave up Nouvelle-France aka Canada to England, little by little.

Bataille de Tuyutí — Wikipédia

EU is France's son, and they care about them deeply and expects they will be able to keep peace in Europe. He's their brother, but it's very complicated between them since a long time for many reasons not only historical but actual disagreement between the two governements. France bullied him with Spain when they were children. But she's too cute so I won't arm her anyway.