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When fishing for channel catfish I always use the minimal amount of weight possible, which is a very small split shot. If you are fishing in current, moving water, or even drift fishing in high wind then more weight may need to be used to either keep the baits in your chosen location or keep the baits on the bottom. Again, blue catfish and flathead catfish are much less of a problem when it comes to shying away from weight.

It can be an issue at times so be aware of it and make adjustments as needed. Floats, bobbers or corks are all the same thing. Before you start buying floats for channel catfish check out the Secret Catfish Rig. Not only will it catch more fish than anything you can buy, but it will save you money as well. The Secret Catfish Rig will make a huge difference in the amount of fish you catch, especially when fishing for channel catfish because it allows you to detect the ultra light bite of channel catfish.

Slip bobbers slide up and down the line instead of being in a fixed position. Depth is adjustable by moving the bobber stop which can be reeled on the fishing reel with the line. These are light and sensitive and work well for smaller fish. For larger catfish or even alligator gar I like the Whisker Seeker Tackle slip floats. These are larger and heavier weighted slip floats and excel when using larger baits.

Ready to fish bobber stops are very inexpensive. What you need these for: Fishing for channel catfish, occasionally blue catfish and flathead catfish. Slip bobbers work great for keeping bait off the bottom and suspending baits near cover or structure. When fishing for channel catfish the better option in most instances is the Secret Catfish Rig. These floats are made from durafoam and have weight built into them.

The additional weight aids with casting longer distances and with casting accuracy. Durafoam makes them much more durable also. You can use these style bobbers when fishing the bait one to four feet below the float. Fishing line is the critical link when it comes to landing fish. The goal when choosing fishing line is to find something heavy enough that is capable of landing the fish but still light enough to maintain performance.

Catfish anglers have tendency to go way overboard and make a lot of poor decisions when it comes to fishing line for catfish. I fish in lakes, reservoirs and small rivers with very little current. I prefer monofilament fishing line for most of my fishing. The current world record catfish caught in Virginia in weighed pounds and was caught on 30 pound test monofilament fishing line. Now, I will be the first to admit that there is a time and place for braided fishing line.

If you are fishing in deep heavy cover with lots of nasty stuff that could break your line, then braid is a good line to use. Fishing Line For Channel Catfish. Most of my time spent targeting channel catfish is focused on catching numbers of fish quickly using prepared bait. Ten to twelve pound monofilament fishing line is more than sufficient for most channel catfish when targeting numbers of channel catfish. I like this lighter weight monofilament fishing line because it is heavy enough that it can handle the biggest channel catfish we generally catch plus gives me some extra cushion.

I use this rig because it is more sensitive than any other rig and it puts more fish in the boat. You can certainly use heavier fishing line than 12 lb test for channel catfish but I have never found a need to. This heavier line also does not fit into the techniques I use finesse fishing for channel catfish with the Secret Catfish Rig.

Targeting blue and flathead catfish can mean different things to different people. Simply put I fish for everything from smaller one to ten pound blue catfish up to trophy class blues and flatheads. When you target and hook big catfish, fishing line is critical. These 20 to 30 pound test monofilament fishing lines will do anything you need them to do when catfishing if used correctly.

Fishing line color is often overlooked and misunderstood in the catfish world. The actual color you choose is not as important as you having the ability to easily see the fishing line. In an ideal world , all catfish would take the bait and swim directly away from the fishing rod in a straight line but that happens a small portion of the time. Successful anglers understand this and use high visibility fishing line to their advantage. If a line moves left or right, something has hit and is swimming sideways with the bait.

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Often times the only way to tell this is by seeing the line in relation to other lines in the water. In addition, keeping a tight line can be critical, especially if fishing with circle hooks or relying on a bait clicker to alert you. With high visibility fishing line you can easily see your lines and constantly monitor them, not only for a tight line but also for an alert that will help you land your next fish.

What you need this for: Should be pretty self explanatory. Braided Fishing Line For Catfish. Braided fishing line is the most over used pieces of fishing tackle and catfishing gear there is. The numbers of people that use braided fishing line always amazes me and the size of fishing line they use is even more baffling. The current world record blue catfish that weighed pounds was caught on thirty pound test monofilament fishing line. The current Texas state record blue catfish and former world record of pounds was caught on twenty pound test monofilament fishing line.

The drag system on most popular fishing reels used for catfish like Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels has a maximum resistance of approximately fifteen pounds. There was a point before I became a guide that I thought braided line was the greatest thing ever but I learned some valuable lessons along the way. Braided fishing line is very expensive, and you can easily pay times more for braided line over monofilament.

Braided line has no stretch, so it is very hard on fishing reels and if you are not careful you can damage your reels when trying to break the fishing line or free from a snag. Continued heavy long term use of braided line will also damage fishing rods. I threw away a dozen fishing rods because the braided line had worn a groove into the rod eyes which caused the line to snap every time I set the hook on a fish.

Last but not least, braid does not cast or perform as well as monofilament. There are some advantages to using braided fishing line. This aids with keeping the line tight and having the current carry it off. If you need additional sensitivity or line with no stretch then braided super lines are a great option as you can feel more with them. This can be important when fishing deep water where you need to feel the bite at the first touch from the fish or need to set the hook quickly with no stretch in the fishing line.

I rarely use a leader line for channel catfish as I target numbers of smaller fish most often but when fishing for blue and flathead catfish I always use a leader line, and you should also! Leader line is traditionally a piece of monofilament fishing line that is heavier than your main line. To have a clear piece of monofilament fishing line on the end of your high visibility line. The use of heavier leader line and a properly set drag allows you to land fish that are much heavier than the break strength of your main fishing line. Connect the hook to the swivel.

Most catfish anglers use either 40 or 50 pound test clear monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line for their leaders on catfish rigs. I realized in speaking with Matt that the Whisker Seeker catfish lures were something he used, he was passionate about them and how well they worked and truly believed in the product. I knew him well enough at that point that it caught my attention. This is especially true when it comes to how catfish react by sight, sound and vibrations in the water. We all have tendency to be a little closed minded at times as we get more experienced and start catching fish.

I knew Matt well enough at that point that it opened my eyes and got me thinking so I had him send me some of the Whisker Seeker Float Rigs, Seekers and Rattlers.

Fishing For Leads

I threw them in the boat, used a few, lost a few and caught some fish and never really put much thought into it at that point. Then I started hearing some stories from some tournament anglers about the Whisker Seekers, that got the gears turning. The team that won smoked the competition by a huge margin.

That next morning I dug out the Whisker Seekers, contacted them and asked them to send me some more and started doing some more testing. The results have been impressive enough that I stocked an entire selection of various sizes, styles and colors on my boat and will continue to use them. MP Seekers. WST Rattlers. XL Rattlers. X3 Rattlers for bigger baits. I had such great success with the Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rigs I began experimenting with sound and vibration in catfish rigs.

I did a LOT of testing and found that catfish definitely respond to sound and vibration. Then there are days where catfish rigs that use rattles will catch every single fish and get all of the bites. These are some of the basic accessories you should have on hand when fishing for catfish. Needle nose pliers are used for removing hooks from fish after you catch them. More often than not hooks can be difficult to remove without pliers. Any old pair of needle nose pliers will work but pliers specifically for fishing generally have a longer nose. This helps aid in removing hooks more easily because you can get further into the mouth of the fish.

Fishing pliers are also traditionally made of stainless steel to help prevent rust. Traditional pliers that you buy at the hardware store will rust quickly and easily and become difficult to use. Aluminum fishing pliers are much lighter in weight than traditional fishing pliers so they can be kept in your pocket for extended periods of time.

They also typically have additional tools built into the pliers like braided line cutters and split ring tools but also carry a premium price. What you need this for: Removing hooks from fish, straightening or offsetting hooks, emergency repairs, you name it. Extra heavy duty and extra large jaws to handle the biggest cats. The mouth of a catfish is very rough, like very coarse sandpaper. This course area runs along the inside of the mouth on the top and the bottom from left to right.

I used to handle large catfish with my hands. My hands and fingers looked like ground up hamburger meat all the time. One day my good friend Jackie Kennedy was on the boat with me removing a hook from a catfish.

women shopping fashionable perfect

It still makes me laugh after all these years. I laughed at that video for weeks, and still to this day laugh out loud every time I watch it. It was a matter of days after filming that video that I was removing a hook from a big blue catfish and had one do the same thing to me. With mine, the corner of the hook caught my hand between my thumb and forefinger and the hook went all the way through my hand. A pair of lip grips not only aids in handling bigger fish, releasing them and taking pictures with them etc. Regardless of which style or brand you buy, having a good pair of these on hand will certainly make it much easier on you when landing, handling and releasing fish.

What you need this for: Handling and releasing big fish and weighing big fish. For years I carried fishing scales that had a capacity of up to 50 pounds, and we constantly caught fish that would exceed their capability. I always hated putting big fish back in the water and not knowing the exact weight. Shad are slimy and nasty to handle and prepared baits are nasty as well.

Then you add blood and guts from cut bait and catfish slime and you have a major mess on your hands literally. Keep a couple of hand towels around and use them to wipe your hands after you cut bait, bait hooks and after you handle fish and it will keep your boat and catfishing gear much cleaner. The simple option is to use some old rags or cheap towels you have laying around.

A better option is to use fishing towels or golf towels like the Whisker Seeker Catfish Rag that have clips on them so you can attach them to your boat or even to your belt loop. These clips help keep your fishing towel handy and readily accessible. What you need this for: Cleaning your hands after handling bait and fish, wiping up messes and wiping shad slime and scales off of your gear. Every angler needs a good sharp fixed blade knife. You can also use these to fillet catfish if you want to keep a few to take home for a meal! You can certainly use a traditional fixed blade fillet knife but my preference has always been an electric fillet knife.

An electric fillet knife makes cleaning fish a quick, painless process and if you follow my techniques for how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds you can really fly through the process of cleaning fish. I love their store and they make good products. Academy stands behind any product with the Tournament Choice name on it their store brand. I take it back and they make it right! Obviously you may not have a power supply where you are cleaning fish. You can then run the knife off the inverter and still use a knife for cleaning catfish.

The key to speed and efficiency when cleaning catfish and making your knives last longer is using good sharp blades. When I buy a knife that does not come with these blades any other blades are given away or thrown in the trash. I will not clean fish with anything else.

Having a long flexible blade is essential to the process of cleaning fish. Check out how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds for more details. What you need this for: Cleaning fish, replacing dull or worn blades. Game shears are big heavy duty scissors used by hunters for processing game.

After years of fighting with knives and trying to cut up boney fish like carp, drum and buffalo I had a brainstorm one day and decided to start using a pair of game shears to cut bait. The difference between these and other game shears is they come apart, which makes it a breeze to clean then when you get them caked up with fish scales, blood and guts from cutting up fish.

What you need this for: Cutting up fish for cut bait. Can also be used for cutting fishing line. Walk into any bait and tackle shop and you will see an assortment of scissors, nail clippers and other devices for cutting fishing line. You need a good pair of scissors on hand at all times for making catfish rigs, cutting fishing line and various other tasks. After years of using and losing countless pairs of scissors I resorted to buying cheap scissors through an office supply or Amazon.

What you need this for: Cutting fishing line, tying catfish rigs etc. This is another example of a lack of marketable products and a tackle company attempting to find something to sell you. I do suggest you have some sort of dedicated bait cooler so you can keep your food and drinks separate from your bait.

Any old ice chest will work for a bait cooler.

I like a smaller cooler that is 20 to 28 quarts in size. When buying any cooler for fishing, make sure that the lid attaches to the cooler on one side. Many coolers have lids that are not attached and this is a recipe for disaster when transporting them in the beds of trucks and on boats. An even better option is a durable five day cooler like those from Brute Outdoors. They also hold ice for days, a huge step above the cheap coolers. The savings on ice alone quickly pays for the cooler. A big box of large Ziplock bags is a staple in my boat and definitely something to keep on hand.

You never want the bait to come in direct contact with the ice because it washes away the blood, slime and amino acids that make the bait attractive to fish. Keeping your bait in a Ziplock bag is the simplest way to keep it cool and from coming into direct contact with the ice in your bait cooler. What you need this for: Storing shad and other fresh bait, transporting fillets.

Most landing nets on the market are geared towards bass fishermen or anglers who target smaller fish. The opening in most nets are way too small and make it very difficult to easily scoop up a large catfish. Having a large net opening and a deep net capable of landing big fish easily is critical. I also prefer to have a net with a handle that collapses or folds up as it saves a tremendous amount of room in the boat when not in use. Best of all this net is available from Amazon and ships free with two day shipping with Amazon Prime. Learning how to find, pattern and catch shad or skipjack herring is one of the single biggest steps you can take to start being successful catching blue catfish.

In lakes, rivers and reservoirs where shad is the primary food source threadfin shad or gizzard shad is without fail the best bait for blue catfish. There are many variables when it comes to choosing the right cast net including:. What you need this for: Catching fresh shad for bait for blue catfish. Catching lots of fish really fast and having a hard time keeping track of the numbers is a good problem to have.

Every time you put a fish in the ice chest or live well, you push the button on the tally counter to keep track of the number of fish kept or caught and you have a good running total to refer back to. What you need this for: Keeping track of the number of fish caught or kept. The Channel Catfish Tackle Box. Blue and Flathead Catfish Tackle Box. I carry a surplus of hooks, weights and swivels in here. These are some of the other items you should consider when fishing for catfish.

Polarized Sunglasses. A good pair of polarized sunglasses takes the glare off the water and allows you to see below the surface. This gives you the ability to see fish and bait below the surface which greatly helps your fishing abilities. This is especially true in shallow water. When you can see what the fish are doing you tailor your approach to their activity and start catching more fish. There are a variety of polarized sunglasses available in all price ranges. Is there a difference between cheap polarized sunglasses and the expensive pairs? Different lens colors also help with the clarity based on the conditions.

I prefer mirrored blue or mirrored green lenses for fishing in freshwater. They do an excellent job taking the glare off the water and are very clear. This in addition to being a very comfortable, durable pair of sunglasses. Everyone loves fishing pictures and loves to hold on to their memories of successful fishing trips. The GoPro hero is capable of taking still photos and video and can even be set to take several still photos each second so you can capture all the action.

You also have the option of a variety of mounts, including wearing the camera on your head, which makes for some great action still shots and video. GoPro is constantly releasing new models and accessories. What you use this for: Taking still shots and action videos of your fishing trip. Cooler For Fish, Drinks and Food. You may even want a way to keep a few frothy adult beverages around for the end of your fishing trip. Many anglers who are keeping catfish for the dinner table also prefer to put their fish directly on ice in a cooler instead of on a stringer or in a livewell.

Regardless of what your plans are, you will want to have a good ice chest or cooler on hand. Depending on whether you fish from the shore or a boat, how far you have to walk and how much storage space you have you need to adjust the size of the cooler to your specific situation. For storing food and drinks, I prefer a 55 quart cooler and if I am putting fish directly into a cooler then a to quart cooler is ideal. After years of using cheap coolers and tearing up as many as five or six of them in a year I broke down and got a five day cooler from Brute Outdoors.

I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a cooler but after using one for a few months I quickly realized it was saving me money. I am no longer buying a new cooler every month. Plus, since these coolers will hold ice for five days, even in the extreme Texas heat, I am spending a fraction of money on ice. What you need this for: Food, drinks, fillets and maybe even storing fish after you catch them! Winter is one of the most amazing times to catch blue catfish and is known for not only producing excellent numbers of catfish but also excellent numbers of monster blue catfish.

Being dressed appropriately in the winter not only keeps you safe but makes you a whole lot more comfortable as well. Two essentials for cold weather fishing are a good set of rain gear and a good pair of winter boots. Getting hit with boat spray, throwing a cast net, catching shad and even handling fish all exposes you to the elements.

The last thing you want is for your clothes to get wet or to have cold wet feet. Fishing Footwear For Cold Weather. Insulated Gore-Tex boots help cut the cold and make sure your feet stay warm and dry all day long. The brand or style you prefer is not important though. Just make sure you have a good pair of waterproof insulated boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. What you need this for: Staying warm and dry when fishing.

The worst part is typically having cold hands. Being exposed to the water and wind can make your hands a bit uncomfortable. The first line of defense is keeping your hands in your pockets when possible. I always keep a set of these in my coat pockets in the winter and in really cold weather I have been known to stuff them in my boots, my pants pockets and even in my hat.

What you need these for: Keeping your hands warm when fishing in the winter. I had never seen a neck gaiter until I took a trip to the coast to fish the saltwater. All the guides were wearing them and I picked one up at one of the local tackle shops and used it at the coat. Fishing neck gaiters are a seamless tube of fabric that can be worn a variety of different ways. Neck gaiters can be worn many different ways but I typically use it as a sun guard to protect my neck, face and the back of my head.

Neck gaiters do wonders for keeping the sun off your skin and help to keep you cool as well. If you pull them over your face they easy to breathe through and in cold weather they provide just enough protection to help prevent windburn and keep your face a bit warmer. We liked the fishing neck gaiters so much we decided to make a custom Catfish Edge fishing neck gaiter.

What you need this for: Protection from the sun, wind and cold. I grew up in a day and age where nobody wore sunscreen and will rarely sunburn. Even in the extreme heat of the Texas summer I can spend all day in the sun and not burn. I never worried about the sun much. In my mid thirties friends started having to get chunks cut out of their faces and necks where they had small skin cancers. I too started having weird spots show up on my skin and my wife finally convinced me to get checked out. Luckily, everything was OK but after the doctor checked me out he gave me a stern talking to about my exposure to the sun and protecting myself going forward.

I am consistent about applying sunscreen most of the time now. This way I can wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water. What you need this for: Protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Columbia Performance Fishing Gear. Not only for fishing but even for running around town with the misses. The Columbia PFG shirts are super comfortable and really light and cool even in the extreme heat.

PFG fabric also has built in UV protection, stain resistance and smart activated cooling fabric. These rods have a light, fast and wickedly distinctive blank, which casts heavy weights, but are still very sensitive when you are playing a fish. All guides are ring locks in titanium from American Tackle and can stand up to just about anything. Luxurious, top-quality Fuji reel seats and cork handle. Choose between two spinning rods, 2. The short one is for lighter predatory fish with baits of up to around 80 grams, while the longer rod makes long casts with baits up to grams easily. Do not be fooled by the thin blank and the low weight g.

Thanks to the solid graphite blank, the rod is able to handle very high casting weights. The blank is made from 30T carbon fibre with the latest nanotechnology, which guarantees a very light, distinctive, long-casting rod. The rod is fitted with the highest quality components, including reel seats from Fuji and multiple prize-winning Microwave guides from American Tackle.

A real casting powerhouse with a magic feel - strongly recommended! The casting weight is up to g and gives you the opportunity for a good all-round fishing with heavier wobblers, tail baits or soft baits, and it also performs very well for trolling. This gives them more tensile strength but also makes them more resistant to external impact. Maxximus Nano-rods have become incredibly popular among experienced anglers and therefore, we are developing the series further. The Microwave guides increase casting distance and accuracy and reduce wind knots in the liine.

Warbird Spinning cm g is a perfect rod for lighter fishing with spinners and small spoons. It is ideal for targetting perch and game fish in streams and smaller lakes. Warbird Spinning cm g is stiffer than the above rod and helps you reach longer casting distances. If your target is rainbow trout in lakes or pike fishing with small and medium sized lures then this is the rod for you.

Warbird Spinning cm g is an ideal rod for pike fishing. The fast action and the long rod help you handle big fish with ease. A good all-round rod for both freshwater and coastal use. The rod easily handles lures up to 40 grams. Warbird Spinning cm g is the tool you need when fishing along the coast. It gives you the ability to reach long distances. Also perfect for river fishing for seatrout and salmon. Warbird Dark Spinning is a rod for light spinning both in freshwater or around the coast. Its four-piece construction makes it very practical to take along with you.

The series consists of five spinning rods and two casting rods. The attractive green blanks are in ton graphite, with LTS guides and cork handles. The lightest spinning rod is a 7-footer with a casting weight of up to 50 grams. The perfect rod for light pike fishing. The two 8-footers with a casting weight of up to 80 and grams respectively, are ideal all-round rods for rubber baits, tail baits, etc.

The stiffer rods in particular are also great for float trolling with side planers. Both rods are superb for shallow water fishing for cod and other species. The 9-footer for up to gram lures is good for longer casts if you have enough room in the boat or are fishing from the shore. The footer is primarily designed for float fishing, but is also a superb caster, both for pike fishing and for beach casting. The shorter stick has a casting weight up to 80 grams, and is a great all-round rod for light rubber baits, wobblers and tail baits.

The slightly longer rod is more distinctive, and casts heavier baits. These rods will rival rods more than three times the price. The series consists of 8 different rods from ultralight fishing to heavier predator fishing. The thin lightweight blank with fast action is suitable for both fishing after perch and pike as well as for lighter coastal fishing, for example after sea trout.

Hi-modulus black carbon blank, with silver and black under and over wrapping. Ideal for trolling with small plugs, or casting spinners, or using jig techniques with soft plastics. General all round fishing rods with composite longcasting blanks, ceramic guides and part foam handle. Ideal for sea and freshwater use and will easily handle large fish.

Twin wrapping, lined guides, graphite reel seat, and an EVA non slip handle. Sculpted EVA handle, lined guides and feels ultra light in the hand. The Shaman rod is of two piece construction and has an ergonomically designed handle. Ideal for fresh water or light sea sport and the target species are pike, perch, zander, wrasse and pollock. A light and useful rod, sure to give a pleasant fishing experience. This brightly coloured range of rods are tops with the young angler. Incredibly strong, with a foam handle, ceramic guides and a FRP graphite reel seat.

A one piece version of the Festival. The short cm length and bright colours make these perfect for the young angler. The rod is nice and compact making transportation of the rod nice and easy and it is super sensitive to the lightest of bites. A great piece of fishing tackle at a superb price. This is a serious rod, not a toy! Ideal for backpackers, canoeists, yachtsmen, youngsters, etc.

Fantastic light and versatile spinning rods supplied with a second soft, drop shot tip which helps you detect the most finicky bites. The 30T IM7 graphite stick is almost magical to handle. The rods are light, and all three have soft glassfibre tips, essential for effective dropshot fishing. They are equally good for light spoons, spinners and standard jigs.

Small lures and baits are used, and both spoons and baits for bottom fishing. LRF rods are light, with an extremely sensitive tip to detect the lightest bites. This rod is perfect for lighter fish, such as perch, rainbows, etc. High modulus carbon rod with built in sensitive quiver tip and zirconium oxide braid friendly lined guides. These rods are also ideal for drop-shotting. With so many choices of materials available, and differing uses required, beach rod design has become a true technical art. Casting weights vary enormously from the super light up to 12 to 16 ounces used in the USA for the long distance casting required to get over reefs.

The range of rods includes fixed spool and multiplier versions, and the beach telescopic rod is selling in bigger quantities each year. Equally at home when fishing for cod in the winter, as for bream and plaice in the summer months. The tip has superb bite detection even when coping with strong currents. Features corrosion resistant, braid friendly, anti-tangle guides, a sliding reel seat and a neoprene handle.

Composite blank, fold down first ring, ceramic guides and graphite reel seat. Perfect for the beginner or occasional angler fishing from the beach or pier. A rod with many uses. General all round fishing rods with composite longcasting blanks, ceramic guides and foam grip.

Star value with great quality. Features Composite longcasting blanks, ceramic guides and a foam grip. This rod breaks down into 4 sections making it ideal to take on your travels. Easy to carry and even easier to store. This beach rod is as stylish as it is convenient. The blank is still very thin and made of solid carbon which is virtually impossible to break.

Choose between seven different models: 7 ft lbs: Two-piece, split in handle. Perfect for pirks up to gr. Perfect for pirks up to gr and ideal for fishing in Norway. Can be used with either a spinning or a baitcasting reel. These solid blanks have perfect tapers that give you the power and action you want. Equipped with a thin EVA detachable handle and Fuji guides. It is perfect for inshore fishing after species such as bream and turbot but just as good on the wrecks for pollock and cod, and even when anchoring up for congers, bull huss and rays using up to 2lb of lead. The rod is designed for casting weights of grams.

Stainless steel guides from American Tackle and gimbal in comfortable rubber material. These solid blanks have perfect tapers that give you the power and action you want for specific techniques you are looking to employ. This rod utilizes stainless steel halide guides from American Tackle which are the most corrosive resistant frame available and a tip guide with their famous Ring-Lock ceramic guide which will extend line life by decreasing friction and heat build-up.

With a full EVA handle, detachable reel seat with removable ferrule and captive nut, and rubber gimbal. Boat rods include the very light from 6lb class, up-tiders, standup, and many more, right up to the lb class rods used when trolling for marlin and tuna. There are many materials used and they vary from fibreglass, graphite and composites right up to the solid carbon rods we introduced to fishing in Almost all boat fishing rods are used with a multiplier of one sort or another, although some anglers still prefer to use large fixed spool reels.

The rod has a bent butt and is made for big game fishing using a harness. The rod has a bent butt from Pacific Bay and is made for big game fishing using a harness. Roller tip. Suitable for fishing from kayaks. With easy grip EVA foam handle. The blank is stiff and is capable of handling big fish, while the two interchangeable tips give you the option of using bait or traditional pirks. The blank is made of strong graphite, with a solid reel seat and a high-quality ergonomic foam grip. Fitted with aluminium cross butt with a detachable rubber butt.

It easily handles the biggest cod and halibut. The rod is equipped with an easy-grip handle in EVA and nine guides for maximum line control. The blank is one-piece. And they are two-pieced, which makes them convenient, easy to store and transport. Transport length just over 1 metre. This gives you extremely high lifting power. Its construction allows the user to enjoy superb battles with fish, but also has huge amounts of power to tap into if needed. The progressive action of the blank helps prevent angler fatigue during extended scraps. Virtually indestructible, these blanks mean business.

Available in three different weight classes for you to choose just the rod that suits your sea fishing. They have Fuji tip rings and reel seat and have a class from between 10lbs to 50lbs. These Maxximus Nano rods have certainly made a name for themselves in the rod world thanks to their impressive nano-tube resin technology. These rods boast increased strength plus lifting and shock-absorbing power. The rod gives you perfect line control and contact with your bait allowing you to effectively set your hooks and defeat even the largest cod or halibut.

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Comes with threading wire. Equipped with LC-rings which prevent line twist and provide a stiffer and more balanced rod. Together with the very affordable price this rod will be a top seller. The Vantage Ocean Pro has an extended handle and cross cut butt. The lb rod is for lighter pirks and the lb version is for traditional pirks. Both rods are two-piece. The heavier is a boat rod for use with a bait casting reel and pirks of up to grams.

Fitted with a full set of double roller guides, metal double secure reel seat, gimbal and non slip EVA handle. This range has quality, strength and a low price that will astound your customer. Xtra Flexx is an innovative concept in fishing rod design. Xtra Flexx rods are constructed using basalt fibres giving a high strength to weight ratio. A light and soft rod with extreme lifting power. Screw winch reel seat, lined quides throughout, ultra senstive tip yet lots of power in the butt, extra guides to eliminate flat spots for maximum lifting power, all guides are underwrapped plus a gimbal and foam handle.

Fantastic fibreglass rods that will stand up to the toughest competition and are excellent value for money. They have a tough, through action, 3 leg lined guides, foam handle for comfort, and a keeper ring. Composite blank with neon tip tip colour may vary , foam handle, FRP graphite reel seat and lined guides. Maxximus Specimen Barbel is perfect for feeder-fishing and legering after small carp, bream, tench and barbel.

Comes with two feeder tips and one tip for alarm fishing. A great rod for carp, pike and bass fishing. The 2. The 3lb version easily handles PVA bags and sticks and can be used with weights up to 4oz without problems. Perfect rods for long distance fishing but with a tip that is forgiving when fighting big fish under your rod tip. Both rods are also superb for predator angling. Highly recommended - you will not be disappointed. Fast taper blank for long cast but still very forgiving for playing fish close in. Made with a hi-modulus carbon blank finished in black with under and over wrapping, high quality lined guides and a half cork, half foam handle.

From its 3. Use with a heavily baited spod and maintain accurate bait distribution over a period of time. Built to be used repeatedly throughout the session and favoured by big carp and specimen hunting anglers. Strong enough to cope with all those specimen fish, but ultra light and easy to handle. ECO CARP 12ft Composite slimline blanks with quality guides and fittings make these a very useful trio of quality rods at an amazingly low price.

They will be at home catching large carp as well as bass and predatory species. Graphite composite blank, extra strength guides, EVA handle and carbon reel seat. Manufactured with a top class triple wrapped IM6 carbon blank, and fitted with single leg lined guides, this rod radiates excellence. Through action from the tip to the half cork, half foam handle. A true performance match rod at an astonishingly low price. Stunning design and cosmetics, along with an economy price to make this a huge seller.

Finished with lined guides and a non slip EVA handle. Strong enough to tame carp but soft enough to handle skimmer fish. The short handle allows the angler to move the rod quickly for feed-cast-feed techniques. Exceptionally high calibre rod. Designed for commericial fisheries, it is ideal for short to medium distance casting. With a lovely, crisp action, that helps improve accuracy while casting and with a shorter butt section so you are free to manoeuvre the rod around your torso. Strong enough to fish for carp but soft enough to handle skimmer fish.

Finished in matte black with lined guides and a non slip EVA handle. The smart green double wrapped blank is fitted with quality lined guides, a carbon non corrosive reel seat and an EVA non slip grip handle. The chosen rod should be suitable not only for the style of fishing, but should also be suited to the prevailing weather conditions.

It is no good using a 6 foot 3 weight rod to cast properly into a strong wind on a large lake or river. The choice of fly rods is vast from the very light 3 weight up to ocean fly rods and can cost from a few pounds to thousands. With the advent of carbon even these multi section rods will give startling performance, action and results.

Manufactured using the finest quality fittings and carbon blanks, they surpass almost all other fly rods, regardless of price. Light throughout, a soft whole action rod to quickly exhaust the fish even with thin leaders. A star buy. They really do feel like two-piece rods in your hand, but they are so easy to retract and stow in your pack. Ideal for trips to the mountains, picnics or when you just want to have really compact kit with you.

There are three lengths to choose from; , or cm with a transport length of only cm. They are designed for the discerning angler who needs a great rod that will handle most fish, but will fit into a small space. The ideal tool for the traveller who wants a proper rod available any time and anywhere. Easily packed into a backpack or a suitcase, a holiday essential.

Incredible quality for the price. Composite blank, screw reel seat, salt resistant lined guides and a wrapped non slip grip. Composite blank, screw reel seat, ceramic guides and wrapped non slip grip. It comes with a spare elasticated top kit, a rig and a disgorger. Suitable for all big freshwater fish. Just attach a rig and start catching! The short, compact and stylish designed Daisho is a lightweight pole that weighs 87g for cm. You directly know the difference between classic poles where the weight is usually at least twice.

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Available in three lengths, cm, cm and cm, and is the choice if you want a lightweight, easy-to-use pole. C Glass with top guide, screw on end cap butt and sensor grip. Casts g and closes to 46 inches. It comes with a spare top kit aswell so all you need to do is just attach a rig and start catching! Ideal for big freshwater fish. A stylish and affordable telescopic combo for those who need a travel companion of class.

Ideal for mountain touring but equally suited to lighter fishing in tropical waters. It is of course just as good to use at your home water too. Casting weights between 10 and 60 grams. Small, lightweight, 4 piece rod together with a front-drag spinning reel. A perfect combination for holiday fishing but equally as good for your local water. Recommended casting weight g. The light, elegant carbon fibre rod with its soft glassfibre tip in combination with our new rear drag White Water fixed spool reel will never leave you disappointed!

Choose between 4 different combos from really light fishing to heavier coast fishing. A combo with our extremely popular Vantage Predator Spin-rod in the most popular model, cm and casting weight of up to 80g. Together with our Vantage Predator reel loaded with braided line you have a brilliant combo for both freshwater species like pike and zander and for targeting many species in the sea. Good looking and high performance combo with Vantage Classic Carbon spinning rod, matching spinning reel with 3 ball bearings and nylon line.

Affordable combos featuring the Authentic Gear reel. Perfect for beginners as well as those who want quality equipment at an affordable price. Light and strong rod which will never let you down that comes with the pink Charter II reel supplied with mono line. Light and strong rod which will never let you down that comes with the green Charter II reel supplied with mono line. Choose from three lengths, , or cm together with our rear drag Charter II reel. A pre-assembled set aimed at the occasional angler and holiday trade. Great value with an economy retail price to make this a huge seller.

Then this could be just what you are looking for. Star value pre-assembled set. General all round fishing rod with composite longcasting blanks, ceramic guides and part foam handle with a rear drag fixed spool reel with one ball bearing. Supplied already pre-loaded with monofilament line. High on quality, low on price, a perfectly matched combo to please most anglers. Comes with a lumi tip. A pre-assembled combo set consisting of a pre-spooled Power spinning reel with a green 3. Catch your dream carp with this stunning rod and reel combo. Consists of a 3 piece 3.

The rod has a slimline composite blank, with quality fittings and a test curve of 2. The reel benefits from a smooth action thanks to having 3 ball bearings and a gear ratio of 5. Plus the reel comes already loaded with brown carp monofilament line in 18lbs. A pre-assembled combo consisting of a 2. Short, cm, sea fishing combo with trigger. Easy to store and take with you. Supplied with a bait casting reel and braided line. A perfect economy kit for children and beginners, mainly for lake fishing but can also be used for coastal fishing. The closed face reel is easy to use and comes already pre-spooled with line.

These combos will make fishing fun. Contains a telescopic rod, spinning reel with 0. Affordable modern fishing ffordable modern flyfly fishing combo. The 3-piece like The 3-piece rod castsrod likecasts a dream; athe dream, the graphite reel is light graphite reel is light and has a and a very smooth The veryhas smooth brake. This smooth coated braided line offers you quieter, smoother and more accurate casting, plus an amazing strength-todiameter ratio.

Great for use with both spinning and casting reels. Choose between black, yellow and red. This is our most advanced line with impressive knot strength, abrasion resistance and casting abilities. Maxximus X8 performs well in both salt and freshwater. The special coating process and roundness enables longer casting distances than other lines.

Code: Jigging line changes colour every 10 metres, making it easier for the fisherman to count how much line is being used. Suitable for all kinds of fishing. Soft and very strong. The result is an affordable sinking combo braid, practically without elongation. Made from a combination of Dyneema and Polyester fibres, This makes the line not only very strong but also extremely affordable.

Maximum casting performance. Super supple, abrasion resistant and quality performance. Your line is your direct connection with the fish - it pays to invest in the very best you can afford. Shaman Pro is of professional standard. This is Matt's first choice for predator fishing situations - float fished dead baits, jigs and light lures, casting plugs and trolling imitations.

Super value line on quarter pound spools that is super strong, has an exceptionally high knot strength and has ultimate abrasion resistance for use over rough ground. Its texture allows for long range casting. A great addition to any anglers tackle box. A favourite with night anglers who appreciate the better visibility of red line in dark conditions.

Super value line on quarter pound spools that is super strong, has an exceptionally high knot strength, is clear in colour with in-built UV resistance and has ultimate abrasion resistance for use over rough ground. Great strength is necessary when fighting a powerful fish in water lilies and weeds. This great value line definitely has the strength. Camouflage coloured line for carp and specimen fishing.

It is super strong, has an exceptional high knot strength, is clear in colour with in-built UV resistance and has ultimate abrasion resistance for use over rough ground. Almost invisible when in water. Sinks up to three times faster than nylon. No water absorption so it keeps its original strength even after hours of fishing. The ultimate in leaders. Fluorocarbon is almost invisible in water, will not lose strength and is fast sinking. KingCarp silky soft coated hook link braid with removable skin.

Has a silky soft inner braided core, is anti tangle and abrasion resistant. Straightens without steaming. This bronze freshwater m line is suitable for carp fishing. This set includes 4 different line strengths. Code: C. Clear in colour for low detection. Unsurpassed quality. Excellent boxed presentation, at unbelievable prices. Ideal for attaching to both ends of your fly line, to attach backing line at the rear and poly leaders or tippet to the front end.

Simple application. No need to glue - just slip on over fly line, then slip over the locking tube, and you have a secure loop. Suitable for both dry and wet lines. Professional quality tournament grade. Smooth polyester tight weave braid. High breaking strain and low elasticity.

For all fresh and salt water use. This is the ideal fly reel backing line. Plastic coated wire traces with an interlock swivel attached. Great for catching pike and other predatory fish. Wire traces with a snap attached. Excellent twist protection for big game fishing and heavy duty trolling. Plastic coated wire traces with a cross lock clip attached.

Plastic coated wire trace that is great for pike and other predatory fishing! Comes with a swivel and snap attached. Good quality green, plastic coated, 7-strand wire stainless steel wire trace complete with 10 crimps. Perfect for pike, perch and zander. Assorted plastic coated wire traces that are great for pike and other predatory fishing!

They all come with a swivel and snap attached. Particularly popular when fishing for plaice. Make almost invisible rigs with these 4 hole - 2 channel beads. Thread the rig body through one channel and the hooklength through the other. Assorted colour spoons that add both audible and visual attraction to your baits by fluttering, spinning and rattling.

These beads have many uses. They protect knots and are also seen on pulley rigs and running leger boat rigs where they protect against the shock of the lead bouncing against the swivel. Present your bait up off of the sea bed with these rig floats. Perfect when targetting species that feed in mid-water or closer to the surface. Top quality attractor beads for rig making and many other angling uses. Use for both sea and freshwater.

Easy to use, soft and buoyant pop-ups. Work well when used on rigs intended for mid-water and surface feeding fish. These top quality, assorted colour sequins with great reflective properties are perfect for all your fishing needs. Can be used for your rigs, traces and lures. These glue sticks are perfect for securing slip prone knots when tying rigs with super smooth line. Very useful soft rubber stops to keep floats in place. Simply slide onto the line and move into position. Excellent float stops allowing the angler to set the float at the required depth. Also work well for trapping swivels or as bait stops.

Easy to use 12 inch long stainless steel needles with a hollow end to aid threading on of worm baits. Perfect when fishing at night when wanting either a visual fish attractor or indicator, these luminous stops have a multitude of uses. This set contains 80 different carp accessories all stored in a tackle bit box. Ideal for rigs of nylon or braid and cut to size ready for your tackle box. Shrink Tube is perfect for improving the hooking efficiency of any hook by curving the hooklink inwards.

To replace a rod tip you need to measure two dimensions, your rod tip diameter and the ring diameter. The tube size is the inside diameter of the replacement tip ring tube to fit your rod tip. Choose from 4 weights, , , and grams in four fantastic colours. Colour: g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g. A superb pirk for shallow water fishing! LARVIK g Code: Code: G G Complete with a quality large treble hook, split rings and swivel.

This is an ideal wrecking, pilking or reef lure. Modern version of a classic pirk. Lead-free and in new exciting colours. Colour: g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g. A heavy duty Norwegian pirk perfect for wreck fishing for cod, ling and pollock. Get down to the fish fast in deep water marks. Features a muppet on the treble hook for greater movement and attraction. Colour: 28g 28g 28g 28g 28g 28g 28g 40g 40g 40g 40g 40g 40g 40g 60g 60g 60g 60g 60g 60g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g. Keeled squid jigs represent shrimp or prawn which is a staple food for species of squid.

They respond very well to casting from a spinning rod in falling light conditions and can also be used in deeper water. Flashing LED squid jigs with luminous eyes represents shrimp or prawn which is a staple food for species of squid. It responds very well to casting from a spinning rod in falling light conditions and also can be used in deeper water. Piker is equipped with a weedless treble hook and double split rings to make it more difficult for the pike to get free.

It has a great swimming action, it is lead free and it has a Japanese BKK hook. Perfect for pike, trout, salmon and big rainbow trout. WEDGE g These wedges come in an assortment of sizes making them suitable for all predatory species from perch to very big pike and cod. Nordingen is a spoon which will not let you down and you can get one for a very affordable price! The 7 gram is a perfect spoon for both perch and rainbow trout. The 18 and 24 gram are brilliant spoons for many situations, trout and rainbow trout, light coast fishing etc. The 30 gram is a fantastic salmon spoon and is ideal for pike as well.

The casting properties give you an edge for coast fishing. Colour: 7g 7g 7g 7g 7g 7g 12g 12g 12g 12g 12g 12g 18g 18g 18g 18g 18g 18g 24g 24g 24g 24g 24g 24g 30g 30g 30g 30g 30g 30g. Perfect when the fish are lurking among the water lilies and weed. Painted front and rear chrome. Available in weights 16 or 25 grams, and in eight different colours. The density makes them sink slowly and cast long distances. Fitted with sharp VMC hooks. Great pike lures but work brilliantly for salmon and big trout too. A fiercely spinning spinner in strong signal colours can attract the most sluggish of prey fish.

Choose from 4 colours in two weights, 15 and 20 grams. Predator Spinner is a lure which is very easy to use. Just start the retrieve as it hits the water and it will work very nicely on the surface. By letting it sink you can fish it deeper as well.

Lots of colour as well as vibration and movement will be irresistible. A bait for the larger species in both fresh and salt water. Vibration, sound and water movement attract any predator. A must have item for predator fishing. These will catch almost any fish. Incredible value! The Faceit bait holder is the brainchild of expert Swedish angler, Per Haggren, who patented the design in Over the years, he has caught many large pike with Faceit. Load the Faceit with a dead bait fish, such as herring or roach, or with the Living Trout soft lure.

Perfect for pike, zander, salmon or halibut. Simple to use both for trolling or spinning. Thread your leader either through the spoon for a more stable action, or through the nose hole and then the spoon for a livelier action. By changing the weight on the leader you can also change the action and the balance. Faceit, the unique baitholder, ready-rigged with the swimbait Living Trout, three hook-rig with VMC-hooks and soft wire.

Balanced with a small 5 gram weight. Fantastic for spinning or trolling for hungry predators and will frequently out-fish all hard baits. Both parts can be used on their own as well. You can use Faceit with dead bait such as herring or roach and it makes them swim crazily.

You can use the swimbait Living Trout with a shallow rig on its own and it swims fantastically as well! The streamline-shaped and segmented body gives Living Roach a highly realistic action. You can Fish Living Roach with a shallow screw rig. Without extra weight you can fish Living Roach very shallowly and down to feet. If you want to fish deeper you simply attach a Fladen Quickchange-weight.

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Living Roach is specially designed for Faceit, a baitholder made by Fladen. Both shape and colours match perfectly with Faceit. Faceit enhances the movements in Living Roach. A deadly combo for both ordinary spinning and trolling! The Krook-tail is his most popular lure which now is ready for you to try! Krook-Tail over the last few years, has been the lure that has been the downfall for many big pike around Sweden. The bait is supplied with two different tails, which create very different actions. So you get two different pike-catching baits in one! Many years ago Martin started to build his own baits.

Soon the word was out and many wanted the precious lures. Now they are for all! Tuben can be fished very shallow and very slowly, but you can also fish it more aggressively and deeper. Either way, it has a great side-to-side movement and when you stop, it sinks very, very slowly.

It has a famous reputation for catching pike and it casts like a dream. It is very easy to fish, and it glides to the sides with a moving tail for every twitch in the rod. Snoddas Tail can be fished both shallow and deep. You can easily get the Snoddas Tail to break the surface, which is irresistible. With only 18 gram and stretched length of approx cm the body only 6 cm it is suitable for many small predators like perch, trout, bass etc.

Equipped with super-sharp VMC hooks. Tail-or Jr is sinking which means that you can fish it down to several metres depth. But if you start the retrieve as soon as it hits the water you can fish it very shallow as well.

When To Sharpen And Change Your Hooks With LakeForkGuy

Suitable for casting. The slow side-to-side movements combinated with the fluttering tail makes it irresistible for all predators. Tail-or is slow-sinking which means that you can fish it very slowly even in shallow water. Suitable for both casting and spinning. The slow side-to-side movements combined with the fluttering tail make it irresistible for all predators. You can fish it very slowly but if you let it sink it can be fished down to 3m.

Main target for this lure is pike but also zander and perch love Scary Tail. Living Pike with lip is a realistic imitation of a small pike with the correct profile, colours and fins. Only the anal fin is missing in order to grant a stable swimming action at higher speed. Living Pike with lip is a floating wobbler which swims like an escaping baby-pike. Living Pike without lip is a realistic imitation of a small pike with correct profile, colours and fins. If you start your retrieve as soon as it hits the water you can fish it just below the surface.

Let it sink if you want to fish deeper. Irresistible for all predators! Slow sinking. Very delicate side-by-side movements will fool the most discerning predator. Two front loops. Attach by the lower loop and fish on the surface. Attach by the top loop and fish a few cms below the surface. Very easy to cast at a distance, with rattle beads.

Dives down to 1,5 metres. Floating, mm long, 18 gram. By using a simple steady retrieve and with slight rod twitches the Predator Jerk will swim from side to side. With Predator Jerk 25g you will catch most predators in freshwater, especially pike and big perch. Predator Jerk 50g you will catch most predators in freshwater, especially big pike. Suitable for trout, salmon and perch. Suitable for perch, pike and salmon. Suitable for bass, trout and salmon. It has a hollow front that creates sound and bubbles when you jerk it.

It is fitted with 2 bronzed, chemically sharpened treble hooks, a front split ring and internal rattle. Code: FL38 FL Fitted with internal rattles and two size 6 treble hooks. Ideal for pike, perch, zander, chub, trout and bass. Code: FL Great for perch, trout, zander and bass but also ideal for many other predatory fish such as pike. It has a jointed body that creates sound and bubbles when you jerk it. This resembles a wounded fish and an easy meal for the predatory fish. It comes fitted with two size 6 bronze chemically sharpened treble hooks, a front split ring and internal rattles.

Code: FL34 FL The animated over-sized 3-D eyes and raised moulded gill plate add to the realistic appearance. The Minnow features a realistic wiggling action and is equally effective worked in a twitch-stop-go manner or with a steady retrieve. It has a 3 section body that creates sound and bubbles when you jerk it. This resembles a wounded minnow and is an easy meal to predatory fish.

It is fitted with two size 6 bronzed, chemically sharpened hooks, a front split ring and internal rattles. Perfect for both fresh and saltwater fish including pike, zander, perch and bass. The front spoon makes the lure dive just below the surface. It is fitted with two bronzed size 6 chemically sharpened treble hooks, a front split ring and internal rattles. Ideal for catching pike, perch, zander, chub, trout and bass. It is fitted with two size 6 treble hooks and internal rattles. It comes fitted with two size 1 treble hooks and internal rattles.

The action is tight and the lures give off a brilliant visual signal which have an action which accentuates vibration in the water, stimulating the fish to attack aggresively. Great for catching pike, perch, zander, chub, trout and bass. It is fitted with two size 1 treble hooks and internal rattles. Ideal for catching pike, perch, zander, salmon and bass. It comes fitted with two treble hooks and internal rattles. They are fitted with 2 treble hooks and a split ring.

Collect the sets and build the ultimate predator compendium. Softy Conrad is a fantastic ready rigged soft lure with amazing movements and lots of tantalizing belly flashing. Irresistible for hungry predators. Without extra added weight it is perfect for shallow fishing. It comes with wire through the head to the front hook, plus a separate stinger hook and spike to be attached to the belly.

During fast retrieve big soft lures can spin around creating an irresistible action. But should you wish to fine-tune this action, then the stinger can be adjusted to alter the balance. Suitable for all predators, in both fresh and saltwater. Mount it with a baitscrew and you receive an extreme bellyflash. With long-shafted jigheads you achieve a more controlled swim with great movement of the tail.

These brilliant little sinkers will make fishing for predators much easier. Just click them into the front eye or in the eye on your hooks, depending on how you want to weight your bait. They help you stabilise your jig, and, of course, are an aid to fishing at the right depth. The clip makes them easy to remove, while they stay well in place during casting.

The wire is lengthened so that the sinker can hang straight down. Made of zinc. Choose from 5, 10 and 15 grams. It is probably the most effective of all methods for perch and zander. But try it on both brown trout and rainbows. The hook is attached to the line, so you can feel the tiniest nibble, the sinker is clasped to the line, so you can easily move it so your jig is at the best fishing depth.

In our ready-to-go dropshot combo, there are three jigs, a fluorocarbon rig with offset hook and two weights. Ready to go! For Perch, it is probably the most effective method there is. The hook is attached directly onto the line, which will help you detect bites easily. The sinker is attached under the hook, just push this onto the line. It is easy to move up or down and change how close to the bottom you will present your lure. In Carolina fishing, you have a long leader between the jig and the sinker, ideal for fishing among weeds or on soft bottoms.

Instead of a jighead, a sliding drilled ball sinker is used, so you have direct contact with cautious fish. The glass bead between the swivel and the sinker are important. When you pause during retrieval, it gives a clicking sound which attracts prey fish. Our ready-to-go package includes three jigs, drilled ball, hand-tied rig with fluorocarbon, offset hook, glass bead and swivel. In the Texas rig, you have a sliding drilled ball just in front of the hook, so you can feel the slightest nibble, and the fish gets more time than with traditional jigging.

There is a glass bead between the hook and the sinker, which makes a clicking sound when it hits the sinker. The hook can be threaded in, so that the hook point is hidden in the jig, so you can fish in weed. Our crayfish look like crayfish. And when you jig them irregularly with frequent stops, they look just like a fleeing crayfish — unbeatable! These jigs are exceptionally good quality, made from soft but hard-wearing material. The matching zinc jigheads are included in each packet. There is a broad range of colours and shapes to choose from.

In freshwater, perch, pike, zander and trout love them and in saltwater most species will take them without hesitation. Change colours frequently so you find the best colour to suit the conditions on the day. It can make a huge difference.