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  1. BANGIN': For Life, Love & a Future - Ice-T relives his gangsta days | The Source
  2. Young Thug Says It's "All Love" With Crips After Getting Called Out For Gang Sign
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Use the side entrance! Next we fell into the crater that will one day be an enormous swimming pool. Suffice to say, security is going to be beefed up at the T residence. Inside, Ice-T— the touted inventor of gangsta rap.

King Wayz - Crip Love (Official Video)

As he tunes into the American Music Awards in his big-screen television, his cute-as-a-button four-year-old son giggles beside him. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was still a shorty.

BANGIN': For Life, Love & a Future - Ice-T relives his gangsta days | The Source

He had no brothers or sisters. His only living relative was an aunt who moved him from Newark to L. He became a Crip. But more than anything, Ice was looking for a surrogate family.

Young Thug Says It's "All Love" With Crips After Getting Called Out For Gang Sign

Now, my kid, I tell him I love him everyday. But there was none of that love, love, love stuff then. I mean it, and if something does happen, we will retaliate. Framed pictures of lynched black men int the hallway walls. In one, a hanged man is surrounded by a crowd of laughing, jeering spectators, some of them carrying picnic baskets.

Another photo captures the death threats of a bound and torched victim, his face a mask of agony. He turns down the lights until the equipment fades away. He looks exhausted. Earlier today, he flew back from Mexico, where he was recording songs from the upcoming, Body Count album, Violent Demise , then immediately started re-mastering songs for his new solo record, Ice-T 8: Return of the Real.

Would you expect anything less from a fan of Iceberg Slim? Despite his O.

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Image, Ice-T can be disarmingly friendly in person. Definitely not soft, but down-to-earth. His sheer charisma has always been one of his biggest assets, taking over when maybe his beats were a little flat, his acting a little raw.

Crip music

It was pretty much being run by Crips, and there was no way you could really go to that school without being affiliated with the gang. Now the gangs are extremely violent. Despite the hyper-violent image of the typical gang member, the actually number of hardcore gangbangers—those who actually kill for their colors—is only a small percentage of the gang population as a whole.

Most of the kids are in just to kick it, learn the lingo, maybe sell some rock or pull the occasional heist, impress the girls. Therefore, I think I got a pass. Disc is red and navy blue. Add Review mstallion76 June 19, Report.

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This is one of the hardest, best rap albums ever made! Salute to both sides for the realness!

Billboard biz

Reply Notify me Helpful. Tb June 8, Report. If you're looking for a gangsta rap compilation other than something by Herm, than this is the series.

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Straight up west coast spittin about the streets and gang life from actual gangstas not some studio gangstas. The beats are tight and represent a truce between bloods and crips to form an album to glorify their lives on wax. There was nothing like it at the time and nothing since. This is history and I wouldn't doubt if most the people on this alum aren't even alive anymore unfortunately. Gangs were hitting their peak on the west coast and times were violent, so to hear an album explaining each sides view towards life and each other was really something else to remember for posterity purposes alone.

A must have if you want to understand what living in a gang is like in the comfort of your easy chair.

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