Manual Busker - Tales of a Renegade Harpist

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Busker - Tales of a Renegade Harpist

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Judy Dwyer, Paul Jennings, When there is a big crowd in front of you, listening to every note, that's when the fun starts. This is a passionate, humorous and highly original look at the life of a musician on the road and what it is really like to be a musician. Graham Forbes, Join author Ted Schwarz on this romp celebrating bizarre misdeeds and noteworthy accomplishments of Clevelanders large and small. Ted Schwarz, A passionate and humorous look at the life of a musician on the road. David Michael, Will they ever find each other again? Tabby McTat's story has captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of children.

It is now available in sturdy board book format, perfect for Tabby McTat's youngest fans.

Street artist harp player - Pachelbel Canon in D Major

Julia Donaldson, A modern-day ballad set across three cities and two years, The Busker is a richly comic expose of the music industry, the Occupy movement, homelessness and failing to live up to the dream. Liam Murray Bell, The Burial and the Busker Part of the new highway will soon run over the remains of eighteen bodies.

My best friend is under the shiniest headstone. Gillian Mears, From memorable matches and favorite sons, the book follows no set order, chronological or otherwise, but has plenty to keep any fanatic coming back for more--and is fully endorsed by the club. Joe Mewis, A Street Cat Named Bob is a moving and uplifting story that will touch the heart of anyone who reads it. James Bowen, Brisbane opera busker Tim McCallum wows Australia with raw talent ….

A Brisbane man often seen busking from his wheelchair at South Bank has shocked Australian reality TV audiences with his version of the But when it came to pitch time, Jessie J shocked everyone by encouraging the year-old busker to go with the Madden brothers.

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Five of the most common five-a-side injuries — and how to avoid them. The Voice: Tim McCallum's rise from busker to national spotlight. The next time Tim McCallum decides to busk in Brisbane's cultural precinct he's likely to draw quite a crowd. McCallum's incredible singing Not since the Mayflower set sail in had a ship left British shores with such a giddy sense of potential discovery or disaster. Well, that's what Bob followed James wherever the busker went.

Whenever James played a few songs on his guitar, Bob would sit either beside him or on his The Dusty crew took a prototype to the NAMM Show in January and introduced it to a number of Latin and mariachi harp players, and you can see several of them playing it in the video clips on the blog. New Blog for Jane Valencia. Vashon Island harper Jane Valencia writes "I am starting a blog post series on storytelling for kids, and will be including techniques for using harp in storytelling. If you are interested in techniques for growing your abilities in 1 storytelling, 2 storytelling with harp, 3 storytelling to kids, then please drop on by.

Please note that these posts are not just for those interested in performing. If you, as a parent, grandparent, educator, or loving community member want to tell stories to the kids or anyone else in your life, these posts are for you too. If you have questions in this subject area that you'd love to see addressed, please email them to me or ask them in the comments box at the end of the blog posts. I'll be sure to answer them in the series! Dusty Strings Annual Sale. Selected guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and mountain dulcimers will also be on sale.

Local sale only: all instruments must be purchased, or ordered and picked up, at the store. For more information about the sale, call Dusty Strings at Award for Laurie Riley. She is being honored for her work in the development of ergonomics for harpists, the double-strung harp, and the therapeutic harp certification programs.

Congratulations Laurie! HARPA Fourteen musicians will meet in Edinburgh and pile harps, guitars, concertina, and suitcases into one bus and ourselves into the other bus and take off for a tour of St. Our tour leader, Jen Narkivicius, has arranged a slate of sightseeing and concerts for us, this time mostly on the western side of the island. And of course it will be a treat to see beautiful Scotland with our harps in hand! Montana Harper's Family Heading Home. After nearly 7 months of treatment and multiple surgeries, baby Andy is ready to go home this week!

Megan was able to take a break from the hospital to attend a couple of harp circles while she was here, and enjoyed the use of a borrowed harp for a time. She asks that her joy and gratitude be sent to the Puget Sound harp community. Trees, Wood, Harps. Your editor says "The other day I happened upon a chart which shows many of the woods our harps are made from, along with drawings of the respective trees in scale.

I thought it was quite interesting, as I had no idea what a bubinga tree, or a wenge tree, or a koa tree might be like! For more information and a registration form, follow the links you'll find at www. Harp on Local Radio Show. Remember that Vashon Island harper and storyteller Jane Valencia offers a Celtic music themed radio show on alternate Sundays on Voice of Vashon radio. Harps feature prominently in her music choices! New Harp Tuesday Video.

Estate Sale Harps. Melody's Traditional Music writes to say "During the course of , we received over a dozen harps from an estate. John has been diligently assessing and working on these harps, and most of them are now available for sale. These harps are in SE Texas. Buyers arrange shipping if needed. Dilling Single Action harp, ready soon. Seeking Carbon Fiber Experience. She says "I am willing to drive almost anywhere in Oregon or Washington. If you are selling one, please let me know. Thank you. Snow White with Harp Score! She composed the music for harp and viola and will be joined in this performance by her sister, violist Barbara McMichael.

The event is designed for people with memory loss, but the general public and all ages are very welcome. This arts initiative is a great way for young and old to bond over music and classic film! New Harp Scam? Judith Cummings writes to say she received a suspicious "Wedding Harpist" solicitation by e-mail, very similar to the old "Music Teacher" scam mails that were circulating a while back. This one sounds a little more reasonable, at least mentioning the harp, but is most unlikely to be a real wedding gig. Please beware of these long-distance vague-sounding inquiries!

I have room for another harp and person if someone else would like to go and ride with me. Weekly Irish Slow Session. Have fun learning simple Irish dance tunes as well as taking part in the culture and traditions that keep this music alive. Welcoming to beginners and experts alike, this weekly slow session is for any player who wants to raise a glass to the spirit of Irish music!

Music Thanatology Training. Marylhurst University near Portland OR will offer music-thanatology training beginning September The application deadline is April 1st. Applications are available by email to: lgeres marylhurst. Music-thanatology students receive education in a broad range of topics from musical, medical, clinical, contemplative, and academic disciplines.

A highlight of this training is the clinical internship in which student interns receive weekly hands-on training alongside certified music-thanatology mentors working throughout the region. Coming in late spring of , a brand new design for an affordable mariachi harp appropriate for school programs.

Dusty Strings announced "After learning more about the power of these [school] programs and their challenges finding harps, we were inspired to create a model that speaks to this need. We combined time-tested elements of the Ravenna 34 with a new neck, pillar, and string set for a more traditional mariachi look, string tension, and spacing. The result is a big, open voice on a very portable, sturdy, and affordable harp that is built to the high quality standards we are known for, and which can handle the everyday bumps and bruises of the traveling school group life.

Beginning January 1 , several species of bubinga were added to the endangered species list, which limits their export. If you have a bubinga instrument and plan to take it to a workshop in Canada, for example, you may need special permits which require pre-planning. Brigid's Day Harp Music. For those interested in Celtic lore, harpist Aine Minogue has posted a new web page celebrating St.

Harp Music Archives. West Seattle Harps? Kathy Wilmering , harpist from West Seattle, writes to say that she has a large living room that could fit 10 large harps, and that she is willing to discuss hosting possible harp events or meet-ups at her home. If you live in West Seattle and have been thinking of a get-together, contact Kathy at seachange3 comcast.

Private Lessons at Dusty Strings. If your new year's resolutions included polishing up your harp technique, remember that there are private lessons offered at Dusty Strings in Fremont. Take a look at www. Thanks so much for your interest! If you would like to discuss the waiting list situation, please contact Sally at highlandharps cnw. Happy Birthday, Harpo! On November 23, Harpo Marx's birthday, Seattle harper Linda Khandro sent me this link which brought me great pleasure and many smiles If you have young children in your life, they will love listening to you read the story while they dance to the music intertwined within the story.

It will make a wonderful Christmas gift. The story tells of two kingdoms fighting over the magical Singing Trees and through celebrating the birth of the Queen's and King's child, they dance their way to resolution. Families, teachers of young children, grandparents and friends will love this! Remembering Pamela Vokolek. She also studied with Carlos Salzedo in Camden, Maine. Returning to the northwest, she taught harp students at the University of Washington School of Music from , as well as many private students.

A longer obituary and guestbook is available at www. A memorial will be held at a later date. If you desire, please make a donation in her name to an organization of your choice. This year registration will include lunch on Sunday as well as two different room options. For much more information on the Winter Folk Harp Festival, including workshop presenters, room options, and a registration form, go to www. Learn traditional Irish Session music, Thursday evenings pm. All abilities welcome -- especially beginners.

Grab an instrument and join us! Get Well Wishes to Louise Trotter. Texan harp power-house Louise Trotter, now 92, is recovering from a broken hip suffered in a fall. Anyone who has heard or studied with Louise is encouraged to send her a get-well card. She said that she remembers almost everyone who has written, and it really helps 'when they remind me of where I first met them or have seen them lately.

New Music Book by Harper Tasche. If you've been waiting for another collection of new music from Harper, this is for you! This book is so new that it's not even on Harper's website yet though it will be, look for it at harpcrossing. New Release by Magical Strings. CDs will be available in mid-November and at all the Celtic Yuletide concerts. For more information e-mail info magicalstrings.

On-line Historical Harp Lectures. Harp Lust List. Great info and fun browsing! Save the dates February 10 — 12, ! Have a question that cannot wait? Contact co-director Sally Verrinder at highlandharps cnw. Thanks to all who organized and contributed to our pot-luck picnic! We couldn't have had nicer weather, we had a nice shady shelter for the harps, there was a ton of delicious food, and lots and lots of harp playing with tunes ranging from medieval to modern, and some both at once jazz Greensleeves, anyone?

If you'd like to see a picture of some of the players during our afternoon "harp gauntlet", go to www. Beth Stockdell, the current Folk Harp Journal editor, wrote to inform all that they have made a video with harp music of course of all the FHJ covers since the very beginning. It is fascinating to watch the transformation over the years!

Spokane Area Harp Facebook Page. Susan Miles formerly from the Puget Sound area, now living east of Spokane writes to say "Exciting news! We now have a 'Spokane Harp Happenings' Facebook page. Check us out. Please feel free to post any harp happenings that may come your way. We want to stay connected to our fellow harpers.

Does anyone else remember the 60s sit-com, The Monkees? There was an episode in which Peter got a harp and seemed to be able to play it as if by magic Virtual Harp Retreat. There will be a free 5-week harp workshop series offered by Canadian harpist Kate Kunkel. Scotland with Sunita. Sunita Staneslow is organizing a harp tour to Scotland. This amazing tour is not only for harpists. Anyone can join - bring your partner!

Space is limited. Contact Sunita at sunita sunitaharp. Thormahlens on the Road. They will perform 2 sets starting at on the festival stage. This is a fun event so if you know anyone in the Arizona area, please let them know. Also they will be doing workshops at Patti Petromilli's house on Saturday November 5th, so if you know any harpists in the area, please let them know about this or send Sharon harps thorharp.

Annoying Buzzing? Checking inside for an overlong string end to clip is an easy fix for a harp player to undertake on her own, and saves waiting for a harp technician! Harp Festival Returns to California in Read on for a peek at what's new in Daily classes geared specifically to the beginning, intermediate and advanced players that build on the material presented the previous day; Internationally acclaimed artists and presenters to educate, motivate and inspire you; Classes for both the pedal and non-pedal player covering a wide range of topics; Classes for the casual, pre-professional and professional harpist and teacher; Nightly concerts spanning musical styles from Bach to Bebop, World Sounds, and Celtic Music.

San Damiano is just 45 minutes from San Francisco! We look forward to seeing you next May! Thursday evenings pm. Some folk harps are available on site. No need to pre-register Free parking below PCC. Let's keep Traditional Irish Music alive!! New Case from Ray Doherty. The case has wheels and carries the The Silhouette and stand and tripod, and is lightweight at 12 Kilo about 25 pounds. See www. We had an inquiry from someone who met a "harp teacher from Anacortes" at the Skagit Harp Tent, but cannot remember her name.

We'd like to locate this harp teacher, or possibly another Anacortes area teacher Tristan Le Govic Workshops and Concert. That evening, Tristan will perform a solo concert, with an informal reception to follow. All events take place at St. For more info on Tristan, see his web site at www. For a registration form, see www. You may also register at the door, but if you register in advance we can keep you posted on special information before the event.

We are looking forward to being on the Kitsap Peninsula at this beautiful location, which is easily accessible from all directions. There is a large meeting room for our harping activities and additional lodging options including more single-bed rooms. Please note the date has changed from January to February. We will have more information as our November 1, , registration opening comes closer.

A Very Funny Game! The grid is in her post of July 5th, and will make you laugh! We chose them not just for their virtuosity as performers, but for their diverse contributions to the field. Known the world over for his ability to play two harps at once, Park Stickney has performed and taught at nearly every harp festival from Adelaide to Zaragoza. His latest album, Who is the Lion, the Wolf, and the Donkey?

She continues to record and perform solo even while touring with such luminaries as Tony Trischka, Esperanza Spalding, and Alasdair Fraser. A pioneer of the American folk harp movement, Kim Robertson combines an improvisational spirit with a passionate sense of tradition, bringing a contemporary touch to a centuries-old instrument. Individual tickets may be purchased for each concert at www.

In Memory of Eileen Kilgren Bergman. Though she did not play the harp herself, Eileen was well known to many harpers in Seattle as the always cheerful and welcoming "right-hand woman" at Galway Traders Irish Imports shop, which recently closed after many years in Ballard. Eveline Murray, the shop's owner, sent word to let us know that Eileen had passed away unexpectedly; her memorial service was held in Carkeek Park on June 14th. Eileen was involved in both Celtic and Scandinavian heritage activities in Seattle; for many years she was the editor of "Eileen's Celtic Calendar" and shared information freely with Reigning Harps newsletter.

She will be missed. Bunting Manuscripts On-line. This link takes you to the oldest collection and the links to the two others are part way down the page. Random Act of Harping Report.

It was an unusually gorgeous day for our normally rainy Seattle, and as the visitors came through the grounds they paused to enjoy my music and engage in conversation about the harp. As I explained that this was Random Day of Harping, one crusty old gentleman asked me what was 'random' about it, if this was the designated day. Harp Seattle Booklet Available. You can now download and print the upcoming Harp Seattle booklet, with schedules and descriptions of activities at Dusty Strings' biannual harp extravaganza!

Camp Brotherhood will be closing its doors by the end of this summer. Stay tuned! New Recording From Harper Tasche. This new all-original album was recorded on his gorgeous walnut Dusty Strings FH36S, and includes musical portraits of a dreamlike trek through the desert, a back-alley chase through the city, a crystal-cold night sky, a haunted storm, a lullaby for the dying, foot-tapping dances, and a seven-movement theme and variations suite To order see Harper's website at www.

Random Acts of Harping. I have been overwhelmed by messages and photos of all you amazing harpers bringing beauty and peace into the world this weekend by taking your harps out into the community - I am busily gathering all of your adventures and photos together and they will be sent to the Folk Harp Journal to chronicle this marvelous outpouring.

Just think of all the beautiful harp music resonating from all corners of the globe at all hours - this truly was an international event. F or the Classically Trained. Steve Treseler, an excellent educator and musician, is leading what he called The Game Symphony Workshop at SPU, an adult workshop for classically trained musicians.

Harp Seattle - Individual Concert Tickets. This is an excellent option for those who can't attend the whole weekend, but still want to experience world class music. Individual concert tickets are first-come-first-served and seating will be limited. Go to www. Monthly Sessions in Mount Vernon.

All are welcome to come and play or enjoy the music. The Scottish session will be held on Sunday June 5th from pm and the Irish session will be held on Sunday June 19th from pm. For more information, please visit www. Harpers please note, there are great guides to the "session etiquette" of these gatherings listed on the Celtic Arts website under "Events" Welsh Harp Maker Honored. The Heritage Crafts Association is the advocacy body for traditional crafts and aims to support and promote crafts as a fundamental part of our living heritage.

Since completing his apprenticeship with John Weston Thomas who resurrected harp making in Wales , Allan has spent almost 40 years refining the design and making of harps as well as sharing his knowledge and craft. In he established Telynau Teifi Harps, a not-for-profit community business, as the best way to ensure a future for harp-making in Wales. Since then the company has made over harps with a worldwide distribution; see www. Thanks so much for your interest, and apologies to those who were unable to register in time.

We do have a waiting list at the moment, and occasionally there are cancellations. If you'd like information on the waiting list, please contact Diane at info pugetsoundfolkharpsociety. Tristan le Govic August Events. Breton harper Tristan le Govic will be in Seattle on August 13 for two workshops and an evening concert. The first workshop will be for harps only, the second is also harp appropriate but will welcome other instruments and singers and include the teaching of a traditional Breton dance.

The evening solo concert will conclude with a simple reception. All events will take place at St. Save the date, and watch here for more information Nancy Thym Touring in July. She will be in the Boston area, the Denver area, the Reno area, California, and the Seattle area during that time. If you would like to book her for a concert or workshop while she is near you, please contact her at harfe gotisches-haus. Those in the Seattle area may also contact Joyce Rice joycerice seanet. New Harp-Friendly Radio Program.

You'll enjoy traditional and contemporary Celtic music, plus the occasional foray into other musical realms world, folk, historical. Each show will feature the harp! I aim for a fun, refreshing mix, with a snippet or two of Celtic poetry, and bardic and herb lore tossed in.

Please join me! Harp Related Novel: "Contrary Motion". Thanks to Linda Khandro who wrote to mention this newly published debut novel by Andy Mozina. It follows the story of Matthew Grzbc, a pedal harpist, newly divorced, living in Chicago. Harp players might identify as the main character struggles with the meaning of life as well as the trials of harp-mobiles, unexplained buzzes, and broken pedal rods!

10Best: Cities where street performers provide free fun

Please note: this is an "adult-theme" book with sexual content and profanity As of July 1, , if you have a version of Sibelius prior to version 8 and have not upgraded, you will be "out of subscription". Contact him at bobz seanet. Save August 13 on Your Summer Calendar. All events will be held at St. Watch this space for details and registration info as the time nears!

Harp Volunteers Needed at Enumclaw Games. Kate Freeburg writes to say "I am looking for volunteers to help out on July at the Harp Tent in Enumclaw this year and at the harp station at the Isle of the Wee Bairns. Shifts are 3 hours each and volunteers receive a gate pass for the day of their shift. They also receive a Volunteer T-shirt. The time for the station at the Isle of the Wee Bairns is from 11 am - 2 pm both Saturday and Sunday. I have a 26 string harp that can be used. This is for very young children and all they want to do is to be able to touch the harp and pluck a few strings.

We are trying to encourage the youth to take an interest in the various activities we try to have harp, drum, pipe, and dancing stations. The shifts for the harp tent run between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Saturday and Sunday and I can use at least 3 people each day.

Seirm performs on Saturday at 11 am and 4 pm. Interested volunteers can contact me at gaelick8 gmail. New Book from Sharon Thormahlen. The arrangements were done with simplicity in mind, but you know Christmas tunes, they have lever changes. I successfully made them as easy as possible! The powers that be whoever that is? The book will be available in mid-April, however, if you pre-order the book by April 15th, I will ship it to you for free. Jazz Harp Opportunities.

Tina Tourin Touring! Christina Tourin wrote to friends in our area about her availability for workshops, concerts, etc. She says on "May 14th I will start heading up the west coast to Seattle. I am especially writing to see if anyone would like to host a personal house concert with your friends or a local church concert, a support group session at your local hospital, or to help you get started with starting a harp group.

I will have multiple harps with me. When I get to Seattle, I will be doing a workshop and concert on Vashon Island on May 28th, then I will board a ship to go to Alaska for a week, and return to fetch my car and harps and drive back down the west coast - either via I-5 or Highway If you have any ideas for helping to set up this tour, please contact me tina harprealm. Galway Traders Close-Out. The wonderful Celtic imports shop which has hosted the autumn Samhain Harps event for some years will finally be closing their doors in May. Items are not being re-ordered and are already marked down, so if there is something there you have admired in the past, now is the last chance Dusty Strings Harp Blogs.

Thanks to a note in Alison Vardy's newsletter, your editor just learned of something she had not heard of before. The manufacturing end of Dusty Strings has a regular blog, which contains quite a few harp topics. There is some good reading there! Harp Seattle Early-bird Registration. Folk harp players, teachers, and enthusiasts will gather to enjoy extraordinary musical performances, intimate workshops, and unforgettable experiences.

For more information, call Interesting On-Line Harp Sites. In the last couple months we've gotten word of several innovative harp sites Olivia is a London based harpist, and if you send her a piece of harp music by no later than midnight UK time , she'll put up a performance by 5 pm the next day, and she will also give you feedback.

One condition: it can only be 15 seconds long. There are many examples already on her site, from simple tunes to complex phrases She is a professional harpist who has put together a treasure trove of info for composers, including video clips of harp techniques in action. Look under the heading "Notation Manual" for all forms of techniques and sounds explained and illustrated! Cheryl based the program on a performance that a family of Welsh triple harpists gave for Queen Victoria. A description of that performance survives, but the arrangements do not; Cheryl made her own arrangements for triple harp ensemble.

It's a delightful program, illustrating the emotional breadth of Welsh music. The International Harp Festival brings together many of the harp community's best clinicians and performers. Its mission is to educate and inspire, and to connect you to harpists from around the globe.

Already planning to meet friends there? For more info or to register, see www. Still space available for Washington classes! Join a lively and transforming course of study for instrumentalists and vocalists leading to becoming a professional Certified Music Practitioner. CMPs are employed to provide live, therapeutic music at the bedside for ill or dying patients in many different types of healthcare facilities in order to create a healing and nurturing environment. All modules occur at St.

For local information and details, please contact Cheryl Zabel at cz56cmp76 icloud. For course information see www. On the weekend of January , about 40 area harp players gathered from all over the northwest region at our annual festival, currently held near Arlington WA. Much music-making was enjoyed, in workshops and reading sessions, as well as informally in small jams and rehearsals during free time.

Our Saturday night ceilidh was a showcase of the group's talent in harp, dance, song, story, and other instruments as well. Many thanks to the directors, instructors, and volunteers who made this fun weekend possible! To see some photos from the weekend, go to www. In Memory of Madeleine Herczog. A treasured elder of our area's harp community passed away on January 4th while vacationing with family in Arizona. Madeleine was born in and grew up in Switzerland; she and her husband Andrew emigrated to the US in She was trained as a classical pianist and taught for many years.

In the s she became interested in Early Music which led to learning the harpsichord, recorder, and harp. The harp became her preferred instrument, and composing became, as she once told us, her "old age hobby". She published several books of her compositions for harp, mastering music notation software in her 80s in order to do so! She was a contributor to Reigning Harps' Featured Music page, and a frequent harp circle host and attendee, enjoying her last circle in December just a few weeks before her death.

We were all inspired by her love of music and life-long learning. She will be greatly missed. Announcing Washington classes! CMPs are employed to provide live, therapeutic music at the bedside for ill or dying patients in many different types of healthcare facilities to create a healing and nurturing environment. For local information and details, please contact: Cheryl Zabel, cz56cmp76 icloud. Economy Improving At Last? Harpist Susan McLain of Seattle reports that this year she finally increased her wedding package fee at the big wedding show, and that no one even blinked an eye at the price!

Good news! A New Year's Gift. Canadian harpist Josh Layne sent a link to a solo harp improv he recorded and combined with photos from his home in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Harp Circle Listeners Encouraged. The harp circle that meets at the library in Tumwater WA near Olympia has welcomed listeners into the room who wish to listen and do quiet activities, including the popular current activity of adult coloring. The library announcement reads "Listeners are welcome to read, knit or craft, or enjoy our collection of coloring books"! The weekend is April 15 - 17, , the gourmet vegetarian fare is second to none, and Rebecca Blair is our dynamic instructor!

Come for the music, for the friends, for the inspiring atmosphere! There is limited space, so please register early. The festival remains full but cancellations have emptied the waiting list. Get more information and a registration form at www. You are welcome to e-mail or call co-director Sally sancho cnw.

The Olympia harp circle has been meeting for several months during the work week, and is now moving to the weekend! If you are interested in attending a friendly harp get-together, please contact organizer Jean Stewart at jeanmstewart comcast. Lever Harp Repairs, Regulations.

Harp technician Steve Moss will be in Seattle during the last part of February to do harp repairs and regulations, and there is room on his calendar for lever harp work. If you are interested in getting on the schedule, please contact Susi Hussong at harp4u comcast. Third Sunday Harp Circle News. She contacted circle facilitator Diane Moss your editor too! Going to Winter Festival? If you're interested in purchasing this harp, contact her at: harps thorharp.

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It is rare that we have available harps for purchase, usually you have to wait a few months for us to build you a harp. We've Heard of Water Music, but Really? Tedeschi: Angelo Bovio d. Bovio taught harp at the Royal Music Conservatory in Milan, Italy and his Opus 26, 12 Studies for Harp, "expressly composed for those who have not yet advanced to using pedals," seems just right for harp students who want to develop admirable finger technique on non-pedal harps.

You can find this book by searching their online harp music catalog. Samhain Harps at Galway Traders. Thanks to all who played at and attended our final Samhain Harps Presentation at Galway Traders on November 1, ; harp tunes, songs, stories, and poems filled the shop as we said farewell! Thanks also to the numerous audience members who filled the shop with warmth and memories, and helped to see us out with a touching rendition of "The Parting Glass". And of course, our heartfelt gratitude to Eveline Murray and of course to Hugh as well and to Eileen Bergman who welcomed harps with such hospitality over the years!

Brava Barbara Ford! Barbara Ford of Seattle responded to the notice regarding sending harp supplies to Cuba by donating a Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 lever harp. Thanks to Barbara for her generosity, and to Dusty Strings who provided shipping to get this harp to Florida in time for the boat to Havana! Aeolian Harp Pavilion. Some friends in the UK sent a photo of a harp they came across while wandering through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. A little research turned up this wonderful video about the creation of an "Aeolian Harp Pavilion" by Scottish harpmaker Mark Norris.

There is a time lapse sequence showing the entire construction, and lovely photos at the end of the harp in its new home. Those of us who perform outside sometimes dread the "wind harp" effect, but the idea of having a harp in a garden singing along to the breezes is quite charming!

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Now centrally-located on Vancouver Island with a larger studio, more parking, and proximity to two major ferries. Kathie Hardy Holiday Calendar. Bellingham's Kathie Hardy writes to say she has a number of performances this month, many quite accessible to the public who can hear lovely music while shopping at Haggen stores in the Bellingham area. Silver Hills Harp Retreat.

Caroline Mackay writes to say "Save the Date! This is the heads-up to let you know before the brochure comes out with all the details in December. Last season was sold out, so be sure to register early. Waring Harp Kit. Dennis Waring writes to introduce his innovative harp kit, very reasonably priced and well-suited to beginners, ensembles, etc.

Dennis says "Please take a moment to check out my website at www. It has garnered interest globally and has been praised at various craft and harp festivals. I think you'll like it. Join us at the cozy shop for the final celebration at this location. For details, contact Diane at mdianem seanet.

New Job for Leslie McMichael! Congrats to Leslie McMichael who has joined the Seattle Symphony as a Teaching Artist working in education and outreach programs for youth and adult audiences. Laurie Riley Teaching in New Jersey. Celtic Cruise Next July. You will enjoy music workshops, evening concerts, lectures, jam sessions and so much more. Help for Harpists in Cuba. Pat Wooster has collected materials for harpists in Cuba in the past, and is gathering more: strings even older ones , sheet music, CDs, and even harps lever or pedal.

There is a ship leaving for Havana on December 2 from Florida which can transport these items. If you have any donations to make to this effort, please contact Pat soon at or e-mail pat. If you play an acoustic instrument and therapeutic music is calling to your heart, please visit the Music for Healing and Transition Program website for details on registration, costs, etc. New Harp Festival in California. The festival will include One Day Intensive workshops as well as numerous 1 - 2 hour workshops.

Topics include healing harp, Celtic and world music, liturgical harp, improvisation, and much more. You will have time throughout the day to shop for harps, music, and accessories, and meet and mingle with other participants, the performers, and facilitators. Undeterred by ominous forecasts, a fun group of harp players gathered at Ravenna Park on September 20th for our annual pot-luck picnic.

The site was cleared and prepared for us by able facilitator Beth Kolle, with the assistance of Maria Wilson and Nan Pardew. Not a drop of rain fell as we spent the time from 11 am until 4 pm visiting, lunching, and playing our harps. Gusts of winds sprinkled us with leaves and maple "twirlers" from time to time, and serenaded us with that awesome "wind harp" sound. We started off with at least an hour of sweet and peaceful tunes to honor the annual "Harpists for Peace" day Maria decorated our shelter with paper cranes! Several Hawaiian tunes were also played to help us relish the last weekend of summer and the warm sun that broke through the clouds.

Thanks to all who attended for your assistance, delicious picnic goodies, talent, and good humor! Photos of the event are available in a gallery at www. Alison Austin is opening a new harp studio and salon in Edmonds! It is located at West Dayton St. Saturday, October 24 from 10 am to 5 pm is a public open house and celebration, with door prizes and a drawing for a Shamrock lever harp. Congratulations to Alison! Seumas Gagne will be helping to judge the national finals competition of the Scottish Harp Society of America competitions, held at Stone Mountain in Georgia in mid-October.

Busker - Tales of a Renegade Harpist - David Michael - Google книги

He'll also be performing a house concert while there. Harp at Tumbleweed Music Festival. This is where I learned about 'band scramble! Olympia, WA. Travel to the far corners of the world on a journey of original music with Celtic harp, octave mandolin, guitar, and viola. David and Justin have performed throughout the Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area and are excited to bring their music to Olympia. For more info visit David's web site at www. Please bring your harp and bench, your PSFHS Harpers' Songbook if you have one, a dish to share main dish, salad, or dessert , and your own beverage no alcohol - park rules.

We'll supply plates, cups, and plastic ware. We plan to incorporate "harp for peace hour" into our afternoon playing session. Join us! Note that you cannot drive south on 20th NE to the park entrance as the bridge is pedestrian-only, so drive north from 50th NE or Ravenna Blvd. Contact Beth Kolle at bethkolle comcast.

As of August 10 , our two websites moved to a new hosting server. We're hoping this change was invisible to our readers. However, if you have any problems reaching www. Also, our newsletter contact e-mail news reigningharps. Please write directly to editor Diane at mdianem seanet.

Last year we learned that the block on which the charming Galway Traders shop is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle was slated for development. But the silver lining in this dark cloud? The city is so busy with development and building permits that the shop's closing has been delayed, and there will be one final Samhain harps presentation there.

Let's make it a great one -- Sunday, November 1st, from pm. If you would like to volunteer to play four of your best Celtic tunes, please contact Diane at zawamoss seanet. Olympia Harp Circle Meetings Scheduled! Jean Stewart writes to say that she has found and scheduled a meeting space for an Olympia area harp circle. This is great news Jean has been able to schedule a meeting room for Sept. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Jean at jeanmstewart comcast.

Thanks to Jean for her initiative! Take a look at it at www. For more info on the MIDI controllers see www. Isle of Wight Music Festival Scam. Judith Cummings writes to report that there is a fairly sophisticated scam being mailed out seeking harpists for the Isle of Wight Festival. The actual festival is aware of this and has posted a warning on its web site. Do not reply to any such offers from an "Owen Michael"; they are bogus. They report that they spoke to many passers-by about the fun of playing harps, and enabled many to have their first experience of playing a harp!

This active society is now preparing for their annual retreat at the end of September with Scottish harper Billy Jackson. Irish Session Music for Harp! I want to start a group willing to tackle this lost tradition on the harp. My plan is to pick a few session tunes to work on, then play them together a la session. Couple melody with both hands. No rhythm or chording. Seumas Gagne at Wells Harp School. Seumas reports he'll be teaching content from several of his workshops along with some Gaelic tunes, emphasizing understanding the context of the pieces.

He'll also offer some beginning Gaelic to those who are interested, play in the concert, and host their annual ceilidh. New Book for Wire-Strung Harp. Scottish composer Hilary DeVries who has a connection with Seattle as she attended Cornish College of the Arts has published a book of original compositions for wire-strung harp with Bill Taylor. Hilary wrote to say she has fond memories of the Puget Sound area and it would be lovely to think her music would be played and enjoyed here.

The harp circle that meets in Silverdale WA is changing to the second Tuesday of the month, at 10 am. For further information about this group, contact Jo Peterson at dickjo wavecable. Donations for Guatamalan Harp School? Patrice Fisher wrote to ask: "Do you have any slightly used harp supplies that you could donate to our 25 harp students in Guatemala? In the music conservatory, they have 3 harps, but only one tuning key.

In the Cultural Center, where we have weekly classes, there are more than 25 lever harps, but they never have enough tuning keys and must use car repair socket wrench tools to tune their harps. Thanks to a generous donation from Dusty Strings Harp Company of over new and used lever harp strings, we have enough strings at the moment. Please, clean out your closet and send us your old music, levers, tuners, tuning keys, music stands, supplies, harps, etc. It is tax deductible. Planning Way Ahead. Magical Strings Phil and Pam Boulding already have information available about dates for their Celtic Yuletide concerts throughout the Northwest.

You can see that, plus much more, at www. A full house of harpers and companions enjoyed the fabulous weather, the beautiful beach and nearby state park, and hours and hours of harp music and companionship. With all levels of players, from a brand new beginner to some long established pros, we still found many ways to play together and make a gorgeous sound.

We've already rebooked the space for June , and plan to do it again! If you'd like to see some photos from the weekend, go to www. Spend the afternoon visiting, lunching, and playing. Free to all harpers, family, and friends More details will be announced as the date nears. New Articles on Harp Spectrum. The wonderfully informative Harp Spectrum web site, directed by Seattle's Joyce Rice, has two new interesting articles on-line for all to enjoy. See both of these, and much more, at www.

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  8. Classes will take place at St. More details on how to become a new student and a full description of the certification program on the www. If therapeutic music is calling to your heart, please register for this class cycle. If you know anyone else who plays an acoustic instrument, feel free to forward this to them. And if you have any questions after reviewing the website, please contact Cheryl Zabel, Certified Music Practitioner and Washington State Area Coordinator, at cz56cmp76 icloud.

    There are still seven spaces available at our summer retreat, coming up at Camp Casey on beautiful Whidbey Island June New group tunes, two reading sessions, two jams, band scramble, and harp circle plus lots of free time for visiting, hiking, beach-combing, kite-flying. Single rooms too. Get the registration form at www. New Book for Sharon Thormahlen. Sharon's new book of harp music, Sunset on Seattle, is available for order. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page. Leslie shares news of her just-launched Indiegogo campaign to complete funding of her collaboration with Kaleidoscope Dance Company.

    Virtual Session. For those who always wanted to play along in a traditional session, but need a bit of practice to get up to speed before you venture out to the local pub, there's a "virtual session" available on-line with a good band who plays the tunes, plus sheet music that you can refer to or print out. The tunes are arranged in sets of jigs, reels, etc. The great thing about these players Harp Available at Somerset Festival. She is unable to ship it but if anyone is going to the Somerset Harp Festival she will be there and can hand it off at that time.

    It is 33 strings, mahogany, with full universal sharping levers. It comes with a gig bag, extra strings, and decals. Excellent condition and sound quality. For more info, contact Sister Wilma at Wire Harp Builder Documentary. Seattle harp player Peter Berry has two of Kilroy's harps, of only five which were ever sent to North America! Registration forms and more info are available at www. Any Carbon Fiber Harps in the Area?

    We have readers who are interested in the new carbon fiber harps Heartland, etc. Do any of you have one you are willing to show to your fellow harp players? If so, please contact Diane at news reigningharps. Fascinating Article on Italian Harp Tradition. There is a long and interesting article on-line about musical emigrants from Val d'Agri, which includes the harp capitol of Italy, Viggiano. Sylvia Woods Harp Teacher Listings. Sylvia Woods has started a directory for harp teachers all over the world on her web site. There is a wonderful article about year-old Reinhardt Elster who came back to visit the site of his decades-long career as an orchestra harpist.

    Finally, A Collapsible Harp! Here's an interesting new take on the dream of every harp player who gets tired of hassling with how to get a harp on an airplane You can get the strung frame with a standard soundbox or with an electric midi box as shown at www. Host House Concert for Talented Frenchman?

    Joyce Rice is hosting him and working to set up a performance and possibly a house concert for him the weekend of August He explains: "My repertoire is a mix of Celtic-Scandinavian music: slow airs intermingled with lively tunes such as traditional dances with a bit of jazz swing. I reach all kind of audience from the traditional, classical, jazz I love sharing the stage with other musicians so if someone is interested we could have a couple of tunes together.

    He also sings and tells stories. If you are interested in hosting a house concert, contact Joyce at joycerice seanet.