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The rising costs of furniture, clothing, and health care have made it almost crucial to cut costs in any way possible.

9 Experts Reveal Their Best Disney Secrets And Insider Tips

Stasiak's guide will provide you with easy tips to minimize costs while still ensuring the happiness and healthiness of your new baby. May 30, - Published on Amazon. It has basic and informative information, which is presented in a casual, easy to read style, but it also has detailed information that I found helpful. For instance: The book has a link to resale shops and child safety sites, which is helpful in implementing some of the budget and safety plans.

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The preparations plans are thoughtful, and well laid out, even for modest budgets. It has sweet black and white photos, and simple illustrations. The book mentions preparations for hospital stays, and excellent questions for health providers or caretakers. I wish the book could've mentioned how to prepare for a sickly child, though. I know that no one plans to have an ill or diseased child, but you need to have a plan for this, just in case. It fosters the idea that Motherhood is not an exact science, and there are little bumps and problems along the way that must be solved. I enjoyed the stories of the mothers, who told their individual experiences.

I reccommend the book especially for pre-pregnancy parents, who are planning a baby in the next year. Four stars for this book! May 6, - Published on Amazon. This is a book every new or expecting mother should read. Eva Marie Stasiak has written a smart, practical guide for budgeting everything baby will need or want in his first year, including those surprise expenses that can set any middle-class family back. Stasiak makes it so easy to create a budget. Just write the subject headings you see in the book into the items list of your budget, reading each chapter as you go. She gives annual costs of things like diapers and formula.

Turns out the diaper rash ointment my pharmacist recommended was cost effective. She also gives prices of big ticket items like cribs and strollers. Best of all, she has creative ways for finding bargains. There is another more important idea that runs throughout this book. When raising a baby, it's not about how much money you spend. It's about the love you give. April 30, - Published on Amazon. Eva Marie Stasiak in Insider Secrets to Save Thousands on All Your Baby's Needs paints a realistic portrayal of parenthood with case studies that illustrate her advice put into practice.

Stasiak preaches necessities over desires and brand loyalty, maintaining a budget and providing quality to the new baby instead of quantity. He was like, 'Okay, I'll give you a break. I'll take care of you until you find out what you want to do in life.

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Would that be okay for you to take a couple months off? I know it sounds unbelievable — it was the least amount of work I've ever had to do. I Googled him, and he's a billionaire or something, which makes sense. He didn't seem to really care at all. I grew up in an upper-middle-class family, but my parents were always strict with me, and I had a jealousy problem with my friends who had more than I did. When I finally had all this money, I just went to Saks and Barneys and spent thousands of dollars, because I had a job that was paying me a base salary, and then I was making money on top of it.

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So I would just spend it all. I liked the feeling of going into a store and being able to buy whatever I wanted. I used to have daydreams about that as a kid. I have a YSL bag, some really nice shoes and clothes that I don't wear.

BABY BUDGETING TIPS: 10 Budget HACKS for Preparing for a NEWBORN

I would just go shopping and feel this high. I'd get stuff I didn't need, and it would end up sitting in my closet. I wanted to stop.

Former 'sugar baby' explains why she regrets 'sugar dating' - INSIDER

I decided to start looking for a new job, and someone told me to make sure my social media was okay before I started looking. But instead of worrying about social media, I was more worried about Seeking Arrangement. So I decided to make a guy's profile, just to see if I could find myself, and it was really scary because I found myself right away. I couldn't have messaged myself, but I could see everyone — I even recognized one or two people I've met in real life.

It was alarming. So then I deleted my profile, and I'm still not on it. I didn't save any of the money, either — I had a couple thousand saved but that went away quickly. I've definitely managed my shopping a little more since then. I'm much more careful when I'm making these purchases, though. I guess I have more a conscience when I'm shopping for anything that is outside my price range because I know that money is not going to be replaced until my next paycheck comes.

But I'm not going to cushion it anymore — I've realized that I don't really need that cushion, even though I'm not saving anything. The nicest thing I bought recently was a pair of Chloe shoes, and even though I wasn't actually in a place to buy them financially, and I probably shouldn't have, it felt good that they were mine. Like, truly mine. But it feels better now when I buy things for myself because I don't have to think about how I was able to buy them. Sometimes, when I was on Seeking Arrangement, I would think to myself, 'If this salesperson ever knew how I got this money Buying those things felt really good when it happened, but now when I look at that Chanel bag, I just think of all these men.

I needed to find a passion on my own and succeed independently, and I feel like I lost sight of that over the past few years, because it steered me away from my career goal. Like, sometimes, you believed that these sugar daddies were being a mentor and really trying to help you. But all these men were just objectifying you.

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We didn't do anything sexual, and he kept saying he would introduce me to this person and this person and this person, saying he would get me a job. But he never followed through with any of the connections. It made the whole thing feel phony to me, and it can bring down your confidence a little bit. It makes you feel like you need a guy to push you further in your career when you could really probably do it yourself.

Do it for a very brief period of time, and then stop right away. Not the normal way, but just in a way that empowered me a little bit more. I feel like I gave up on my career so early — I wanted to work in fashion — just because I was working in retail after graduation. I don't know why I gave up on that so quickly. Jessica Chou , Refinery Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link.

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Pinterest icon The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. Feeling anxious to move out of her parent's home after graduation, she signed up for SeekingArrangement where she began meeting with different sugar daddies. She regrets dropping the ball on her career and not putting her sugar dating money towards savings rather than expensive clothing. She would agree that sugar dating could be considered sex work. Tell me about yourself — what were you doing when you decided to try sugar dating?

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