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In order for society to function properly, he said, everyone must know his or her place. Sun Tzu, born in either the state of Qi or the state of Wu, took a different approach to dealing with life during the Spring and Autumn period. He was much more concerned with war than with peace, and the world-famous strategy manual The Art of War has been traditionally credited to him.

Spring and Autumn Period

Later Chinese historians agree that Sun Tzu served as a general and strategist for the king of Wu, and it was his victories for the kingdom that inspired his writings. Finally, Lao Tzu took still another approach to his philosophy. While Confucius and Sun Tzu were much more concerned with worldly order, Lao Tzu looked to the intangible for inspiration. Asia China History. Rachel Deason.

The Politics

Save to wishlist. Taking place during the Eastern Zhou dynasty, the period was marked by a decline in Zhou court power and a gradual increase in power of individual states.

In Short. Map of the Spring and Autumn Period. The Politics. Merchants and artisans began to assume some significance.

Spring and Autumn Annals - Wikipedia

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