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In the mirror of the bonds of acrobatic holds, a couple observes their strengths and weaknesses. Using the infinite variety of hand-to-hand work, Elsa Bouchez and Philippe Droz carry one another, support one another, push each other and repel each other. Accompanied by a symphony choreographed in six movements, acrobatic moves follow one another in a pared down stage set, limited to a white frame floating in thin air, or video images, projected on their bodies.

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On stage, accessories and clothes pile up, like the mismatched reminiscences of anonymous individuals. Their show is packed with genre-busting burlesque and poetic scenes without any downtime, subtly borrowing techniques from cinema and fine art. When the circus numbers start in earnest, they transport us thanks to their technique and accuracy, culminating in a powerful final aerobatic number on a Korean cradle.

For this new show, Patrick Masset was guided by two desires: to bring together circus and opera, and to take circus back to its strange and wild origins. Two carriers, an acrobat and a lyric singer. Together, they control their breathing and defy the skies. From hold to hold, they overcome their fears and regain confidence. Bodies touch, voices are carried.

Their fears are ours, and their confidence is ours too. A rock planted with a single sickly tree and a carpet of flowers. Scenes follow one another, shaped by bewitching sound and light work, with a very cinematic aesthetic. When dreams are possible, you can rollerskate, wear a tiara or croon a love song.

So we pass through the looking glass. On a wire, the tightrope walker is constantly searching for a point, a necessarily temporary place, to be present in his body and in space.

Eleonora Gimenez uses a slack wire and Vanina Fadi a tight wire. To create a hybrid of their disciplines, they have developed a new type of rigging accommodating both styles of balance work, using the same wire, which changes nature and character. In partnership with the philosopher Diego Vernazza, they have created a show that also works with words, looking for answers to existential imbalances.

In a closed world littered with cardboard boxes he has to move, sort and pile up, he puts all his energy into preserving a shred of rationality. Cold and unstable, the set is a metaphor for the uncaring and alienating world of work. Personal accounts and poetic texts performed by Laurence Vielle act as a counterpoint to the visual world, where video and lights create a world where man has become a commodity.

The six artists of the Side Show company pass from one side of the mirror to the other to create the illusion of reassembled bodies. This is shown by the emerging reflection of what is hidden.

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The gaze is an imaginary thread tracing a line between ourselves and others. The limits of the setting play with our perception.

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Deprived of references for space and bodies, the spectator invents new ones. In a crossover between circus, dance, theatre and fine art, the company pursues its exploration of the imaginary, the better to question reality. Hotels are ranked by ascending price order.

Please be aware of the limited time frame to benefit from these preferential rates! The rates offered are per night and per person. Via phone: 00 32 2 32 32 or email: info belvuehotel. Location still kept secret for now! In order to access this section, you must enter the password that has been sent to you per email. Skip to main content. Who are we? How do I book tickets for the shows? Booking: Via email: dome skypro. Monday 12th March Opening Night Location still kept secret for now!

Let's meet! Laika - Side Kunst Cirque - Cie. Download the publication. Spanish Embassy, Culture Office.

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Brussels Major Events asbl. The Circus Dialogues. Chudoscnik Sunergia asbl Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof. Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof. Maison de la culture de Tournai. Archipel Plus Petit Cirque du Monde. Compagnie L'un Passe. Compagnie l'un Passe. It is not very obvious at first but it is there. People watch what they do.

They give attention to details I am not used to thinking about. Which part of town will we go to tonight? Will we take the car or the cab? A certain level of awareness perhaps.

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It does not change the fact that this is a fascinating place full of beauty, but it takes some of the lightness away. Fact is, the city is not only San Francisco, it is also Lagos…and Wroclaw…. As soon as you leave the city centre it feels as if CT would like to display the whole global range of living conditions. Huge suburbs dominated by simple, grey housing from the mid-century; thousands of small warehouses, derelict structures and minor industry; former townships with third world poverty.

I have been to other cities with a shocking wealth gap before — say, Marrakech or Beirut — but here there is something different. Golden Karl — Circus acts. New Circus Weekend — Circus. Circo Circolo — Circus. CircusFestival Enschede — Circus. Circustheaterdagen — Circus.

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Circus Village — Circus. Sibiu — Theatre and Circus. Festival Internacional Circo — Circus. Subtopia — Circus Industry only. Young Stage — Circus. Circus Ruska Festival is on January in Tampere. Hi Kathrine! Are you interested in World Circus Festivals in Russia? Skip to content. Do drop me a line to add any to the list!