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Who Was Leo Tolstoy?

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Trump baby balloon granted permit for July 4th event. Booker: I will end border crisis with executive action. How Fox News changed their tune about North Korea meeting. For years, Alaskan fishermen have been frustrated by foreign competition from Russia, particularly in the lucrative pollock market.

The Russian Revolution, Debt Repudiation, War and Peace

Caught in Russian waters, this cold-water cousin of the cod is processed in China before being sold in the US for use in frozen and breaded fish products, as well as imitation crab meat. Russian pollock costs less than its US-caught equivalent. Domestic fish producers thought President Donald Trump would fix all that. But instead of fixing the problem, the Trump administration has made things worse for Alaskan fishermen. Enter the office of the US Trade Representative USTR , which ended up excluding Russian pollock from the tariffs, preserving its price advantage over domestic-caught fish.

Sales of American pollock in China nearly doubled between and , says Pat Shanahan, the program director of the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers. The industry was expecting even faster expansion in China in the coming years. But the trade war has dashed those hopes.

At the center of the gaffe is confusing nomenclature and an arcane coding system that trade and customs officials use to label thousands of products that come into the US every day. The common name for the species, no matter where it's caught, is "Alaska pollock," though it's also called "walleye pollock. Yet it is important to call things by their names, and the collapse in relations between Russia and the West does indeed deserve to be called a new Cold War.

The Obama administration enjoyed some success in lifting the U. But even those obstacles never completely dashed the hope that Moscow and Washington might find common ground on a number of critical issues. That hope is now gone. The crisis in Ukraine has pushed the two sides over a cliff and into a new relationship, one not softened by the ambiguity that defined the last decade of the post—Cold War period, when each party viewed the other as neither friend nor foe.

Russia and the West are now adversaries.

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This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Among his later works' genres were moral tales and realistic fiction. One of his most successful later works was the novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich , written in In Ivan Ilyich , the main character struggles to come to grips with his impending death. The title character, Ivan Ilyich, comes to the jarring realization that he has wasted his life on trivial matters, but the realization comes too late. In , Tolstoy wrote Father Sergius , a work of fiction in which he seems to criticize the beliefs that he developed following his spiritual conversion.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The following year, he wrote his third lengthy novel, Resurrection. While the work received some praise, it hardly matched the success and acclaim of his previous novels.

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Tolstoy's other late works include essays on art, a satirical play called The Living Corpse that he wrote in , and a novella called Hadji-Murad written in , which was discovered and published after his death. He was the youngest of four boys. When their father, Count Nikolay Tolstoy, died just seven years later, their aunt was appointed their legal guardian. When the aunt passed away, Tolstoy and his siblings moved in with a second aunt, in Kazan, Russia. Although Tolstoy experienced a lot of loss at an early age, he would later idealize his childhood memories in his writing.

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  4. Tolstoy received his primary education at home, at the hands of French and German tutors. In , he enrolled in an Oriental languages program at the University of Kazan. There, Tolstoy failed to excel as a student. His low grades forced him to transfer to an easier law program. Prone to partying in excess, Tolstoy ultimately left the University of Kazan in , without a degree.

    He returned to his parents' estate, where he made a go at becoming a farmer. He attempted to lead the serfs, or farmhands, in their work, but he was too often absent on social visits to Tula and Moscow. His stab at becoming the perfect farmer soon proved to be a failure. He did, however, succeed in pouring his energies into keeping a journal — the beginning of a lifelong habit that would inspire much of his fiction. As Tolstoy was flailing on the farm, his older brother, Nikolay, came to visit while on military leave.

    A New Cold War between Russia and the West | Foreign Affairs

    Nikolay convinced Tolstoy to join the Army as a junker, south in the Caucasus Mountains, where Nikolay himself was stationed. Following his stint as a junker, Tolstoy transferred to Sevastopol in Ukraine in November , where he fought in the Crimean War through August Over the last 30 years of his life, Tolstoy established himself as a moral and religious leader. His ideas about nonviolent resistance to evil influenced the likes of social leader Mahatma Gandhi. Also during his later years, Tolstoy reaped the rewards of international acclaim. Yet he still struggled to reconcile his spiritual beliefs with the tensions they created in his home life.

    His wife not only disagreed with his teachings, she disapproved of his disciples, who regularly visited Tolstoy at the family estate.

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    Their troubled marriage took on an air of notoriety in the press. Dushan P. Valuing their privacy, they traveled incognito, hoping to dodge the press, to no avail.