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To protest unequal conscription practices, women organized a demonstration in Zaragoza on August 1, , and two smaller demonstrations followed in Chiva Valencia and Viso del Alcor near Sevilla. While such demonstrations were small in number and had no effect on government policy, they received considerable attention in Spain and across the globe.

Drawing on a broad range of primary sources, including literature, memoirs, and visual representations, Walker explores what the eruption of these protests meant to the various groups that made up the political opposition in Spain. She also considers the extent to which the history of women in the s yields insights into the Spanish government's efforts to muffle any calls for change that were connected either to the status of women or that of the working classes.

She reviews the representation of women in connection to war and violence in the press and in other contemporary writings, as well as the perceptions of women and violence regarding the Paris Commune still a vivid memory for a number of Spaniards in and anarchism. Affording specific insights into the formidable obstacles -- including the Catholic Church, class, and gender animosities -- that blocked change in the status and role of women in Spanish society, Spanish Women and the Colonial Wars of the s delineates the beginnings of meaningful struggles against those barriers.

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Spanish Women and the Colonial Wars of the s. Spanish Women and War Conseguir libro impreso. Drawing on the major new edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Spanish Dictionary published in , this third edition of the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary contains up-to-date coverage of over , words and phrases, and , translations, with hundreds of new words in eachlanguage. New additions include bioterrorism, rate tart, spread betting, stability pact, and stealth tax.

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This new edition also includes the introduction of some popular features of the Oxford Spanish Dictionary such as a spread on text messaging in Spanish, and notes on the life and culture of countries of the Spanish-speaking world. The design has been transformed by the use of colour and a new presentation of the dictionary information, making this dictionary more accessible and easier than ever to use, and an essential tool for those who need an authoritative and concise guide to Spanish and English.

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