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Incense: Bringing Fragrance into the Home (Self-Indulgence Series)

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The use of aromatic substances to elicit particular responses via the sense of smell was integral to many cultures and life practices. These uses include sacred and ritualistic practices such as anointing with fragrant oils and offering rites to gods; embalming and medicinal practices; as cosmetics, fumigants and mood-altering substances; as spiritual and philosophical healing systems; and for ritual stimulation of dreams and visions Lawless , Classen et al. Aromatic substances were and still are used as an aid to meditation, altering the mood state and often, even though part of a sacred or ritualistic setting, were simply appreciated for the fragrance imparted during offerings or worship.

Smell is rarely the focus of meditation; oils, scented candles and incense are frequently used to create a particular environment or space to encourage a meditative state to enable the person to bring something else into focus e. However, today we are going to alter the approach and give some time and space to exploring the use of essential oils as not merely the background but the central focus of the meditation. In this way your attention will be entirely on the scent of the essential oils, giving you the freedom to explore the responses invoked within you and your immediate space.

Sit in a comfortable position. Hold the scent to your nose, and inhale deeply three times. Keeping your eyes open, imagine your consciousness dissolving outward to the scent, as if you were touching it, merging with it, flowing into it. When you feel you have reached the point of saturation, close your eyes, and detach yourself from all senses but smell. Descend deeply inside, bearing the essence of the scent you have chosen, and touch it with your vision of the scent. Build an inner picture of the essence — the essence of the essence. Imagine it as a phantasm, an animal, a memory, anything that seems to you to be conjured by the deep impression of the scent.

Turn outward again, and consciously smell the scent again. Repeat the outer phase and inner phase until you feel that the experience has reached a natural conclusion. This exercise will help you to carry in your consciousness a living connection with a particular essence, and through it, with the spiritual dimension of the scent in general.

Incense : Bringing Fragrance into the Home by Diana Rosen (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

You will find that each scent you meditate on creates a different internal image and meditative experience. Aftel, M. Phantasm 1. Philosophy in the philosophy of Plato objective reality as distorted by perception. Neroli essential oil is obtained from the bitter orange blossom, Citrus aurantium var. The scent was named after a town called Neroli, near Rome, whose princess used the scent and thus made it popular. Over the years, its use became widespread in Europe, from princesses to prostitutes Lawless Many of the floral oils, including neroli, do contain trace amounts of indol, a compound found in animal faeces.

Essential oils from flowers such as neroli often have a sweet quality, and intense, sometimes sensual odours associated with all aspects of creativity, including having fun, play, stimulating the imagination. Benzoin is a resin that exudes from the wounded bark of small shrubby trees native to Sumatra — and it has a very long tradition of use as a fragrance. It has a soft, sweet, vanilla like scent; it is a fixative and a base note in perfumery.

Benzoin was a valuable commodity in ancient Greece and Rome, and was introduced to Europe in the 17 th century. Its popularity endured, with the result that Siam also became a major producer. Although it had medicinal uses, in Hindu and Buddhist practices benzoin was one of the incenses used to drive away evil. It is interesting to note that one of the ancient practices was to burn the resin at the feet of the dead, so that their souls were lifted to heaven with the smoke Lawless Oils from resins such as benzoin can be used to help impart a sense of inner peace and security, stability and equilibrium.

The sweet nature of benzoin is also experienced as nurturing and comforting, grounding and calming Rhind Cardamom has been used for thousands of years, it is very important in Arabic cultures Classen et al. Like neroli, it is often considered to be an aphrodisiac — but not to the same extent, and usually in combination with other aromatics. It has been distilled to yield the essential oil since the 16 th century, and is used in perfumery to give spicy, warm notes in floral fragrances Aftel This is in part due to the presence of a constituent the oxide 1,8-cineole that has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain Buchbauer , The fragrance of cardamom is useful for promoting a feeling of calm vitality, self worth and mental clarity Rhind Its main psychotherapeutic use in aromatherapy is for mental fatigue.

Although it is commonly called cedar, Virginian cedarwood essential oil is in fact derived from a species of juniper — Juniperus virginiana. The Cherokee tell that cedar wood holds powerful protective spirits. Pieces of cedar wood are placed in medicine bags, and also above the doors of homes to ward off evil spirits. Cedar wood was also used to make totem poles and ceremonial drums.

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In traditional and contemporary sweat lodges, cedar wood is used along with sage and other herbs such as sweetgrass, having a purifying function, and similarly cedar branches are used in house blessing ceremonies. At a similar time, the idea of self-cleansing and the wearing of cosmetics was habitual to the Romans. After soaking, men were known to bask in perfumes , powder their faces and wear subtle rouges on lips and cheeks. One particular powerful male figure at this time in history who was said to be addicted to beauty, aromatics and grooming , was Alexander The Great.

He was also a pioneer of the clean shave. Previously it was considered emasculating and reflective of degeneracy, but Alexander challenged this notion, with his soldiers following suit, and became the ruler of the largest empire of the ancient world. So there you have it. These gallant historic figures testify that grooming is, and always should have been, a powerful tool.

Alternatively, click here to view our full grooming range. T here have been many impressive and exciting developments of man-made material in recent times, such as the exploration of concrete blends from brands such as Kast, or the sleek, solid surface material of Corian which had a surge of popularity in contemporary interiors.

However, we must not forget the extraordinary and stunning material that can be received from the earth, and no matter how notable newly developed material may be, natural stone will never be surpassed. As visible in this bathroom designed for a Miami penthouse, Deniot fitted the entire master bath in textured marble with incredible detail, in order to showcase the extraordinary natural stone.

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Notice how the walls, floor and cut-out vanity are panelled so that the intricate pattern flows seamlessly across the space. Fond of geometry, the designer is known for using parquetry, a technique more commonly used for wooden flooring. Saghian re-works this traditional method using stone and marble, either in contrasting varieties or cut from the same stone to create a unique pattern-on-pattern effect. The heavy use of pattern may be elaborate, but the dark and natural tone of the material maintains a sense of calm and certainly feels luxurious.

Childhood memories are likely to be the most defining of our mother, as it was a time we most needed her nurture and accordingly, she would have been a major role model in our lives. The classic mother is as the name suggests. She embodies the vision of the classic English rose; she is elegant, gentle natured and refined. Her fashion taste resides in classic cuts, devoted to the original fashion houses, with particular dedication to the style lessons of Coco Chanel.

Paired with: Rose Cologne Spray ml. This fragrance is the perfect pairing, with its original inspiration deriving from the essence and spirit of the classic English rose. The soft, floral notes depict the kind and tender nature of the classic mother. This mother is most as ease amongst nature, with a particular inclination to be by the sea. Because of this she prefers to surround herself with objects made from organic material or that imitate natural forms, and chooses clothing with simple cuts in muted and earthy colour palettes.

In her leisure time she focuses on self-care or cultural activities, with a passion for yoga and art. Paired with: Villa Ausonia Cologne Spray ml. The contemporary and minimalist exterior of Villa Ausonia alongside its oceanic, green and citrusy notes is the ideal fragrance for a women who feels most content by the salty sea. A natural hostess. Her taste is sophisticated and chic, with an astute sense of whats in Vogue. Coming from a background of good schooling, this mother is well educated, polite and spirited. She prefers to live amongst grand architecture in a buzzing city, but equally appreciates an escape to the countryside where she can fulfil her love for natural surroundings, and take part in sporting activity.

Her clothes are tailored and athletic; choosing brands that are reflective of her lifestyle. With lavender notes evocative of the British countryside and its inspiration taken from the famous top English Universities and sporting tradition, this fragrance is the perfect suit for the Preppy Mother. To see the full range of fragrances visit our fragrance pages.

When you consider the deluxe bathroom, it is likely that your head will jump to visions of minimalism, clean lines and single, light colour. This may be because this modernist design style has remained a dominant trend for some time now, promoting the idea that a clean, fresh space is the answer to achieving a sense of calm, serenity and pure luxury.

We would like to contest this popular mindset and show you how colour and pattern can be used to make your bathroom a poised and chic sanctuary. The clever design ekes the patterned paper from the ceiling just down to a high level border which sits upon painted panelled walls. This is no new concept, the Victorians were advocators of the decorative ceiling in their lavish homes, wallpapering every inch of the space, with the principle that the higher the ceiling the more elaborate the decor. This modern interpretation pairs an ornate celling with clean, white walls, to gain a sense of drama and opulence without feeling overbearing or claustrophobic, achieving the freshness a bathroom space desires.

Award winning Beauta Heuman has developed a studio known to create playful and imaginative interiors who work closely with their clients in order to reflect their unique personalities in their homes. A strong example of their work is a project designed for artist owners of a grand London house.

Every room in the house is bold in colour with distinctive fittings , and the bathroom is no exception. The use of pattern and full colour, specifically vibrant red, is rather daring but in fact works well in making the space feel intimate, warm and sensuous — and where better for that then the space in which you cleanse and pamper? When she left her family home in Belgravia she settled nearby in a beautiful townhouse in Notting Hill.

This was honourably lived up to in every room, but we particularly love the attention to detail in the master bathroom , with walls clad in an elegant, hand-painted silk covering from artisanal wallpaper brand, De Gournay. The skill in the painting is truly awe-inspiring, creating an indulgent, dreamlike space perfect for a young-at-heart English rose.

At last, the weather is warming up and nature is abloom, gradually coaxing us out of the comfort of our homes. The theory suggests that by immersing yourself in a forest setting, there will be great advantages to your health and wellbeing. With scientific proof of the benefits such as slowing down heart rates, reducing blood-pressure, improving sleep, it is no surprise that the newly coined term of forest bathing has had a surge of popularity. Bathing by definition refers to the submersion of the body in water for cleansing and for medical treatment.

At Czech and Speake , our founder recognised the power and importance of the the ritual of bathing which inspired Frank Sawkins to develop his luxury bathing concept ; something that is often lost in a contemporary fast paced society, where no one has a moment to pause and bathrooms are built solely for performance. Why not fill your bathroom with plants, herbs and blooms — if you live in an urban environment, venturing to a forest to bathe would be simply impossible to fit into your daily routine.

But whether or not you live somewhere green, it will only benefit you more to be surrounded in your home due to their ability to purify the air and relieve stress and anxiety, heightening the already relaxing power of the bath. Choose Air Plants and Ferns, as these plants will survive in low light and thrive with moisture. You can place these in a muslin bag of convenience. As well as the pleasure of intense natural scent the plants will provide, their properties will sooth muscles, reduce stress and even draw out infection.

You may use chamomile, Eucalyptus, lavender , rosemary, rosebuds — the list is endless.

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  8. Unlike the majority of man-made bath products available, our bath oils are made from a high concentration of fine essential oils, and therefore will act as an effective remedy. Many of us may not have the luxury of owning a bath, or perhaps do but the space is built for function and is so far displaced from comfort or nature.

    Unlike the others, this may have to be a more occasional retreat, but would be the ultimate forest bathing experience. You can shop our full range of bath oils by clicking here. In the contemporary world we live in, we are so spoilt for choice with the vast amount of stunning and unique interior design styles available in the global market.

    When designing a new bathroom, it is commonplace for most attention to be channelled into the selection of the bathtub, the archetypal focal feature of the space. Cobalt blue holds huge significance in the history of Chinese ceramics, a precious pigment used on products reserved for special occasions.

    Why Incense Is The Next Big Home Trend

    This sense of luxury still resonates and translates well into a contemporary environment. Click here to view basin. The unlikely material of concrete has become a prominent and highly regarded choice in modernist design. Often seen in the architecture of spaces designed for the arts, the material holds the ability to be cast into dramatic, clean shapes and sculptural forms, while still possessing the softening, organic properties of natural stone.

    We love how Kast have embraced the material and explored its versatility through producing a broad range of distinctive, cast shapes, as well as unique finishes and colour tints achieved through specialist blends. American manufacturing company, Kohler, may not be so niche and strictly bathroom focused, but with so much to offer it is very possible to find gems amongst their product ranges. The basin is simple in form, but holds huge strength due to the unconventional material of cast glass which has been lightly textured to give the illusion of gently rippling water.

    The effect is glorious both visually and tactically, so much so that it provokes an unruly desire to touch and feel. Because of this ethos, their range is expansive, with focus not only on sanitaryware, but also cohesive accessories , from mirrors to lighting and even wall decor. With high attention to detail on each bathroom element, the brand has come out with some spectacular individual pieces. Their free-standing basin named Ago, is an example of when art meets design; the elegant marble, available in white Carrara or black Marquinia, is deceptively seamless where the basin meets the base — a purposeful sculpture.

    And finally how could we not include one of our own basins? The basin is produced in fine vitreous china with a durable finish in alpine white. The classic approach to design remains prominent through its elegance, timelessness and functionality. After all white is the easiest to keep clean! Aternatively you might be interested in exploring the entire Fs collection.

    With the weather perking up and our days are growing longer, and yet this realisation consistently takes us by surprise each year; as if the endless darkness of winter blackens out our previous memory of the seasons before. The official start of Spring, 20th March, is marked by Spring Equinox. One of the two points in the year in which the light and dark is balanced, and our days and nights are equal. An old wives tale suggests that only on the day of Spring Equinox can you balance an egg on its head. We believe that revival is vitally important for our well-being and progression as human beings, whether that be refreshing our environment, clearing our headspace or trying something new.

    You will have certainly heard the expression of spring cleaning, in which it is traditional to deeply clean your home from top to toe. There are many origins to this, with roots in religion, history and even our biology, as in winter we have lower energy levels due to lack of sunlight to fulfil a deep cleanse. With the arrival of more daylight you should take advantage of your elevated energy levels and declutter, rearrange or redecorate your home. Once the space is refreshed, uncluttered and cleaned, to avoid it feeling too sterile, light some incense sticks as a way to stimulate an atmosphere while maintaining the intention of the spring clean, through their ability to purify the air and leave behind a sensation of freshness.

    As brilliant as it is that us beings have evolved to be so in touch with our emotions, they can be rather destructive. For example, when you are not able to let go of a memory of something that once was, but no longer is. With a chance to restart, we advise that you focus on the present, and try your best to let go of the past.

    In this process of letting go, you will allow you body to unwind, and if you have cleansed your space as described in the first ritual this process will go hand in hand. As well as the the purifying properties of the incense sticks , aromas such as Frankincense , Sandalwood and Cedarwood are calming fragrances and will encourage relaxation and reduce stress. A key method of rejuvenation is to try new things and limit convention.

    This could be done by saying yes to new social opportunities, visiting a new location or challenging your day-to-day routine. All of these things will benefit you by broadening your mind as well as bringing a sense of excitement to your life. As well as physical activity, it can be beneficial to make changes to your personal style. You could be surprised to find that you equally suit a very different scent, which can be rather reinvigorating. To learn more about our brand and keep up to date with our products, follow us on Instagram. This Rose Cologne Spray not only smells delicious, it looks wonderful too.

    It is presented in a beautiful frosted, etched glass bottle that will sit pretty on any dressing table. With notes of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, this fresh floral scent is rich in concentrate and therefore long lasting — perfect for the modern day women who is always on the go. This gift is beautiful both inside and out. Bath oil is the perfect gift for a Mother who needs to put her feet up and relax after a long day. This Mimosa Bath Oil works as an alternative to spritzing; delicately moisturising and adding fragrance to the skin with natural essential oils.

    The shaker top ensures that the droplets of oil are carefully measured out, making this a long lasting, luxury gift. Women love to receive perfume as a gift, no matter the time of year. Soon to be mothers and new mothers should be equally spoilt by their family and partners while the child is too young to do so.

    Bump to Box provide boxes filled with pregnancy products as well as luxury gifts to pamper the deserving mother, delivered in beautifully presented gift boxes. To find the perfect gift for any occasion, our gift selection can offer some inspiration. Every fragrance that we create at Czech and Speake is designed to endure a long day of wear, but which stays on the longest and continues to exude a luxurious scent?

    Our fragrances range from light floral scents that are gentle on the nose, to deeper, more resinous smells like the Spanish Cedar. Each and every perfume is crafted to last throughout the day, whether in subtle hints after a days worth of wearing or a full hit when first applied. This means that our perfumes often last on average 6 months when used daily, but this, of course, depends on how much perfume is applied each time. Different scents lend themselves to different uses.

    Our perfumes come as a cologne spray, so you can spritz the scent over your skin however you desire. It is most usual to spray perfume along your pulse points so that as your body pumps blood around the body, you will exude your chosen fragrance. The above method of wearing a scent is the more traditional way, however, it is also common to scent clothing, hair and other areas of the skin in order to release the perfume.

    This is an easy approach that involves spraying the perfume directly onto hair and clothes to lock in the scent. Light floral scents which can be found in our Floral Collection work best for this method because of their refreshing qualities. Take a look at our blog on the power of the flower to learn more about the history of floral scents and why they are so defining. Generally speaking, the No. It has become somewhat of a signature fragrance due to its uniqueness and the variety of notes harboured within it. The bergamot top note is fresh and woody, alongside dry notes of vetiver and sandalwood, which is then conclusively topped with geranium, rose otto, and frangipani.

    The No. Of course, tastes vary, and fragrance popularity does change from season to season. In the Winter season, the chilled weather urges people to go for our Frankincense and Myrrh scent. This resinous and spicy scent has connotations of warmth and comfort — the perfect winter companion. In Summer nothing can compare to Villa Ausonia. With apple, basil and vanilla notes, this unisex perfume is a summer essential. To find the perfect perfume for any season, take a look at our fragrances. Please visit our US site here and our EU site here. The publication showcases luxury British brands from all areas of retail as well as art, culture, architecture and more.

    The industry bible provides company information along with the captivating stories of how the brands came to be. Despite the fact that this British Lifestyle brand has a global presence, it very much remains a London-based, family owned business, driven by the Sawkins family. It has a proud heritage and a classic, understated style that is recognised internationally for its definitively English character. From the middle of the 19th century to the present day, the street has been pre-eminent as the home of luxury habiliments and paraphernalia for the English gentleman. In Sawkins established his bathroom fittings business at number 88, where he worked independently as an interior designer.

    Never one to remain satisfied by success in one area, the next step was to pursue a lifelong passion for fragrance. Today, the main showroom is on Pimlico Road in Belgravia. The solid and reliable quality of its products is unique. The Aromatics collection comprises a range of fine fragrances, colognes, bath oils and aftershaves, as well as distinctive burning sticks for indoor and outdoor use. There are twelve fragrances, all made using the purest essential oils and the finest ingredients. Their global expansion, thanks to a rapidly growing digital luxury market, has led to the relaunch of Dark Rose, a fragrance that has proved popular in the Middle East.

    To read more about the publication, click here. For many of us, an immediate association that springs to mind is the symbol of the flower. Many will know of the iconic film scene in American Beauty in which leading lady, Annette Bening, angelically rests upon a sea of red roses in the fantasies of character, Lester. A powerful depiction of passion for another. We may be bias to say as perfumery enthusiasts , but we truly believe that floral scent and perfume was the initial ignition for these romantic connections.

    Let us enlighten you as to why…. Have you ever been filled with emotion when a scent takes you back to childhood? Perhaps a certain brand of suncream provokes memories of family beach holidays, or a particular perfume note is the embodiment of your favourite aunt.

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    Just as with make-up and clothes, perfume is a form of self expression and identification, and has the power to evoke emotion and desire, subconsciously drawing others towards us. As with all elements of modern life, cultural codes have their origins in history. The Victorians lived under an oppressive rule which effected how they could dress, behave and even restricted the conversations they could have.

    Women would do this by choosing perfumes with specific floral scents , such as violet and honeysuckle, to seduce a suitor without sinning in the eyes of society. You may now be wondering why the scent of flowers would hold any significant influence over other charming aromas? Their sweet and enticing smell is an obvious component, but the real magnetism comes from their naturally occurring aphrodisiac properties which tantalise the endorphins. So there you have it! The flower is a love drug, quietly playing with our hormone balance. Although he may not express much interest in a physical bunch of flowers, he certainly would appreciate a complex fragrance with floral notes.

    Neroli is known for its relaxing qualities and when coupled with ylang-ylang, the scent is heady and exotic. If your Valentine is an avid traveller, then this award-winning travel manicure set is the perfect gift. With a luxurious leather and contrasting red interior, this manicure set represents both beautiful and functional design. The internal instruments have been handmade in Germany, each with rounded edges to comply with travel regulations.

    Give your loved one something beyond novelty; rather a piece of kit that is both elegant and long-lasting — a new life companion. Bath oils are a restorative gift that show you care. Bath oils are great for active men who need a moment to unwind and detox. With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium, your other half will leave the tub feeling relaxed and smelling divine. The soaps could work well as part of a gift selection or hamper, which you can create yourself. If you would prefer a well curated gift box set, then our luxury gift boxes can take the pressure off you.

    The full size shaving soaps come complete with a shaving dish m ade from spun aluminium. Allow your loved one to indulge in their grooming routine with our luxury shaving soaps that contain coconut moisturising oil for the idealised soft skin finish. The pursuit of the dream bathroom. For some it is the re-creation of their favourite hotel bathroom. We have been eagerly scouting out the most beautifully designed hotel bathrooms across the globe and these are the three that made us swoon the most, and perhaps will inspire your own bathroom design.

    The utilitarian nature, designed to be suited to modern living, is softened by the choice of natural materials such as delicately draped linens, pale wood floor panels and most notably, the bath tub and sinks are carved from the gorgeous pinky-beige Lioz limestone found in Portugal. We move on to another hotel bathroom that centres around the choice to use natural elements in the interior but carries a very different aesthetic due to the diverse qualities and effects of varying stone finishes.

    The Royal Suite, for example, includes an indulgent four bathrooms made almost entirely of Carrara marble with flashes of copper in the bathroom accessories and door frame. The bath tub is custom made by a UK manufacturer called Splinter Works, using lightweight carbon-fibre which enabled the shape to be slung from walls and off the ground to mimic the form of a hammock. Despite the man-made material choice, notice how the colours used reflect a natural palette of coppers and brass to indicate a sense of calm, and by replacing the entire outer wall with a glass panel allows in floods of light to prevent the darkness of the interiors from dominating.

    Beard grooming could be a luxurious experience, not a mundane everyday necessity. If you are the proud owner of a beard, you might be wondering how to improve it with some new beard care tips. Achieving even growth, creating a thick look and finding the perfect products to help your beard feel good can be a challenge, so find out how to improve your beard with our top tips.

    This can be easier said than done, especially if you do not have the right equipment. In order to achieve an even shave, you need a razor that is expertly crafted to fit this purpose. No shave needs to require too much effort or thought and a good razor will help you have an even shave every time. Once the process has been started with an even shave, your hair will grow more evenly and will ultimately give you a better beard over time.

    A good beard soap is going to be essential to keeping your beard clean. A good brush will keep your beard in order and brush any stray hairs away. A shaving set will provide a full luxury shaving experience as each product has been designed to complement and aid one another. Often, beard growing guides focus on the beard improvement that happens after the growth has taken place, but what happens if you need to know how to grow the beard in the first place? Facial hair is largely genetic, but you can increase your chances of being able to grow a beard by taking in the right amounts of protein and fats that help you grow facial hair.

    Growing a beard relies on a good dose of B Vitamins which you can get from meat proteins and nuts, as well as leafy greens. Although you may be able to craft a beautiful beard in front of your mirror in the morning, the natural elements can disturb your creative genius. Our No. For more advice on how to turn your grooming routine into a leisurely experience, then take a look at our blog article on the top 8 tips to make your grooming routine more comfortable. Incense sticks are aromatic biotic materials that allow a fragrant smoke to fill a room. The aroma can be used for many reasons — for how it looks, smells and when combined with aromatic oils the scents can aid meditative practice and relaxation.

    In order to release the fragrance of the incense stick, you simply light the stick and place it on a holder to keep it away from surfaces. Blowing out the flame when lit encourages the stick to produce glowing ash-like embers that release the soothing scent. Combined with dry base notes of vetiver and sandalwood, this modern classic has a full-bodied, sophisticated sensuality. Dark Rose Incense Sticks. A Dark Rose scented incense stick offers a rich and intense smell that fills any room. The spicy note of saffron is combined with an elegant bouquet of Bulgarian Rose in the top note, making this a beautiful fragrance that is blended with aga wood, sandalwood and rose to create an indulgent, mysterious fragrance.

    Frankincense and Myrrh Giant Incense Sticks. With notes of orange basil, myrrh and pimento leaf, these incense sticks offer an exotic fragrance. The giant sticks are suited to being burnt outside, or in large rooms with good ventilation, making them perfect for summer gatherings or parties. Each of the 12 sticks will burn for approximately 2 hours, leaving a lasting aroma.

    The history of incense dates back to ancient times, and the burning of incense has long been connected with spiritual practice and religion. In the present day, the peaceful connotations and influence of incense sticks have been adopted by the western world to create a calming atmosphere and a relaxing environment. Smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses and has the ability to alter emotions and perceptions in seconds. For this reason, burning incense is a simple but powerful way to enhance the surroundings. Incense may also be used whilst practising yoga and meditation, the scents provide help with relaxation and focus.

    The clever fragrance is able to create a sense of comfort and homeliness within minutes. An ideal way to ease yourself into the ritual of burning incense is with a starter kit. If you are looking for the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere and freshen the scent of your home , incense sticks are a wonderful way to transform your home scents. There is in fact a way to apply fragrances so that they will last longer and smell great all day.

    Granted, some fragrances are stronger and have more lasting power, but even those scents need to be applied correctly. There are two main reasons why people enjoy wearing perfumes: backup for deodorant and for personal scent. When you become sweaty in certain places on your body, the odour protection that deodorant delivers starts to fall short after a while.

    Applying cologne properly is about having a sense of yourself. Two on the neck and one on the wrist, right? Our fragrance experts un-bottle the practised knowledge you need to make every spritz a sensation. Spraying too close is not the way to go when applying fragrances. Experts say that holding the fragrance or cologne 15cm away from the skin is the best way.

    This allows you to create a mist of spray that covers to more bare skin rather than a dribble of liquid running down part of your skin. Create a spritz rather than a track line with your perfume. Creating the mist is what opens the fragrance, allowing you and those around you, to pick out the opening top notes. Every scent is made from a pyramid of top, middle and base notes, with each note being released from the top down as the fragrance develops. However, rubbing your wrists after applying a scent destroys the scent pyramid down to its base notes instantly so it reduces the lasting power.

    Although scents can be applied onto the scent at any time of the day, for the best impact you can opt for a spritz of fragrance after a hot shower. This reduces the rate it is released, making your fragrance last longer. Most people will spray their fragrance on wrists and under their neck. The areas that you apply the fragrance will react with your body heat and continue to release the scent. The aim is to harness body heat to spread the scent. Often, the less is more rule applies when it comes to luxurious fragrances.

    Stick to three or four sprays and reapply later in the day if you need to impress. From exclusively English origins, our luxury fragrances are now available worldwide to be given as memorable gifts for all occasions or used for personal indulgences. Our colognes are made by using the purest essential oils and ingredients, following traditional perfumery methods. The fragrances are beautifully presented in etched glass bottles; each has its own characteristic personality and is wrapped in fashionably embellished boxes which reveal the inspiration behind the scents.

    All our fragrances can be enjoyed by both men and women. Modern bathroom design is often characterised by sleek surfaces, simple fixtures, and minimalist decor; effortlessly depicting a casual, contemporary lifestyle. Here are some recommendations of how this can be attained:. Modern interiors tend to be stripped back and minimalist in design, but this style by no means lacks impact; this basis provides an opportunity to be bold with accessories; striking shapes or colour contrast pop against the blank canvas.

    For modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and fittings minimal, white is undoubtedly the most desirable and refined option. However, this does not mean the room has to omit personality and character, ideally, the bathroom should be a sanctuary — it is the only room in a house where you can escape and have alone time unquestioned. To enhance the environment, adorn with plants, ornaments, carefully selected framed artwork, and for both functional and aesthetic purpose, fill a rack or shelves with the most beautiful and luxury bathing products and bottles of cologne.

    Consideration of lighting fixtures and tone of light is a key component for intelligent contemporary design and construction of an idyllic space. Create an impact with a chic light fixture above a freestanding bathtub for unique and modern appeal. Modern design considers every aspect, therefore practicality is equally as important as the visual effect. Sometimes you must use intelligent design to make awkward spaces work in your favour.

    Spaces do not always come with abundant floor space, especially with many moving to modern city flats. A streamlined vanity unit with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below. Keeping the colour palette of a small bathroom light and airy will give the impression of a larger space. Keep a polished toothbrush holder, shaving kit holder and soap dish. A minimalist space requires maintenance to keep up with the clean aesthetic. Objects and accessories are best kept organised and in place, while surfaces remain sleek and pristine.

    Use home fragrances to maintain a fresh scent. Display beautiful cologne bottles for a little luxury in your modern bathroom too. Source artwork such as illustration, paintings or posters from art markets or independent artists and have them framed and adorned on your bathroom walls to add character to the white space. Modest glass tiles provide a gleaming backdrop for a freestanding bathtub or a shower space. A black-and-white flooring in bold tiles also gives a feeling of luxury.

    If you are looking to add some unique finishing touches to your modern bathroom design, then take a look at our bathroom accessories. Here you will find inspiration from the Edwardian era. Brilliantly, these classic, industrial features compliment a minimalist living space beautifully, a concept continually used by architects. Grooming is an art form in itself. Gone are the days where it was considered emasculating for a man to take time and care in his appearance. In our current climate, traditional gender roles are increasingly challenged, lending access to freedom of expression; gentlemen around the globe are taking pride in their appearance.

    But with all this freedom, it is not always easy to fulfil these desires without the right grooming regime, products or tools.

    Top Incense Fragrances with Hueleme Mucho

    It should not have to come down to the hours spent on your daily grooming routine, rather it should be a leisurely, simplified process aided by well selected products and tools. Here are some grooming tips for a quick, simple and pleasurable experience. Most men prefer to maintain their facial hair, either through trimming or to shave it off completely, ideally on a daily basis.

    Therefore, it is vital that they are armed with the right tools to help make the shaving routine more comfortable. We recommend these luxury items for this purpose:. Complete with Mach III head and an aluminium handle, which is intelligently weighted to ensure a flawless shave. This is paired with a solid aluminium base. The sleek silver aluminium stand is elegantly curved and bold in design. Whilst classic in concept, the minimalist aesthetic means it is versatile to suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, shower and wet-rooms. It is important for everyone to moisturise.

    Men particularly should take great care of their skin pre and post shave. It is vitamin-enriched, non- oily and energising. Use bath oil to soften the rest of the skin. Fragranced with natural essential oils, add three to four shakes of bath oil into still water. When immersed in the infused bath water, your pores will be gently opened and skin will be cleansed and delicately fragranced.

    Invest in a good quality mouthwash, floss daily, and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Take care of the lips. A nourishing lip balm used daily will help keep flaky lips at bay. This is a lesson that can be applied throughout life, but it bears repeating here. Owning a defining scent that reminds others of your presence is a powerful tool to make a lasting impression. Get your signature scent right by reading our blog dedicated to how to find and wear your signature scent. There is nothing sexier than a man who smells as great as he looks.

    Hair must not be forgotten due to its influence on your appearance. Keep your hair styled and presentable, with regular visits to the barber shop. It is a good idea to treat your scalp weekly to avoid flakes and dandruff. Buying the right shampoo will make a huge difference to the desired texture of your hair. Treat the man in your life this Christmas to a luxurious grooming set from Czech and Speake. Check out our gifts section for more inspiration on what to buy. The rich blend of warm frankincense, the sharpness of myrrh and the woody rich base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood are topped by the fresh scents of orange, lemon and basil which give the Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance an exotic and distinctive twist.

    At Christmas time, our Frankincense and Myrrh range is meaningful to many households, due to its associations with the age-old biblical stories that define our festive season. Matthew II tells us that the wise men journeyed from the East in search of the Christ child. This Christmas narrative has been passed down to us through the generations, with particular significance to our childhood, in which we were taught the tale through family and education. The majority of us will have vivid memories of participating in school Nativities, centring around the gift-giving to the newborn Christ.

    We have have been making some of the finest smelling toiletries since and the popularity of our Frankincense and Myrrh naturally rises during the winter months. This fragrance is often described as a cold-weather fragrance that will warm you up. Make your house smell gorgeous this Christmas. The kit comes with a porcelain incense stick holder designed to catch the ashes which will inevitably fall.

    Each of the sticks will burn generously for approximately 1 hour depending upon airflow. The incense will create an exotic and warming atmosphere in your living space with its harmonic influence. When a simpler, more instant approach is desired, opt for the room spray in the same range. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a calming and luxury effect of candles.

    When stepping in from the bitter cold, this candle will promptly warm your senses with its sumptuous, inviting aroma. Curl up on an armchair while the notes of orange basil and sandalwood immerse your senses, and rebalance your mood. This is a heavy, slow-evaporating scent perfect for winter. Presented in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, this cologne is rich in concentrate and desirably long lasting.

    Aromatic, sensual, deep and delicately sweet with woody undertones. These revered aromatic resins resonate ancient, cultural history, in parts of the world such as Jerusalem, which define our celebratory season, therefore making it the perfect Christmas fragrance. Wanting to spoil your loved ones this Christmas with the best luxurious fragrances? Czech and Speake do not disappoint as our extensive range of scents are accessible in a variety of forms — candles, colognes, aftershaves, bath oils, incense sticks and more — made to last and create a charming mood.

    A classic and sophisticated fragrance , No. The iconic fragrance has retained a loyal following, remaining our most popular product. Presented in a satin finish, black opal glass bottle packaged in a striking black and white box, its unique design stands out from other brands in the market.

    This cologne is rich in concentrate and therefore long lasting. Our body washes have been discerningly researched and produced with the best ingredients and bio actives to soothe and revive. Natural emollients in the Neroli Hydrating Body Wash prevent dryness and protect the skin. The blossom of the bitter orange is suffused with the zest of citrus fruits to create a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance. Villa Ausonia personifies the breath-taking freshness of the Atlantic breezes in South West France with the lasting intoxicating scent of reserved pine forests.

    Our travel-sized gift set of cologne s makes a great gift for those who take regular trips away. Presented in travel sized glass bottles, pack of 4 x15ml Traveller Collection cologne sprays include the No. It is presented in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, containing a rich in concentrate cologne with longevity. It has refreshing and herbaceous qualities which gives it a distinctive scent, without overpowering the senses, and the rare flexibility to be wearable both day and night.

    Relieve unnecessary strain in the hectic build up to Christmas, Czech and Speake may well absolve your gift buying duty. All you need to do is consider your loved one — what are their tastes? Which scent would charm their personality? Use our Christmas gift guide above. Check Your Protein Intake Protein is an organic compound made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies.

    Get Hydrated Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. Self-Reflect The solstice is a chance to self-reflect. Sip a floral brew Once you have reached an optimal state of calm , sit back and enjoy the solstice with a suitable pre-prepared drink.