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One thought on “Ideological blindness and stupidity”

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Ideological Idiocy is about their declaration of our being unenlightened dolts. This is ideological idiocy.

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Having liberals declare the author stupid is like listening to members of the KKK call him insensitive. Conservatives must remember that our critics do not matter.

Abbott goes full Trump as Coalition tries out election strategies | Katharine Murphy

Nobody listens to these crying children. For those that do not have a blunt instrument nearby, or are looking for a solution that avoids jail, humor is a powerful weapon.

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Use it against the left every moment they breathe. They may get offended, but that is the point. Abbott joined the backbench committee as a voting member on Tuesday, and Turnbull and the Nationals leader, Michael McCormack, will attend the session. The committee will also be briefed by members of the Energy Security Board.

With the critical deliberations looming, views inside the government are mixed.

Other MPs see this final conversation as much more fraught, because it involves a final sign-off for the scheme. The chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, was called in to brief Nationals on Monday about his recent report on how to reduce electricity prices, which the government will also respond to in concert with the Neg. Sims is also likely to brief Liberals on Tuesday.

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Fellow National, the resources minister Matt Canavan, said it was important to resolve the government response to the ACCC report, including a recommendation about the government underwriting new investments in firm power generation, because more supply would put downward pressure on prices. The resources minister said finalising the Neg and responding to the ACCC report would attract new investment into the market.

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But he refused to rebuke Abbott and Joyce for their public campaigning against the policy. Abbott defended his role in the internal fracas on Monday night, declaring he had not undermined the prime minister, he had pursued his right to raise concern about government policy.

Frydenberg hoped last Friday to emerge from deliberations with his state and territory colleagues with a clear in-principle sign-off on the Neg mechanism, but his colleagues refused to play ball. They allowed further discussions to continue, but declined the federal minister clear endorsement.