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  1. Ring "Fragile twig". White gold, white rhodium, diamond
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But how long? And under what conditions can you speed up the destruction of a diamond? Once a diamond is broken, it cannot be repaired, only cut into a smaller jewel. Diamond and graphite are both crystals of pure carbon. They differ in only their structure — the configuration of their atoms.

At normal temperatures and pressures on the surface of the Earth, interestingly, graphite is more chemically stable than diamond.

Ring "Fragile twig". White gold, white rhodium, diamond

This means that, on a long enough time scale, diamonds will degrade into graphite. It takes an enormous amount of energy, however, to break the chemical bonds in a diamond so that it can reform as graphite. Imagine the degradation of a diamond like falling down a pair of holes, writes Christopher Baird , a physics professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, on his blog:. Next to your hole is an even deeper hole, but a wall separates you from the deeper hole. But if you get enough energy to jump over the wall, you will fall into the deeper hole.

The first hole is like the energy state of diamond and the deeper hole is the energy state of graphite. When you heat up diamond or bombard it with ions, the atoms gain enough energy to pop up over the energy barrier and reconfigure to graphite. When a diamond gets really, really hot — say, when it is used as a cutting edge to drill through very hard material — the diamond degrades much faster and can flake off as graphite.

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