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You have failed the first labor but mastered the second. It is midnight, and you are sprawled on my porch like a dog. I refuse your proffered cup of your backwashed cider. You ask why I live on Apple Island if I hate the taste of its fruit. Before your parents were born too. I am the only one who remembers my sister.

She was stunning. Not beautiful — beauty can be resisted. Her charm was more dangerous. What she asked for, the village gave. What she said, they believed. She was a flower and I was a weed. I broke her spell, but even after her true face was revealed, the villagers loved her. So I chased her out of town. She lives there to this day. Her face looks young, but her soul is older than mine. That night, Zora takes ahold of your dreams. You ask your neighbors about her, and they each tell you a different lie.

‎Don't Take Me for a Fool - Single by Broken Projects Alliance on Apple Music

She is lovely. She is kind. She is lonely. Her heart is like your mind. I realize you are in love.

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When the last frost thaws, you leave. Your cousin gives you a map. The baker packs your bags with bread, and the priest gives you his blessing. Your boots leave a trail of crushed grass, a brush stroke on the mountain. I do not wake until you are gone. Selfish wretches. I cannot follow you.

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My bones are too brittle for such a climb. But a witch has other tricks. Dip my face inside. My mind floats up the mountainside. I find you near the top.

The Wise Guy and the Fool

Her castle is gaudier than I remember. Its walls are a mosaic of pearl bricks. The windows are lined with gold, and the towers are tipped with diamonds.

A tasteless display, especially for a witch. You are wandering the edges of her lawn, smelling her garden. It is a good garden, I will give you that. Zora has every flower in the world up here. You pluck yourself a fire lily, and I can smell it with you, a deep, spicy aroma that makes your nose tingle.

Take the flower and leave, fool. I can grow you a garden back home. You keep picking flowers. I dip my hands into the bowl. I tell the rainclouds to fly your way. Perhaps a cold shower will wash some sense in your ears. You finish your bouquet and knock on the castle door. I urge the clouds on, but the winds are too slow to save you.

Zora appears. She is ugly to me. The only human part of her is the muddied hazel in her eyes. You kneel before Zora and compare her to the moon. Then you hand her your flowers, the same flowers you picked from her garden. She hands the bouquet back. I have no use for the love of a peasant. Come home. She has plenty of servants. You are dejected but smile anyway. May I take a flower to remember you by? You pick a sprig of tea olive — a puny plant with wisps of white flowers. It smells like a summer morning. I expect her to punish you for your insolence.

Instead she takes the sprig. You poor, precious fool. She agrees to trade your nose for her flower. She takes you through the garden and makes you describe the scent of each blossom. She places her finger on your nose. She recites her spell in the old tongue. I know the words, but I cannot stop her. I can only watch and suffer with you. She takes the smell of your mother first. Then parchment, wet grass, and cinnamon. Everything you ever smelled flows out of your nose and into her finger. The smells pour faster and faster. Your nose is close to bursting.

Then she stops chanting, and your nose is dead. Zora sniffs the tea olive. It smells like morning.

Online Library of Liberty

What a cruel woman. She takes you on a second walk through the garden. You think yourself lucky, which is all the more infuriating. You are almost done with your tour. She is about release you when my clouds, those stupid clouds, roll over the peaks. They dump their icy rain over the garden. Zora, witch she may be, has enough manners to invite you inside. She takes you into her dining room. Red velvet lines the walls, and a large window overlooks the garden. She sits at the table — you sit at a tea tray. Act a fool Verse 2 Let's take it to the street cause I'm ready to cruise Just bought me and my cars all some brand new shoes And the people just stare so I love to park it And I just put a computer in the glove compartment With the pedal to the floor, radar in the grill TV in the middle of my steering wheel It's my car's birthday so we blowin' them candles More speakers in my trunk than my ride can handle Got my name in the headrest, read it and weep NOS tank in the back, camel hair on the seat And when I roll up to da club, I get all the affection Cause the women love the paintin they can see their reflection I'm about to take off, F what you heard Because my side mirrors flap like a fuckin' bird And the fools, we gon clock one and we'll pop one Cause my folk ridin' shotgun with a shotgun Chorus You just got hustled for a wad of cash Man whatcha gonna do?

Act a fool Verse 3 I got my eyes wide shut and my trunk wide open Did donuts last week and the street still smokin' See, I'm off that anti-freeze and my car is tipsy Off the off ramp doin' about Rollin' through East Pernium, on way to Ben Hill Slide a 5 to the junkie to clean my windshield Got the whole crew ridin' and we startin' some shit I even got a trailer hitched with the barbeque pit Now all you wanna do is get drunk and pout Plus your new name is Fire cause we stomped you out And yeah, we blow trees and bees, that's fantastic So girls hold ya weaves while I'm weaving through traffic I kicked to fifth gear and teared the road apart You'll be like Lil' John Q and get a change of heart It's 1 mission, 2 clips and some triple beams I'm about to blow this whole shit up to smithereens Chorus The pot holes in the street just bentcha rims Tell me whatcha gonna do?

Act a fool Ludacris 2 fast, 2 furious 2 fast Act a fool 2 fast, 2 furious 2 fast Recomendar Twitter.

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Playlists relacionadas. Vive a Tu Manera. Aplicaciones y plugins. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Editar playlist. There is an underlying scholarliness which is never didactic, shot through as it is by humour and lyricism. His latest collection, Waiting to Tango , appeared in from Templar. A full-time writer, he was previously a Financial Times journalist.

He lives near London. For more information about the author, visit www. Virginia Astley is a songwriter and musician who from a young age has appreciated the process of writing, often working things out by writing them out. This is a narrative non-fiction based on the River Thames and the lives of those who work and live on the river. She has received the Dorset Prize for Poetry. Victoria Kennefick is a native of Shanagarry, Co. Now living and working in Kerry, she is a member of the Listowel Writers' Week committee and co-coordinator of its New Writers' Salon, as well coordinating the recently established Kerry Women Writers' Network.

Victoria will be running poetry writing workshops in Tralee and Listowel Libraries sponsored by Kerry County Council as part of the Bealtaine Festival Graham Allen. Cork, Ireland Judith Barrington. Liverpool, UK Jory Michelson. Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland Don Nixon. Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland Jamie Weaver. Texas, Dallas, USA. Lucy Brennan. David Butler. Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland Stephanie Conn. Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland Marie Coveney. Monkstown, Co. Cork, Ireland Kathryn Criston. Meilen, Switzerland Armel Dargon.

Alencon, France Darren Donohue. Goresbridge, Co.