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Love you and your shows!!! Great food, local people and a great history lesson. The Churchill war rooms are a must in my book. The hardships during the Battle of Britain is staggering. Tower Bridge is my top favorite attraction among others. St Paul is relative good and definitely the awesome dome can be seen from many vantage points in London.

The historical tour inside Westminster Abbey. And, i really enjoyed the food and theatrics where we had the Medieval Dinner sorry, i forgot the name of the resto. Anyway, it was really a lot of fun! Samantha do you have any ideas, photos, things to do and paces to visit in France? Please advise as my son is making a trip there this December!

Thanks, R. Just got back for our 4th time. We love trying the different cuisines — French, Indian, Lebanese, etc. We loved going to the play, Mouse Trap. Also, there are a number of bus day trips that are great! We did a Downton Abbey tour that was amazing! You must book way in advance and its only a few times a year.

We hopped a train for Bath drops you off by the city center , spent a lovely day and easily made it back to London! I have been to London about six or seven times and of all the things I have seen, this is at or very near the top of my list. Maybe I am just a nerd. In a city as expensive as London it is nice to find something so special for free.

OK, maybe drop a pound in the donation box, and splurge on a British Library book mark. We loved taking a boat ride on the Thames, touring Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, these are must sees. We purchased tickets ahead of time for a night at the theater too. Lyric Theater was a wonderful old place. Amazing city, I want to go back. How about Uber? If u have a group size of 4 or more, the per ticket method of transportation gets expensive. A favorite of mine is the Old Operating Theatre Museum. Be forewarned that it is not at all handicapped accessible. You will have to climb up a very steep, curved staircase to get there.

Also, doing a free Harry Potter walking tour is definitely recommended. Yes, these are free, but you will have to navigate the Tube on your own. My favorite thing to do in London is to go down to the houses of Parliament around in the morning. I loved the usual things, Tower of London, St.

Took a boat tour down the Thames after the Tower of London tour. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel.

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I was amazed at the waterfall of people coming down the escalators to the Tube. On my 3 trips to London, I can say I have never met a rude Londoner, just busy, focused people who have a job to do to pay the bills. I agree with you completely.

The Low Down on London

My favourite city, came here as a very young foreigner in , now a true Londoner, experienced racism met wonderful people, nothing to even compare with my London…. I have travelled extensively but will always live here.. After many trips I have had only 2 really bad experiences with rudeness in London. No more than i would expect anywhere else. I realize that most Londoners are walking with blinders on. They are all on a mission to get to their destinations. But when sitting in a pub or riding in a cab or asking for information…. Pete is right. It is all perspective. Everyone has been great, from bus drivers, hotel clerks, pub patrons, bar maids, waiters, taxi drivers, officers in the tube and just average Londoners going about their day.

We have absolutely no complaints and happily encourage everyone to go and enjoy London and greater England. Well said, Sarah! And Christina Wheeler also. Smile, be friendly but not loud or pushy and you will be fine. I have never had anyone be deliberately rude to me. They probably sense that I am delighted to be there and yes, most Londoners are moving fast because it is their daily life and they have places they have to be. They are not all unpaid ambassadors for London. I visited London last June for the first time.

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The people were very friendly and did not seem to mind giving directions and offering advice. I absolutely loved London and the UK! Will go back for sure! London, the real London, is a big, ugly mess and getting bigger and uglier day by day. So, you could cycle. I do, but I take my life in my hands each day and await being mown down on Hyde Park Corner roundabout. The tube is the most expensive rail system in the world, so forget that, and it takes hours to get anywhere by bus, which, in the summer months become little more than sweaty, mobile greenhouses.

This is because of overcrowding. You put a lot of dogs in a box and ship it somewhere over two or three days, and at the end of the journey you will probably find there has been a fight, one or two may have been trampled to death and then partially eaten. This is what happens in London. Most of us are only here for the jobs, the rest of it is a living hell. I think you need to leave right now. I was born in this city and have lived here for 40 years. Yes, there are things that could be better, but nowhere is perfect.

If London was as truly appalling as you suggest then it would be a shrinking non-entity. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, attracting tourists and residents from every part of the globe. Despite the doom laden predictions of disaster from naysayers — I have a feeling you may well have led the charge on this — the Olympic Games was widely heralded as a massive success and a landmark games. Londoners embraced it and the rest of the world came and said they enjoyed it.

Admit it, you are a country person who wants a city salary.

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  6. Nick, your answer to poor Lord Fairhead is spot on. He is a country lad and probably would be happier there. I know London is fast paced, crowded expensive, and hugely busy but it is vibrant, historic, fabulous and my favorite city in the whole world sorry, Paris. I love you too, just not as much.

    Thank you for your darling comments. I feel very happy to be British but I say beware of chavs, they are the most horrid and rude people. Well if you want to visit us across the pond, have fun and do not be judgmental and you will have a wonderful time. I love London. It has its share of varied personalities like every busy bustling city. I would live in London in a heartbeat if it were possible! Sometimes you just get back the attitude that you are putting out! A happy smiling face goes a long way! I have visited London two times! Absolutely love it!!!