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Notification Center. The Western Ghats is a world heritage site now. But real preservation efforts still need to kick in. Can the recognition protect endangered species found only in this patch of green?

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Earlier this month when the United Nations declared the Western Ghats a World Heritage site, it stirred huge excitement among naturalists and conservationists. Read Post a comment.

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Meet the new purple frog with a pig snout

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World Cup Points Table. World Cup Teams. Quite similar to the lore of King Maveli, researchers have found that the Purple frog Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis , which lives almost its entire life in underground tunnels, comes out to the surface for a single day in a year to breed.

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A proposal floated by Das for the same is set to come up on the agenda when a committee of the Wildlife Advisory Board meets later this month. Described for the first time in by two scientists in the jungles of Kerala, the species sparks feverish imagination among herpetologists worldwide for a number of reasons. This discovery led many to ask whether the species could indeed be living proof of the theory of Gondwanaland.

Mammals and rodents have often travelled the seas through ships and with voyagers. The Purple frog feeds mostly on soil-mites, ants and termites using its fluted tongue. The male and female frogs mate underground and once in a year, they come out on the surface to lay thousands of eggs near seasonal streams in the months of May-June.

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How they time their emergence onto the surface along with the onset of early rains is a mystery that continues to baffle naturalists. The tadpoles that emerge out of the eggs look identical to sucker fish and are found clinging onto rocks and boulders alongside these seasonal, fast-flowing streams where they feed on algae. They are known to spend up to days in the open before they metamorphose into frogs and make their journey into subterranean soil where they will live almost permanently.

But we still have little idea about their lives underground or how deep they burrow into the soil.

Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis

But rapid deforestation and conversion of forest land into cropland with scant concern by elected governments continue to singe its ecosystem.