Guide Sexuality in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

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1. Introduction

  1. Avoiding Dangerous Sexuality in Jane Eyre
  2. Female Sexuality Within Charlotte Bronte 's Jane Eyre
  3. Bibliography

Bertha embodies female desire, which was seen as barbarian and dangerous in Victorian times.


Avoiding Dangerous Sexuality in Jane Eyre

This point of view is depicted in Bertha becoming insane as soon as she gives in lust and passion. When she asks Mrs.

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Fairfax, whose laugh it were, she is told that it were the one of Grace Poole. The second assail happens in the night before Jane is called away to Gateshead [24]. Bertha attacks her brother Richard who has come to visit her, and heavily wounds him.

Female Sexuality Within Charlotte Bronte 's Jane Eyre

Rochester, who leaves to quickly get a doctor, asks Jane to take care of Richard Mason. Though more and more initiated into the mystery of Thornfield Hall Jane still believes Grace Poole to be the disturber. They have finally become acquainted to each other.

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Introduction 2. Conclusion 4. Sources 1. Introduction Wherever you let your eye travel these days you come across sexuality and nakedness. Jane Eyre. London: Penguin Books, Reflecting on Jane Eyre. London: Routledge, Sign in to write a comment.

Jane Eyre - Summary & Analysis - Charlotte Brontë

They are still, however seen as morally responsible, since they pose a real temptation and threat to the men around them. Attempts to confine them — Jane in her room after discovering Bertha's existence, Bertha in her den, Lucy in her garlic filled bedroom and tomb — are insufficient to contain the danger. Jane's innate morality forces her to leave and Lucy is saved from eternal damnation by symbolic masculine dominance - a stake through her body — but Bertha dies unredeemed in a sheet of flame reminiscent of Hell.

All the novels I have chosen to look at reinforce the restrictive sexual values aspired to by a small but influential strata of Victorian society. Fanny Price is a positive role model for the patient and self abnegating ideal described by Mill. She suffers emotional mistreatment without complaint and is assertive only when making moral choices in the face of pressure or disapproval from others.

In contrast Lucy Westenra is overcome by her own sensuality, which once aroused can only be subdued by gruesome and dramatic measures. Although the vampire is a fictional creation, and the New Woman was unlikely to come to exactly this end, the message is clear — the rejection of a proper woman's role represented by Lucy's planned marriage to Arthur is a dangerous undertaking. Jane Eyre is not so obviously traditional, and Jane, struggling between her love of God and her passionate nature, has the potential to become either a Fanny Price or a Bertha Mason.

Jane Eyre has been called a feminist novel, in particular Jane's speech including the words:. Do you think because I am poor, obscure, plain and little I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!