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  3. Atheism and the Need for ‘Sacred Spaces’ for Ritual: Are They in Conflict?

As certainly as we are here now, it is not long but we shall all be in another world: either in a world of happiness, or else in a world of misery; or, if you will, either in heaven or in hell. For these are the two only places which all mankind, from the beginning of the world to the end of it, must live in for evermore, some in the one, some in the other, according to their carriage and behaviour here; and therefore it is worth the while to take a view and prospect now and then of both these places, and it will not be amiss if we do it now; for which end, I desire the reader, in his serious and composed thoughts, to attend me first into the celestial mansions, above yonder glorious sun and the stars themselves, where not only the cherubims and seraphims, angels and archangels, but many also of our brethren, the sons of men, at this very moment are enjoying the presence, and singing forth the praises of the most high God.

And could we but leave our bodies for a while below, and go up to take a turn in the New Jerusalem that is above, we could not but be ravished and transported at the very sight both of the place and inhabitants, every one being far more glorious than the greatest emperors of this world, with nothing less than crowns of glory on their heads, and sceptres of righteousness in their hands; where they think of nothing but the glory of God, discourse of nothing but praising him, do nothing but adore and worship him: in a word, whatsoever is agreeable to our natures, whatsoever is desirable to our souls, whatsoever can any way conduce to make men happy, is fully, perfectly, eternally enjoyed, by all and every person that is in heaven.

Whereas on the other side, if we bringdown our thoughts from heaven, and send them as low as hell, to consider the most deplorable estate and condition of those who inhabit the regions of darkness, them we shall find as miserable as the others are happy; not only in that they are deprived of the vision and fruition of the chiefest. To see him that made us displeased with us, to see mercy itself to frown upon us, to see the great and all-glorious Creator of the world, the chiefest good, to look angrily upon us, and to show himself offended at us, and incensed against us!

Methinks the very thoughts of it are sufficient to make the stoutest heart amongst us tremble. But then what shall we think of those poor souls that see and feel it? What shall we think of them? Questionless they are more miserable than we are able to think them to be. For we cannot possibly conceive either the greatness of heaven's glory, or the sharpness of hell's torments; only this we know, and may be certain of, that whatsoever is ungrateful to their minds, whatsoever is troublesome to their thoughts, whatsoever is contrary to their desires, whatsoever is painful to their.

The meaning of which words, in brief, may be reduced to these three heads:. First, That it is an easy matter to go to hell, that place of torments we have now been describing, and by consequence that many go thither; for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leadeth thither.

Sacred Places Private Thoughts - Valerie Arena - Google книги

Secondly, That it is a hard and difficult thing to get to heaven, that place of joys we before spake of, and by consequence that but few get thither; 'For strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to it. Lastly, Howsoever difficult it is, our Saviour would have us strive to get to heaven, so as to pass through that strait gate, and walk in that narrow way that leadeth unto life.

I hope you had fun exploring the previous lesson and I would love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to email me if you like. For this next lesson we will have a look at how we can create our own sacred space, how to build an altar, and we will explore how to use our dowsing rods to find our power center. To create a sacred space, or a sanctuary for ourselves, and possibly the Fae, we have to start with ourselves, we need to find the quiet place within us. We need to free ourselves from mind clutter.

For example, when my thoughts are all over the place, and everything becomes very disorganized, the first thing I will do is to make lists, not just a to-do list, but I will write down everything that is distracting me at this time. This will give you some space again. It is also important to regularly review how you spend your time. Reflect on what is absolutely necessary for you to do and where you can allow yourself to take a break and do something for yourself. Give your mind a rest every day, this means no TV, not reading a book, no Internet, not any kind of problem solving.

Just allow yourself everyday to take a moment to look at the trees, to observe the clouds, to feel the wind. Just give your mind a few minutes a day to completely zone out, and you will be more refreshed when you get back to work. Another good way to de-clutter your mind is to laugh, laugh often, may it be with friends, or if you are alone you may want to watch a comedy, play with your pets and laugh with your whole being. Another idea is to exercise, this will help you quickly to clear your thoughts.

Do something that you really love and that fits your fitness level. So after we cleared our mind, we may also want to de-clutter our space, especially the space you want to use as your sanctuary. Clean the space from scratch and get rid of everything you don't need or use anymore. Bring a fresh wind into your space. Sanctuaries are places of safety and protection.

They don't have to be large and you can create them in your own home, your garden, or outside in nature, in a forest, a park, the beach, a mountain. It should just be a place that is easily accessible for you, and that you can visit on a regular basis. For many of us this is probably a space in our own home. First we need to understand what a sacred space is, and what it is not. It is a place where we can go when we need a respite from daily life, or any kind of obstacles; it is not necessarily a place to perform rituals, it can be, but it really doesn't have to be.

It is a place where we can become still for a moment. It is a place where we can distance ourselves from the many distractions in our life. Now think about where you want to set up your special place. Make this place yours. If this is possible you can set up a small table, with a few things that you like, maybe find visual stimulation, like a symbol for example that we will discuss in the next lesson.

DSF - Private Thoughts (Original Mix)

Find something that represents you, this could be a stone that you found, flowers, a candle, a figurine, a painting, maybe even a stuffed animal, there are no rules, it is your space. A good idea is to set this sacred space in the most quiet corner of your house. But we also have to learn to tune the noise out, unless you live alone in a lonely cottage in the forest, with no other soul around for miles, chances are that there will be noise around you. Accept that you may never be able to tune out all the noise, and this is okay, you just have to tune out some noise. You can also listen to nature sounds or to binaural beats.

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In the beginning it is more than enough to simply enjoy a time of Being and to appreciate a sense of contentment and protection within this space. Remove your mask when you enter your sanctuary, this may take some time, and it may not happen all at once, you can do this a little at a time. The purpose of your own sacred space is self recovery. Sit for a while and think about how others see you, and then about how you see yourself. There will be differences, and I have to admit I can sometimes not understand at all the perception of others and how they see me.

Here it shows where your mask isn't in tune with your true self. Write your own observations down. After you get used to visiting your space at a regular basis confront and explore your emotions, this is a safe environment to do this, you may just sit still and contemplate or you may want to use different meditation techniques to do this, this is entirely up to you. Know that there is no one who judges you in this sanctuary, so please don't start to judge yourself. Not all feelings are pleasant, and we learn early on to suppress most of them, so take this opportunity and dive deeper into your emotional realm.

You can take notes, or you may want to draw, write poems or songs. Keep everything in this space, don't take it out to show to the rest of the word, this is just for you. You can use your sacred space to put up a Faery Altar or a shrine, or you use a complete different place. Let me explain briefly the difference between those two things.

For me an altar is a space where I can work on. This means on my altar I want to be able to do card readings for myself, to do a ritual, to prepare my herbs and to create incense mixes, to make my magical oils; and so on. A shrine for me, is more of a place of worship, where I will put representations of a deity, or a representation of Faery, depending on the purpose of it.

It is smaller and I will probably not do any practical work on it. I have a small Faery shrine in my bedroom, I only have a few stones on it, feathers, a figurine, a candle and sometimes my crystal ball. In case you're interested I will leave you the link here.

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  8. Here I will sometimes just sit quietly, meditate put my card of the day on it, or I practice scrying. But an altar can also be something temporary.

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    For a long time I just used my dinner table, and still do so from time to time. You can set up a few things that are important to you, and remove them when you are done with your work. You could also have a wooden plate for example, decorate it the way you want and keep it somewhere safe. This has the advantage that you can take it with you where've you like, so maybe in winter you keep it in the house, and when it gets warmer outside you can take it in your garden for example. Just as I am writing this I actually looked up travel altar in YouTube and there are already many videos, so maybe you can find some inspiration there.

    Atheism and the Need for ‘Sacred Spaces’ for Ritual: Are They in Conflict?

    This is the space where I work, where I do rituals, card readings, or spell work. To keep the space sacred, and again no matter if just a small corner in your space or an entire room, it is important to cleanse it on a regular basis. How you do this is up to you. The most popular method is to smudge your space. Most people will use sage, and I like to use it as well.

    I grow a lot of herbs myself, so I will always have a good collection of dried herbs at hand. I will often use a mix of different herbs to clear and cleanse a room, and to bring in the desired energy. I will give you here a very, very brief list of a few different herbs and their meanings, but if you want to work with it yourself I encourage you to find your own correspondences. Connection to Avalon.

    You can use dried apple for incense mixes, or you can use the dried blossoms for incense or love sachets. The vibrational essence removes negative or unclean energies, heals self-disgust, shame, and poor body image. Heals sexual issues, and can help to connect to the source and Otherworldly energies. You can use the dried bark or leaves to burn as an incense for love spells or cleansing and purification. As a vibrational essence it stirs up energy to get on with difficult tasks. Teaches the pleasure of harvesting your own work. Elderflower water charged in the full moon for beauty spells and connecting with the goddess and the Faery Queens.

    As other mints it helps to clear the mind and can also be used for clarification and purification if burned as an incense. It eases stiffness and helps to relax the muscles. It can release strong emotions and brings happiness. Helps with melancholy and makes the heart merry.

    It is also helpful to sharpen your concentration. Burn as an incense to calm personal stress and household upheavals. It also attracts the fairies. It cleanses and can also be used for protection. If you burn sage it provides focus, stability, and clairvoyance. You can also burn it at funerals to help to relieve grief.