Guide Recover From a Breakup Using Hooponopono

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We all have people in our lives that we worry about. They may be in the clutches of addiction, they may be unwell, or we may have become estranged from them because of their bad behaviour. There are also people in our lives who hurt us and make us angry and whose very presence feels toxic to us. In it, the practitioner visualizes the person that has wronged them or that they have wronged and they say these four sentences to them in their mind. According to Jonathan Davis on Uplift, Ho'oponopono came to wider attention through the work of a Hawaiian shaman, Dr.

Write until you run out of words and then read it. What you discover about yourself will surprise you. You can write a letter to your ex and express everything that lies on your heart. Say the things you would never say face to face with your social filter turned on. This is just a tool to soften your heartache. It is very important to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your thoughts are very, very powerful , and they affect your emotions.

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Your emotions lead you to action. If you are judgmental of yourself or have a lot of self-doubt, it might lead to a lack of action, which could affect your productivity. If your focus is always on what others have done to you, you could be so focused on that you miss good opportunities. On the other hand, if you take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions , you can learn to accept every situation that comes your way, good and bad. Every experience can produce growth as you learn from your mistakes.

A Spiritual Mentor Shares One Phrase To Heal Post-Divorce Hearts

Instead of fear, self-loathing, and self-doubt, you might feel forgiveness, acceptance, and peace. Instead of destructive behavior, your energy will be spent in self-care, helping others, and making strides toward your important life goals. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life. As you strive to be mindful, a great technique is to shake your body for three to five minutes whenever emotional pain appears. What thoughts are coming up?

What emotions do you feel? Just observe and be very present.

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After five minutes of body shaking, walk around the room for another five minutes. Focus on the movement of your feet and body. How do you feel now? Do you feel muscle tension? Take note of your posture, as your body posture affects your emotions. Your Unconscious mind is too small to be able to do that. Aka Cords and Mana Relationships can get sticky, if you know what I mean. That's because on the etheric plane you'd sense cords of energy going from each of you to the other.

That is your energy reaching out and making contact. These aka cords are sticky, so they stay attached to the person you are relating to. Mana , energy, flows through the aka cords. The trouble is, they tend to stay there and keep you connected long after you've moved on. They maintain old perceptions - you keep seeing people as they were when you first related to them, so you don't see them as they are now.

This inhibits the growth of the relationships, as the others - and you - naturally must have grown or changed.

Get A Free Copy Of My New Workbook

We don't know exactly how the kahunas would have dealt with these cords, but one method you could use is to cut them with a sharp object or scissors. The results are amazing: you feel done and clear with old relationships, and in the case of present relationships, rest assured, the cords will reconnect the next time you see or talk with them, and you will both be in present time! Emotional inventory Before the meditation, acknowledge any guilt you know you are holding. You could make a list of everyone you have hurt inadvertently or intentionally.

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Make sure to include all the relatives you have spent time with. Promise you will carry these out in the next few days or weeks. Make deadlines and commit to them or the meditations may not work. Acknowledge too any old anger you are holding. You could make a list of everyone you are still angry at. Forgiving others is forgiving yourself too.

How to Heal From a Breakup

Ho'oponopono Meditation 4 Back to the Table of Contents. Purity of Thought What can you do to stay clear after this? Do Ho'oponopono every night with people you came into contact with that day. Practice Self-Love.

Ho'oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer - Melissa Field

Maintain Pure Thoughts. My definition of this is simple. Purity in thought and deed is to mean no harm, and to create positive and life-giving thought-forms by your self-talk and visualizations. Now is the time to stop indulging ourselves in negative thinking.

Since energy follows thought, what do YOU want to create? Resources Back to the Table of Contents.

This is primarily an adaptation of the technique of my teacher, Tad James of A. She offers private consultation, classes, rituals, and personalized audiocassette tapes.

Magic Prayer That Heals All Your Relationships (Ho'oponopono for relationships)

She is a compassionate psycho-spiritual healer, and offers her services to those having surgery or illness, anxieties, or who are just stuck with their wheels in a rut. She also loves working with people's strategies for success. As she guides you toward health and happiness, the work is fast, easy, fun, and it lasts. My personal goals are to Know, to Grow and Evolve. You can call her for more information or to schedule an appointment at Permission needed to use articles on commercial and non commercial websites.

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