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  1. Prisoner for Blasphemy by G. W. Foote
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  3. Prisoner for Blasphemy by George William Foote
  4. Former Jakarta governor released from prison on blasphemy case

It commences with a root cause analysis deeply resonant with modern conflict resolution theory and offers seven working models for the settlement of disputes see G. In the Vinaya Pitaka, which deals in thoroughly legalistic detail with misdemeanours, infringements and crimes in the Sangha, the intention behind the act is a matter of vital importance when evaluating positive actions from negative ones. It is worth noting in passing that 5th Century B.

Prisoner for Blasphemy by G. W. Foote

Buddhist clerical jurisprudence is in perfect congruence with modern criminal law in its separation of the intention of a crime from the physical action when assessing culpability. What indeed would the Buddha have made of Sri Lankan Buddhists.

This primitive, dangerous and alien idea of blasphemy, based on unreasoning fear and an anxious need to protect, is fast creeping into mainstream Buddhism. Share This Article Facebook Twitter. Comments that are abusive, obscene, incendiary, defamatory or irrelevant will not be published.

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Verified Purchase. This book was published in , shortly after the writer, George William Foote, went through several trials, and 12 months imprisonment for publishing a weekly newspaper called the "Freethinker".

Prisoner for Blasphemy by George William Foote

In it he expressed doubts concerning the Christian Bible. His viewpoint was that science was the ultimate rational development of modern man, and the Bible was filled with unproven superstition. Whether you agree with his opinion or not, this man had a right to his viewpoint. But not according to antiquated laws still on the English Books. These laws put into effect during Cromwell's Puritan times had still not been removed, although they were not being used till this incident.

This brings us to why this book is of value. This is why the founding fathers of America insisted on separation of church and state. You can see them still fighting in England in for rights established here in The legal situation for this trial is fascinating and the precedents are covered in detail. If you are interested in English law, religious persecution, freedom of the press, and the right to your own opinion and beliefs, read this.

Former Jakarta governor released from prison on blasphemy case

Italy said on Tuesday it would try to help Bibi, who is Catholic, to leave Pakistan. No executions for blasphemy have been carried out in Pakistan but enraged mobs sometimes kill people accused of blasphemy.

Rights groups say the blasphemy law is exploited by hardliners as well as ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores. Security officials told Reuters early on Thursday that Bibi had been released from a prison in Multan, a city in the south of Punjab province. She was flown to Islamabad and was in protective custody because of threats to her life, said three officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.