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Just repeat those three things over and over again until you run out of thread.


It's a very common mistake to make but if you're aware of it you will be less likely to be tricked by it. When you pull a right string down it goes on the right side of the set of strings on the bottom. When you move the left string up it goes on the left side of the strings at the top. It is tempting to want to make the thread cross over and to put a right one to the left side or a left one to the right side but just don't do it.

It's a trap! Detach the strings from the wheel and tie a knot at the end of the braid. Leave a little space about the side of the big knot you started with and then tie another knot. Now push the big knot through the two knots to close the bracelet. Trim any crazy ends and you're done! It will be much easier to find your place when you come back than if you had left all strings in pairs of two. I haven't been able to find too much information about this but if you do please share. Look for it on the arts and craft aisle in the pink section.

I'm an inveterate recycler.

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I got out a cup with about a 3" base and traced the base onto the thick plastic from the sides of gallon jugs of commercial tea that my husband keeps buying. Then I cut four more slits about midway between each of the first four slits. A friend gave me a spent. I made dozens of these discs in just minutes. Eight slits, use seven strands of cord thread, yarn, whatever. My students and grandkids love 'em, and they're great to keep on hand for unexpected down time.

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Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship

It's easy to add small beads or charms. Kids love giving and exchanging them, and it leads them into new areas of crafts and handwork.

DIY Friendship Bracelets. 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects!

Thanks for this great 'ible! Reply 1 day ago. I use the plastic tops from a Pringles container. You don't have to cut the part that secures the top to the cardboard container that is where you make your cuts other than the center one. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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Without cookies this website will not work as expected! Learn how to enable cookies. Marina aka marina from Russia had been collecting bits of yarn from all over the world to knit a super scarf that embodied the unity and friendship between different nations. It took a whole year, but she finally finished this project late last year and took some photos with her friend Dasha, to show you the result.

We thought the photos looked so lovely, we had to make another post about it! Have a look:. Marina says:. Tags: crafts , mail-project. News, updates, and all kinds of goodies and stories from the postal world! I imagined the hot Bahamas, rainy London, night in Hong Kong, ancient palaces of Osaka, vivid festivals of India, the rock art of Egypt… Knitting is like traveling the planet!

This scarf is a string of the Brazilian jungle, African desert, from the cold of the North Pole Spitsbergen archipelago and South distant Antarctica. They did the long and hard way: they were taken by snowmobile, helicopter and boat, by ship, by plane, by rail and finally by road. What about you?

Planning any cool postal projects in ? Do share in the comments! Posted by meiadeleite on 11 Jan, Tags: crafts , mail-project. Share on:. Posted by bungaalangalang on 11 Jan, Posted by Darcey1 on 11 Jan, I've send yarn too and I' m so delighted what came out 10 meters is absolutely great. Well done. Thank you for showing. Posted by mounten on 11 Jan, Posted by giorgina80 on 11 Jan, Posted by iphoto on 11 Jan, I find this just amazing. Posted by Hawwa on 11 Jan, Awesome pictures of an amazing piece of handicraft!

Posted by MrsMidsomer on 11 Jan, Kudos to Marina. Wonderful idea and amazing photos. Loved it. Posted by Garv on 11 Jan, Posted by devimarietta on 11 Jan, Posted by geminiscp on 11 Jan, So creative and meaningful. Posted by robinmp on 11 Jan, Great idea, lovely outcome. Posted by Sophie54 on 11 Jan, Really Cool, Marina!

Posted by katyasmit on 11 Jan, Beautiful and such a wonderful idea! Love it! Posted by Sparklefancy on 11 Jan, How fantastic!

Here's What You Need

It is beautiful! Posted by quirkylady79 on 11 Jan, Posted by chickalettasw on 11 Jan, Posted by musicman on 11 Jan, A world of colour and a world of positivity.

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet – Honestly WTF

Beautiful colours in their own right but enhanced when mixed together. Posted by ned on 11 Jan, I love handmade objects!!! Posted by smeuldersdrawings on 11 Jan, This scarf is amazing, the photos would make awesome post cards. Someone should make them, I would like one in my collection!! Posted by catwool on 11 Jan, Posted by anastasiapq on 11 Jan, A piece of yarn connected the whole world,A great job hats off to you,thank you.

Posted by Gurudath21 on 11 Jan, Ooooh, so beautiful! A great idea perfectly accomplished! Catwool is right: These photos would be great as postcards. Posted by Mosshumla on 11 Jan, Posted by mysweetlife63 on 11 Jan, Posted by zomertje on 11 Jan, Your project was wonderful and inspiring. Posted by AnitaLouise on 11 Jan, This is beautiful! What a great idea! Posted by CathyFay on 11 Jan, Posted by SeanPatrick on 11 Jan, Well done!

The scarf is beautiful!!! Posted by Jacque53 on 11 Jan, I love knitting, and I love this scarf! I want to do one now too Posted by Copperplate on 11 Jan, Beautiful and creative! Posted by happydayout on 11 Jan, Marina, you did a great knitting job, and Dasha, you made lovely creative photos!