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  2. The economic burden of disease of epithelial ovarian cancer in Spain: the OvarCost study
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Those data were considered representative and valid. Second, as neither national nor international references were found regarding average height and weight of patients with EOC by disease stage, our model included the average weight and height of women with any cancer by age at diagnosis in Spanish National Health Survey. However, the sensibility analysis showed that the weight of the patients had almost no impact on the global burden of EOC. Third, because of this lack of data availability about the patients in Spain, we adopted an incidence model approach.

However, since this method does not include the patients previously diagnosed, and it may underestimate the burden of EOC. Fourth, our model considered that vials were used only once, although in Spanish practice, patients are usually gathered in day hospitals to optimise drug vials usage. Optimization of vials would decrease the global cost of treatment. Fifth, the percentage of patients who needed informal care was obtained from an observational study about patients with haematological neoplasia developed in Spain, whose situation may be different compared to those with EOC.

Finally, our study does not quantify the substantial psychological load that caregivers may suffer from.

Despite its limitations, we believe that this study represents the most complete economic burden of EOC performed to date in Spain. Investment in the development and evaluation of techniques for early diagnosis may imply higher survivals rates and a substantial reduction in the economic burden of EOC, due to possible cost savings at advanced disease stages. Besides, this study emphasizes the importance of informal care in the global burden of the disease, especially in advanced stages. In conclusion, our results highlight the importance of analysing the economic consequences of EOC from a societal perspective, providing an insight into the distribution of this cancer costs by stage, with the final aim of informing healthcare services planning appropriately.

Laura Delgado-Ortega, Phone: , Email: moc. Juan Oliva-Moreno, Email: se. David Vicente, Email: se. Luis Cordero, Email: moc. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. The European Journal of Health Economics. Eur J Health Econ. Published online Jun Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Corresponding author. Received Aug 22; Accepted Jun 6. Abstract Objective To assess the economic burden of epithelial ovarian cancer EOC in incident patients and the burden by disease stage in Spain. Conclusions EOC imposes a significant economic burden on the national healthcare system and society in Spain. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Keywords: Epithelial ovarian cancer, Economic burden of disease, Healthcare resource utilization, Spain.

Introduction Ovarian cancer OC is a rare disease but with a high mortality rate in women [ 1 ]. Methods A Markov model was considered as the most appropriate method to simulate the progression of EOC, regarding the modelling approaches adopted in the previous economic studies and the nature of the disease [ 18 , 19 ]. Open in a separate window. Table 1 Epidemiology, patient characteristics, and treatment of EOC by disease stage.

Transition probabilities Transition probabilities depend on the disease stage assigned at diagnosis and the health state as patients enter the model. Table 2 Results of the model: direct healthcare costs, direct non-healthcare costs, and indirect costs by stage. Electronic supplementary material Below is the link to the electronic supplementary material. References 1. Ferlay, J. Group, on behalf of the E. Group, O. Jelovac D, Armstrong DK.

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Recent progress in the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. CA Cancer J.

Ovarian cancer. Achievements and unmet needs in the management of advanced ovarian cancer. Mutch DG, Prat J. Carcinoma of the Ovary. The cost of melanoma and kidney, prostate, and ovarian cancers in Russia. Value Health Reg. Quality of life, lifestyle behavior and employment experience: a comparison between young and midlife survivors of gynecology early stage cancers.

The economic burden of disease of epithelial ovarian cancer in Spain: the OvarCost study

Ovarian cancer care for the underserved: are surgical patterns of care different in a public hospital setting? Healthcare utilization in women after abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer. Stage at diagnosis and ovarian cancer survival: evidence from the international cancer benchmarking partnership. Colorectal cancer in Spain: temporary disability and preventive occupational strategies.

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Yabroff KR, Kim Y. Time costs associated with informal caregiving for cancer survivors. Treatment patterns, health care utilization, and costs of ovarian cancer in Central and Eastern Europe using a Delphi panel based on a retrospective chart review. Cancer Off. Cancer Soc. Markov models in medical decision making: a practical guide.

Oliva-Moreno J. Health Econ. Genetic counseling program in familial breast cancer: analysis of its effectiveness, cost and cost-effectiveness ratio. Drug shares. Quarter 3 data. Carboplatin dosage: prospective evaluation of a simple formula based on renal function. A formula to estimate the approximate surface area if height and weight be known. Burbank Los Angel. Editar perfil.

Medios de pago. Servicios Premium. The Finance Ministry's effort to keep town and regional governments from defaulting on service provider payments have paid off in terms of how much money is moving around the economy. Three payment plans put into effect Endesa is a major market player right now. The private equity firm has finalized a deal to buy about a third of Deoleo, although the deal looks worse than it did previously according to the CNMV, which has focused on the excessively low price of 0.

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In any democracy, it is rare that citizens elect an official in hopes that he will pardon them for future crimes. But this is what Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has done this week. The latest buying spree in the US has come to an end. As the markets expected, the Federal Reserve announced that it was finishing its third QE program that it started in March , and the beneficial effects of this The Spanish banking sector passed the ECB's last stress test with flying colors.

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