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Although perhaps we shall not deal with this issue at too much length, perhaps the question of the timing sequence of modern Muslim apocalyptic, and why has it achieved so much prominence at this particular moment does arise. As will be indicated, and as I have shown in a number of papers on this subject, this literature has received a huge shot in the arm from evangelical Christian apocalyptic expectations. This has led to a wide acceptance within the genre of Biblical exegesis, and even given it to some degree precedence over the traditional hadith literature.

Since evangelicals and by extension and negative perception, Jews attach importance to the year , it has come to have a great deal of meaning, albeit negative meaning, for Muslims as well. Moreover, in addition to this foreign-based material, there are several corresponding Muslim calculations as well. In this attempt it has succeeded; unfortunately it put off the speculation until our own time. Therefore, since the events deemed to occur previous to the end of the world take up approximately years, we should be seeing the beginnings of the end.

In addition to this classical treatise, there are a number of modern calculations available. Virtually all of the apocalyptists cited in this paper have made predictions at one time or another. If the issue is delayed, it will not be beyond [], as the exact people tend towards [i. Another writer says: "It would be a humiliation for both Christianity and Judaism if the Messiah [he means Jesus] came in the year and the Mosque of al-Aqsa was built on the site of the Temple on Mt.

Therefore there is necessity to build the Temple. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these references do not convey much information about them to the reader who does not already know something about them beforehand. I fear for you the punishment of a great day. Bring us then what you are promising us if you are truthful. Then when they woke up, there was nothing to be seen except their dwellings. Thus do we reward the criminal people. Sulayman d. They are said to have lived in Dakk al-Ramal in the Yemen near Hadramawt.

Their prophet, however, was Hud, who is a non-Biblical figure still revered in the area of Hadramawt. The "columns" or poles mentioned in the name were simply those which the tribe used as tracking devices in the shifting sands of the desert something akin to the snow-poles common in areas known for deep snow. Gradually, from the time of al-Tabari d. Great cities such as Damascus and Alexandria vied for the name, although most serious commentators dismissed these claims. By the period of al-Khazin al-Baghdadi d. Some commentators then began to wonder whether there was not some connection between these extensive building projects and the judgment inflicted upon the unfortunate city.

Ibn Kathir d. Are you not ashamed, are you not ashamed that you are collecting wealth you cannot eat, building what you cannot dwell in, hoping for what you will never attain. Before you there were ages [of civilizations] which collected and contained [water and so forth], built and were certain [about the future], hoped and lengthened [their time on earth], and their hopes became illusions, their collection was destroyed, their dwellings graves.

Therefore, the apocalyptic sense of these verses is still quite strong, and even in classical times they were associated with the idea of judgment upon a supposedly advanced society which sought to go beyond the limits placed upon it by God. This idea is strikingly similar to that of the judgment of the people of the Tower of Babel Gen. There can be no question but that these qualities are true of the United States, according to his analysis. Denial of messages and calling messengers liars Finally, the last stage are the terrifying plans to uproot all believers and empty the earth completely of them, and this will be accomplished by forcing a decision between a joining infidelity, atheism and life in accordance with lusts, and thinking ways of pleasurable life which infidels and atheists live; or b being expelled, killed and annihilated.

Therefore, the choice for the apocalyptic Muslim believer is clear: to submit to the evil atheistic world order or be killed he does not add the third choice, which is to resist. After saying that Clinton owes his election to the votes of perverts, he states:. This in and of itself is a cause in their deserving a strike Colonialism stole the wealth of the world and took it back to Europe and the United States.

It goes without saying that this usurious banking system is against the principles of Islam to begin with. American political crimes are literally innumerable. Thus, when Pharaoh was judged, he alone received the punishment. What are the factors which enable a nation to be judged by being totally uprooted? They had advanced weaponry and organized sports and cultural events These, however, were merely for pleasure, not for the purpose of glorifying God. Their advanced weaponry included nuclear weapons , similar to those of the United States. And they had a secular humanistic culture together with public approval of sexual perversions.

Its arrogance was also the equal of that of the United States:. She [America] does not conceal her rule over the Security Council America is to be judged therefore not for the power it has amassed, but for the attitude which that power has engendered in its rulers:. But since it attacked Iraq on the pretext of the invasion of Kuwait, ganging up on it with 30 other countries, and ignores the alleged evil of Israel and the actions of the Serbs in Bosnia it has not done justly and must be punished for its arrogance. From the aesthetic point of view he is far more pleasurable to read than most Muslim apocalyptic writers since he eschews the bombastic and blood-thirsty style they favor.

His book tends to be more analytical and cooler-headed, although he is clearly a paranoid anti-Semite as well. Predictions for the United States can be divided into several different groups. First of all there are those apocalyptists who believe that the country is being functionally ruled by the Dajjal, through the "world Zionist conspiracy. This question is not merely academic, since the correct answer will also answer the question of where the Dajjal currently resides. In this article we will be focusing on those who tend to either see the United States as the Dajjal or to interpret him as a personage residing inside it.

Identifiable figures for this slot are not lacking. However, here also it is difficult to find writers who will accurately gauge the level of the malevolence of the figures described. Many times they are reluctant to name names and prefer to hide behind the anonymity of the name "Dajjal. The sources are divided about Bill Clinton: is he the Dajjal or an agent? Biblical verses are cited for his punishment, however. His given name is connected to Jer. All of this will not happen despite the Jews, the Dajjal, their helpers and their slaves from the infidel Masonic collaborationist governments, and their ignorant masses.

Then he will go to Europe and lead Russia in its war against the united Islamic state led by the true caliph, the Mahdi [the Muslim messiah]. But the true conflict is between the Jewish Zionists the dragon [of Rev. This will not be like it is this year -- a conflict between the whole united world under the leadership of the Jews and the Dajjal against various Muslim groups.

These are called unjustly and slanderously terrorists and extremists sometimes, and fundamentalists other times Then he will appear with his secret army of hypocrites- those are most of his followers-- the Masons and the other Jewish secret organizations, and a special army of the children of fornication which are numerous today in the immoral prostrate West.

In order to obtain classical apocalyptic proof for the significance of this event, he reinterprets a tradition "the world will not end until there is a confederation of Muslims at a place called Bulan [identified with the desert south of Iraq] In order to bolster his interpretation, he uses a Biblical citation from Isaiah , which reads: "An oracle concerning Arabia: You caravans of Dedanites, who camp in the thickets of Arabia, bring water for the thirsty; you who live in Tema, bring food for the fugitives.

They flee from the sword, from the drawn sword, from the bent bow and from the heat of battle.


Indeed, part of the Iraqi propaganda effort is represented in the following tradition appearing in the Palestinian daily newspaper al-Nahar for Dec. An examination of [whether] the source is trustworthy and the transmitters reliable has occurred, and until now a large number of religious authorities have refused to confirm or deny the reliability of this tradition, [that it] came from the Messenger [of God] Muhammad.

Is This Young Boy The Future of Religion?

They said: When, O Messenger of God? He said: Between the months of Jumada and Rajab [mid-November to mid- February], and you see an amazing thing come of it". It is clear that the format for these traditions is widely known, and therefore they can be molded to fit circumstances as needed. In the end concurrent with the appearance of the Mahdi about whom below , who will liberate the Islamic state from this American occupation, there will be an enormous earthquake which will totally uproot remembering his discussion of this phrase earlier the sinful American nation in revenge:.

In addition to Christians, there are Buddhists, Hindus, Chinese! There will also be one in the East. Probably the focus will be in either Russia or Japan, which are the two most evil countries in the area during modern times. But he does not preclude the possibility of the Hindus being the recipients of such a judgment: no final conclusion is reached on this matter.

In the matter of the western khasf there is some certainty. Since America is now the chief and first Zionist power the dragon [of Rev. Since in New York especially there are more Jews than in other places, and in it is their wealth, their banks, their political foundations which control the entire world the U. He has taken the prophecies of Revelation, attached to them anti-Semitic hatred of both New York and the world institutions located there, and placed the judgment of them within an Islamic context. There will also be an earthquake in Syria, among many other places, which will finish off the infidel Nusayri regime currently ruling there.

Will Islam rule the world?

Like many of the other apocalyptists surveyed in this paper, he does not hesitate to date the approaching great event: the earthquake will take place during 10 Dhu al-Hijja [April 19], 50 years, according to him, after the foundation of the state of Israel -- probably at dawn. At the end, there will be two great battles. After this, the victorious Muslims will conquer Europe and destroy the "idolatrous church in the Vatican.

This scenario we shall return to shortly. Although it is paranoid and anti-Semitic, and based upon sources many westerners feel uncomfortable with even though in the last analysis, the vast majority of them originated in the west , there is a certain resonance to it even though it has clearly been disconfirmed and was based largely on assumptions and circular reasoning. It is a reactive scenario, a judgment upon the evil of the west, which ultimately is based on western critiques of its own culture and society. These are adopted and then amplified by the Muslim apocalyptist, and made only the more powerful by their obvious origins.

While some Muslim material is used, it clearly plays a mere supporting role, and is simply present to deflect critics who would rightly say that this is an Islamized Christian apocalypse with the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory thrown in in order to pin it together and to give it the necessary connection to the state of Israel.

Unlike other Muslim apocalyptists who foresee the future conversion of the U. Others, however, have taken a different path in their apocalyptic predictions. The scenarios involving the Mahdi are slightly different from those involving the Dajjal and do not necessarily overlap. Whereas in the previous account the United States is trying to gain control over the world or has already gained it and God is judging it for that illegitimate control , in this group of interpretations, it is trying to resist the world-wide conquests of the Mahdi who will come to bring a vast Muslim empire into being and ultimately to convert the world to Islam.

In this vision the downfall of the United States will come in a number of successive stages:. Since the first country to swear allegiance to the Mahdi will be Egypt, the following will ensue:. This generous offer on the part of the Egyptian ruler, however, comes into conflict with American interests in the area, and there is a brief first battle in which the American troops located in the Sinai desert are defeated.

This is not a good omen for future conflicts. Initially, the Mahdi merely gains the allegiance of the countries around him. Many of the Muslim countries fall into line fairly quickly; however, several do not. Kuwait, for example, apparently cognizant of its dependence upon American arms during years previous the Gulf War , chooses to resist and rely on its powerful ally.

The foreign presence is obvious, clear to the eye and cowardly! His opposition stems from the fact that he is an alternative messianic figure, who is known to the classical texts as al-Barqi from the town of Barqa. However, the power of the United States will shortly be curtailed by its own difficulties. This disaster will be the destruction of New York by a terrible flood after a terrifying series of explosions nearby makes the surrounding waters swallow it up as if it is an ant inside of a terrifying star of heat and water.

Not a single one of its inhabitants will be saved. Some will say: the disaster will be as a result of the American bombing of Paris, and the French will respond paying them back with nuclear missiles Florida also suffers nuclear explosions of unknown origins and this triggers even more explosions as the American nuclear arsenal in the area detonates. Since the American Antichrist has at his disposal flying saucers, he then decides to use this weapon against the Mahdi and attack Mecca, but God will cause the flying saucers to miss, and hit the United States once again with its own nuclear weapons.

God will then continue to cause natural disasters to hit the already shell-shocked people. But when the Mahdi attacks Lebanon, then "America will forget its sufferings and announce that it will not remain quiet if the armies of the Mahdi enter Lebanon America, together with the Europeans who seem to have temporarily both forgotten that they have just had a nuclear exchange in which a vast number of both sides perished , gathers an army to protect Lebanon and Israel from the Mahdi.

The return of the Islamic caliphate is a return of the truth to its people, and a calling of things by their [proper] names. But blind hatred has no logic to it, and oppression and tyranny has no intelligence. He attributes the negative American attitude towards Muslim unity under the Mahdi to the desire to be the only power on earth.

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The government of the United States apparently has some difficulty deciding how much force it wants to use against the Muslims. Since the U. However, the policy of fighting the Muslims is really that of the Dajjal, who controls the American government entirely, and his policy is not beneficial to the Americans themselves. But he is a Jew of a special type: he is a Samaritan Jew-- those who only recognize of the Torah the five books of Moses, and whatever other than that is idle talk. These are Jews who despise the Jews. The race of Samaritan Jews is a superior race in his opinion, and so most of his close associates are Jews, but they will never be lords of the world, like they have fancied for so long.

Destruction is waiting in ambush for them. Thousands of prisoners will be taken and the rest will flee in every direction because of the terror struck in their hearts by the Muslim army. Magnanimously, the Mahdi allows the prisoners to return to their own lands on the condition that they abandon their weapons, but the Christians raise their crosses in protest and challenge, and the Mahdi will be forced to destroy the entire army and kill them all.

Before he does this apparently; the chronology is somewhat confused the Christians will once again betray the Muslim forces, and treacherously try to bomb them. But technical problems will once again beset them he adds maliciously, "just as when Carter tried to save the hostages in Iran" , and they will miss their targets and bomb their own forces instead.

The last round of the battles will be that of Armageddon proper.

Five Prophecies to Watch

Typically, the western military leaders are quoted making crude statements about the Muslims and how they will be treated when they are defeated. All throughout the discourse, as a matter of fact, the statements made by the western leaders are very bombastic, and uncharacteristic of western war-time leaders. The Mahdi responds with a message which could be considered to be his statement of purpose:.

In Jeremiah Jeremiah But let him that glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD which exercise loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, said the LORD. There is also the matter of reliability. Muhammad first stated that Allah appeared to him in the form of a man. Later Muhammad said that he was called by the Holy Spirit. Still later he said that angels plural appeared to him and said that Allah had called him to be a prophet.

The Koran similarly lumps peoples, places and practices separated by thousands of years and hundreds of miles all together at the same time. It has Haman, a Persian official mentioned in the biblical book of Esther, working for the pharaoh in Egypt at the time of the Exodus, when that event took place a thousand years earlier.

Western civilization, largely rooted in Christianity, has always recognized that practical conflicts between citizens need resolution sooner or later. According to the Bible, the state deserves respect and basic compliance from its citizens. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

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Honor all people. Love the brotherhood [members of the Church]. Fear God. In sharp contrast, the ultimate goal of Islam is to bring all nations under its Islamic religious law Sharia now during this age of man—even if it means bringing down existing governments. By contrast, true Christians await their soon-to-return King of Kings to supernaturally usher in the divine Kingdom of God to rule all nations—at last bringing peace and prosperity to this chaotic world Revelation Revelation And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

The rest face infiltration, oppression and attacks by Islamic believers until they are coerced into submission. In non-Muslim lands with a minority Islamic population, the basic strategy is to appear outwardly peaceful and cooperative. And many Muslims may well be. Yet radicals work covertly underground in carrying out subversive designs.

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Then, if and when the demographic tipping point arrives, the tactics switch to various types of coercion and force, using the fresh powers of a recently acquired Muslim plurality or majority. But first those countries outside of the realm of Islam are usually asked to convert. By choosing political correctness over facing the hard facts of reality, we willingly participate in our own downfall. Anciently, King Solomon warned us that the way of life that may seem so right to us will end up in our own spiritual destruction and death Proverbs Proverbs There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

As in the days of Israel of old, many men and women today are thinking and doing what is right in their own eyes and choosing wrongly see Judges Judges In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Abortion and euthanasia have gained acceptance by this misguided liberal thinking.