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Have you ever wondered how to grow a kumquat in your living room? Look no further.

  1. 7 Apartment Herb Garden Tips | Apartment Gardening
  2. 7 Apartment Herb Garden Tips | Apartment Gardening | Balcony Garden Web
  3. Apartment Gardening Ideas Outdoors

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  • How to Grow Herbs and Vegetables for Apartment Dwellers!

Focus on a very small number of different plants. What vegetable do you most enjoy? I also grow a couple very hot pepper plants habaneros and some cilantro almost every year, giving me nearly enough material to make my own salsa. Choose a place with adequate sunlight — or get some natural light bulbs. If you have a window with room for potted plants nearby, this is the place to use.

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  4. Even if you have a window, I also recommend a lamp with a few natural light bulbs that do a good job of replacing sunlight. Research your plant and buy an appropriate pot.

    For example, I had one small cherry tomato plant in a single flower pot, and then a flat bottomed, larger pot full of cilantro and in future years other herbs. These two took up the top shelf of a small bookcase and provided a good harvest of cherry tomatoes and a ton of cilantro. Use good soil. I reuse it for years, but the first batch you should get should be good stuff. Get a handful of worms. These can usually be had at a bait and tackle shop.

    The worms get down in the soil and do a good job of breaking down some of the organics in the soil for easier absorption by the plants. Most require little effort, just a sunny spot on your window sill or fire escape and regular watering. Microgreens are packed with healthy vitamins and can be used on a variety of dishes. They also happen to be incredibly easy to care for as well. Keep them in a shallow container and stash by a sunny spot, and you'll be sprinkling microgreens on your salad in no time.

    Garlic greens, similar to spring onions, thrive where garlic bulbs tend to fall short.

    7 Apartment Herb Garden Tips | Apartment Gardening

    A small, 4-inch pot and a discarded garlic clove is all you need to start growing at home. Tomatoes can thrive in the garden or in pots -- wherever you can care for them best.

    Choose a 6-inch or larger pot that you can keep in a warm area that gets about 12 hours of light per day. Small lemon trees, specifically Meyer lemon trees, can be beautiful and fragrant additions to your home -- as long your place gets tons of sunlight.

    7 Apartment Herb Garden Tips | Apartment Gardening | Balcony Garden Web

    Citrus can be temperamental, but rewarding if you know how to properly care for them. Most trees will need 8 to 12 hours of sunlight and moist air to thrive. Never waste money on big, expensive bunches of romaine and spinach that will rot in the fridge a day later again. Now you can easily grow exactly what you need by getting a few, tiny starter plants and keep them in warm, moist soil that gets plenty of light. Normally, apartment dwellers would cringe at the thought of finding fungi in their home.

    However, there are some delicious, flavorful varieties that can be easy to grow if you have a place to care for them. You can even purchase a mushroom kit that allows you to grow them in a laundry basket. They may not be the best option for studio apartment renters or people with roommates though, as peppers require up to two gallons of soil to grow. If you have a spacious two-bedroom, however, taco night is on. Carrots, like most root vegetables, make great additions to window boxes if you have a little room. In order to grow , carrots need a box about eight inches deep and wide, with holes for drainage.

    Once harvest rolls around, however, they'll be great in that fall stew. Like many other root vegetables, they are relatively low maintenance as long as you give them a one gallon pot and the right amount of moisture to thrive in. For that daily dose of vitamin C that won't take over your apartment, you can get a dwarf mandarin orange tree. Just like lemon trees, mandarin oranges need tons of sun and a spacious pot, but their soil should be allowed to dry between waterings.

    As long as you keep your beans stable and supported, they can be great plants to grow. Use at least an eight inch container and place in a spot that gets about eight hours of sunlights per day. Juicers, rejoice!

    Apartment Gardening Ideas Outdoors

    You actually can grow your own kale at home, saving your tons of money at the grocery store and the juice bar. Make sure you give them a little space , by planting your kale in six square inch pots. Scallions are one of those special plants that you can buy once and never again. Chop off the green top for your dish, save the rest by placing the white bottoms in a small cup of water and place in a sunny window sill.