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I had my family, my mate, my pack, my city. I didn't want anything else. I didn't want an empire. But I would fight to protect what I had. I'd fought before, and I'd be an idiot to ignore the forces out there building empires, who would take my world away from me if I let them. The possibilities he suggested were downright ominous. They incited a nebulous fear of purposes I couldn't imagine. Witch hunts, pogroms. Reality TV. Jan : Modern sensibilities? We are ancient creatures. What do human mores have to do with us? Antony : It's not like we kill anyone—civilized vampires don't.

Why kill mortals for their blood when they so obligingly make more? Kitty : As I recall, you insisted on conducting an interview. Is now a good time for you? Stockton : As long as you're not busy. Ben : They'll respond. Do you know what that means? They'll strike at what's visible.

That's you, Kitty. Kitty : Then we know right where they'll be. Ben : No. Because they won't go after you directly They'll strike near you. Rick : Your family. They'll strike at your family. Ben : Look what Carl did to Jenny. He would. Are you ready to play that game? Are you ready to use your family as bait? Yes, Carl and Arturo would target my family. They were easy enough to find, in the phone book and everything.

And yes, if I continued on, I'd be knowingly putting them in danger I was scum for even thinking of it. But I did it anyway. I was a bit taken aback, that here was this person I didn't know, out on the airwaves, rooting for me. Maybe I'd forgotten that anyone was rooting for me Nothing like having that mirror held up to you, or your words thrown back at you Maybe I just needed someone to listen.

Someone who wasn't depending on me to keep it together. Looking at Ben, I waited for him to argue and say I shouldn't do the show while all the rest of this crap was going on. Not when I had a target painted on my chest.

What he said:. Tropes D-F. Damsel out of Distress : It's become a Running Gag how many times Kitty gets in trouble or danger, gets kidnapped, or otherwise becomes a target of the villains—but fairly early on her growing strength as a character allows her to weather adversity, and by now, near the end of the series, she's often quite capable of rescuing herself, and even when she isn't she is hardly helpless.

Dark Is Not Evil : A repeated theme within the series, especially during the radio show segments. While vampires and werewolves are described as sufferers of a chronic disease that no one should go looking to get, there are both heroic and monstrous examples of both. From the short story collection, invoked Angeline , who not only doesn't kill Arthur outright, but is deliberately keeping him alive but weak so that England will not gain a strong king and thus threaten the rest of Europe, i.

A Day in the Limelight : New bit-part characters get to have stories told from their point of view in Kitty's Greatest Hits —David, Robin, Jake—while characters from the main series whose backgrounds we've not gotten to know also get their chance to shine as the protagonist—Rick, Ben and Cormac, T. In book 11 we not only get to meet another member of the pack, Trey, but Becky comes back into focus as a character as does Kitty's sister Cheryl.

The entirety of Low Midnight is this for Cormac and Amelia. Dead Guy Junior : Milo Kuzniak's great-grandson is named for him, and also follows in his magical footsteps right down to being in way over his head and not knowing what he was doing, which gets him killed. Cormac briefly thinks he might actually be the original Kuzniak , but this would either require the Philosopher's Stone or some other immortality magic, or for him to be a vampire which, since they met him during the day Whether he looks anything like his great-grandfather is unknown, since there were no pictures of him.

Deadpan Snarker : Aside from Kitty herself , a number of characters qualify, but one of the most deadpan of all because of his lawyerly Straight Man persona making him The Comically Serious is Ben. His response after Kitty's kidnapping, forced televising of her Change, and loss of anonymity have completely overwhelmed her? You're going to wind up as a question on a game show, you realize. The lead singer of the band in "Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned" actually did make one of these— only it was for fame, not virtuoso playing —and it wasn't with an actual devil, but one of the Unseelie.

The more literal and explicit example appears in the form of Charles Lightman's offer to give Kitty the live prime-time TV show she's always wanted, and the fame and accolades to go with it, if she will just leave Denver to do it. The fact it occurs in the form of an actual contract, and that Lucifer poses as a TV executive producer who seems "too good to be true", is both hilarious and absolutely fitting. Interestingly, he later claims he expected Kitty to reject it, and the fact she had to debate about it at all intrigued him.

Naturally Kitty is very disturbed by this. At the same time, however, invoked it was also an attempt by Ned to show Kitty what her opponents were truly like, so as to galvanize her against them and, admittedly, because he enjoyed watching the other Masters get completely thrown off by Kitty's rebelliousness Demonic Possession : Happens briefly to Tina. In one short story, Kitty meets a metal band whose drummer claims to be channeling the demon Morgantix. Deus ex Machina : Literally in the form of the angels , yet at the same time also downplayed, since other than spiriting the pack away so they could not be harmed by Roman, using the full-spectrum lights to make the bounty hunter flee, and giving some advice now and then, they don't really do much except ensure the battle will be fair and that the heroes are in the right place and have the right knowledge and chances to do what needs to be done.

The only true Deus ex Machina is their gift which allows Kitty and Ben to have a child , and that only happens after Roman's defeat. However, the trope is actually downplayed, considering he really doesn't manage to do much to actually hurt Kitty or ruin her courageous stand, seeing as the angels take her pack away to safety so they can't be used as bargaining chips , the only real damage is to New Moon which can be rebuilt elsewhere , and both Roman and the bounty hunter are much bigger and more dangerous threats.

Also he really doesn't want to do evil or hurt Kitty, keeps trying to warn or send her away so she can be saved, and in the end gives her a Dying Clue to help find the Manus Herculei and stop Roman. A hot meal and a bed. A hot meal, shower, and bed. No, a drive around Trafalgar Square first, then a hot meal, shower, a cuddle with Ben—I'd never had sex in a foreign country before—and bed Tropes G-I.

Schumacher compares the way vampirism and lycanthropy change a healthy human's DNA to "evil gene therapy. Genre Savvy : Kitty—aside from her inside knowledge of werewolves and vampires combined with being a fan of the supernatural genre, she specifically shows off her knowledge of Slasher Movie tropes in House of Horrors.

Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex : Although most of it is motivated by the amulet and the news Kitty gives him, it's pretty clear this trope is also why she and Ben make passionate love after defeating Roman. God's Hands Are Tied : Implied by the angels : they are not allowed to interfere directly in the affairs of men, only to step in when a particularly unfair or heinous imbalance happens, and otherwise can only dispense cryptic advice and give nudges here and there.

Whether any celestial rules are involved or if this is simply to allow free will to govern isn't clear. It also isn't clear if this applies only to them, or to God Himself. Godwin's Law : Skirted by Kitty at several points, from early on in her show to when she is called before the Senate to testify about the Center for Paranatural Biology, and outright addressed when she interviews Senator Duke at the end of the first book, suggesting that what the government intends for supernaturals could very easily become the same as what the Nazis did to Jews and other undesirables.

However, based on Duke being an Expy of McCarthy and the events that happen in book two, it is sad and disturbing and a sign of human nature that she may actually be right, if the wrong people's views prevail. Goggles Do Nothing : Played with. The demon bounty hunter's goggles, not being magical or supernatural, really don't do anything when Kitty pulls them off she almost thinks the trope name, and is bemused they don't turn to ash in her hand.

But they do serve a very important purpose, one they're actually meant for: protection, since their wearer is legitimately Blind Without 'Em thanks to being from a place of utter darkness. It inspires Kitty to create one of her own after she takes over the Denver pack, New Moon. Shaun, its proprietor, even lampshades its nature by referring to it as " Rick's Cafe " prompting invoked a brief bit of confusion on her part with vampire ally Rick.

Good Is Not Nice : If it isn't Blue and Orange Morality , this is the reason for why Ned, Marid, and Antony can so casually and callously punish Jan for siding with Roman and execute him so horrifically , only to laugh and joke about it afterward. As Kitty says , "And these were my allies? Good Thing You Can Heal : Most Weres, including our heroine, develop this attitude toward themselves to one degree or another.

Gratuitous Latin : Aside from Roman 's adopted name of Dux Bellorum, Latin is also used, it seems, in missives between the vampire Masters of Europe when planning gatherings or communicating generally. Justified since not only is he actually from the Roman Empire , but many of the older vampires are from at least the Middle Ages if not earlier—so they would either also have lived when Latin was a living, spoken language or when it was used by the Church to preserve literature and by nobles to show off their education.

It's also one of the few languages all of them would have in common. And it can't be denied it's pretty awesome when applied to Kitty. Unsurprisingly, Roman 's final words are a Latin speech, and a particularly moving and meaningful one, from Lucretius' De Rerum Natura : "His ibi me rebus quaedam divina voluptas percipit atque horror, quod sic natura tua vitam manifesta patens ex omni parte retecta est.

Happily Married : Kitty and Ben, eventually. Happy Place : Cormac of all people retreats to one of these while in prison, first to keep from going stir-crazy, then to evade the demon killings and growing Hate Plague , and then to escape Amelia's attempts to reach him. It consists of a beautiful meadow up in the Rockies where his father used to take him camping. When she manages to infiltrate it, he is forced to abandon it invoked until the end when he finally lets her in— the two of them then meet and commune there, watching the sun rise together.

Hauled Before A Senate Subcommittee : Most of the plot of the second book is this, after the masquerade is broken. Unfortunately for Kitty, the senator in charge is a Moral Guardian on a Witch Hunt and is in bed with the not-so-ethical scientist who wants supernaturals proven real so he can get funding and study them. The ghost itself doesn't factor into the story other than it being in residence keeping uninvited vampires from entering , but plenty of supernatural stuff occurs there thanks to the ifrit, and the backstory for the house is certainly dark and chilling enough to count.

Have You Told Anyone Else? He's prevented from eliminating witnesses and punishing those who killed his grandchildren , though, by Louise's pendant. Ironically, Kitty actually is making a concerted and constant effort not to be a monster—as in, resisting the impulses and retaining her humanity, rather than stopping being a werewolf. He Who Fights Monsters : Flemming falls into this in the end. As Kitty herself says, "Science can become its own brand of fanaticism. In "God's Creatures" he explicitly compares himself to the werewolf he is hunting, noting how the people he helps are no more comfortable in his presence than they are with the "monsters", that they are two sides of the same coin , and that while the monster he's hunting hasn't killed anybody yet , he has killed many times.

Hellbent For Leather : Brenda, which in Kitty's estimation and combined with the rest of her overdone wardrobe also makes her a invoked Fashion Victim Anti Hero. Also, the demon bounty hunter literally! Hermetic Magic : Franklin's weather summoning definitely has flavors of this. Being from the Victorian era, so do Amelia Parker's spells. Heroic Sacrifice : A couple. TJ, as well as Walters. Cormac makes a different sort when he kills the skinwalker and goes to jail for it instead of Kitty.

Jerome makes one for Kitty, blocking the silver arrows that were meant for her. Grant takes the stake for Anastasia, but lives. Father Columban makes one for Rick. Extremely meaningful, since he is in a sense Rick's grandfather. Antony , who gives his life to try and take out Roman , but manages to send word back to Ned of the Manus Herculei.

Enkidu, and Zora bringing down a whole mountain to close the portal and stop any more of Roman's forces from coming through. Kitty takes the spear for Kumarbis and also lives. Hero Antagonist : Rocks the House introduces us to two. On the one hand Father Columban is unequivocally on the side of good, since he's a devout Catholic, determined to bring down evil including Roman , and is a member of a special religious order; however, his coming to Denver and offering Rick membership drives a good part of the book's plot, with Kitty becoming increasingly frantic to "save" Rick from being drawn into his circle and leaving her in the lurch relatively alone against the Long Game.

He is not at all opposed to Kitty or even her methods, but simply believes she isn't seeing the larger picture and that Rick can do more good for the world in the order rather than only by leading and protecting one city. On the other hand, Darren is an ally of Nasser's and most certainly opposed to Dux Bellorum and it seems clear by the end that he is in fact a good guy Hero of Another Story : It is never revealed just what Grant and Peter did off-screen to get into the lair of the vampire priestess who leads the Band of Tiamat—only that it was awesome, and that it resulted in them obtaining and destroying the amulet used to summon the ifrit and bind it to Kitty.

The Hero's Journey : Kitty's journey has been very bumpy and not followed every step of the structure, although she has experienced The Call Knows Where You Live , tried refusing it , and has eventually become resigned to it ; she's also encountered the usual Mentor Occupational Hazard , her exile would probably count as Crossing the Threshold, and any number of moments could be considered her spiritual rebirth —nearly being sacrificed by the Band of Tiamat, the experience at the Montana cabin, even her televised Change way back in book two. But book twelve contains the most explicit references.

She gets it, too—not just Dux Bellorum's backstory and true motivation , but the literal gift of knowledge contained in Zora's flash drive, her Book of Shadows. They fail. Technically all of Low Midnight is a Breather Episode for Kitty, but there's also a brief one when she and her allies are staying at a motel in Yellowstone and planning the Final Battle. As the final steps in her journey, after having gone through the Apotheosis of facing down Lightman among the fumaroles and learning about the true origin of supernaturals, Kitty comes close to sacrificing her closest allies in order to get to Roman She even receives the Ultimate Boon for her to take back on her Return, the amulet that lets her and Ben have a child , even though that was the last thing she intended to gain from it.

Though of course there's no actual Return for her, except home; she's inextricably part of the supernatural world and always will be, and in fact the whole point is her continuing to be a bridge for both worlds, to help keep humans and supernaturals balanced so that the endless fight against Lightman can always be won.

There is no Atonement With the Father, but this does apply somewhat to Cormac in Low Midnight who even as he's on his own Anti-Hero's Journey is having an adventure that is really just an adjunct to Kitty's though it does set up for possible future adventures for him.

Hidden Agenda Villain : Dux Bellorum. Hijacked by Ganon : With the appearance of Big Bad Roman , combined with comments made by Leo and Mercedes, it's a very strong possibility that he's responsible for almost every threat Kitty has so far faced down. Hilarity Sues : Subverted. Cormac, the resident Badass Longcoat , blows half of an evil skinwalker 's face off to put it out of its misery , after it was already mortally wounded.

This saves the pretty heroine, her lover, a police officer, and a couple civilians. Traditional end to a werewolf story, right? Not so much Hollywood Law as a combination of Dirty Cop , Amoral Attorney , and Fantastic Racism , plus the masquerade only recently having been broken. Played for Laughs in the previous book, where a tape of Kitty being forced to transform in a prison cell after being kidnapped gets her fined by the FCC because her breasts were briefly visible mid-transformation. Talk about your screwed-up priorities Hitler Ate Sugar : Inverted example—as soon as Kitty finds out in House of Horrors that resident Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Mercedes Cook wanted nothing to do with the reality TV show, she was much more inclined to sign on, assuming anything she avoided couldn't be all bad.

By Dramatic Irony , of course, if she'd not fallen into this fallacy Kitty wouldn't have nearly been killed by the Right Wing Militia Fanatics or been able to save the other supernaturals from them. Whether Mercedes actually knew what was up and did this as a form of Reverse Psychology to put Kitty in danger or it was a case of Even Evil Has Standards and a bad judgment call on Kitty's part isn't known. Hitman with a Heart : Cormac, the quasi-friendly werewolf hunter. He usually only goes after werewolves or vampires that went out of control, but is introduced when he's trying to take down Kitty.

After that, he sticks with just werewolves or vampires that went out of control. Has a lot of mental issues, a lotta firearms, and a good lawyer.

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That happened to be his cousin. A bit of a Death Seeker. Hoist by His Own Petard : The Maltese cross amulet once owned by Milo Kuzniak is this trope in magical form, since it literally reflects any spell back at its creator, thus causing the deaths of both Augustus Crane and Kuzniak's great-grandson. What's even more delicious though is that Cormac and Amelia would never have figured out what it could do, and been kept from being destroyed so he could claim it, if Roman hadn't given him the e-mail clue about "looking to how the opponent was shielded" and that the winner of a Wizard Duel was often the one with "the strongest defense" Two big ones strike in the last book—the coins which Roman had used to mark and bind followers to him, once defaced, turn out to have the power to protect the wearer from Lightman , thus enabling the heroes to get through his minions mostly unharmed and stop Roman.

And the most literally explosive example is how the Maltese cross amulet reflects the Manus Herculei's spell right back at Roman. And this last event not only enabled him to stop various plots of Roman's that otherwise never could have been Harold Franklin's storm, the showdown in San Francisco, rescuing Tyler , it led to the translation of Zora's Book of Shadows and, indirectly, the recovery of the amulet that was his undoing. Add in the fact that it was his and Mercedes' plot to cause the vampire civil war between Rick and Arturo, threatening her family and pack, and eventually sicing both the Band of Tiamat and the ifrit on her which set Kitty firmly against Roman, and it seems pretty clear that whether by destiny or chance, Roman ended up defeating himself several times over, both literally and figuratively.

A House Divided : Has happened to some degree by the end of book While Darren's attempted coup has actually rallied the pack behind Kitty stronger than ever, he and through him, Nasser has certainly not inspired much confidence and loyalty in Kitty and her allies. Lazarus , thus leaving Kitty in the lurch and forcing her to deal with the arrogant and distrustful Angelo, and nearly causing Rick and Cormac to kill each other. Even Kitty herself is rather unhappy with Cormac. Moreau and some of the non-supernatural enemies she's faced, it seems Dux Bellorum's ultimate goal stems from this trope being true of himself—since as soon as he became a vampire and learned the whole supernatural world was real, he took it upon himself to gather all power to him and take it over solely so he could destroy, then rule it.

Hunter of Monsters : Cormac, who has actually made this his life's work after being trained in the role by his father a long tradition in the Bennett family , and it adds to the drama when he must choose between this and his friendship with Kitty , resolved initially by him only continuing to hunt the truly inhuman and dangerous supernaturals but not truly dealt with until he can lay his father's spirit to rest. Ben became one too, though only to help Cormac. I Did What I Had to Do : A hard woman, Amelia Parker not only lived on for a hundred years as a spirit in the walls of the Colorado Correctional Facility in order to take out the demon she was hunting , she persistently attempted to find a body to inhabit, seeking out men she thought were strong and stable enough to accept her—only for prisoner after prisoner to go mad, be Driven to Suicide , or otherwise break.

Despite this fact, she continued to methodically and unwaveringly carry on her quest, no matter how many died before she found the right vessel for her spirit. She regretted their deaths I Fight for the Strongest Side : Dack, the were-African wild dog, gives this as his motivation when participating in the vampire civil war. Kitty asks him if that means he thinks Rick is the strongest, to which he only grins, foreshadowing that he had actually chosen to follow Mercedes and Roman.

His sire was not ambitious or bloodthirsty enough for his taste. I Hate You Werewolf Alpha is justly one of Kitty's major motivations up til the end of the fourth book. On a grand scale with Roman , who went from hating Kumarbis for turning him, to hating him for being too weak to truly gain power and dominate the world, to hating and wanting to rule the supernatural world he was a part of.

So does Balthasar after the Band of Tiamat captures her. I Have Your Mother : In book 4, a very chilling scene has Arturo seem to try this on Kitty in order to end the war or her participation in it and with a mother with cancer, no less. Subverted, however, in that he only used the threat to get her to talk to him, offered her mother an Emergency Transformation to save her life and praised the wisdom of the decision to refuse , then departs peacefully, the first hint that he is still the Anti-Villain he appeared to be in book 1 and is not the true Big Bad of book 4 either.

This turns out to be merely a lure, something he took from their hotel room, since he has no idea where Ben is and just wanted to get her back to the Hanging Gardens for the ritual sacrifice. I See Dead People : Well, maybe not quite see, but Tina has Psychic Powers that extend to being a trance medium and doing automatic writing, so she at least communicates with them at times. This leads to a wonderful moment near the end of Kitty Raises Hell in which Tina brings up a show Paradox PI had done about Harry Houdini and his stated intent to contact the world of the living with a message for his wife, if there really were a life after death : through her automatic writing, Tina reveals she did get such a message, with Houdini thanking her for trying but claiming it was pointless since "all those who knew my codes are dead".

She managed, where no other medium had, because she used his real name, Ehrich Weiss, to contact him instead of Houdini. She originally attempted it in order to communicate with the ifrit, only to suffer Demonic Possession instead. In the last book it's the fact she can do this which Cormac counts on to fool Roman into thinking she's Amelia. I Just Want to Be Normal : Kitty expresses this general thought as early as the first book, and says it out loud several times in the sixth and seventh books.

She is a successful radio talk show host and a publicly acknowledged werewolf, so naturally everyone laughs at her. Admittedly, it's not the celebrity that bothers her so much as the Fantastic Racism , her own Weirdness Magnet nature and the epic battle of Order Versus Chaos she seems to be stumbling into, but still, if the weirdness really bothered her so much, getting a desk job would help a lot As of book 9 she seems to finally be abandoning this. See Passing the Torch. I'm Cold So Cold In Harmony with Nature : According to Ahmed, humankind used to be like this in the time of the Garden of Eden, with the lycanthropes as the bridge between worlds that made the harmony possible.

This is also what Kitty decides must have been what it was like in the time of Enkidu, when the balance between man and beast that she is always seeking still existed, and is a power which the members of Kumarbis's cult are trying to bring back. Kitty : I love it when people call me that , it's so meta. Tropes J-M. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk : Carl. There are hints at Hidden Depths and a few moments in the first book of Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other to suggest he is not all bad, and even inspire sympathy, but in the end he turns out to be this trope.

Whether this was always the case or he Jumped Off the Slippery Slope due to Meg's influence invoked can only be speculated. This turns out to be Foreshadowing for book ten, where Flemming, via Mercedes and Roman, is outright kidnapping supernaturals to be turned into Super Soldiers for Roman's legions. In other words, for all the claims of wanting to study them for medical benefits and helping fight disease, in the end it all comes down to the DOD and other governmental groups wanting to use these special powers in new ways to control and kill their enemies.

Kangaroo Court : In the third book, Cormac is accused of murder. He shot someone to protect his friend Kitty, with half a dozen witnesses. However, the person he shot was a Skinwalker and in this setting the Broken Masquerade is still fresh enough that people barely even believe in vampires and werewolves, let alone esoteric monsters like that. And half the witnesses had already been persecuting his friend Kitty due to Fantastic Racism , so testifying in Cormac's defense would be admitting they were wrong before.

Karma Houdini : Sheriff Marks to a point. The guy Kitty dated in college, and the fake vampire master of Las Vegas, although you'd expect it from him. Also probably Senator Duke. We know that he lost a lawsuit, but he kidnapped someone and were party to murder; losing a lawsuit seems like a poor substitute for jail time.

Justified in his case, of course. Flemming was also an example until book After going the whole series being this, Manipulative Bitch Mercedes Cook finally has karma catch up with her in the last book. Kiss of the Vampire : Her first experience with vampire feeding makes Kitty question her sexuality. That good. Kneel Before Frodo : The pack gives Kitty the werewolf version of this when she becomes alpha.

Kryptonite Factor : The expected silver vulnerability is quite severe. Direct contact will cause rashes and welts within a couple of seconds, while trivial-by-human-standards wounds mean an agonizing death. Laser-Guided Karma : All the villains who have died thus far have been targets of this in one way or another, but the fates of Meg and Carl are particularly delicious.

Evan and Brenda setting up Boris and Sylvia to take the fall for the shootout at the Hanging Gardens is also quite fitting. The deaths of all the Right-Wing Militia Fanatic hunters in book 7 are definitely this, especially Provost since he actually gets turned into a werewolf first , and Roman's final fate is this as well. Late-Arrival Spoiler : The blurbs on the backs of the books give away that Kitty becomes pack alpha, and also that Ben becomes a werewolf, and her mate. Also, that Roman is the Big Bad. Latin Lover : Luis, the drop-dead gorgeous Brazilian were-jaguar. Outworldly nothing "major" like a battle happen but internally Kitty was able to reconfirm what makes her herself and that I think is pretty major.

I was sad at the end but optimistic everything will work out as it should in the near future. Looking forward to reading more. Looks like a lot of the other reviews for this one are positive, but it was really dragging for me. I'm not sure if I'm just getting tired of this series, or it was something about this book in particular. Plot wise, we're home in Denver. Kitty is facing a lone wolf who's challenging her leadership in the pack.

In the meantime, Rick meets an older vampire who shakes up his view of the world and tempts him to leave Denver. There's also a couple of sweet moments. One of the werewolves introduces his Looks like a lot of the other reviews for this one are positive, but it was really dragging for me. One of the werewolves introduces his new human girlfriend to the pack, and Kitty and her sister try to reconnect. Or am I just reading a lot of longish series that are reaching their natural end.

And maybe a few trying to extend beyond it. Apr 17, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it it was ok.


Kitty Rocks the House (Kitty Norville, #11) by Carrie Vaughn

Not least of which is a challenge for leadership of her pack which she has been neglecting with her various battles against Roman. She has to re-build those bonds to see off the challenger. And then a vampire in town comes looking for Rick — and they sequester themselves behind magical shields, leaving Kitty to soldier on managing Denver, her family, her pack and the fight against Roman alone.

Really, we finish this book no further along than when we started it. It was fun and vaguely amusing, but certainly not more than that. But, when looked at in the context of the entire series, it makes a bit more sense. Kitty has been letting things slide in the last few books. Not her battle against Roman, but her more at home issues.

There needed to be some patching that, there needed to be some consequences to that. Read More View 1 comment. May 11, Liv rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy. Seriously, I don't know what to make of these Kitty Norville books anymore. Like the last installment, Kitty Steals the Show , nothing much happened in this book to advance the central conflict of the series - the opposition against Roman a.

Dux Bellorum , the evil ancient vampire planning to gain power and take over the world, literally. Apart from Kitty hopping from one drama to another, nothing really happened in this book. Seriously, nothing much happened. So Kitty stayed in Denver for the entirety of this book. She was busy as ever since she was not only the alpha to the Denver werewolf pack, she was also allied with the local vampires in the movement against Roman, and she was still hosting her radio show, and there was family drama to deal with as well.

I won't go into all the details, but let's just say that Kitty was supremely busy in this book as she was pulled in different directions, different things demanded her attention and a lot of stuff was happening, but at the same time, nothing material happened either. Other than the "detour" that Rick the Master of the Denver vampires decided to take on and a little bit more information was revealed towards the mastermind behind the Roman conspiracy, I wasn't sure what purpose this book served. Yup, that pretty much summed up my feelings for this book.

I was originally looking forward to some advancement to the conflict about Roman as it had been dragging on for far too long already, but I was disappointed, yet again. Needless to say, I was not exactly thrilled about how things had turned out and I also was not sure continuing with this series as my opinion was that it had been losing steam since about two books ago and it was definitely heading towards a decline.

I'd give this book 2 stars only and even then it felt too generous. Feb 16, Yui rated it liked it Shelves: shifters. I finished this in 3hours. ALmost pages and I didn't even skipped a page. One of the good things about familiar and firm-founded series, I suppose. It was much like all Kitty Norville books.

Books in this Series

No great love, no tortured heroes, and the big quest is still given in tiny drops. Not much development in that area as usual. I suppose, one can get bored with how long it's taking and the tiny, tiniest hints every installment but as I've said there isn't much I finished this in 3hours. I suppose, one can get bored with how long it's taking and the tiny, tiniest hints every installment but as I've said there isn't much in the way of greatness in this series so you can get pissed about it big time either.

I've place a few series in the 'chore' list the past couple of years. Books that won't disappoint me but can't stir great passion from me any longer either. I do hope I'm just this is a mere stage and it will pass on. Sure, the ever so tiring anticipation is stressful when your high on passion esp. Not just crossing out my to-do-list. Aug 13, Denise Van plew rated it it was amazing. Not to be missed for sure just love these two and of course they have more troubles to be taken care of that came their way.

I really like how they get along with the master of the city Rick. Comedy lines included also especially reactions she gets whenever she asks a vamp how old they are. That Cormaic is one strange dude though wouldn't have it any other way for these stories in this series. Kitty can seriously kick some butt. Ben not so bad either. Read this one if you want to know if they ca Not to be missed for sure just love these two and of course they have more troubles to be taken care of that came their way. Read this one if you want to know if they can still take care of their pack new wolf comes to town and handle trouble the priest brings when he comes calling on Rick.

Sep 11, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: releases , urban-fantasy , received-for-review. Whenever Kitty is around, you have to ask yourself how much more can this girl take or get into before she breaks. She has the capability of asking way too many questions, and getting into trouble at the drop of a hat. Up until now, Kitty's major worry has been the movements of her archnemesis Roman, aka Dux Bellorum. Published: March 26th by Tor Books Apr 07, Kaje Harper rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-m-f , paranormal. I enjoy this paranormal series, with Kitty the alpha werewolf trying to keep a balance between her day job, her pack duties, the local vampires, and the supernatural risks to herself and those around her.

This book didn't have a major impact on the balance of events, other than moving one major character offstage. Hopefully temporarily because I like him. A decent middle book, not the best of the series but with moments of fun, excitement and good characters. Although I wouldn't have cut Corma I enjoy this paranormal series, with Kitty the alpha werewolf trying to keep a balance between her day job, her pack duties, the local vampires, and the supernatural risks to herself and those around her.

Although I wouldn't have cut Cormac the slack that she does. May 07, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Eleventh in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a brash young werewolf taking it to the airwaves. Based in Denver, Colorado. My Take The underlying theme in this story is death and temptation, and Vaughn sets the mood from the start with Grandma's death.

There are also temptations: religion and the desire for its protection and that of power. One of those temptations provides Kitty th Eleventh in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a brash young werewolf taking it to the airwaves. One of those temptations provides Kitty the opportunity to put her philosophy to the test, a set of beliefs completely opposite to that of the original Denver alphas Kitty and the Midnight Hour , 1. Whoa, Kitty's getting quite a reputation as we discover when she and Ben encounter Andy and Michelle, the alphas for the Phoenix pack.

And I think the pressure is starting to get to her as she tries to balance everything in her life. There's a debate on Kitty's show between two academics that will stroke your inner cynic. Cormac has a much larger role at last, although he seems too brash in this. With all the evidence that's drifting up, I can't believe that Hardin and Cormac are still intent on pushing in, ripping into the church and its protections.

See a Problem?

It just doesn't make sense. But what we do learn It's just gonna get worse. No, I'm not buying Father Columban's argument, that any city Rick goes to is "just one city". If that's true, then Denver is also "just one city" The Story Kitty's been in trouble ever since Kitty Steals the Show , when she was talking about the vampire conspiracy on the radio, and now Ozzie is riding herd on her. Seems a few others are taking note as well The Characters Kitty Norville is a radio show host and the alpha werewolf for her Denver pack.

She has explored the supernatural world with her audience and become notorious throughout the world for it. Ben O'Farrell is her werewolf lawyer husband. Her backup, her second, her lover. Together they're supernatural private investigators. Trey has romantic problems with Sam and needs Kitty's help. Becky is having lots of thoughts: first ones, second ones, and third ones. Tom and Wes are more pack members. The abrasive Darren is the new boy, er, wolf, in town, and he wants to become a member of the pack.

Rick is the sympathetic Master of Denver whose headquarters are at Obsidian, an art gallery. Angelo is his lieutenant and doesn't like Kitty. Nasser is the skeptical Master of Tripoli who was also intrigued by Kitty's speech and meets with Rick and Kitty in Denver. Edward Alleyn is the Master of London and a former actor in Shakespeare's troupe. Father Columban is a magic-wielding vampire priest with the Order of Saint Lazarus of the Shadows with an invitation for Rick.

It's an interesting tidbit of what historians look for in a primary text. And the lengths to which professors will go for tenure, LOL. Gaius Albinus, Dux Bellorum, a. A vampire since his Roman general days, he's been working the Long Game for centuries and intends to dominate humanity. Mercedes Cook is the first celebrity vampireand one of Roman's. Matt is her sound engineer and thinks Kitty has a point. The Cover The cover is quietly intense with its bright orange sunset and the former church in an increasing darkness. It's a leather vest- and jean-clad Kitty caught in mid-stride with Ben as his wolf, cocky, self-assured.

They'll need to be. I must confess that when I initially "translated" the title, my inclination was to go with "shakes things up" as per the pack, and I don't see that in this story. Instead, I'm going to assume that Vaughn intended Kitty Rocks the House to reflect Kitty's resolve both in terms of rogue wolves and the historic expectations of vampires.

Meanwhile two new strangers show up in Denver, a vampire catholic priest and a lone werewolf. As for the vampire priest, he temps with an offer that Rick has been searching for every since he was turn but that would mean leaving the city and being master of Denver. Throughout the book there were a couple of scenes with Kitty taking callers on the radio, and boy was those funny! Kitty Rocks the House felt like a transition between books, not a lot of action going on but I still enjoyed every single page.

I look forward to seeing more of Kitty and her friends in the next book, Kitty in the Underworld which comes out July 30, ! Jun 07, Ranting Dragon rated it really liked it Shelves: janea. The urban fantasy series follows title character Kitty, a werewolf public radio DJ that shocks the world by becoming the first paranormal celebrity. She and the vampire Master of Denver, Rick, are busy receiving envoys from potential allies against Roman when a strange wolf appears and attempts to join the pack.

Kitty has her hands full defending her position as Alpha while Rick mysteriously disappears. A focus on characters rather than action Urban fantasy books can be frustrating for a reader because they feature a ton of action in a relatively small or so page book. One of the strengths of the Kitty books is that Kitty herself is so outspoken that the reader has no trouble following her personal growth through each book. The challenge of bringing newcomer Darren into the pack provides Kitty with a chance to reaffirm her beliefs.

Kitty Rocks the House also lets us see more of a few old characters, as well as some new ones. Spending a lot of book time around the pack lets us see them for the first time since book number eight, Kitty Goes to War. Cormac and Amelia are really starting to jell as a team, and Detective Hardin is back. Not the highlight of the series The really good long running urban fantasy series all seem to experience peaks and valleys in terms of books that leave you on the edge of your seat, and ones that are quieter reads. Kitty Rocks the House is certainly one of the lulls in action for the Kitty series.

This is not a bad thing, as the slower pace and lower stakes let Kitty re-ground herself and deepen her character for the reader. However, it did not leave me reaching the end of the book dying for book twelve to find out what happens next. Why should you read this book? Kitty Rocks the House is not one of the highlights of this series. Kitty does a lot of growing here, and there are some major revelations about vampire culture that will be important in future books.

I'm growing a little tired by this series. The Long Game overall arch needs a vampire mind to be into it. And I'm clearly not. I know it bring the series forward, but I'm not sure I care. Above all in books like this, where not much happens. Yes, I too understand that all the thread in the previous books had to come to a point.

She's alpha, but she has left the pack often. She has family and they are important and so on. I wonder if all of this couldn't have been dealt with in a novella. I really couldn't care less for the Vamp in the Vatican thread. I'm not a religious person, and I can't really understand Rick and this drama. Nor it did anything good for Cormac. I believe many fans have disliked his new persona. But here he comes out as a total idiot and worse one who doesn't care for his actions. He keeps pocking at things and causes a death plus he risks many other ones and the worst?

There's no reason outside stupid curiosity. He looked like the dumb kid at school who has to punch the emergency button to see what will happen. Dumb and stupid. And so is the cop Pack. I'm sorry to say even the way this was dealt left me unsatisfied. She tries to behave as a person, not the cliched were. She's human more than wolf. She talks rather than fight. But there are times when you wish she'd blubber less and act more. That she had actually some strength. I like the fact she runs her pack as family, rather than a strict hierarchy. I like that she avoids the violence with words.

Kitty Rocks the House (Kitty Norville Series #11)

But honestly I came to think she is at times simply hypocritical. She avoids violence because the pack does the "violence" for her. So yes she gets out of trouble with words, but because other people do trust she is better and are ready to battle for her. May I say that at times she reads as a con artist? Bluffing her way through life?

After 10 books I do wish she'd get stronger and grow up. Kitty Norville, one of the world's most recognized female werewolves - not to mention a successful nighttime talk radio show host - returns home to Denver from London. A new werewolf is in town and "threatens to split the pack by challenging [her] authority at every turn.

Roman aka 'Dux Bellorum' , a year old vampire bent on gaining full control of all the vampire communities and humanity worldwide as part of his "Long Game" strategy, lo Kitty Norville, one of the world's most recognized female werewolves - not to mention a successful nighttime talk radio show host - returns home to Denver from London.

Roman aka 'Dux Bellorum' , a year old vampire bent on gaining full control of all the vampire communities and humanity worldwide as part of his "Long Game" strategy, looms in the shadows. Kitty has had 2 brushes with him previously, and barely survived with a whole skin. Columban wishes to meet with Kitty, who has earned a hard-won respect over the past several years among the vampires of the city. Usually there is no love lost among lycanthropes and vampires. Columban is several centuries old, freshly arrived from Europe, who wishes to meet Rick, the Master Vampire of Denver, to undertake a special mission with him.

As the story goes on, Rick mysteriously disappears with Father Columban. This could not have happened at a worse time as a visiting Mistress Vampire from Buenos Aires is due shortly to arrive in Denver to help coordinate with Rick a way for the vampires not under Roman's control to resist his latest efforts to expand his power base. In the meantime, Kitty has to deal with two urgent matters that pose a threat to the Denver vampire community as well as to the life she's managed to establish for herself: 1 the challenge posed to her authority by the new werewolf, who thinks he knows better than her what the pack needs in terms of leadership and guidance; and 2 finding Rick.

There's lots of action, and like the other novels in the Kitty Norville Series that I've read, "Kitty Rocks the House" will keep the reader guessing as to whether or not Kitty and her friends survive or lose it all. Oct 24, Vanessa rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. But even the best-laid plans seem to go awry.

The local vampire master Rick--her 1 ally--is approached by a secret sect of Catholic vampire crusaders and contemplates leaving Denver. A new pack member is causing trouble in the ranks. How is she supposed to defeat Roman if she can't even keep her own life under control?

Carrie Vaughn

As a result of it being buildup this particular episode feels like filler, and even though its multiple plot threads resolve, the book felt too short. I want to get to the meat of the overarching conflict with Roman and didn't see the point of these seeming side-stories. I guess we'll have to see if they're relevant in book twelve. At this point in the series I'd also have liked to see Kitty be more assertive in her role as pack alpha. In some ways she does show this, but it's inconsistent and she seems whiny. There also isn't enough fallout from Cormac's brash and destructive actions, and Rick seemed more wishy-washy than usual.

All these issues made the plot feel forced, which was too bad because the pacing was great. Fortunately Kitty and Ben's relationship is as good as usual and we got to see more of pack dynamics. It doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the series, but I'm getting impatient for what's coming. She's still trying to fight Roman, the vampire who wants to rule the world, but her biggest ally, local vampire Master, Rick, is taking a religious holiday.

A new werewolf with suspicious motives wants to join her pack, and she's braving the realty market while shopping for a new den. Kitty still tries to solve all her problems by talking them to death, and no real progress is made on any of the storylines. Kitty Rocks the House is still a fun diversion, but perhaps not as fun as past books. Fantasy World Vampires, and werewolves, and magic oh my! The author's descriptions of what it's like to be a werewolf are still wonderful.

The vampires are mysterious and the magic unique. Tingle Factor This is a fantasy novel and not a romance so the focus is not on the tingle. Kitty's husband Ben is part of scenery in this book and the sexual undertones with his cousin Cormac are long gone. Romance Zip. Drama The author tries to keep the tension high with werewolf politics and questions about Rick's future support in their ongoing war against uber villain Roman.

It's not as riveting as past series installments and the drama feels slightly artificial. Heroine Usually Kitty managing to talk her way out of trouble is entertaining, but it falls a bit flat this time. She is treading water and not accomplishing much of anything. In Kitty Rocks the House her radio show ratings are slipping because people aren't finding her as entertaining anymore and that's the way the book feels as well. The author needs to find a way to shake up the old formula and tread some new ground.

Supporting Cast The usual suspects are all there — Rick the vampire, Ben the werewolf, Cormac and his spiritual guest Amelia.

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Rick's religious examinations are intriguing as is Cormac's magic demonstrations. Poor Ben gets the short straw and is left mainly hanging around waiting for Kitty to tell him what to do. These radio sessions act as a kind of self therapy for Kitty and I enjoy the fact that she gets some answers on how to resolve things in her life. One of the many things I love about Kitty is that while yes, she can hold her own in a fight, she chooses to use words and wit as a first defense. This less physical and even less aggressive approach bleeds into the way she runs her pack.

I absolutely loved the way she resolved the conflict with a new werewolf threatening her power by using her resources, a touch of muscle when the going got tough, and a thinly veiled threat to head out of town. I am really fascinated by this oncoming storm brewing and numerous alliances being made in anticipation of this epic war. With so many new characters coming out of the woodwork to either help or threaten Kitty I am hoping there is some grand payoff in the next book or two in regards to the Long Game.

No matter what happens I know it will be handled brilliantly with Kitty and her motley band of friends and family. May 28, Tonya rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-urban , paranormal-weres-vamps-fae-etc , kitty-norville. Kitty is back in Denver, she and the Rick vampire master of Denver are strategizing with other vamps about how to defeat Roman. An unknown vampire appears and gives Rick another option for fighting Roman and he disappears for most of the book.

Kitty and Ben allow a stranger to come into their territory, he's a lone wolf trying to find a pack I found myself yelling at Kitty and Ben about Darren the new wolf and was disgusted with how it was resolved. I find myself annoyed with Kitty's whining about her stress and how she's so very busy. She has more free time than most people can shake a stick at. I have become very disheartened with the Kitty series. There's no more meat to the stories. Everything is wah wah wah I'm a werewolf but I don't want to fight. I'm also endearingly nosy and everyone should just get along with me. I think Carrie Vaughn needs to sit down and rethink where her characters are going since I've seen absolutely no character development at all.

It's boring and predictable. Even her adventures have become mundane and resolutions are unsatisfying. All in all an ok book. I didn't hate it but I sure as heck didn't like it.