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She creates juxtapositions that are delightfully absurd with a touch of the uncanny. Opened by the Cirri family in in the Roman neighborhood of Prati, it now produces custom-made hats for men, women and children as well as for film studios and the theatre. As the holidays approach, Made in Town presents an ephemeral selection of furniture, objects, accessories and clothing.

She returned to stoneware four years ago after a long career in slipcast porcelain. Claudine Lachaud founded Atelier Caraco in It is based in the heart of Paris and manufactures made-to-measured clothes for performing art, ready to wear and Haute Couture fields. Marie-Ange Guilleminot is a French visual artist who lives and works in Paris.

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Her artistic practice is framed as a voyage. In perpetual motion and attentive to the techniques of the countries and cultures that she visits, each new project is a pretext for exploring unexpected skills and building a rapport between her work and new techniques. It is in this eccentic neighborhood, which sits at the border between nature and the city, that the Kugler Factory stands, a former industrial complex topped with a red brick chimney once devoted to foundry.

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Property of the City of Geneva since , this former faucet and fittings factory today shelters the ateliers of numerous artists and designers and has become an associative space, a place of creative and artistic convergence. This is an art of giving meaning to the shoes, an object that has unwillingly become an emblem of superficiality. Innovator of unique pleating projects, halfway between artisanal creation and industrial production, the atelier is located in Ille-et-Vilaine and is involved from the early models through to the final fabrication, with a view towards creating in interface with contractors.

Over the course of this informal interview, she references her vocation and takes stock of the evolving particularities of the design sector, both in France and Italy. The e. In association with Label XVI, which creates unique objects by way of serial production, e. The streets of the city perfectly illustrate the cult status afforded to good design in Denmark, bursting with boutiques and concept stores whose windows showcase local producers as much as international designers. The tradition of Parisian haute couture relies on the expertise and impeccable work of nimble hands.

Their dexterity is acquired over time by the endless repetition of the same gestures. Do you want to realise the dress of your dreams? Create a unique wardrobe that has nothing to do with standardisation? Dress always according to the latest fashion, but at the same time following your own taste? Then here is a guide for you listing addresses in the Italian capital, where you can be dressed-to-measure from head to toe. The Domaine de Cantaussel is a vineyard located on the "petit causse" in the middle of the garrigue. From the model to the storyboard.

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She works there with wood and various materials towards a final exhibition which will conclude the performance. The first edition highlights the work of wood and the various approaches that go along with it. A pamphlet rebutting our culture of ambient hygienism, the book defends and illustrates excess at the table: recipes based on immoderation, ostentatious wastefulness and provocations of all sorts. His dresses give the idea of degree exclusivity.

Light fabrics and embroidery, at which he is a maestro, applied to both evening and day dresses alike. Antonio Grimaldi, a young Roman couturier, pupil of the great Fernanda Gattinoni, listens to his clients and directs them towards the choice of dress that respects fully their personality. Philippe Terrier Hermann is born in in France. Her innovative artisan techniques in knitting have made Albertina Giubbolini the Chanel of Italian knitwear. Here is a place of true Italian excellence: prototypes for day dresses and cocktail dresses to be ordered made-to-measure, exhibited in the elegant showroom which enjoys an unparalleled view of piazza di Spagna.

Antonella Fustini was born in Trente, Italia in , and now she lives and works in Paris. She is a seamstress, in the craft way. Founded in and acquired in by great grandfather Louis Legeron, the firm specializes in the creation of artificial flowers. For its third edition, Made in Town chose Paris to organize a one-month temporary atelier.

Staging a collection of hand-made shirts for men and women crafted by Antonella Fustini, a passionate Italian shirtmaker based in Paris. It is specialized in unbleached fabric and now also produces technical textiles for the automobile industry.

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  5. Founded in , Febvay is one of the last professional clothing designers and manufacturers in France. In Saint-Nabord, the Maille Verte des Vosges company, specialized in knitting manufacturing techniques intended for the industry, took over in the Etablissements Ames, its machines had been working since In the mid-nineties, while the relocations were increasing, Jacques Marie, former director of Dim, wants to launch the manufacturing of quality socks in the Dim factory which was about to close.

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    Founded in , Tenthorey, situated in Eloyes, Vosges and labeled Vosges Terre Textile, completes its weaving activity with a production of advertising bags made from natural materials. Alessandra Torella and Santo Costanzo, the creative duo managing the brand, have pooled their cinematic, theatre and stylistic experiences to bring to life, in , creations inspired by the idea of unique garments through experimental dying techniques and the creation of original patterns and materials.

    For his knitwear collection, Canovai uses extra-fine merino wool, cashmere, rayon and linen made exclusively in Italy. As in the times of the Dolce Vita, inside the atelier they still take measurements of the foot, choose the hides, applications and models and after about a month of work you are presented with a new pair of Albanese made-to-measure shoes. A bespoke suit by Gaetano Aloisio, Calabrian by birth and Roman by adoption, can take up to 70 hours to make.

    A formal style, never eccentric or ostentatious, boasting cuts that, though supremely elegant and sober, are nevertheless always extremely comfortable. Since , hand-crafted creations, double needle stitching, collars with extractable stays, mother-of-pearl buttons and Italian fabrics have been the hallmark features of a Beauty by Bucci shirts, one of the oldest shirtmakers in Rome. The sheer emotion aroused by their look and feel is totally unbeatable.

    An eccentric, eclectic individual who, at his Tor di Nona location, mainly produces original ties and bowties based on his own creative design. All of them aspired to boasting ownership of a Battistoni suit or shirt. A luxury gantier which makes superio quality craft-made gloves to fit all types of hands. Just thirty meters from the Trevi Fountain, you will come across a shop with a British-style atmosphere where you can smell the aroma of pipe tobacco and, should you wish, have a few puffs. Michele Muzio, a creator of perfumes, a trade handed down by his family, is able to memorize, select and mix olfactory notes to give his clients imperceptible, inebriating emotions.

    Based on an old Renaissance technique, gold or silver filaments are woven into wefts and colours chosen by the customer.

    Giselle & Beatrice

    Rome, capital of 21st century craftmanship? A shirt shop and a hot favourite with the young studs of Rome. Since , the shelves of Il Portone have displayed not only shirts but also boxers made from the same fabric. Carlo Marini is heir to a dynasty of master shoemakers whose fame and prestige date back to the last century when Giuseppe Marini opened his boutique in via Francesco Crispi, where he soon won over an enviable clientele of world fame.

    A wonderful and poetical documentary which tells the story of a multi-centenial protagonist: the culture of European linen. Born in in Istanbul, Ali Kazma is a video artist.

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    His work raises fundamental questions about the meaning and significance of human activity and labor. Shirts in the finest Italian weaves at affordable prices. Uomo collaborated together for an exhibition of high-class sartorial craftsmanship. English French Italian.

    Toggle navigation. Take part in the revaluation of the French wool sectors! Garments For the 4th year, the Aviva Factory is providing financial support for useful, innovative and sustainable projects. Ereena x Cathy Amouroux Furry Eri Reinventing silk Garments The collection of clothing and textiles developed by French designer Cathy Amouroux in collaboration with Ereena's Indian workshops, specialists in "eri" silk, can be discovered exclusively at Made in Town.

    Vault Furniture a matter of construction Objects Vault Furniture is the result of a collaboration between Andrew Gooding and Brandilyn Dunkel, and their shared vision of creating functional furniture. Favorito Studio Earthenware, wind and flaura Objects Susana Garcia founded Favorito Studio, a small artisanal ceramics workshop for objects and home decoration, in Cut Throat Knives A cut above Objects In his shop in Melbourne, Australia, Aidan Mackinnon lovingly forges high quality knives so that they can be used and passed on to generations of cooks.

    Atelier Alberdi en route for the basque country Objects Making a traditional Basque makhila, an elegant and precious walking stick, requires an ancestral know-how that the Atelier Alberdi, based in Irun, Spain, has been one of the rare workshops to continue to use and develop for generations. Nadine Glerperlur the gem of glass Objects In her Kopavogur workshop near Reykjavik, Nadine Martin has been handmaking glass pearls since , transforming them into jewelry or carefully incorporating them into everyday objects.

    Mollum Vellum leather shows its true colors Objects Herin Hong chose to associate Japanese techniques to her taste for simplicity in the creation of Mollum Vellum, her own atelier based in London where she handcrafts leather goods. Processus A breath of fresh air coming from the sea Garments Gabrielle Legall, originally from Bretagne, started in her brand Processus: minimal, small batch ready-to-wear that mixes the codes of streetwear and traditional elegance through the use of recycled parachutes and paragliders.

    Biken The user-friendly bike Objects Quality and ingenuity. Monteneri Ally design, know-how and technology Objects In the build-up to the Paris Fashion Week, Made in Town presents Monteneri, an Italian platform dedicated to know-how in the fields of fashion and design and whose business strategy has been developed by Made in Town since its launch in DIY 2.

    French Name Days

    Objects Associated with a nascent anti-consumerist vision of the s, the Do-It-Yourself DIY philosophy grew from a comprehensive subculture that encompassed all types of productive activity, imagining a dynamic where people are not just spectators or consumers. Design for Peace Transhumance Objects Design for Peace presents at Made in Town its first collection of decorative objects and fashion accessories: Transhumance. Dominique Thomas Swirl of Life Objects Dominique Thomas is a ceramic artist whose atelier, based in the heart of the Montagne Noire and surrounded by nature, is a source of inspiration for her work that follows the rhythm of seasons.

    Atelier du Mouscaillou A Green Escape Objects Eric and Marina Alexandre welcome visitors looking for an authentic experience at the crossroads between craft and tourism. Made in Town Montagne Noire Objects Made in Town interrupts the daily grind, taking a voyage south to the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, in pursuit of local savoir-faire and products, desiring as always to strengthen the bond between the public and producers.

    Karina Bisch Blurring the line between art and craft Arts Karina Bish is a French artist drawing, painting, sculpture, photography… , she likes innovating with new materials and inventing new concepts. Andreas Trobollowitsch Start up the Music! Main Photo. Beatrice Casadesus. School period Add photo. Career Add photo.

    Achievements Add photo. Membership Add photo. Awards Add photo. Other Photos Add photo. Connections Add photo.