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Personality traits can affect health-related quality of life HRQoL in different disorders. In multiple sclerosis MS , personality traits can determine patients' willingness to take on more risky treatment options, predispose to neuropsychiatric symptoms and affect coping strategies. The correlation between HRQoL and personality traits was investigated by means of analysis of variance, adjusting for possible confounders.

The variance of SF mental and physical composite score was largely explained by extraversion and neuroticism. Our data confirm that PwMS' HRQoL is largely influenced by personality traits , which may therefore act as predictors of perceived quality of life and should be included in clinical and experimental settings focusing on HRQoL. Genetic correlations between quantitative traits measured in many breeding programs are pervasive. These correlations indicate that measurements of one trait carry information on other traits.

Current single- trait univariate genomic selection does not take advantage of this information. Multivariate genomic selection on multiple traits could accomplish this but has been little explored and tested in practical breeding programs. In this study, three multivariate linear models i. We found that optimal marker-effect variance priors depended on the genetic architecture of the trait so that estimating them was beneficial.

We showed that the prediction accuracy for a low-heritability trait could be significantly increased by multivariate genomic selection when a correlated high-heritability trait was available. Further, multiple-trait genomic selection had higher prediction accuracy than single- trait genomic selection when phenotypes are not available on all individuals and traits. Additional factors affecting the performance of multiple-trait genomic selection were explored. A Bayesian method and its variational approximation for prediction of genomic breeding values in multiple traits.

Full Text Available Abstract Background Genomic selection is an effective tool for animal and plant breeding, allowing effective individual selection without phenotypic records through the prediction of genomic breeding value GBV. To date, genomic selection has focused on a single trait. However, actual breeding often targets multiple correlated traits , and, therefore, joint analysis taking into consideration the correlation between traits , which might result in more accurate GBV prediction than analyzing each trait separately, is suitable for multi- trait genomic selection.

This would require an extension of the prediction model for single- trait GBV to multi- trait case. As the computational burden of multi- trait analysis is even higher than that of single- trait analysis, an effective computational method for constructing a multi- trait prediction model is also needed. Results We described a Bayesian regression model incorporating variable selection for jointly predicting GBVs of multiple traits and devised both an MCMC iteration and variational approximation for Bayesian estimation of parameters in this multi- trait model.

Using simulated datasets of SNP genotypes and phenotypes for three traits with high and low heritabilities, we compared the accuracy in predicting GBVs between multi- trait and single- trait analyses as well as between MCBayes and varBayes. The results showed that, compared to single- trait analysis, multi- trait analysis enabled much more accurate GBV prediction for low-heritability traits correlated with high-heritability traits , by utilizing the correlation structure between traits , while the prediction accuracy for uncorrelated low-heritability traits was comparable or less with multi- trait analysis in comparison with single- trait analysis depending on the setting for prior probability that a SNP has zero.

Economic values of production and functional traits , including residual feed intake, in Finnish milk production. Improving the feed efficiency of dairy cattle has a substantial effect on the economic efficiency and on the reduction of harmful environmental effects of dairy production through lower feeding costs and emissions from dairy farming. To assess the economic importance of feed efficiency in the breeding goal for dairy cattle, the economic values for the current breeding goal traits and the additional feed efficiency traits for Finnish Ayrshire cattle under production circumstances in were determined.

The derivation of economic values was based on a bioeconomic model in which the profit of the production system was calculated, using the generated steady state herd structure. Considering beef production from dairy farms, 2 marketing strategies for surplus calves were investigated: A surplus calves were sold at a young age and B surplus calves were fattened on dairy farms. Both marketing strategies were unprofitable when subsidies were not included in the revenues. When subsidies were taken into account, a positive profitability was observed in both marketing strategies.

The marginal economic values for residual feed intake RFI of breeding heifers and cows were The marginal economic value for RFI of animals in fattening was To compare the economic importance among traits , the standardized economic weight of each trait was calculated as the product of the marginal economic value and the genetic standard deviation; the standardized economic weight expressed as a percentage of the sum of all standardized economic weights was called relative economic weight. The third most important traits were calving. Genetic parameter estimates for carcass traits and visual scores including or not genomic information.

The objective of this study was to determine whether visual scores used as selection criteria in Nellore breeding programs are effective indicators of carcass traits measured after slaughter. Additionally, this study evaluated the effect of different structures of the relationship matrix and on the estimation of genetic parameters and on the prediction accuracy of breeding values.

Of these, 1, animals were genotyped using a high-density panel containing , SNP. Six analyses were performed using multitrait animal models, each including the 3 visual scores and 1 carcass trait. For the visual scores, the model included direct additive genetic and residual random effects and the fixed effects of contemporary group defined by year of birth, management group at yearling, and farm and the linear effect of age of animal at yearling.

The same model was used for the carcass traits , replacing the effect of age of animal at yearling with the linear effect of age of animal at slaughter. The variance and covariance components were estimated by the REML method in analyses using the numerator relationship matrix or combining the genomic and the numerator relationship matrices. The heritability estimates for the visual scores obtained with the 2 methods were similar and of moderate magnitude 0. Ebooks and Manuals

The genetic correlations between the visual scores and carcass traits were positive, and higher correlations were generally obtained when matrix was used. Considering the difficulties and cost of measuring carcass traits postmortem, visual scores of. There is debate about the abstractness of young children's self-concepts-specifically, whether they include representations of a general traits and abilities and b the global self. Studies 1 and 2 reexamined prior evidence that young children cannot represent traits and abilities. The results suggested that children's seemingly immature judgments in previous studies were due to peculiarities of the task context not the inadequacy of children's self-concepts.

Similarly, Studies 3 and 4 revealed that, contrary to claims of immaturity in reasoning about the global self, young children update their global self-evaluations in flexible, context-sensitive ways.

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This evidence suggests continuity in the structure of self-concepts across childhood. Multiple transgene traits may create un-intended fitness effects in Brassica napus. The release of crops that express mult Plasma cell neoplasms occur when abnormal plasma cells form cancerous tumors. When there is only one tumor, the disease is called a plasmacytoma.

When there are multiple tumors, it is called multiple myeloma. Start here to find information on plasma cell neoplasms treatment, research, and statistics. Simultaneous estimation of QTL parameters for mapping multiple traits. XM ji denotes the conditional probability of the QTL genotype. Immunomodulators are a type of biologic therapy. Thalidomide , lenalidomide , and pomalidomide are immunomodulators used to treat multiple myeloma and other plasma A review of multiple stressor studies that include ionising radiation. Studies were reviewed that investigated the combined effects of ionising radiation and other stressors on non-human biota.

The aim was to determine the state of research in this area of science, and determine if a review of the literature might permit a gross generalization as to whether the combined effects of multi-stressors and radiation are fundamentally additive, synergistic or antagonistic. A multiple stressor database was established for different organism groups. Information was collected on species, stressors applied and effects evaluated.

Studies were mostly laboratory based and investigated two-component mixtures. Except for one study, none of the studies predicted combined effects following Concentration Addition or Independent Action, and hence, no justified conclusions can be made about synergism or antagonism. Full Text Available Understanding the vertical pattern of leaf traits across plant canopies provide critical information on plant physiology, ecosystem functioning and structure and vegetation response to climate change. However, the impact of vertical canopy position on leaf spectral properties and subsequently leaf traits across the entire spectrum for multiple species is poorly understood.

In this study, we examined the ability of leaf optical properties to track variability in leaf traits across the vertical canopy profile using Partial Least Square Discriminatory Analysis PLS-DA. Leaf spectral measurements together with leaf traits nitrogen, carbon, chlorophyll, equivalent water thickness and specific leaf area were studied at three vertical canopy positions along the plant stem: lower, middle and upper. We observed that foliar nitrogen N, chlorophyll Cab, carbon C, and equivalent water thickness EWT were higher in the upper canopy leaves compared with lower shaded leaves, while specific leaf area SLA increased from upper to lower canopy leaves.

We report that spectral bands that are influential in the discrimination of leaf samples into the three groups of canopy position, based on the PLS-DA variable importance projection VIP score, match with wavelength regions of foliar traits observed to vary across the canopy vertical profile. This observation demonstrated that both leaf traits and leaf reflectance co-vary across the vertical canopy profile in multiple species. These findings have important implications on field sampling protocols, upscaling leaf traits to canopy level.

Koenig, Fatima B. Background: Multiple sclerosis MS is a heterogeneous autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. The identification of 4 different immunopathological subtypes of MS raises the question of whether these subtypes represent different patient subgroups that can be distinguished according to. Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Individuals with multiple sclerosis MS show different reactions to the disease according to their personality traits , which can affect their quality of life.

In this research, the mediator role of coping styles was investigated in the relationship between personality traits and quality of life in individuals with multiple sclerosis MS. Methods: Of all individuals with MS, who were member of MS Society of Qom province, persons were selected using probability convenient sampling. All the patients were investigated using a general questionnaire in addition to 3 international approved standard tools including Stress Coping Styles, Quality of life, and Personality Traits questionnaires. The significance level was considered as p traits , was significant.

There was a significant correlation between personality traits and quality of life and its dimensions in MS patients. In this study, path analysis results proved the mediator role of coping styles in the relationship between variables of quality of life and personality traits. Conclusion: According to the results of this study, there is a significant correlation between personality traits of the individuals with MS and type of the used coping styles, which can affect the quality of life in these patients. Multiple imaging procedures including MRI for the bladder cancer.

Endoscopic photography, double contrast cystography, transurethral echography, X-ray CT scan, and MRI magnetic resonance imaging were utilized for the staging diagnosis of the four patients with carcinoma of the bladder. In the first case, a year-old man, since all of the five imaging procedures suggested a superficial and pedunculated tumor, his bladder cancer was considered T1.

The classification of stage T3 carcinoma was made for the second year-old male. Because all of his imaging examinations showed a tumor infiltrating deep muscle and penetrating the bladder wall. The third case was a year-old male.

Logan International Airport ….. the Claws code

His clinical stage was diagnosed as T2 or T3a by cystophotography, double contrast cystogram, ultrasonography, and X-ray CT scan. However, MRI showed only thickened bladder wall and the infiltrating tumor could not be distinguished from the hypertrophic wall. The last patient, a year-old female, had a smaller Ta cancer.

Her double contrast cystography revealed the small tumor at the lateral bladder wall. But, the tumor could not be detected by transaxial, sagittal and coronal scans. Multiple imaging procedures combining MRI and staging diagnosis of the bladder carcinoma were discussed. Wheat multiple synthetic derivatives: a new source for heat stress tolerance adaptive traits.

Heat stress is detrimental to wheat Triticum aestivum L. In this study, we aimed to select heat-tolerant plants from a multiple synthetic derivatives MSD population and evaluate their agronomic and physiological traits. We grew these lines with N61 in the field and growth chamber.

In the field, we used optimum and late sowings to ensure plant exposure to heat. These lines had higher photosynthesis and stomata conductance and exhibited no reduction in grain yield and biomass under heat stress compared to N We noticed that N61 had relatively good adaptability to heat stress. Our results indicate that the MSD population includes the diversity of Aegilops tauschii and is a promising resource to uncover useful quantitative traits derived from this wild species. Selected lines could be useful for heat stress tolerance breeding. Solution of neutron slowing down equation including multiple inelastic scattering.

The present work is devoted the presentation of an analytical method for the calculation of elastically and inelastically slowed down neutrons in an infinite non absorbing homogeneous medium. On the basis of the Central limit theory CLT and the integral transform technique the slowing down equation including inelastic scattering in terms of the Green function of elastic scattering is solved. The Green function is decomposed according to the number of collisions. A formula for the flux at any lethargy O u after any number of collisions is derived.

An equation for the asymptotic flux is also obtained. Diversity and functional traits of culturable microbiome members, including cyanobacteria in the rice phyllosphere. The diversity and abundance of culturable microbiome members of the rice phyllosphere was investigated using cv. Pusa Punjab Basmati Both diversity and species richness of bacteria were significantly higher in plants in pots in a semi-controlled environment than those in fields.

Application of fertilisers reduced both diversity and species richness in field-grown plants under a conventional flooded system of rice intensification SRI and in dry-seeded rice DSR modes. Interestingly, the phyllosphere bacterial isolates from the pot experiment had significantly higher potential for nitrogen fixation than isolates from the field experiment. Enrichment for cyanobacteria showed both unicellular forms and non-heterocystous filaments under aerobic as well as anaerobic conditions. PCR-DGGE analysis of these showed that aerobic and anaerobic conditions as well as the three modes of cultivation of rice in the field strongly influenced the number and abundance of phylotypes.

The adaptability and functional traits of these culturable microbiome members suggest enormous diversity in the phyllosphere, including potential for plant growth promotion, which was also significantly influenced by the different methods of growing rice. Variant-aware saturating mutagenesis using multiple Cas9 nucleases identifies regulatory elements at trait -associated loci. Cas9-mediated, high-throughput, saturating in situ mutagenesis permits fine-mapping of function across genomic segments. Disease- and trait -associated variants identified in genome-wide association studies largely cluster at regulatory loci.

Here we demonstrate the use of multiple designer nucleases and variant-aware library design to interrogate trait -associated regulatory DNA at high resolution. We developed a computational tool for the creation of saturating-mutagenesis libraries with single or multiple nucleases with incorporation of variants. We applied this methodology to the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region, which is associated with red-blood-cell traits , including fetal hemoglobin levels. This approach identified putative regulatory elements that control MYB expression.

Analysis of genomic copy number highlighted potential false-positive regions, thus emphasizing the importance of off-target analysis in the design of saturating-mutagenesis experiments. Together, these data establish a widely applicable high-throughput and high-resolution methodology to identify minimal functional sequences within large disease- and trait -associated regions. Methods for meta-analysis of multiple traits using GWAS summary statistics.

Genome-wide association studies GWAS for complex diseases have focused primarily on single- trait analyses for disease status and disease-related quantitative traits. However, traits are often correlated and a joint analysis may yield increased statistical power for association over multiple univariate analyses. Recently several multivariate methods have been proposed that require individual-level data. Although the existing methods either perform well when most correlated traits are affected by the genetic variant in the same direction or are powerful when only a few of the correlated traits are associated, metaUSAT is designed to be robust to the association structure of correlated traits.

One can also use metaUSAT to analyze a single trait over multiple studies, appropriately accounting for overlapping samples, if any. It has similar and sometimes greater power to detect association across a wide array of scenarios compared to existing methods, which are usually powerful for some specific association scenarios only.

A principal component meta-analysis on multiple anthropometric traits identifies novel loci for body shape. Ried, Janina S. Large consortia have revealed hundreds of genetic loci associated with anthropometric traits , one trait at a time. We examined whether genetic variants affect body shape as a composite phenotype that is represented by a combination of anthropometric traits.

We developed an approach that calculates averaged PCs AvPCs representing body shape derived from six anthropometric traits body mass index, height, weight, waist and hip circumference, waist-to-hip ratio. We performed genome-wide association analyses for each body shape composite phenotype across 65 studies and meta-analysed summary statistics. Our findings highlight the value of using multiple traits to define complex phenotypes for discovery, which are not captured by single- trait analyses, and may shed light onto new pathways.

A robust new metric of phenotypic distance to estimate and compare multiple trait differences among populations. Full Text Available Whereas a rich literature exists for estimating population genetic divergence, metrics of phenotypic trait divergence are lacking, particularly for comparing multiple traits among three or more populations. Our analyses indicate that g is sensitive to a combination of unequal trait variances and unequal sample sizes among populations and to changes in the scale of measurement. Using traits of known function in closely related populations, we show that traits predictive of reproductive performance are, indeed, more divergent and more sexually dimorphic than traits related to ecological adaptation [Current Zoology 58 3: , ].

The serial two-mediator model included three mediational pathways that may link each of the four mindfulness facets with multiple health behaviors. The mindfulness facet Observe was most relevant for multiple health behaviors, but its relation was not amenable to mediation. Implications of the findings will be discussed.

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Fine-mapping diabetes-related traits , including insulin resistance, in heterogeneous stock rats. Type 2 diabetes T2D is a disease of relative insulin deficiency resulting from both insulin resistance and beta cell failure. We have previously used heterogeneous stock HS rats to fine-map a locus for glucose tolerance. We show here that glucose intolerance in the founder strains of the HS colony is mediated by different mechanisms: insulin resistance in WKY and an insulin secretion defect in ACI, and we demonstrate a high degree of variability for measures of insulin resistance and insulin secretion in HS rats.

As such, our goal was to use HS rats to fine-map several diabetes-related traits within a region on rat chromosome 1. We measured blood glucose and plasma insulin levels after a glucose tolerance test in male HS rats.

farrows legacy em2 Manual

Using 97 SSLP markers, we genotyped a 68 Mb region on rat chromosome 1 previously implicated in glucose and insulin regulation. We used linkage disequilibrium mapping by mixed model regression with inferred descent to identify a region from A very general method is described for multiple linear regression of a quantitative phenotype on genotype [putative quantitative trait loci QTLs and markers] in segregating generations obtained from line crosses.

The method exploits two features, a the use of additional parental and F1 data, which fixes the joint QTL effects and the environmental error, and b the use of markers as cofactors, which reduces the genetic background noise. As a result, a significant increase of QTL detection GWAS of agronomic traits in soybean collection included in breeding pool in Kazakhstan. In recent years soybean is becoming one of the most important oilseed crops in Kazakhstan. Only within the last ten years , the area under soybean is expanded from 45 thousand hectares ha in to thousand ha in The general trend of soybean expansion is from south-eastern to eastern and northern regions of the country, where average temperatures are lower and growing seasons are shorter.

These new soybean growing territories were poorly examined in terms of general effects on productivity level among the diverse sample of soybean accessions. In this study, phenotypic data were collected in three separate regions of Kazakhstan and entire soybean sample was genotyped for identification of marker- trait associations MTA. In this study, the collection of accessions representing five different regions of the World was planted in in northern, eastern, and south-eastern regions of Kazakhstan.

It was observed that North American accessions showed the highest yield in four out of six trials especially in Northern Kazakhstan in both years. The study confirms the efficiency of GWAS for the identification of molecular markers which tag important agronomic traits. Overall thirty SNP markers associated with time to flowering and maturation, plant height, number of fertile nodes, seeds per plant and yield were identified.

This result indicates importance of revealed MTAs for soybean growing regions in Kazakhstan. Obtained results would serve as required prerequisite for forming and realization of specific breeding. Identifying and exploiting trait -relevant tissues with multiple functional annotations in genome-wide association studies. Genome-wide association studies GWASs have identified many disease associated loci, the majority of which have unknown biological functions. Understanding the mechanism underlying trait associations requires identifying trait -relevant tissues and investigating associations in a trait -specific fashion.

Here, we extend the widely used linear mixed model to incorporate multiple SNP functional annotations from omics studies with GWAS summary statistics to facilitate the identification of trait -relevant tissues, with which to further construct powerful association tests. Specifically, we rely on a generalized estimating equation based algorithm for parameter inference, a mixture modeling framework for trait -tissue relevance classification, and a weighted sequence kernel association test constructed based on the identified trait -relevant tissues for powerful association analysis.

With extensive simulations, we show how our method can make use of multiple complementary annotations to improve the accuracy for identifying trait -relevant tissues. In addition, our procedure allows us to make use of the inferred trait -relevant tissues, for the first time, to construct more powerful SNP set tests.

Our results reveal new trait -tissue relevance, pinpoint important annotations that are informative of trait -tissue relationship, and illustrate how we can use the inferred trait -relevant tissues to construct more powerful association tests in the Wellcome trust case control consortium study. Full Text Available Genome-wide association studies GWASs have identified many disease associated loci, the majority of which have unknown biological functions. Unusual configurations of personality traits indicate multiple patterns of their coalescence. Most genetic variants implicated in complex diseases by genome-wide association studies GWAS are non-coding, making it challenging to understand the causative genes involved in disease.

Integrating external information such as quantitative trait locus QTL mapping of molecular traits e. Our method can be applied to any GWAS and relevant functional data to help prioritize disease associated genes. We also developed a web site to visualize the biological findings icahn. The browser allows searches by gene, methylation probe, and scenario of interest. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

Model for CO2 leakage including multiple geological layers and multiple leaky wells. Geological storage of carbon dioxide CO2 is likely to be an integral component of any realistic plan to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. In conjunction with large-scale deployment of carbon storage as a technology, there is an urgent need for tools which provide reliable and quick assessments of aquifer storage performance. Previously, abandoned wells from over a century of oil and gas exploration and production have been identified as critical potential leakage paths.

The practical importance of abandoned wells is emphasized by the correlation of heavy CO2 emitters typically associated with industrialized areas to oil and gas producing regions in North America. Herein, we describe a novel framework for predicting the leakage from large numbers of abandoned wells, forming leakage paths connecting multiple subsurface permeable formations. The framework is designed to exploit analytical solutions to various components of the problem and, ultimately, leads to a grid-free approximation to CO2 and brine leakage rates, as well as fluid distributions.

We apply our model in a comparison to an established numerical solverforthe underlying governing equations. Thereafter, we demonstrate the capabilities of the model on typical field data taken from the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta. This data set consists of over wells and 7 permeable formations. Results show the flexibility and utility of the solution methods, and highlight the role that analytical and semianalytical solutions can play in this important problem. Genetic gain and economic values of selection strategies including semen traits in three- and four-way crossbreeding systems for swine production.

Assessment of the impact of selection for semen traits is hindered by limited information on economic parameters. Objectives of this study were to estimate economic values for semen traits and to evaluate the genetic gain when these traits are incorporated into traditional selection strategies in a 3-tier system of swine production. Three-way maternal nucleus lines A and B and paternal nucleus line C and 4-way additional paternal nucleus line D crossbreeding schemes were compared. A novel population structure that accommodated selection for semen traits was developed.

Three selection strategies were simulated. Selection Strategy I baseline encompassed selection for maternal traits : number of pigs born alive NBA , litter birth weight LBW , adjusted d litter weight A21 , and number of pigs at 21 d N21 ; and paternal traits : number of days to The decrease in the relative economic values of semen traits and DOSES with higher number of collections per wk was sharper between 1 and 2. Average genetic gains for the maternal traits were comparable across strategies.

Genetic evaluation with major genes and polygenic inheritance when some animals are not genotyped using gene content multiple-trait BLUP. In pedigreed populations with a major gene segregating for a quantitative trait , it is not clear how to use pedigree, genotype and phenotype information when some individuals are not genotyped. We propose to consider gene content at the major gene as a second trait correlated to the quantitative trait , in a gene content multiple-trait best linear unbiased prediction GCMTBLUP method.

The genetic covariance between the trait and gene content at the major gene is a function of the substitution effect of the gene. This genetic covariance can be written in a multiple-trait form that accommodates any pattern of missing values for either genotype or phenotype data. Effects of major gene alleles and the genetic covariance between genotype at the major gene and the phenotype can be estimated using standard EM-REML or Gibbs sampling.

Prediction of breeding values with genotypes at the major gene can use multiple-trait BLUP software. Major genes with more than two alleles can be considered by including negative covariances between gene contents at each different allele. We simulated two scenarios: a selected and an unselected trait with heritabilities of 0. In both cases, the major gene explained half the genetic variation. Competing methods used imputed gene contents derived by the method of Gengler et al.

GCMTBLUP gave unbiased estimates of the gene effect, in contrast to the other methods, with less bias and better or equal accuracy of prediction. GCMTBLUP improved estimation of genotypes in non-genotyped individuals, in particular if these individuals had own phenotype records and the trait had a high heritability. Ignoring the major gene in genetic evaluation led to serious biases and decreased prediction accuracy.

Protective personality traits : High openness and low neuroticism linked to better memory in multiple sclerosis. Memory was most related to openness, with higher openness linked to better memory and lower risk for memory impairment, controlling for age, atrophy, education, and intelligence quotient IQ. Lower neuroticism was also related to better memory, and lower conscientiousness to memory impairment. Non-memory cognition was unrelated to personality. Personality may inform predictive models of memory impairment in MS. Efficient multiple-trait association and estimation of genetic correlation using the matrix-variate linear mixed model.

Multiple-trait association mapping, in which multiple traits are used simultaneously in the identification of genetic variants affecting those traits , has recently attracted interest. One class of approaches for this problem builds on classical variance component methodology, utilizing a multitrait version of a linear mixed model. These approaches both increase power and provide insights into the genetic architecture of multiple traits. In particular, it is possible to estimate the genetic correlation, which is a measure of the portion of the total correlation between traits that is due to additive genetic effects.

Unfortunately, the practical utility of these methods is limited since they are computationally intractable for large sample sizes. In this article, we introduce a reformulation of the multiple-trait association mapping approach by defining the matrix-variate linear mixed model. Our approach reduces the computational time necessary to perform maximum-likelihood inference in a multiple-trait model by utilizing a data transformation.

By utilizing a well-studied human cohort, we show that our approach provides more than a fold speedup, making multiple-trait association feasible in a large population cohort on the genome-wide scale. We take advantage of the efficiency of our approach to analyze gene expression data. By decomposing gene coexpression into a genetic and environmental component, we show that our method provides fundamental insights into the nature of coexpressed genes. There are several types of plasma cell neoplasms, including monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance MGUS , isolated plasmacytoma of the bone, extramedullary plasmacytoma, and multiple myeloma.

Find evidence-based information on plasma cell neoplasms treatment, research, and statistics. Investigating the interactive role of stressful life events, reinforcement sensitivity and personality traits in prediction of the severity of Multiple Sclerosis MS symptoms. The present study was conducted to investigate the interactive role of stressful life events, reinforcement sensitivity, and personality traits in prediction of the severity of symptoms of Multiple sclerosis MS symptoms.

In order to analyze the data, descriptive and inferential methods were used. The data were analysed using Pearson correlation and hierarchical regression. Conclusion: Stressful life events, Behavioral Inhibition System, and neuroticism showed a significant relationship with the severity of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis; thus, it seems that interaction of personality traits and environmental conditions are among influential factors of the severity of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. This fact implies that individuals' personal traits play an eminent role in the progression of the disease.

Gene stacking of multiple traits for high yield of fermentable sugars in plant biomass. Results: We have studied the basic mechanisms of cell wall biosynthesis and identified We have engineered plants with a more suitable biomass composition by applying these findings, in conjunction with synthetic biology and gene stacking tools Finally, the high galactan and low xylan traits were stacked with the low lignin trait obtained by expressing the QsuB gene encoding dehydroshikimate dehydratase in lignifying cells.

Conclusion: The results show that approaches to increasing C6 sugar content Full Text Available Analysis of performance data regarding the conformation traits withers height, body weight, thoracic perimeter, including the traits that concur to milk production total milk production per normal lactation, fat percent, total fat amount from milk, in mothers-cattle of bulls, candidate mothers-cattle of bulls and active population of Romanian Spotted Simmental breed from Harghita region, allow us to ascertain the followings: The body weight of mothers-cattle of bulls, candidate mothers-cattle for bulls and also of those from the active population of Harghita region, prove the existence of a valuable genetic material with a high superiority of 30 kg of the mothers-cattle of bulls related the candidate mothers-cattle of bulls and of 50 kg related the active population; all of these emphasize the stringency of the selection performed.

Analyzing the waistline of the three populations, it was possible to ascertain that the mothers-cattle of bulls values over class those of the candidate mothers-cattle of bulls and of the active population with 1 cm, respectively 4,1 cm. This difference indicates the researchers concern for raising the waistline in the Romanian Spotted Simmental breed from Harghita region. The values of circa kg milk realized in normal lactation of the mothers-cattle of bulls and candidate mothers-cattle of bulls, are showing a very good intensity of the selection, proved by the selection difference registered between the active population and the above two categories.

These high milk productions registered for the mothers-cattle of bulls and candidate mothers-cattle of bulls are indicating a high productivity potential. The kg of total milk fat achieved are showing a high potential of the Romanian Spotted. On coding genotypes for genetic markers with multiple alleles in genetic association study of quantitative traits. Starting from an allele-based modeling strategy, we first describe a regression framework to model the expected genotypic values at given markers. Which coding scheme should be applied depends on how convenient it can provide the statistical inferences on the parameters of our research interests.

Freshwater Biological Traits Database Traits. The traits database was compiled for a project on climate change effects on river and stream ecosystems. The traits data, gathered from multiple sources, focused on information published or otherwise well-documented by trustworthy sources. We developed an approach that calculates.

We developed an approach that calculate Ried Janina ; J. Jeff Janina ; A. Jennifer L. Huffman Jennifer ; T. Ahluwalia Tarunveer Singh ; G. Cadby Gemma ; N. Eklund Niina ; J. Eriksson Joel ; T. Feitosa Mary Furlan ; A. Goel Anuj ; M. Gorski Mathias ; C. Hayward Caroline ; N. Heard-Costa Nancy ; A. Jackson Anne ; Jokinen, E.

Eero ; S. Kanoni Stavroula ; K. Ebooks and Manuals

Kristiansson Kati ; Z. Lahti Jari ; J. Luan Jian'An ; R. Mahajan Anubha ; M. Mangino Massimo ; M. Medina-Gomez Carolina ; K. Monda Keri ; I. Nolte Ilja ; L. Perusse Louis ; I. Prokopenko Inga ; Qi, L. Rose Lynda ; Salvi, E. Erika ; Smith, M. Megan T. Alena ; Ju Sung, Y. Yun ; I. Tachmazidou Ioanna ; A.

Teumer Alexander ; G. Q: Some said is financial problem that has kept you out of publishing, is that true? Q: Hoping to have u around really soon. Wednesday, 20 February M. Kirchmaier, who is also California's oldest licensed driver and the University of Chicago's oldest living former student, joined Facebook last month.

Direct Relief , a medical aid charity where she's volunteered for 40 years, set up the account in honor of her th birthday. She said she's especially interested to see how many people log on to light a virtual candle in her honor, a symbol they've liked the fan page of Direct Relief. The page currently has 77,plus likes. Kirchmaier herself already has more than 20, Facebook friends. While the centenarian said she cherishes her Facebook relationships, she still believes in the power of the pen.

Seniors 'Friend' to the End While Kirchmaier is the oldest person on Facebook, she is hardly the only senior to embrace social media. The social site's demographics have grown steadily grayer over the past few years. The report found that 40 percent of Internet users older than 65 use Facebook, up percent since Golden-agers are also signing onto Twitter in record numbers. In , only 5 percent of Internet users in the 50 to 64 age bracket had used Twitter, or some other status-update service. It's now up to 11 percent. Kirchmaier said she didn't yet have a Twitter account but finds the idea of communicating in characters or less intriguing.

Seniors log on to social media to stay in touch, reconnect with people from their past and seek support for chronic health conditions, the Pew report found. A University of Alabama at Birmingham study suggested that Internet use was associated with a 30 percent decrease in depressive symptoms among older adults who used it regularly. I enjoy just checking Facebook every day and seeing the pictures that have been added and reading some of the messages.

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