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  1. Vol 6 No 2 (12222): A medley of food research

But endure they did.

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Canadians fought on several fronts during World War II, proving the mettle of soldiers, airmen, and their commanders. Canadians at War Vol.

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Beginning with an introduction on the preparations for war, the book heads first to Hong Kong before returning to the invasion at Dieppe. From there, we follow the Canadian troops through Italy as they push towards Rome and then through Northwest Europe. The Invasion of Normandy and the Liberation of Holland lead up to the final days of the war. Supplemented with many maps and photographs, Canadians at War Vol.

Toronto: Viking Canada, Published in and winner of the J. Dafoe Prize, At the Sharp End was the story of a rag-tag colonial force desperately trying to adapt to the brutality of "total" twentieth-century warfare. That layout helped make At the Sharp End much more accessible than traditional military accounts and Shock Troops continues in that vein. Chapters in volume 2 cover such battles as Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, as well as unexpected and refreshing topics, including soldier spirituality and the transition to civilian life, first in occupied Germany, in camps in Britain, and then back in Canada.

The way soldiers described the pockmarked battlefields crawling with the wounded and stinking of the dead is far more powerful than casualty lists.

Vol 6 No 2 (12222): A medley of food research

Few readers will forget the way Major D. These are the images that will resonate with readers long after the honor roll numbers have been erased from their memories. This is no regular bright-eyed novice soldier anymore, but an experienced warrior to be feared by enemies and respected by allies.

Camaraderie too was vital; respect for fellow privates, noncommissioned officers NCOs , and officers was won on the battlefield as the war progressed and the Canadians began to rack up success after success through the final two years. Although this book will undoubtedly make a Canadian very proud, it may not sit quite so well with readers from those other belligerent nations.

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