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The other definition of telos is eternal. The reward is authority over the nations, meaning to reign with Christ! What a privilege! The Kingdom of David extends to the nations in the Kingdom of God. There is so much to study about the Kingdom of God but I will stop here as the topic is the Kingdom in relation to Davidic Covenant. Thus in this post, the only focus was forever as mentioned in the Davidic Covenant.

But My mercy shall not depart from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I removed from before you. We talk a lot more about grace than mercy now, at least in the communities I move in. I love the simple definition of mercy as not receiving the punishment one deserves and grace as receiving blessings that one does not deserve. Perhaps it is because we do not talk so much about sin, and thus less about mercy.

Mercy brings us from the status of being being condemned to forgiven, and grace brings us from forgiven to favoured. Below is a simple visual of how I see mercy and grace. They come hand in hand. We cannot receive grace without mercy. The teachings and expositions I have read on the Sure Mercies of David have alluded to Jesus Christ through whom the mercy of God has been extended to us believers.

This position is very important and critical to our salvation. I personally is so thankful for this mercy as without it I will be damned for eternity for my sins. My question is why would Jesus need the sure mercy? Is not His position as the son of God and sinless absolve Him from judgement? If He does not need to be judged, then there is no need for mercy. I am aware that I am on a trajectory that might be a less traveled path and I am open to discussion.

As the son of God, yes He is sinless and of no need of judgement. Yet as son of David who as the king over all with an eternal kingdom, Jesus bears the responsibility over all His subjects. A good king and leader bears the burden of his people. Jesus took on the sin of the world, as the king of Israel. As I have established previously that the only way Israel has true and complete rest is when all the enemies are no more.

This implied that this promised King is to be King over all. So it is pertinent that Jesus took on all the sin of the world, which is expressed in the popular verse John I see the sure mercies of David at work here for Jesus, the son of David. King Saul was rejected because of his sin against God.

The Davidic Covenant is very clear that this descendent of David will not have the same end as King Saul even if He sinned. In verse 14b, God is clear that this son of David will receive punishment from men, but mercy from God. It was a reverse of King Saul as he did not receive punishment from men but from God. Jesus was judged for the sin of the world on Him by the world, by men. Jesus took on one of the most cruel way of capital punishment through the cross meted out by men.

The sure mercies of David was activated when God pardoned the sin of the world on Jesus in His resurrection. Yes, Jesus is the perfect sacrificial lamb, yet we know that the lamb in the Old Testament had to die to pay for the price of sin of mankind no matter how perfect it was. Jesus lived. Mercy was extended to this Lamb from death. My instinct when something I am working on went off tangent away from the end I had in mind, I will restart.

Yet His lovingkindness made Him relent to provide a rainbow covenant. Sin can be taken rather frivolously in our time and age, even among the Christian community. Perhaps it is our temporal view of our lives, where the eternal effects of sin are not within our consideration. He did not just provide a way to pardon our sins, but He also paves the way to blessedness. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. The seed of David is a descendent of David. The Davidic Covenant goes beyond the lifetime of King David himself. Yet, it is not descendants, but a particular descendent as it is singular in all mention of him. I want to first establish that King Solomon is NOT the descendent referred to in this context based on the few conditions stated in this covenant. This one line blew my mind.

This is a singular individual adoption of a son of David. We as believers are children of God as a collective through Jesus Christ, i. The Davidic Covenant is a first degree direct adoption by God with David the father. This means that this son will be called both son of David and son of God. Based on this, we know the only person carrying this dual identity is Jesus Christ.

Following this declaration, God went on to talk about chastening this son. God was clear that He will not give special concession to His son from earthly human discipline for trespasses. The son of God is not spared of the consequences of sin as the son of David, a man, no concession or exemption. It is hard to reconcile this as we know that Jesus was sinless on earth.

The Son of God should not have sin on him. Yet as the son of David and as the king over all nations as discussed in Part 4 on Rest , the responsibility of the sin of all his subjects in the kingdom is upon him. This is what great leaders do. Jesus did exactly this.

The only possible kingdom that will last forever, literally eternity, will be one of God. No earthly king could ever achieve this, even the greatest empires and kingdoms. This is impossible by human means and effort. Therefore God promised to establish this kingdom. God stated that this house will carry the name of God.

This makes complete sense as the kingdom and throne will be established by God Himself. The Ark of the Covenant was also lost. There was no physical house built for God since then till present. So what might this house be? Jesus talked about destroying the Temple and rebuilding it again in three days. The Pharisees were on the road to destroying the temple when they hide their love for money behind religion. The temple is only truly a temple when the presence of God in the temple, otherwise it is an empty shell. I love the word used in this covenant is house and not temple.

Whereas a temple is more ritualistic that is distant and formal. This covenant is a paradigm shift. The house of God is moved from place to person , represented by the shift from temple to house, which I see as from ritualistic to relational. Based on the same rationale that the temple of God is where God presence is, followers of Jesus Christ who are filled with the Spirit of God are also temple of God.

The temple of God has now been decentralised and scattered where geographical location is no longer a limitation. Conclusion of the matter is that Jesus is the seed or descendent referred to in the Davidic Covenant. It was a time of rest for David and Israel. It is a little baffling to promise rest at this point. Was the rest King David enjoyed permanent? Historically, we know it was not. Even with the established Kingdom of David at that time, he still had to go out to war to maintain peace as the enemies were not at rest.

When the enemy is still at work, there is no true rest. Israel eventually lost its sovereignty as a nation and its land. Closer to our times, the Holocaust is a horror in history to the Jewish people that the world is still left wondering how it happened. The modern nation of Israel is also constantly at war with its neighbours now. The promise of rest from all enemies in the physical has not come to pass till today as the nation of Israel is still at war.

Keeping It Catholic - Making Ordinary Days Extraordinary

One way of looking at true rest is when we are sure of victory. As strange as it may sound, a battle can be fought from a place of rest rather than from a place of fear or survival. King David had this rest when he fought Goliath and all the other battles. If David already had this rest, what is the rest that God promised him in this covenant? I believe the rest promised here is the literal rest from all enemies, both psychologically and physically.

The rest given is to the whole of Israel. For a king, there is no guarantee of rest even when the nation is at rest as the king bears the responsibility of maintaining the rest. This promise is yet to be fulfilled till now. It is not a down payment as it is paid in full. Paid but not fully claimed might be more appropriate. Even though Jesus has not stepped into the full glory as King over all the nations, His victory on the cross and death gives all who believed in Him a guarantee of this promise to come.

This explains why God specifically told Mary to name her son Jesus Matthew , which means God is salvation. Jesus is the Saviour of the world through his birth, death and resurrection. There are many more Biblical names that we can discuss but here, our focus is on David, and in relation to the Tabernacle of David. Tabernacle of the Uncle sounds really strange.

Comb with strands of hair caught in its teeth. Those kind of things. It seems like a plot twist of epic proportions — this idea that we are coming back to things. Once, we were set on climbing higher and higher into uncharted skies in brazen fantasies of transcendent mastery. A Eurocentric appropriation of history allowed the story of human dominance and exceptionalism to be propagated to the farthest reaches of the planet — much to the exclusion of other local accounts of the world.

We told ourselves we are at the centre of things, divorced from its mangle, floating above the blind logic of death and limits, destined for a place among stars. Or above them — why not? So it does come as something of a shock to notice this coming down to earth, this rummaging among the debris of abandoned things, this leaning in to hear the speculative inner worlds of objects. It is like — all of a sudden — some kind of extra-terrestrial disclosure event has occurred…but in the stead of flying discs and hovering cities, we have milk containers and toilet bowls.

And flip-flops and the rebuke of dust — the swirl and dance of dust that dislocates concreteness and independence, chastising our claims to permanence. Her point was to indict the all-pervasive longing to subvert the irreconcilable complexity of the world under story — to reduce the world to human comprehension, and enthrone the discursive over the material. But like Babel of old, when the gods came down to cause confusion by breaking the homogeneousness of language into dialects and strange tongues, we are experiencing a similar kind of confusion — albeit one that is exacerbated by the resilient Western notions about human supremacy.

We are noticing that we will not figure things out in any final way, that because we are beings among beings there are often unwanted effects of other agencies we have to deal with. What is becoming clear is that we are confused — the gods have struck again, putting us asunder, disrupting our progressive ziggurat-building endeavours to escape the ordinary. Confusion is the mingling together of the discursive and the material. Things get confounding because thought is tasked to account for that which transcends thought and language, that which resists articulation.

I think of confusion not as something to overcome in order to reach clarity this is a modern legacy , neither as an excuse to not be rigorous, nor as a final resting place or settlement. But as a redescription of the world in terms of a mangle, the promise of which allows us to stay still in the trouble of opaqueness and hold on to the potential of different kinds of clarities. What might happen when we stay at the edges of what we know? What kind of horizontal politics or radical activism can we enact as a result of recognizing the claims of the material world around us?

Bruce took and held the heels of my feet in his hands, the three of us could all see that the right one was an inch or so shorter than the other. As He prayed I saw with my own eyes the right heel go out and pass the other then come back perfectly the same as the left. God is putting your pelvis back in alignment Bruce explained.

He asked me to stand as he prayed laying his hands on my hips, again believing on Christ and His word for the power in our healing. This time I could actually feel like someone squeezing the SI joints together. When Bruce had finished praying for me I could tell that something was different. Still in pain I went home-that was Thursday. Friday morning I woke up. Humm—not as much pain and I was able to be on my feet much longer. Brian Hill. I worked for the department of corrections for 30 years as a teacher and had just retired.

Right after my retirement, I noticed blood in my urine and was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer with very aggressive cancer cells. I was advised by my doctor that because the cancer was extremely aggressive, they suggested the total removal of my bladder and prostate within two weeks. I was told the surgery would be 8 to 9 hours with a 6 to 8 month recovery period. I had a large tumor on my bladder and it had spread into the muscle tissue and the prostrate had cancer as well.

My brother and a close friend of his met me one morning for breakfast and Bruce Van Natta came with them to pray for me. After we finished eating Bruce asked if he could lay hands on me and pray. Bruce lifted up his shirt and showed me his scars after sharing his incredible story. I sat there as Bruce anointed me with oil and prayed right there amongst everyone in the restaurant. For the next couple of months I began to feel much better.

I also changed my diet and started eating better too but I knew something was much different. On January 5th of I went to the University Wisconsin Hospital in Madison for a second opinion and to be retested by an oncology specialists. That morning I was given a blood and urine test followed up with a consultation with experts specializing in bladder cancer. I was told that they had reviewed all the tests and reports from my doctors in Green Bay.

It was their consensus that it was in my best interest to pursue the recommendation of my doctor in Green Bay and immediately have the surgery. I was also told that I could forgo the painful retest based on the previous reports and because of the fact it was a very aggressive cancer, they were anxious to do surgery and chemo.

I insisted that they scope my bladder again just to make sure. This is where it gets really interesting, during the test the doctor scoped my bladder then called another doctor in to take a look. After 15 minutes he called in a third doctor who while scoping kept whispering to the others. After the procedure they told me because it was so late in the day, they would call me the next day with the results. The following day I was informed by the specialist that the options we discussed yesterday were still open, but the Dr.

They suggested I still consider chemo and radiation as a precautionary measure because of the cancer that was originally there but had now vanished. I said no way, I know what chemo and radiation does to the body! It has been a year and I feel the best I have every felt in my life. With changing my diet and eating healthy, I have lost 50 lbs now. Everyone comments on how good I look and how great my skin looks.

My blood pressure is in a normal range, and my cholesterol and sugar are normal as well. During one of my tests they said I had the arteries and blood of a 25 year old. I thank God for that day and the willingness of Bruce to take time out and meet and pray with me, I am forever blessed and grateful. One fact I do know, Jesus heals. Brad Hentges. I was racing the last mx race of the year at Byron Illinois when I was 16 just before turning 17 October In the 2nd moto I got a 4th place holeshot then passed one guy the first lap and another the 3rd lap.

So I was running down the leader and had just passed 2nd place on a big downhill before the finish line jump. I went off the finish line jump and landed on a lapped rider.

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Our footpegs locked and I was thrown off the bike. I was doing a pushup out of the mud when the rider I passed landed on my left arm crushing it—you could see three of my four bones in my left arm sticking out. I was rushed to Rockford Memorial Hospital and luckily there was an orthopedic sports doctor there checking on a football player from Rockford Boylan. I Woke up after 7 hours of surgery and my arm was still there! It had been a hard week because the doctors felt my wife Lisa had Lupis and we had taken another bioposy to send to a special microscope at U of Iowa Hospital for confirmation.

The waiting is hard and to be honest I came to Church with a heavy heart. We sat in the back and I was in my own little world. After praise and worship when we went to sit down and I noticed Jerry Gerlach was sitting next to my wife! Pastor Wayne introduced Bruce and he led off with telling us he used to race dirt bikes down here in Fenton Il.

Instantly being an old dirt biker I was awake. His first scripture was Mark He preached a wonderful message and shared his incredible story from his heart. He gave an altar call from the Pulpit and my dear friend Jerry accepted Christ. I was stoked! After the service we hugged and cried. Yes, men cry. We exchanged numbers and promised to catch up. My wife left to go to Charlotte Iowa to see her family as they were concerned with her health. We had driven separate vehicles and I decided to stay and pray for awhile. Bruce was praying for a lot of needs and I continued to pray for Lisa Lupis and Jerry for his salvation.

Things were winding down when I felt impressed to wait and be the last person to be prayed for. I asked Bruce to join in with me to pray for Jerry and Lisa. What a humble man of God. We prayed and agreed for them both and then he asked to pray for my disabled arm, and he did, but nothing seemed to happen right then. As I drove home all I could think about was one of the miracles I had watched happen before my eyes that day. A young man from Church who was deaf in one ear, but after Bruce prayed for him he could now hear.

What must he be thinking I wondered? When I got home I sat on the couch and was still pondering all that God had done through Bruce that day. What an Awesome God I thought! Well as I was sitting there an overwelming presence of God overcame me.

Recently On Spiritual Life

It started at my head and warmth like I never felt before started down my body slowly. When it came down my shoulders I felt my arm begin to move out. I could feel things moving at my elbow joint which had been crushed as well. God instantly and perfectly healed my arm right then and there.

When I got my wits I called my Pastor and told him of my miracle. To God be all the Glory for all He did that day. George A Chamberlain. A few years ago I was buffeted with an unusual eye condition that doctors could not explain or treat. Unable to look to the left or right; wearing dark glasses indoors; forced to keep blinds closed even on overcast days. Reading was almost impossible because of how the condition affected eye function.

I was in the middle of applying for a residency job that had already been delayed for a lengthy amount of time and everything was at a standstill because of this anomalous eye disorder. At a loss on what to do, only the Lord could help me with this problem. I worked up the nerve to contact the Sweet Breads Ministries prayer line where Brother Bruce Van Natta was kind enough to pray over my eye issue, my difficult job situation, as well as finances.

I also requested prayer over attending the Bay Revival as my family had come against me for my interest in it. Within days a job opportunity emerged and a week later, after Brother Van Natta prayed a second time over the phone, I picked up the Bible and was immediately able to read without stopping. I was also able to get back to studying and eventually completed my exam.

My parents have even gone back to church after over twenty-five years of not attending. The good work that the Lord began with my job situation I believe will also be completed because Jesus never forsakes us. There is power in His Word and He hears our prayers. Report from our New York ministry trip.

The trip went great with over 70 salvations, but the real focus was on praying over people to be empowered by God to be His hands and feet in this world which is going to have a huge multiplication effect for the Kingdom. We also got to see the Lord do many amazing miracles and just wanted to share a few with you for encouragement and as a praise report. We watched in astonishment as her oxygen counter went from 81 very low, to 97 normal with no oxygen tank! She came back to another meeting days later and testified that she had slept normally and had not been short of breath for the first time in years!

God is alive and well and He loves us!!! You prayed with a ministry couple who have been in full time mercy ministry for a lot of years. They came up for prayer with deep grief over their teenage son who had been in full blown rebellion from middle school age all the way through high school. He was going to go to college and they feared the worst, especially because nothing had changed in seven years.

You prayed for the son and the next day he was changed and from that day onward he kept changing, and has been set free from rebellion!! In His love, Norelle Lutke. He has spent countless days in the hospital and endured 13 surgeries. There is no cure for his disorder, so Christopher has been tube fed his entire life of 16 years. Our journey has been long and hard. The doctors told us that his prognosis was grim and unclear. Would he have brain damage? Would his physical development be compromised?

Would he even live to see his first birthday? He was on the journey with us. He picked us up and dusted us off when we fell down. He carried us when we were tired, and in the end He blessed us with an instant healing miracle. On November 6, our family attended a church service where Bruce VanNatta was speaking. After the service, we met with Bruce and asked if he would help us pray that God would heal Christopher. The air in the room was still except for the movement of the Holy Spirit working inside Christopher. The world literally melted away as the universe was suddenly hyper-focused on the young man at the center of it all.

Bruce was praying when Christopher suddenly announced that something was wrong. He was grabbing at his feeding tube and saying that something was happening to it. Bruce stopped praying and asked Christopher if he needed to sit down. Christopher said that he was okay and wanted to keep going, so Bruce began again. I had to watch. I could feel the sweet weight of the Holy Spirit moving among us, and I wanted to watch Him work. As Bruce continued praying aloud, I continued praying with my eyes wide open.

All sense of time and place had disappeared. It was just this moment in this place that mattered. His face was completely flushed, and he had a look that I had never seen before. It was VERY intense. I saw the movement. I felt my eyes widen in absolute amazement as I witnessed the vibration pulsating down through the pattern of his intestines. I could see the vibration palpitate his feeding tubes with the beat of the Holy Spirit working within him. There was a tactile, pinpoint focus.

He could feel the vibrating movement, the healing power of God. He said it was difficult to describe, but it was undeniable. He felt God healing him. We were a cloud of Christian witnesses in the midst of a profound moment. It was one moment in time that would change all others. We were witnesses to an instant healing miracle, and our eyes were opened to the extraordinary power and plans of God. It was difficult to describe the raw emotion of the Holy Spirit at work among us, but we all felt it. Something had just happened. It was an extraordinary gift that would keep on giving!

Not only was his stomach completely healed that day, but His GI tract was completely healed as well and he no longer has stomach pain or digestion issues! He had one more healing miracle for Christopher. Christopher still stutters occasionally, but he can now share his testimony with the world without tripping over his words. God bless, LeAnne Gunderson. For more information please visit www. Thank you God for my healing. Thank you, Renata Steltman. Imagine her surprise when she woke up a few days later and realized her back was pain free for the first time in many years.

The only ones more surprised than her was the Drs when they confirmed her back was healed. God is good and He answers prayers! Dear Bruce, Thank you for praying for me last week. I had a very painful hernia in my belly button that stuck out. As you prayed it began to get smaller and smaller and the redness also went away. All the pain left my body as you spoke healing words from the Holy Spirit over my body! I praise you Father God for I am healed. It happened right away after the prayer, there was no more pain and the hernia disappeared.

All the Praise and Glory goes to God! Thank you for your faithfulness Bruce. Teri Zokan. Dear Rev. Carlson, Thank you again for calling me top pray with my daughter Calista on October 8th She said she felt very warm afterwards and has felt healing in her body ever since. I noticed an immediate difference in her as well! You might remember that I told you seconds after I was thinking about you and Sweetbread Ministries, the phone rang! What a blessing. Also, oddly enough or maybe not , I myself had a healing that night. Due to a lot of stress and anxiety, constant worrying about my daughter, I had this horrible habit of scratching the back of my neck under my hairline.

It started out like a small blemish was there, then I just kept picking at it for over 2 years! More than just a nervous habit at this point. I could not stop!! While you were praying for Calista, which I listened to on speaker phone, I was lying down when all of a sudden my mouth opened and this strange, groaning, weird kind of sigh came out! Hard to truly explain. Ever since then, I have not done this awful habit anymore.


So, WOW! Bonus healing for our family. My neck which was always swollen and irritated; is normal now. Praise God! Calista and I are grateful and thankful for the Favor of God for your call that night. We hope to meet you in person someday! I had a call today from Vickey Coates, she came to our church last year on a regular basis.. She is now going to another church because her family goes there and they are pressuring her to go where they go.. She wants to be with us.. She said she was healed when you prayed for her Bruce.

She had injured her tail bone when giving birth to her son 30 years ago and it had caused severe pain ever since. It hurt for her to even sit down in a chair! That pain left and she was healed totally.. One of our members.. We are believing that. So I would like to thank you for taking the time to come to our little church in Colonie and sharing your incredible story with us so that you were here for God to heal me through. I am grateful. Ardey Borrelli. Some of his story regarding addiction and childhood abuse clicked for me so I called him on August 3.

I told Bruce that I had ongoing spiritual, physical and emotional problems even though I had become a Christian some 28 years earlier. I still suffered terribly from shame and guilt. I told him I was also frightened to go to church. He also prayed that I would be surrounded by angels. I politely said I would keep in touch. Several weeks went by and then one night I was overcome with a desire to praise God while I was listening to worship music. I ended up weeping bitterly for every sin I had ever committed and realized I had never ever experienced the promise of forgiveness and the removal of intense shame caused by my poor choices and bad behaviour throughout my life.

Then I had a vision of two angels standing in front of me where I was sitting and Jesus was at my left side kneeling, with His right arm draped over my shoulder. He motioned with His hand and one of the angels moved closer. I felt filled with life and it was wonderful but very scary all at the same time because this was not my imagination — this was really happening! Then I felt every sin and feeling of shame and guilt pour up and out of me, and simultaneously the goodness and righteousness of God Himself poured into me. I opened my eyes and got up in a bit of a daze and could almost not stand the intense joy I felt inside my soul and body.

It was sheer joy and I danced around my living room. Then I fell on my knees with my forehead on the ground and worshipped God completely and spent the next several hours worshipping God by dancing and singing. However, I still had a terrible fear of going to church. Sometimes I would walk right up to the church doors but would suddenly be gripped by an overwhelming terror and I would walk right on by.

One Sunday morning, I heard the same fearful thoughts about church but then I heard God laughing gently and He told me not to listen to that voice anymore, that He was bigger. I started laughing too because I realized that God was taking care of me. The second I walked through the doorway of that church I felt the excitement and peace and love of God. At first I was horrified to see that some people were putting their hands up in the air while they worshipped — now I cannot keep mine down either.

I have been instantaneously healed not only from chronic depression, but my digestion problems have gone away as well and other physical healing has taken place. Dear Brother, Thank you so much for the email up-date, you have been in my heart since the day you prayed for me and gave me words from the LORD.

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel around the World

They have all been answered one after the other just like HE told you. Thank you so much for letting the LORD use you. My daughter got her case opened and they put her in a return to work program that pays for her child care service while she trains and works and they also give her cash, food allowance and medical care, Which is a great relief to us financially. GOD is also working on her heart I am seeing the change. Sincerely Zaraida. Hi Bruce, I am writing you to give God, thanks And praise for a miracle healing for my sister. My 2 sisters my mom and my niece attended the service and we were all amazed with your testimony.

When you and Doug Collins began calling up people to be prayed on with cancer my sister went up. My sister had cancer in her hipbone. When she came back she was telling me that nothing had happened. I told her to close her eyes and believe that God can heal her, as we both had our eyes closed and were praying, Doug came running down the isle and touched my sister on the shoulder, and we both were knocked over into our seats by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ha Ha!! When we awoke we were both laughing. About 2 weeks later my sister went back to the doctor for a scan of the bone the doctor was amazed the bone had healed and the cancer is gone. Praise God!! Thank You for letting God work thru You and Doug that day. Steve Volpe. Chest xrays are good and I can now swim 15 to 20 laps 4 times a week. Ever since the service I breathe better and have no signs of asthma anymore either!