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There are three major turn-bolt action designs: the Mauser system, the Lee—Enfield system, and the Mosin—Nagant system. All three differ in the way the bolt fits into the receiver, how the bolt rotates as it is being operated, the number of locking lugs holding the bolt in place as the gun is fired, and whether the action is cocked on the opening of the bolt as in the Mauser system or the closing of the bolt as in the Lee—Enfield system.

The vast majority of bolt-action rifles utilize one of these three systems, with other designs seeing only limited use. The Mauser bolt action system was introduced in the Gewehr 98 designed by Paul Mauser , and is the most common bolt-action system in the world, [ citation needed ] being in use in nearly all modern hunting rifles and the majority of military bolt-action rifles until the middle of the 20th century.

The Mauser system is stronger than that of the Lee—Enfield due to two locking lugs just behind the bolt head which make it better able to handle higher pressure cartridges i. A novel safety feature was the introduction of a third locking lug present at the rear of the bolt that normally did not lock the bolt, since it would introduce asymmetrical locking forces. The Mauser system features "cock on opening", meaning the upward rotation of the bolt when the rifle is opened cocks the action.

A drawback of the Mauser M 98 system is that it cannot be cheaply mass-produced very easily. Versions of the Mauser action designed prior to the Gewehr 98's introduction, such as that of the Swedish Mauser rifles and carbines, lack the third locking lug and feature a "cock on closing" operation. The Lee—Enfield bolt-action system was introduced in with the Lee—Metford and later Lee—Enfield rifles the bolt system is named after the designer James Paris Lee and the barrel rifling after the Royal Small Arms Factory at the London Borough of Enfield , and is a "cock on closing" action in which the forward thrust of the bolt cocks the action.

This enables a shooter to keep eyes on sights and target uninterrupted by cycling the bolt. The ability of the bolt between lugs and chamber to flex also keeps the shooter safer in case of catastrophic chamber over-pressure. The disadvantage of the rearward located bolt lugs is that a larger part of the receiver, between chamber and lugs, must be made stronger and heavier to resist stretching forces. Also, the bolt ahead of the lugs may flex on firing which, although a safety advantage, may eventually lead to increased head space.

Repeated firing over time can lead to receiver "stretch" and excessive headspace, which if perceived as a problem can be remedied by changing the removable bolt head to a larger sized one the Lee—Enfield bolt manufacture involved a mass production method where at final assembly the bolt body was fitted with one of three standard size bolt heads for correct headspace. Rifle Factory Ishapore of India manufactures a hunting and sporting rifle chambered in. The Mosin—Nagant design has a separate bolthead which rotates with the bolt and the bearing lugs, in contrast to the Mauser system where the bolthead is a non-removable part of the bolt.

The Mosin—Nagant is also unlike the Lee—Enfield system where the bolthead remains stationary and the bolt body itself rotates. The Mosin—Nagant bolt is a somewhat complicated affair, but is extremely rugged and durable; it, like the Mauser, uses a "cock on open" system. Although this bolt system has been rarely used in commercial sporting rifles the Vostok brand target rifles being the most recognized and never outside of Russia, large numbers of military surplus Mosin—Nagant rifles have been sporterized for use as hunting rifles in the years since WWII. The Vetterli rifle was the first bolt action repeating rifle introduced by an army.

It was used by the Swiss army from to circa Modified Vetterlis were also used by the Italian Army. It is unusual among bolt-action rifles in that is loaded through a gate on right side of the receiver, and thus can be reloaded without opening the bolt. The Norwegian and Danish versions of the Krag have two locking lugs, while the American version has only one. In all versions, the bolt handle itself serves as an emergency locking lug. The Krag's major disadvantage compared to other bolt-action designs is that it is usually loaded by hand, one round at a time, although a box-like device was made that could drop five rounds into the magazine, all at once via a stripper or en-bloc clip.

This made it slower to reload than other designs which used stripper or en-bloc clips. Another historically important bolt-action system was the Gras system, used on the French Mle Gras rifle , Mle Lebel rifle which was first to introduce ammunition loaded with nitrocellulose-based smokeless powder , and the Berthier series of rifles. See List of straight pull rifles Straight pull actions differ from a conventional bolt action mechanisms in that the manipulation required from the user in order to chamber and extract a cartridge predominantly consists of a linear motion only, as opposed to a traditional turn-bolt action where the user has to manually rotate the bolt for chambering and primary extraction.

Therefore, in a straight-pull action, the bolt can be cycled back and forward without rotating the handle, hence producing a reduced range of motion by the shooter from four movements to two, with the goal of increasing the rifle's rate of fire.

In contrast, operation of the Mauser-style turn-bolt action [5] [6] requires the bolt handle to be rotated upward, drawn rearward, pushed forward, and finally rotated downward back into lock to complete the loading cycle. The straight pull bolt movements are also all inline with the gun's barrelled action, unlike the turn-bolt designs whose bolt rotations can exert unwanted torques that might throw the gun off aim. Straight pull rifles are often perceived to have an advantage in that they are faster and easier to operate for the user, [ citation needed ] however, they are often more complex than traditional bolt action designs, and often have poor primary extraction [7] lacking the mechanical advantage of a turn bolt.

All three are straight-pull bolt actions, but are entirely unrelated designs. The Ross and Schmidt—Rubin rifles load via stripper clips , albeit of an unusual paperboard and steel design in the Schmidt—Rubin rifle, while the Mannlicher M uses en-bloc clips. The Schmidt—Rubin series, which culminated in the K31, are also known for being among the most accurate military rifles ever made.

Yet another variant of the straight-pull bolt action, of which the M Lee Navy is an example, is a camming action in which pulling the bolt handle causes the bolt to rock, freeing a stud from the receiver and unlocking the bolt. As of the Rifle Shooter magazine [9] listed its successor Blaser R8 as one of the three most popular straight pull rifles together with Merkel Helix [10] and Browning Maral. Most straight pull rifles have a firing mechanism without a hammer , [ citation needed ] but there are some hammer fired models like for instance the Merkel Helix. Firearms using a hammer usually have a comparably longer lock time than hammer-less mechanisms.

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In the sport of biathlon , because shooting speed is an important performance factor and semi-automatic guns are illegal for race use, straight-pull actions are quite common, and are used almost exclusively on the Biathlon World Cup. The first company to make the straight-pull action for. With the new design came a new dry-fire method; instead of the bolt being turned up slightly, the action is locked back to catch the firing pin.

A rifle without equal and a superior performer in every way, the Model CDL SF pairs a receiver machined from a solid stainless-steel bar, with a fluted barrel for reduced weight and unmatched shot-to-shot consistency. Its triangular barrel contour is a product of years of rigorous research and development focused on reducing weight, enhancing rigidity and promoting rapid heat dissipation.

Its accuracy and dependability have become the standard by which all other centerfire rifles are measured and continually fall short. Never before has a rifle this durable and rugged been introduced to the world of hunting. Engineered to make three shots look like one. And we're continually finding new ways to maximize our legendary action's inherent precision. Its 26" heavy-contour barrel is fluted for weight reduction while maintaining rigidity and rapid cooling.

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Features include tactical bolt handle, picatinny rial and bipod. Includes Monte Carlo cheekpiece, and a wide, flat, beaver tail shape fore-end for enhanced stability. Chambering includes Remington and Win. Custom-grade accuracy is now within reach of virtually every hunter.

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Building upon expertise that's dominated bolt-action technology for more than 50 years, our engineering team started from scratch and combined their most advanced, accuracy-enhancing features to create an all-new platform. Now available in a new camo pattern for , complete with a mounted and bore sighted x40mm riflescope.

Lightning-fast in close quarters. Superbly accurate for the long shot. Available through our Bicentennial year, a limited run of 2, classic Model , Model , Model , Model and Model R1 firearms will feature a luxurious, sculpted 24 karat gold inlay portraying our founder, Eliphalet Remington, walking with his first forged barrel. Remington is proud to offer select configurations of our Model and ADL with commemorative bronze colored medallions in the grip cap and a Model R1 with engraved walnut grips.

The Remington Model is a legend in every way.

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Its accuracy and dependatbility remain the standard more than 50 years since it was unveiled. In the wild and remote places that fuel your dreams, every opportunity is earned. The Model AWR American Wilderness Rifle features a black Cerakote finish that protects its free-floated 5R barrel and legendary stainless steel action, forming a virtually indestructible barrier against corrosion and abuse.

All solidly anchored within a high-performance Grayboe stock, it delivers the ultimate in strength, precision and all Much like M, the barrel is cold hammer forged and features 5-R rifling. The 5R rifling profile increases barrel life expectancy, accuracy and creates less fouling and bullet deformation over time.


Remington rifles built on the Model action have made their mark from the front lines of combat to the firing lines of local shooting ranges. Adding to that reputation of tactical superiority in , we proudly introduce the Remington Model Magpul. From extended-range big-game hunting to printing one-ragged-hole groups from the bench, no rifle delivers like the Model Long Range. And we're continually finding new ways to maximize our legendary action's Crafted in our newest manufacturing facility using proprietary methods that create the tightest tolerances from rifle to rifle.

The striking new stock design Crafted in our newest manufacturing facility using proprietary methods that create the tightest tolerances from rifle to rifle This CA legal rifle has an overall length of It uses 10rd AR15 detachable magazines. It has a The comb is adjustable with the push of a button, up to 1. This rifle comes with a flash suppressor, adjustable LBA trigger, an adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. The engineers at Mossberg combined this classic bolt-action platform with the features most highly-desired by dedicated varmint and From extended-range big game hunting to printing one-ragged-hole groups from the bench, no rifle delivers like the Model The Model Long Range combines the added stability of a 26" heavy varmint barrel with hard-hitting, long-action chamberings Introduced in , the Remington Model Magpul features a carbon steel barreled action with tactical bolt handle.

The 22" heavy, free-floated barrel has 5R rifling, a threaded muzzle with thread protector, and a black Cerakote finish. The X-Mark Pro This year, Remington engineers are taking the strength and precision of the Model action to new levels of hair-splitting accuracy with the latest additions to the tactical lineup. Introducing the Remington Model Magpul Enhanced. It's Magpul Hunter