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And, through a quirk of fate, Hole has very similar issues. The violence discloses the pattern.

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Yet he sells it, and is less reliant on the jaw-clenching, grimacey mannerisms that he sometimes goes into. Fassbender is able to do all this at least partly because of excellent character support from Gainsbourg and Ferguson. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Thrillers film. The acting was exactly what you'd expect from the A-list cast and the cinematography was excellent. Acacia Oct 28, This movie is not horrible.

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The Snowman Review

It is a bit confusing though. It does get off to a slow start, I felt.

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The This movie is not horrible. The plot may have come off better in the book which I did not read because it mostly seems implausible if tou put it all together. BrianMcCritic Jan 18, Basically a snooze fest that is competently made and pretty well acted.

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The problem lies in a script that goes nowhere. The characters seem to have little motivation and it comes across in a weak script. ErikTheCritic Oct 8, The cinematography is fantastic, and that's about it.

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This movie was a slog from start to finish with merely buildup and no payoff, as well as sleazy acting throughout. MattBrady99 Dec 1, With such a huge cast of great actors and a well experience director, who could've thought a movie would feel so incomplete and dull.

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The scenes where things are meant to be intense came off hilarious. When the Popcorn Song is the killers own theme tune song and he literally dances to it; are we suppose to be disturbed by this? What is up with the derpy face snowman the killer leave behind as calling cards.

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Who thought a drawing that a 4-year old would make would be a good for a murderer? Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson are decent, but we've seen better from them. Val Kilmer looks and sounds different, like his lines were dubbed over or something. The rest are just an after thought. The cinematography is gorgeous and you can see it being good movie if it was in the right hands. No bad performances from anyone. Still, Fassbender needs to get an new agent.

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Rebecca31 Oct 20, They sit there and critique every tiny little detail. So naturally when I heard The Snowman was getting a movie adaptation I was delighted. Have you actually read The Snowman? Vastly underdeveloped characters with little to no chemistry between any of them.

All pieced together by an absolute sorry excuse for an editor.

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Was this even edited by anyone? The pacing is all over the place, any attempt at building the tension failed. Perhaps by that time sufficient evidence will have been gathered to explain just why a movie assembled by a group of mostly first-rate talents wound up such a soggy, slushy mess. I myself cannot quite figure it out. The movie begins with what turns out to be a flashback. The scene is shot with what appears to be a lilac petal dangling in front of the lens.

In a large cabin in a snow-covered field, a man in a police car visits a young boy and his mother. And there the man administers a test to the boy, slapping the mother every time the kid gets a question wrong. Things go from bad to worse, and eventually a Volvo sinks into a lake, and a kid is left homeless. Cut to the present day, and Harry is sleeping off a drunk in a bus shelter.