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Active participant in a process designed to be intellectually and emotionally stimulating Passive recipient of technologically-based intervention Active participant in physically and intellectually demanding exercise 6 Who is delivering the activity? A fine art expert, probably withpreparation regarding dementia A social worker or similar support worker or volunteer A dance professional with extensive experience, aided by other dancers 7 Who else is involved and how? Carers and other people with dementia Carers and family members Dancers and other people with dementia.

Conclusions There is a growing recognition that the arts can make a contribution to the quality of life of people living with dementia. Funding This research received no external funding. Conflicts of Interest The author declares no conflict of interest. References 1. Luengo-Fernandez R. UK research spend in and Comparing stroke, cancer, coronary heart disease and dementia.

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The Creative Arts in Dementia Care

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    Practical Person-Centred Approaches and Ideas

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    Alzheimer Dis. Lord T. Effects of music on Alzheimer patients. Suzuki M. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Cookie Policy. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Be the first to review this product. Email to a Friend. The physical care of people with dementia is of vital importance, but so too is their emotional, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

    The creative arts are gaining increasing recognition not only as a tool for delivering effective person-centred dementia care, but also for attending to soul as well as body. Encouraging those who care for people with dementia to develop their own creative skills, this book provides a creative map of care with easy-to-follow examples and detailed case studies.

    After explaining why adopting a creative approach is central to effective dementia care, the authors go on to discuss meditation, singing, movement and storytelling, describing the therapeutic benefits of each and giving practical examples of how they can be used with individuals or groups. They also look at the importance of creative supervision in promoting creativity and creating a safe space for honest interpersonal connection: an essential foundation for effective teamwork.

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    • This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the care of a person with dementia, including professional staff in residential and nursing homes, hospitals and day centres, families and other non-professional carers. Allow Cookies. Log In. Advanced Search. The Creative Arts in Dementia Care. Practical Person-Centred Approaches and Ideas. Quick Overview This book provides a creative map of care with easy-to-follow examples and detailed case studies.

      Moving: The Dances of Our Spirit. The Author. The Contributors. Literature References. Music References. Television and Film References. Subject Index. Author Index. Related Titles. Stay Informed. Recent News. Mellon Foundation. Tweets by UBCPress. Current Catalogue. Publishers Represented.