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Causes of an Itchy Nose

  1. (right) under (one's) (very) nose
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  3. (right) under (one's) (very) nose
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In my office we used to get regular cross-city deliveries.

Definition of Idiomatic Expressions

There was a courier called John who would make deliveries for us several times a day. One day I realized that although he had been coming to our office for almost five years I knew virtually nothing about him.

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  5. under someone's nose;
  6. right under your nose.

Feeling a little embarrassed about this, I asked him if he had time for a cup of coffee. He agreed and we took a few minutes from our busy schedules and headed to the local coffee shop.

(right) under (one's) (very) nose

I discovered that John was quite an amazing man. He had been involved in the corporate world in Sydney, but his health had suffered and he had decided that he wanted a sea change and a less demanding job so that he could spend more time with his children as they grew up.