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When a bird flies into an exhibit of dinosaurs, the museum walls and the bones begin to change to prehistoric times. The amazing fantasy comes full circle to a satisfying conclusion. Slowly and quietly on this particular Tuesday, a few fat frogs begin hovering over a swamp, riding lily pads like magic carpets. Gradually, the flying fleet grows in momentum and number, sailing over the countryside and into an unsuspecting town. Readers are encouraged to tell the story of a brave farm girl who provides food to someone who has escaped in this sophisticated, expressive, wordless book.

Inspired by family stories, the author allows adults to fill in the historical detail while children recognize the story's power. No words are needed to share a child's seaside adventure as she plays with the waves, is knocked down by one, and then discovers the sea's gifts brought to shore by the wave. Softly lined wash in a limited color palette evoke a summer afternoon on the beach.

A sly walrus evades the zookeeper, all the while hiding in plain sight: at a lunch counter, in a window display, and many equally obvious and silly places. After taking a swimming prize, the walrus returns to the zoo. Flat forms augment the understated comedy of this wordless tale. A girl is lost in a snowstorm. A wolf cub is lost, too. How will they find their way home? Paintings rich with feeling tell this satisfying, wordless story of friendship and trust. Proceeds from the sale of books purchased at Amazon. Thank you!

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Anno's Journey By: Mitsumaso Anno. Chalk By: Bill Thomson. Flashlight By: Lizi Boyd. Flora and the Penguin By: Molly Idle. Flotsam By: David Wiesner. Fossil By: Bill Thomson. Purchase Audible book. Have You Seen My Duckling? By: Nancy Tafuri. I Got It! By: David Wiesner. Inside Outside By: Lizi Boyd. Journey By: Aaron Becker. Mirror By: Jeannie Baker. Museum Trip By: Barbara Lehman. Noah's Ark By: Peter Spier. Pancakes for Breakfast By: Tomie dePaola.

Rain By: Peter Spier. Rainstorm By: Barbara Lehman.

Red Sled By: Lita Judge. Sector 7 By: David Wiesner. The Snowman By: Raymond Briggs. Time Flies By: Eric Rohmann. Tuesday By: David Wiesner. Wave By: Suzy Lee. Where's Walrus? By: Stephen Savage.

At The Zoo Set 3

Wolf in the Snow By: Matthew Cordell. New and Popular. Social Communication Growth Charts. Fluency Norms Chart Update. Get Widgets. Our Literacy Blogs. Reading Without Walls. November 7, May 6, Summer Adventures: Read. Map Fun: Creating a Visual Itinerary. August 30, July 3, Reading Success During Spring Break! March 16, Get Widget. Tweets by ReadingRockets. Literacy Apps Find the best apps for building literacy skills.

Target the Problem Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. Ready for Kindergarten What parents, teachers and child care providers need to know. Our Podcasts Watch or listen to our classroom video, author interviews and more. Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be — I had a mother who read to me. Classroom Strategies Research-based teaching strategies. Reading Basics From print awareness to comprehension. Reading Course K-3 professional development course. Looking at Writing Writing samples from real kids pre-K—3.

Why Some Kids Struggle The reasons why some kids struggle with reading.

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Target the Problem! Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and learn how to help. Finding Help When your child needs additional teaching, tutoring or special education services. FAQs Questions about assessment, comprehension, dyslexia and more. Early literacy development English language learners Fluency Oral language. A great way for kids do to a literacy activity with this book is having them make up their own classroom pet and use their imagination.

For students in 3rd-5th grade can each get assigned a There's A Zoo in Room 22, is a wonderful, fun children's poetry book of alphabet rhymes. For students in 3rd-5th grade can each get assigned a letter of the alphabet and make up their own class pet starting with the letter they get and write a poem about their pet. For younger grades K-2nd, the students can also get assigned a letter of the alphabet and make up a pet that starts with the letter they get, but instead of doing a poem they can draw a picture of their class pet and just write adjectives around it that they want to use to describe their imaginary classroom creature.

Feb 17, Allie rated it liked it. This book instantly caught my attention when I was reading it. This poem book goes letter by letter through the alphabet. Each letter gets a poem and they are great! Each poem is not just starting with the letter it is assigned to. For example 'Umbrella Bird' is for the letter U. The poems are short but really fun to read. I would use this book as a model text for writing poems. You can assign each student a letter or just let them read this book about how to write a poem about something silly.

I would select one or two poems to read aloud from this book. I would not read the whole book in one sitting, the students will get restless. This book would even work in kindergarten, when you are talking about letters. You could try and find sight words in these poems and talk about punctuation and rhyming.

I would recommend this book to K-3 teachers. For the older kids I would have this out for reading or to use as a mentor text.


Feb 15, Jeanette Yanez rated it it was amazing. I not only like the variety of animals, most of which would be horrible pets, but also the assonance throughout the story. I think this story was much easier to read because it was an easier poem to read. This book is a straight forward poem where you know that the last word in each line will rhyme, which makes reading and comprehension easier to read.

This book is a creative approach to poetry and reading at a higher level, I LOVED this book most likely because my favorite song is the alphabet. This book is a creative approach to poetry and reading at a higher level, it is an easy read but also challenges the reader to read in a differnt manner that may have never been seen before. I think that as I child reading this book the students will truly enjoy the book as well as learn how words work together to rhyme and sound like a lot of fun Sep 06, Haley Shubert rated it really liked it. What's better than having a classroom pet?

Having 26! The vocabulary is age appropriate while also encouraging students to ask questions about the different animals mentioned. It is also good for teaching about animals in a science class.

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Darling's class gets the full experience of the alphabet with classroom pets ranging from Boring Beetle Bill to the Quiet Quahog. This is an What's better than having a classroom pet?

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  • Spank.
  • This is an adorable book that makes students excited to learn a new letter so they can discover their new pet. Apr 09, Kate Babbitt added it Shelves: poetry. This book is a fun and lively book about Room 22 which has an animal for every letter of the alphabet. This rhyming book engages the students in both learning animals and the alphabet's order mainly for lower elementary , including the creative descriptions for each animal. This could be an early prediction practice book, going through the alphabet page by page and guessing what animal is coming next based on their knowledge of animals and the letter that comes next.

    Students could also create This book is a fun and lively book about Room 22 which has an animal for every letter of the alphabet. Students could also create their own letter page, choosing an animal that wasn't mentioned and writing a creative description of that animal, practicing rhyming. Sep 24, Allison Weber rated it it was amazing Shelves: el This book would be awesome in an elementary classroom! It could be used for so many lessons. For example, it is a form of an alphabet book because it covers a different letter of the alphabet on each sequential page.

    New animals can be learned about as well, such as anacondas, lemurs, and newts. Some pages also show alliterations and rhyming. Since its a book of poetry, it could also be used in a poetry lesson. The possibilities are endless, and I think students would absolutely love this b WOW! The possibilities are endless, and I think students would absolutely love this book because of its fun pictures and stories!

    Aug 23, Randie D.

    Red Cat Reading

    Camp, M. Miss Darling's class has a class pet Some of the pets are common animals cat, mouse, guinea pig while others are more peculiar octopus, zorilla, vulture. Each pet is described in a brief, silly, almost poem-like rhyming verse. Illustrations are bright, filled with action, and just as humorous as the text. Fun read aloud for younger children. Oct 14, Joanie rated it really liked it Shelves: abc-alphabet , animals , rhyming.

    Oh, Miss Darling, what a clever teacher! The students asked for a class pet, and she offered them an alphabet pet. They went through the alphabet, and named each animal that came to visit their class. Perhaps if a teacher is considering bringing a class pet, this will be a fun book to prep the class for it. Aside from it being a corky alphabet book, it's also great for identifying rhyming words. Mar 24, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: kid-s-books. Very popular while at our house.

    There is an animal with corresponding name for each letter of the alphabet and a cute verse to go along with each. I love that the verses are different lengths and styles. Some are pretty funny too. Great alphabet and animal book! Dec 04, Theresa rated it really liked it.

    There's a Zoo in Room 22 by Judy Sierra is an alphabet book, with animals and rhymes. A fun way of learning the alphabet using things in a classroom. Preschool and kindergarten students would love this story! Nov 03, Rachel added it Shelves: animals , community , diversity , things-to-teach-in-la , creative-talk , abc-s.

    The students in room 22 want a pet: so they go through the alphabet and there is an animal for each letter. Nov 04, Kelly Morgan rated it really liked it Shelves: math. This book is good for learning ABC's and math. I could pull some math questions out of this book for younger learners! Sep 19, Bailey rated it it was amazing. Such a fun poetry book.

    Our Favorite Wordless Picture Books | Reading Rockets

    Has great use of adjectives that can help children learn how to correctly use them and where to place them in a sentence. Great, descriptive illustrations as well. Jan 21, Courtney Sharpton rated it liked it Shelves: children-s-books , abc-books. This is a fun ABC book.

    It also have a lot of different animals that the students will like. It would be fun to use this book to find out what kind of pet your class wants. This is an adorable book that features a new letter and animal every day. I think this would be a cute book to read just for fun in class. Jun 21, Jen H. Colorful- eye catching illustrations for read aloud. Feb 03, Lindi Kueckelhan rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books-for-older-readers.