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Drug Rehab Marketing: 6 Strategies for Success

  1. How to Market an Addiction Treatment Center
  2. 4. Follow Rehab Marketing News on LinkedIn
  3. Marketing Ideas for a Physical Rehab Facility |
  4. SEO: The Best Drug Rehab Marketing Strategy

If a patient compliments you, take it as an opportunity to hand out a business card and encourage him or her to refer you. You can even use patient relationship management PRM tools like WebPT Reach to leverage your most loyal patients even further by automatically requesting online reviews from them.

How to Market an Addiction Treatment Center

After all, most potential patients start their searches for new healthcare providers online, and the more positive reviews your practice has, the more likely a patient will be to choose your practice over someone else's. Mistake 3 : Deprioritizing your online efforts. When you first enter the blogging and social media scene, it will all seem very new and exciting.

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  • 2. Content marketing!

But once the novelty wears off, it might start to feel a bit chore-ish, which could lead to a decline in your posting frequency. For some depressing statistics about that, check out this article.

4. Follow Rehab Marketing News on LinkedIn

Schedule time to devote to it each week and force yourself to follow through. As you go through your emails each morning, make it a habit to check your social platforms and respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner. Plus, in addition to being more cost-effective than traditional methods, inbound, content-based campaigns allow you to more genuinely showcase your expertise and value.

Mistake 4 : Ignoring the competition. How to avoid it : Keep tabs on what your peers are up to. Make it a point to check their websites and social media pages periodically.

Marketing Ideas for a Physical Rehab Facility |

You might just get some ideas on how to better market yourself and your practice. If you see something that appears to be working—by generating a lot of buzz on social media, for example—make it better, tweak it to fit your practice, and incorporate it in your marketing plan. For rehab therapists reluctant to write about their experiences online or in any other public-facing format , HIPAA provides a ready-made excuse to back away from the keyboard.

How to avoid it : HIPAA does not ban you from talking about therapy in generalized terms; it merely prohibits you from disclosing any information that could potentially identify a specific patient—things like names, dates, addresses, and of course, photos. In some cases, sharing clinical information regarding a particular case could be enough to violate HIPAA. Mistake 6 : Failing to track the results of your efforts. They zero in on specific terms like alcoholism or causes of addiction, for instance.

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  • Marketing Ideas for a Physical Rehab Facility.
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The content should be developed accordingly to not only cater to their needs but is based on scientific and factual information on other associated topics to allow them to learn more about the disease. Once the user has had his desire to understand his illnesses satisfied, he may want to change and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

He searches for information on treatment procedures, the time taken and costs involved. The content is created accordingly to cater to these specific questions also focuses heavily on conversion by way of a form completion or phone call. The Action phase focuses on shorter, call-to-action pages. The content here should be created to connect in a manner that calms the addict, promises him help and raises his survival hopes. The copy focuses on the positives of healthy living, warns addicts of the negatives of addiction, and increases their confidence to remain sober after treatment.

Once you touch upon all areas of this decision-making process, you will be branding yourself as a trustworthy provider of hope and knowledge. You are also the prime resource for everything they need to know. These in their totality will make your conversions much faster and easier. Research shows that digital advertising yields you the fastest and highest return on your investment. Patients are reachable now through Bing, Google and other popular search engines. This again calls for analysis of your competition and subsequently creating a winning strategy that makes use of appropriate keywords, geography, ads, time, extensions, landing pages as also mobile and desktop bidding strategies.

Once the strategy has been implemented, you would be required to perpetually monitor and optimize your campaign to ensure the best returns on your investment. When people click on your advertisement, you pay a nominal sum but this helps you reach patients while also simultaneously building your brand online locally. Paid searches on Bing and Google is also one of the quickest ways to get your center noticed. This scores over SEO which might take a few months to realize its full value because Paid Search is instant.

Which is why professional help may be required to lower costs per click, drive more visitors and reduce the monthly budget. Advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms is another effective way of creating brand awareness. This is possible through paid ads and following up with prospective clients through retargeting, after they visit your site. You get to see the total number of clicks, number of inquiries by way of calls and form fills, average cost per click and inquiry as also call details like call length, outcome, and time.

There are facilities to even record incoming calls to know what conversations took place. In sum, marketing of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities has undergone a sea of change ever since digital marketing began its unstoppable march. Proactive and automated processes are gradually being implemented to get feedback and subsequently generate positive reviews on your facility. This aided by word-of-mouth publicity works wonders in creating the brand image.

Moreover, e-mail alerts from unsatisfied patients could goad you to take corrective measures immediately before your image gets tarnished. Since marketing for drug rehab now relies on B2B and B2C outreach strategies, you need to be aware of both concepts and apply them accordingly. However, do remember that it is a business of trust and giving hope to the unfortunate few who have come to you for help. Honor their needs and help them lead normal and healthy lives. And, of course with a little effective marketing, you could see your cash registers ringing away!

Below are some of the several target strategies you can use. You may not have the capital to pay for TV commercials, but one surefire way to get yourself in the public eye is via the internet. The following strategies will help you develop a strong internet presence and make the most of it:.

SEO: The Best Drug Rehab Marketing Strategy

What this means is that with effective SEO, your website will appear high in the search results in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As part of your drug rehab marketing strategy , SEO can boost your website traffic, increase the use of your contact forms and phone calls, and it can make this happen quickly and cost-effectively.

Marketing For A Drug Detox Center - Marketinghy

Why waste money on untargeted advertising when you can reach out to your specific audience? Bear in mind, however, that SEO practices are complex and are frequently updated. For these reasons, it pays to have a professional help you optimize your site and to maintain its high search engine ranking. Create a strong social media presence: Social media is one of the most popular means of communication today. You can use it to help your business by creating a strong presence, but use your social media channels wisely. As well as spreading your overall message, you can also use social media as a means of reaching out to people in recovery and to provide tips to help them maintain their sobriety.

Use it to offer valuable insights to people who are thinking of trying drug rehabilitation or for those who are currently in recovery. You can use your SEO practices in your blogs as well as regular web pages.