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The Colorful Science of Why Fireworks Look Bad on TV

The military continues to maintain that the wreckage retrieved at the Roswell ranch came from a top-secret research balloon. That explanation has never flown with UFO watchers, who have produced a mountain of evidence purporting to prove that not only does MJ exist, but there's a really big cover-up going on. Forrestal's untimely death in , officially ruled a suicide, has helped fuel the fire. If nothing else, the furor has helped fuel some entertaining "Alien Autopsy" headlines in such august periodicals as the National Enquirer.

Majestic Secret

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. After an alfresco breakfast on deck, dive down to the shallow sandy bottom and wait for the giant mantas to pass overhead circling back again and again, or swim with these gentle giants at the surface, as they glide by graceful and mysterious.

In the late afternoon, trek through the forest of Sawingrai village on Pulau Gam, guided by a local Papuan, to catch a glimpse of the mating rituals of the elusive and ethereal Red Bird of Paradise. Dine under a starry sky, then the Silolona will sail North-West towards the Wayag archipelago.

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No words can adequately describe the sense of exploration and discovery of a world as it must have appeared before the arrival of man. This is a short climb yet fairly vertical from the beach through jungle scrub.

Search for tropical orchids, insect eating pitcher plants, and flocks of red and green parrots. Sail into magnificent Aljui Bay, an extensive mangrove-lined inlet, home to the Cendana pearl farm.

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Visit the pearl farm for a tour of their operations and take a fascinating glimpse into the skill, time and energy it takes to cultivate natural pearls - especially exciting on harvest day as each oyster shell is opened to reveal a pearl. Pearl farms function as de facto marine reserves. Under the Cendana jetty enjoy an incredible muck dive or snorkel to see dozens of stonefish, ornate ghost pipefish and frogfish. Now acclimated and attuned to the rhythm of the tides and life onboard, snorkel or scuba the varied coral gardens of the richest reefs known to mankind.

Paddle through the uninhabited islets and turquoise waters surrounding Pulau Fam, kayak the perfect white sandy circle of tiny Pulau Yeben.

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Day 7. Sign Her Up for Basketball. More science. Author: Eric Adams Eric Adams. Author: Adam Rogers Adam Rogers.

Marquis Motorhomes and Caravans

Author: Matt Simon Matt Simon. The Know-It-Alls. Author: Meredith Fore Meredith Fore.