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  1. When temptation comes your way, here's how to hold onto your self-control
  2. The Enchiridion of Indulgences
  3. Self Restraint Vs. Self Indulgence: Gandhi's views on self discipline - M. K. Gandhi - Google Books
  4. Issue #17, 2001

I knew. It was because nobody stopped him. Long before his later, peaceful death from natural causes, I realized that my voluptuary dog and I were not so dissimilar. The only thing that keeps me from doing all of these things at once, and constantly, is a crispy thin-style crust of self-restraint. To wit: I am 31, unmarried, and nonreligious. I live by myself. I get hangovers. My weight fluctuates. I give blow jobs to the deeply undeserving. Instead, I am a woman who routinely falls asleep with a face full of makeup, loudly digesting a hoagie and rousing my emotionally diseased lovers with my bourbon snores.

I live in Los Angeles, so I considered practicing the kind of reverse sensuality we enjoy locally.

When temptation comes your way, here's how to hold onto your self-control

Something seedier and sadder than the usual second-act-of-a-musical-biopic tropes of VD and pills. I concluded that, thanks to technology, temptation and indulgence are available in a myriad of new and crisply damaging forms. Here is what I did — for one week — that was bad for me. I know people who have chosen to end longtime friendships over this exact kind of selfish interpersonal sloth. Internet Feuding.

The Enchiridion of Indulgences

I write, publicly, for a living. Particularly with other women in my field. Unfortunately, some of them are not as beatific as I am: A colleague texted me a few weeks back to let me know another writer was saying semi-meanish things about me on Twitter. I mean, it kind of did, but whatever. I harbor no ill will for those who came before or will come after me.

I rely largely on my glittering personality to attract a man, so anybody else with whom he enjoys relations is generally going to be hotter and thinner. By which I mean, I actively fantasize about having lunch with her so she can see how sweet and fun I am over a sizzling appetizer platter.

Self Restraint Vs. Self Indulgence: Gandhi's views on self discipline - M. K. Gandhi - Google Books

Ha ha, girl, you have ranch on your lip. So this week, I do. It sucks. It causes actual, profound physical discomfort.

I delete Instagram. The Occult. I love astrology. I love thinking that my apartment is haunted. I still have three pieces of rose quartz a tarot-reader told me I would need to carry at all times in order to find true love, because my fire spirit was repellent to men. I also realize that this is not the way a rational person thinks or acts, and as such, I try to limit my impulse to hurl gypsy curses or talk about what a Cancer I am. I mean, I know most of those puritan ladies were innocent, but this kind of nonsense is why they used to burn us at the stake.

This collection of six stories includes three brand-new tales, all of them lavishly illustrated with art that changes with each turn of the page, culminating in six stunning full-spread illustrations as rich in detail as the stories themselves. The fairytale anthology felt both familiar and new, with refreshing twists on classic fairytales like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Pinnochio.

Issue #17, 2001

These beloved fairytales are elegantly flipped on their heads, offering unexpected endings. Ever wondered why the Witch was villainised in Hansel and Gretel? These are just some of the additions that are added into The Language of Thorns. I loved the magic and the Grisha mythology that was featured heavily in this book.

The gorgeous illustrations by Sara Kipin add a whole extra dimension to the story, evolving with every page turn. The Language of Thorns offers a dark, modern twist on classic fairytales, heeding to modern day dangers lurking around every corner. The stunning, modern day fairytale collection is one that takes pride of place on my shelf, one that I hope to be sharing for generations to come. Thanks to Hachette Australia for sending me a review copy! The exclusive Fairyloot edition has been pictured and is not available anywhere else.

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I have an eARC so I really ought to have read it by now, but unfortunately university has got in the way. I have been longing to read the book!! The illustrations are just mind blowing. This sounds amazing! I absolutely loved this too Jeann! I kind of wish I had my own copy though, because the stories were marvelous along with the illustrations. Valerie recently posted… Disappointing Reads of The illustrations are so so pretty!

Glad you enjoyed it!