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  1. The world's greatest dog show!
  2. Ebook: Best In Show - The World Of Show Dogs and Dog Shows
  3. Westminster Dog Show Winners |
  4. King the Wire Fox Terrier wins Best in Show!
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We have our top seven. Winston, a Norfolk terrier, won the terrier group on Tuesday to round out the finalists for Best in Show. Members of the terrier group have won Best in Show more than members of any other group — a whopping 45 times. The routine also involved shampoo, conditioner and lots of hair spray. Nearby, a toy poodle named Cami was coifed with painstaking precision by a canine hairdresser, one of several assistants who swarmed her as she perched on a pillow. The spectacle of her tiny body and increasingly voluminous bouffant hairdo drew a crowd of spectators, but none of the humans preparing her for the show felt much like chatting.

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The world's greatest dog show!

What to do? The Westminster Kennel Club has an answer. And it involves a lot of wood chips. Several bathroom areas are backstage at Madison Square Garden and were also available at Piers 92 and 94, where other dog show events took place over the weekend. Several of the hotels housing the competitors also have set aside areas. Getting the dog to go can be easier said than done, though, especially with all the commotion backstage. Not only are the pups being primped and groomed for their events, the area is often thronged with spectators who want to catch a glimpse of the contestants.

In one of the designed bathroom areas, Katniss, a German wirehaired pointer, was having some trouble concentrating on the task at hand on Tuesday. She twirled in circles as visitor after visitor came over to say hello. We are one step closer to Best in Show. Ty, a giant schnauzer, won the working group on Tuesday.

He is the No.

Ebook: Best In Show - The World Of Show Dogs and Dog Shows

When his win was announced, Ty leapt into the arms of his handler, Katie Bernardin. The two were nearly the same height. The dogs at Westminster are the very model of well-bred canine sophistication. But is being a champion all in the genetics, or can a winner be taught?

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When it comes to show dogs, nurture may trump nature. She tweets a lot. Connie Chambers, who was at Madison Square Garden on Monday with her champion bulldog Pearl, said breeding does count for something. She said when it comes to raising a champion, there is a certain je ne sais quoi. We have a fifth contender for Best in Show. Bean, a chocolate-colored Sussex spaniel, won the sporting group to kick off the final night of Westminster.

The No. So why do show dogs have names almost as long as those of House Targaryen? Litters frequently are given names with a theme.

Westminster Dog Show Winners |

According to its guidelines , no inflammatory language or obscene words can be used. Her favorite toy is a dragon, of course, and the terrier in her makes quick work of the squeaker. Backstage on Tuesday evening, throngs of dog lovers crowded around the canine contestants before the first event began, snapping pictures and sometimes petting the champion pups.

Some dogs, tails wagging and tongues lolling, reveled in the attention, but many rested in their crates before the big show. Many dogs — perhaps inured to the life of a traveling competitor — seemed unfazed by the adoring crowds. Others seemed less than pleased with all the commotion.

In one crate a Weimaraner oscillated between barks and baleful moans. Nearby, the owner of a Glen of Imaal terrier tried to keep her pooch calm and maintain some distance between the champion and its handsy fans. Like any collection of the best and brightest, the dog show has attracted some divas. But contrary to popular belief, many of the pooches are just normal dogs. Right down to their diet. He gets that and he gets exercise.

Connie Chambers, a breeder of bulldogs who was waiting backstage on Monday with her dog, Pearl, agreed. Of the many dogs that did not win the nonsporting group, one from a rare breed stood out.

King the Wire Fox Terrier wins Best in Show!

Before she competed on Monday night, Eva, one of about 2, Norwegian lundehund in the world, was backstage happily letting passers-by scratch her head. The breed is so rare because the disease canine distemper devastated its region of the world in the mids; by , there were only six known Norwegian lundehund left, Peter Rousseau said. His wife, Tracy, handles Eva. Dogs in the breed have a minimum of six toes on each paw, and Eva has seven on her front left paw. The extra digits are used like thumbs to help them climb cliffs when they hunt for puffins, he said. What makes Eva special among the rare breed?

She separated his cords from his skin for about an hour. Then, after a shampoo and several rinses another hour , a good mop-wringing twist of the cords and enough towels to outfit a carwash, Rummy was ready for his long nap under the dryer. A puli, a dog bred for sheep herding, has a coat that grows into tight cords that hang like fringe on a throw pillow.

Preparing for the Westminster Dog Show can be a hour process that includes eight to 10 hours under a dryer. Alert, curious and interested? You should also be an active, intelligent, muscular pup of heavy bone with a smooth coat. Judges pick their winners based on how close the dog comes to fitting this ideal. But it is not exactly objective.

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Different judges may have different interpretations of the standard, and may have particular points that they feel are more important than others. Today, they have grown into a worldwide passion. More than 7 million television viewers have avidly watched the live finals of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. In the United States alone, there are more than 3, dog shows each year with more than one million and a half dogs entered, a number with a tenfold increase since Dog show fever is even stronger in many countries outside the United States.

Elegantly written, crammed with stunning, often rare, color and black-and-white photos, abounding with undiscovered information and fascinating insider stories, this is the be-all and end-all book about dog shows. It describes how dog shows began and developed, which shows around the world are most important, who the human players are the handlers, judges, owners, and breeders who the canine stars are, and where this dog show phenomenon is heading.

Best in Show stands as a book-publishing landmark that will last decades and is the hallmark gift for any serious dog lover.